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Show Me Your Dinar and I'll Show You My Dong

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Show Me Your Dinar and I’ll Show You My Dong

It was a transcending first day of school and then again, it was not. Doshi eyed the earnest faces of the novitiates as he asked the question. “What is zen?” Chuckling, as though he was thoroughly amused by his own recollections, he quickly answered his own question. zen is what remains when all vestiges of religion, philosophy, social and cultural conditioning, and above all WISDOM have dropped away from the mind – and then again, zen is none of that.” Smiling, he continued by quoting the time-honored definition for students Mahatma Bodhidharma conjured:

(zen is) A unique transmission beyond the scriptures
independent of words and letters
directly pointing to the unshadowed mind
delving into one's nature and attaining buddhahood

Giving no chance for the pupils in the zendo to think in the course of these mental gymnastics, he asked, “How many breathes does a being take in its life? Take a guess”, he proffered. Going around the zendo the answers were typical and not that clever, though the students did not and did think so:

“That depends on age”
“That depends on illness and decrepitude”
“…one million”
“…ten million”

The old man held up his hand saying “You are all correct and all incorrect according to your truth.”  “According to my truth, correct or not, there is only one breath. At the moment of birth we inhale; at the moment of death, we exhale. ALL BREATHING IN BETWEEN IS PURELY MAINTENANCE AND ILLUSORY. Sometimes we think we have the answer or know the truth with absolute certainty when we do not. There is no truth or Ultimate Truth out there and then again, that might not be true either…  Beware! True or not, the mind is an ego-driven trap in a blindingly deceptive hall of mirrors. “I DON’T KNOW” is a really good place to be.”


Definition of the prefix meta- : 1. more comprehensive or transcending, as in metaphysics. 2. a topic or subject inclusive of itself, as in metanonsense – nonsense about nonsense.

The Modern Consciousness Renaissance began in 1943 when Sandoz Pharmaceutical chemical engineer Albert Hoffman had a eureka! experience regarding a molecular compound he had synthesized from a rye ergot alkaloid, number 25 of 43, some years earlier during a research project to find a medicine for controlling asthma. The molecule, LSD-25, had been relegated to the bin when its administration to the test subjects, chimpanzees, had the undesirable effect of producing bouts of what appeared to be intense irritability and excitability interlaced with long periods of peacefully gazing into space and drooling. The first apes to trip on acid were not of the domesticated variety.

Hoffman’s insightful inspiration was to resurrect the compound and reevaluate its potential using human test subjects. Before subject selection and testing began, Hoffman went to work designing the format for the trials.  While removing a sample from storage for purity testing, he accidently spilled a small drop on his hand when the capped vial popped open. As it was already late, Hoffman decided to start fresh in the morning and left for the day to bicycle home.

That day was April 16th and would forever be known in hippie culture as Bicycle Day. The day the first man in history tripped on LSD, he was pedaling a bicycle. Soon an entire subculture would be peddling LSD, turning on, tuning in, and dropping out. This was something The Established Order of Things absolutely feared and could not allow – mass awakening.

Hoffman’s metanoia regarding his mind-altering discovery and what he would come to refer to as “LSD…my problem child” was, according to his own later musings, “The Universal Mind’s preemptive attempt to peacefully counterbalance the forthcoming cultural gestalt-altering 1945 detonation of the first Atom Bomb.” As a noteworthy aside, the area in the New Mexico desert where the bomb was detonated was referred to by local tribes for hundreds of years as “La Jornada del Muerto” – The Route of the Dead Man.

Several years later the Consciousness Renaissance was cast in stone for the Baby Boomer Rock n’ Roll Generation when, in 1947, two scout crafts from a cloaked geosynchronous-orbiting Beta Reticuli mothership famously crashed in the New Mexico desert outside of Roswell. The disruption in the crafts’ fractal drives was caused by an Army black-budget project, a high-intensity pulse-fractalated radar technology being tested at Kirtland AFB outside of Albuquerque.  After the crash, all ET races orbiting and observing the earth since the advent of mankind’s nuclear age were put on notice that man was more out of control and recklessly stupid than they had previously reckoned.

Aside from the hand-wringing military and governmental concerns regarding how to handle the evolving PR nightmare, the crashes caused tremendous consternation for the Beta Reticuli commander. Her geologist daughter had been conducting a mapping mission with the first ship and her husband had volunteered to command the second craft in a rescue and salvage mission for their daughter’s ill-fated vehicle.

Sadly, her daughter perished with the entire mapping crew, but the commander’s concubine survived the second crash to become known to earthlings as EBE. EBE’s abilities at acting, language, and diplomacy, in short, being a highly skilled con artist, helped to assuage the fears of paranoid and aggressive military and social engineering types whose concern with the presence of extraterrestrials, re: extradimensionals, was a physical takeover or invasion and/or complete disruption of economic, religious, and cultural belief systems - The Established Order of Things.

After faking his own demise, EBE still lives today and assists in reawakening The Consciousness Renaissance by surreptitiously interfering in and undermining the machination of the elite. EBE is currently enjoying earthly life as the bizarre, laughable, bumbling, and troll-like Rudy Giuliani.

Despite EBE’s continuing efforts, this Consciousness Renaissance was and continues to be co-opted, in a joint effort, by the recklessly stupid intelligence agencies of the Industrialized Nations of the World to hinder and prevent this organic ascension in consciousness from manifesting in the flesh-and-blood nervous systems and brains of collective humanity. It was in TPTB’s best interest to have an unaware and misdirected population.

Since the last one was successful beyond all expectations, they went to extraordinary lengths creating a new savior-based religion – The New Age Religion.

Before we continue, it is fitting to mention, if you have not already assumed, that everything you have read so far is an intentional mixture of fact and fiction but in whole a work of fiction. Clever or not, it could be considered the genre of fictional nonfiction or, perhaps, nonfictional fiction. It is a borrowing of known pop culture facts fleshed out into what the author hoped would be a believable story. It is the prosaic trick used in producing the fodder of The Wasteland of New Age Literature. It is wise to remember two things:

We are Told the World is This Way and That
But It is Only Our Thinking That Makes It So


The Difference Between a Wise Man and Fool Is
The Wise Man knows He is a Fool

It is not the intent of this piece to disparage or single out certain individuals. There are many purveyors of The New Age Religious Dogma. Sadly, it is a product of severe limitations in creative abilities that precludes these turd peddlers from making a living or social contribution in any other fashion. The following individuals just happen to be personal favorites of the author.

The ego-driven, poorly contrived science fiction of The Reverend David Wilcrock is some of the best metanonsense on the web. However, anyone using critical thinking should have given pause and become immediately suspicious of this dung merchant when several years ago Mr. Wilcrock announced to Twinkieland that he had “ascended to 5D consciousness.” This is an astounding feat generally because there is no such thing except in the over-blown reverend’s feverish imagination. It is truly contemptible that one has to lower one’s vibrational rate to that of road tar in order to seriously ponder the hilarious literary cobblings of another of the High Priests of Hoo Haa, Benjamin Fulloturd, or gaze in awe at the stupefying ramblings of The Profit Prophet Jordan Blather as he breathtakingly decodes TPTB’s psyop mindfuck - Q.

Much in the same fashion as Emperor Nero, the forgivably thick, paranoid, and wacky-doodle agents and link journalists at the banal echo chamber that is Rummy Mill News, continue fiddling with metanonsense concerning the comical and vile shenanigans of the presidential administration they so whole-heartedly defend and support even as it implodes and is burning down around them and mercifully ceasing to exist. We only tune in to RMN because it is the only place in Twinkieland that continues to post the less-than-fantastic fantasies, homespun hogwash, and racism of the King Kon of Krap - Zap the Xenophobe/Sociopath/Groveler. Everyone likes a good joke…

…speaking of a good joke or jokes, there is The Event, The GCR, The RV, NESARA, GESARA, Nibiru, The Asset-based Quantum Banking System replacing The Fiat System, The Debt Jubilee and Destruction of Wage Slavery, The White Hats in The Pentagon exposing and removing The Deep State, The Red Dragon Society protecting vast quadrillions in precious metals so that we all can have a gargantuan payday someday, and the big one – Disclosure. Hoo! Hoo! Aliens in our midst! It will be - wait for it! I mean really wait for it...and continue waiting ad infinitum - a veritable Golden Age!

If one was to search one’s heart, it would become clear that The Golden Age has been happening since man crawled out of the muck and muttered “I AM”.

Regrettably for all of us, we have been relentlessly programmed to sit and wait, by the more wily and controlling of our ilk, for some savior or saving grace to fix our dilemma instead of doing the heavy lift required to participate in reclaiming and taking back our birthright and crafting for ourselves The Golden Age. What a pity.

There appears to be no way to know if it is even possible any longer, by man alone, for the goddam programming is better and more all-encompassing than ever. Maybe there will be a mass uplifting of consciousness from some outside force on what has sadly become Planeturd Earth. Maybe… heheheh…

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