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Nephilim Demons Surfacing

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Nephilim Demons Surfacing

Posted by Lou on October 12, 2019

Oct 11, 2019
Nephilim Demons Surfacing Around-the-world-trip-2009-318

(Excerpted from Chapter 13: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse)
While most Americans languish in their very own exceedingly self-important version of active denial as to the disturbing state of affairs coming at light speed upon the earth, very soon no amount of alcohol, Facebook, prescription drugs or shopping will be able to hide the Rothschild banksters long-planned extermination plan for humanity.
Their TV mind control tool is full of tales of “nice dragons”, unicorns, vampires, zombies, and cannibalism. Their social engineering DARPA-net platforms continue to encourage separatism, narcissism, and identity politics division among the human race.
Steve Quayle tells us that the anti-diluvian giants of the Book of Enoch –the original cannibals – are awakening under the Antarctic ice. The Vatican has set up a powerful south-facing telescope in Arizona which it calls Lucifer, at a time when even NASA is admitting the possibility that Planet X (Nibiru) may be approaching the South Pole. The City of London Freemasons, ever-beholden to their fallen angel Lucifer, continue to concentrate wealth, fine-tune time-tested mind control methods and progress towards a trans-human future.
Amidst a smog of geoengineered barium (BA) and aluminum (AL) (=BAAL), 5G is being slowly rolled out in Europe and the US, often hidden in street lamps and powered by Crown Agent General Electric’s LED lighting. The psychopath Rothschild tool Elon Musk continues to launch 5G-enabling satellites via his Space X monopoly. From the current 2,000 in orbit, the plan is to put 20,000 up by 2021. Once these satellites are deployed there will be no escaping the 5G grid.
Simultaneously, his Neuralink firm works to hook the human brain to the DARPA-net for the coming “Internet of everything”, which includes you. Another Musk tentacle tunnels under cities like Los Angeles & Chicago under the guise of building high-speed rail, though to many it looks more like a frenzy to build underground infrastructure for the elite for when Nibiru comes calling and those the elite call “zombies” (the rest of us) are forced to stay above ground to endure the consequences of what these conjurers of darkness are about to attract to the earth with their fear-driven neurosis.
Meanwhile, the Rothschild military and police force, cloaked in the uniforms of the Stars & Stripes to ensure prostration by the zombies, nears its wet dream of full-spectrum dominance via the “savior” Trump’s new Space Defense force and it’s mastery of electromagnetic frequencies as weapons.
Their own version of Active Denial is operational and involves directed millimeter waves that will burn the skin of protestors in three seconds. These are the same waves used in the 5G system which will use your increasingly BAAL-conductive body as an antenna, so it doesn’t take much imagination to see how Active Denial (positive/negative duality as a friend pointed out) could take on a much broader meaning involving the withholding of food, shelter, and livelihood to those who refuse the accept… well, let’s just spit it out… the microchip Mark of the Beast.
Few will refuse since the 5G grid will be capable of putting emotions and thoughts into the minds of humans. Docility will be at the forefront of these according to the operational plans.
Only those with a strong faith and an even stronger frontal lobe will survive this onslaught. We will find ourselves in a sea of active denial borderline evil sheeple. Learn to go against the flow. Resist conformity. Swim against the tide. Salvage those closest to you, though they may resist your attempts to protect them.
This ain’t gonna’ be pretty, but those who make it through will constitute a new culture emerging from the ashes based on the ancient natural law values of faith, love, wisdom, and compassion.

Thanks to: https://talesfromtheloublog.wordpress.com


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