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The Dead Baby Scam - Part 3 by Anna Von Reitz

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1The Dead Baby Scam - Part 3 by Anna Von Reitz Empty The Dead Baby Scam - Part 3 by Anna Von Reitz on Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:27 am



Monday, August 12, 2019

The Dead Baby Scam - Part 3

The Dead Baby Scam - Part 3 by Anna Von Reitz Proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fannavonreitz.com%2Fanna145
By Anna Von Reitz

At some point, everyone reading my blog has to realize that when I tell you something, I've got research and basis behind it. I didn't just see something weird going on at the London Winter Olympics a few years ago and let my imagination run wild. Both Kurt Kallenbach and members of my team have thoroughly researched The Dead Baby Scam and I have gone out and organized "non-academic" legal research myself.
Kurt Kallenbach's research into the subject and even his delving into the etymology of words associated with this bizarre practice of killing babies on paper is exhaustive. No reasonable person who took the time and listened to the biology lessons and examined the supporting documents could disagree with his findings. I invite all of you who think, "Aw, this can't be true!" to attend one of his seminars. You will learn that this whole scheme has roots going back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And you will be able to refute the resulting legal presumptions in court and in "agency" hearings.
At the higher levels of government administration in this foreign federal theocracy of the Church of Rome known as the Municipal (think "City" as in "City of Rome") United States Government, you are dealing with a weird, ancient, perverse religious belief system built on a Cult of Deceit. FDR's First Inaugural Speech and his exhortations about his "holy cause" weren't talking about any normal church or religious institution. He was calling for the equivalent of a jihad by the Temples of Baal --- the same "temples" that we associate with the Inner City of London, Westminster, and the Legal Profession.
When we begin researching that thread, we learn that lawyers as we know them --- the "Black Robes" --- started out in the centuries immediately before Jesus, and were part of the Cult of Cybele. Cybele was worshiped throughout the Hellespont, Turkey, the Caspian Sea region, the Levant, and North Africa. She was an odd combination of fertility goddess and goddess of destruction, as if someone combined Ashtoreth and Kali, and wound up with Cybele. These early lawyers were called "Galli".
The Galli were always weird. They castrated themselves in honor of their goddess. Knowing some lawyers today, it's too bad they didn't continue this practice.
They also wore black robes and white powdered wigs, just as British Barristers continue to do to this very day. Beginning in the second century B.C. the Galli became tax collectors for the Roman Emperors, and, for City of Rome.
The money and "tribute" they collected from the "tribes" for their gods --- Cybele and the Roman Emperor --- was divided, with part of it going into the City of Rome Trust known as the Urban Trust, because it was overseen by powerful stewards from the Roman Family of that name, and part of it going to Caesar to keep the Legions happy.
In their framework, the City of Rome was their "Mother Rome", and the Emperor was their "Father". I could go on, but for now, I will just leave you all to do your own research and connect your own dots.
The Urban Trust of the City of Rome was started in something like 753 BC, was in the business of loaning money at usurious rates to vassal kings throughout the Roman Empire, and you still see its trademarks and emblems emblazoned all over the world today: three crossed keys with a crown above them.
These three keys appear on the emblems of the Roman Pontiff and UBS, the Swiss banking syndicate, as well as the Family Coat of the Arms of the Urban Family to this day. The crossed keys symbolize enslavement of the mind, the body, and the soul in subjection to "the crown" of the Queen of Heaven.
We are dealing with an ancient evil here, something that is alive and well and pumping out its pagan beliefs like germs floating in the atmosphere, and all without any of the normal population being aware of this "church within a church", what it does, where it came from, what it believes, how it is administered --- none of that is ever revealed to the public. It operates in the background in near-total secrecy via secret fraternities and societies like The Pilgrim Society in America.
These "elites" are not so much elites, as they are religious cultists motivated by a combination of lust and fear. They maintain their own logic and view of the world. They can function very well in the societies they spawn like bee hives. When this cult mixes with Judaism, you get the death-and-destruction elements of the Talmud. When it mixes with Christianity, the same negativity emerges -- pogroms and inquisitions and crusades. And don't forget the jihad elements of Islam that encourage destruction and deceit against all Unbelievers.
They call their purposeful introduction of negative elements into belief systems held by others "The Great Dialectic". Their cult is based on sex, so also on positive and negative energy, on what is also called "The Great Dipole" of energetic polarity. At the highest levels they teach that this polarization is necessary for the continuance of the dynamic of life--- so they consider polarizing everything and everyone part of their religious duty.
It doesn't hurt their pocketbooks, either.
I bring this all this up because you have to understand what your problem is, before you can fix it, and in this case we are dealing with what has been called, the "Religion of the World" or "the Secular Religion", which is centered in cities and practiced by the seed of Cain. This Empire of the Cities is entrenched in Rome, Westminster, Washington, DC, and since the 1870's, New York, Brussels, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Athens, and Prague.
If I were one of them, I would be murdered for telling you this, but as I am not one of them and a Power in my own right, they have no right to meddle in what gifts I give to you. This Law is honored, because they have no choice.
The seraphs, also known as "angels", were created in the Age of Storms before the dinosaurs, and were in physical form what you would recognize as dragons. They were the overseers and go-betweens involved in terra forming the Earth and conducting the whole experiment with the Great Lizards.
The Fallen among them are called "Archons" by the Romans and "Nephilim" by the Jews. The acolytes of the Secular Religion summon these ancient entities and enlist their guidance and assistance in spreading chaos and negativity and separation and violence. They are only too happy to oblige, because the Fallen hate mankind and this planet with a passion.
Such beings live for untold measures of what people think of as "time", but once you realize that all time is "now" and that time is place, the rest of the circumstance begins to make sense, and you realize that by definition, all that is created is immortal, too. Including you. So do your best to be the best you can be each moment that you are alive and every moment you are dead, because what you do, say, see, feel, and experience is going to be with the Universe forever, for better or worse.
Now you begin to see your importance in all of this, and the importance of being truthful, being kind, promoting good experiences, being aware, and most of all, compassionate. "For as you sow, so shall you reap."
By turning away from evil and delusion and clinging to what is good and true, you can turn the tide for eternity and for Mankind. It's all up to you. And you have no idea how important you and your choices really are. You just get up every morning, and think that you are Joe Green, on your way to a job at the local meat packing plant... LOL!
If the Archons and their servants have their way, you will all be dead in fact as well as on paper, but look, there are mighty Archangels standing up for you. There is no reason to be afraid. Your freewill is being scrupulously honored. So it really is all up to you; you have been given the right and ability to decide your own fate, both as individuals and as a race of beings.
When I confront the leadership of the world with the facts of their lies and iniquities, nearly all of them react the same way: fear. They are terrified of me. They are terrified of what I say. And most of them want to do the right thing, they really do, but they are afraid because they know they are guilty of crimes and doing the right thing involves admitting it.
Just like the GCR. We could cobble together new standards that would be far more fair and which would "re-seed" the world economy literally overnight, but at the rate things are going, it will never be done because doing so involves admitting to serious crimes.
Think about it, using the GCR as an example.
If we can simply "reset" the machine, that admits that there is a machine.
And if there is such a machine, it admits that there has been manipulation and commodity rigging and a totally unfair playing field in place for a long time, doesn't it?
That in turn sets the search engines and mental wheels running as people naturally think: "Who did this to us? Who did this to our world?" and they start looking for those to blame.
Correcting the problem requires admitting to guilt. And confession, under any standard of law ---except for one--- means death. Literally every standard of law on earth, except for one, mandates the death of these men and women, over two million of them in America alone. And this is on top of the billions who have already perished and suffered as a result of what they've done to us.
You see how this works? They kill us for their self-interest at the behest of their phony "gods", the Archons. We kill them in return. Everyone winds up dead. Nothing gets resolved, because we are all immortal. And on and on it goes, generation to generation.
It's time for this stupidity to end, and if we don't have sense enough to end it ourselves, it will be ended for us.
The guilty need to confess, at least in their own hearts, and take the actions needed to correct. We all need to adopt The Law of Love and concentrate on our similarities, not our differences.
And now, after a very significant digression -- back to The Dead Baby Scam. You don't believe what I am telling you is true? Okay. Do what I and a couple dozen of my helpers did. Go to the hospital and ask to see the records of your own birth or the births of your children.
There's no record of you giving birth. No record of your children being born. No record of their names. No billing statements. No medical charts. No paperwork at all, unless the birth is very recent.
The Hospital Records Staff will be surprising, too. They all appear to be men with tattoos and obvious military backgrounds, doing a clerical job where you'd expect to see at least some women. They will roll their eyes at you and when you ask them to do so, very pointedly, they will sign a paper under oath saying that there are no such records that they know of or have access to.
The same thing will happen if you return to the Church where you were baptized "in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost" ---- but which Father, which Sun, and which Holy Ghost? --- and ask for a copy of your "baptismal certificate".
Oh, we don't keep those.
No, indeed, they send the "titles" to Rome to be traded on a dirty underground stock market, that purports to buy and sell souls. These filthy incorporated church franchises trade something that purportedly "represents" your soul, for money. And there are people deluded and crazy enough to buy it, too.
So by now, as a result of your direct research and experience, you know that there is something very, very odd about all of this, don't you?
You can go online at ancestry.com and find photos and business records and wills and no end of detritus information about dead relatives you never knew you had, but there's no record of your son being born twenty years ago? No billing statements from the doctors? No maternity ward charts?
No copy of your baptismal certificate?
This, in a society where every credit card receipt appears in triplicate? Every bank check back to 1906 is archived?
Most of your school records have disappeared or been altered, so that they are false, too. Must be magic.
Just like that version of "Anna Maria Riezinger" running a rum distillery in Barbados or the one running around New York City--- what should be in evidence isn't there, and plenty of falsehoods that shouldn't be present, are.
Go look for yourself. Ask around about your own or your family's records.
We had two dozen people all over this country try this experiment and the results were the same. Your records either aren't where they should be at all, or they have been altered in ways that invalidate and falsify them.
Why? Because we are dealing with the same belief system that burned the library at Alexandria ---after they carted off all the books and scrolls. The same ones who stood around the bonfires in Nazi Germany ---after they read the books themselves, altered the content of any remaining editions to suit themselves, and stole "the true knowledge" for themselves.
Did I tell you that keeping you ignorant is the Bread and Butter of their entire agenda? So that you don't know the truth and can't defend yourselves?
But still, you are saying, it all seems too weird, too fantastical, like some odd "otherworld" from Harry Potter.
You need more proof, something solid to take to court, something even more solid than all the circumstantial evidence like the Procession around the Dead Baby at the London Winter Olympics or your own mysteriously disappeared medical and church records----and something more explicit than the Uniformed Officers Code in Title 37 and well, Kurt Kallenbach seems too far out there for you?
Here you go, the Mother Lode of Shipped High In Transit from one of our Team Members ----
"The State (of State)'s Birth Certificate processing is readily exposed in the government publication "Hospitals" & Physicians' Manual on Live Births & Fetal Deaths." The legal language & terms set forth in the manual are clear & convincing evidence of the crime; starting with the term "moving conveyance." It gets much worse from there!"
Here's the link:

Get your copy, step right up, and don't be stupid. Now you know why "you" are being rented out as a public vehicle by DOT.
This is what's going on. It's up to you and millions of other Americans and people around the world to put a stop to this Kingdom of Lies --- which is, after all, the Kingdom of Satan, the Father of All Lies.

Thanks to: http://www.paulstramer.net


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