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Where’s Ghislaine?

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1Where’s Ghislaine? Empty Where’s Ghislaine? Sun Nov 24, 2019 11:37 am



Where’s Ghislaine? LER2gXCwtG

Where’s Ghislaine?

This is a rare video of the mysterious Ghislaine Maxwell. According to British tabloids, she’s been sighted on four continents in recent months but her current location is unknown.
Two weeks after US prosecutors announced they were re-opening their investigation into Jeffrey Epstein on June 6th, Maxwell met with Prince Andrew at his private quarters in Buckingham Palace.

A source told The Sun, “She brought four other people with her. They were all smartly dressed and looked very official, very serious and business-like…
“It seems very likely they would have been discussing the fallout from Epstein’s misdemeanors and what they planned to do about it.”
She’s avoided the press while authorities have been putting together a case against her, in which she could face multiple charges of child rape.
The video shows Ghislaine Maxwell, speaking in 2014 at the UN about her TerraMar Project, a nonprofit organization whose stated intent, according to tax documents was “to create a global ocean community to give a voice to the least protected, most ignored part of our planet — the high seas.”
Maxwell shuttered the organization last July, days after Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest.
Meanwhile, Jeffery Epstein’s brother, Mark agrees with everybody else, that EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF. He hired famed pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who examined JFK’s body post-mortem and insisted that three bone fractures in Jeffrey’s neck “points toward homicide rather than suicide.”
It’s also been reported that no dental records, no photos of Epstein’s face and no DNA samples were taken by the coroner, which will fuel rumors of Epstein’s escape for years to come.
Manhattan Correctional Center prison guard, Tova Noel is willing to cooperate with a federal investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death, after being charged last Tuesday, along with fellow guard Michael Thomas with conspiracy and filing false reports while failing for hours to check on Epstein and other inmates in the MCC’s ninth-floor Special Housing Unit.
On Friday, Attorney General William Barr tried to tamp down speculation over Epstein’s death, stating that while he was initially suspicious, he eventually concluded there was no foul play and that a “perfect storm of screw-ups” led to his death.
Barr’s comments do not bode well for draining the swamp.


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