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Living in other people’s energies

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1Living in other people’s energies Empty Living in other people’s energies Wed Nov 27, 2019 2:25 am



Living in other people’s energies Energy-Vampire

Living in other people’s energies

Are your emotions and attitudes your own? What about your energy levels, mental focus or illnesses? Are you being bombarded by other people’s energies, even from the past?
We are all being influenced energetically on a daily basis from outside, unseen forces. These forces can be from natural earth energies, such as water lines, fault lines, geomagnetic lines or ley lines (collectively called ‘geopathic stress’), energy from other people, man-made frequencies such as EMFs, microwaves or radio waves and stored frequencies in the land, house or objects. These subtle energies can be positive or negative; they can be new or very, very old. Age does not weaken them, however geopathic stress can be balanced, EMFs can be shielded and stored energies can be removed altogether.
‘Psychic impressions’ are stored energies left in the land, building or objects, such as furniture and jewellery. When the same thought or emotion is experienced, in the same place, over a long period of time or an extremely intense emotion is experienced at once, these emotions can be stored in the surrounding area. When you enter the area, you can interact on a subtle level with the stored emotion.
As a geomancer, I work with many of these subtle energies. They cannot be detected with machines and devices, but rather by the human body. Most people have had experiences of entering a room after an argument and ‘knowing’ something doesn’t feel right. We can also detect positive energy, e.g. “I love this place, it feels so good.” Sometimes we can feel a cold sensation or shiver, but usually the body detects negative stored impressions by ‘gut feelings’. The ability to feel and interpret subtle energies is a talent we all have, however, most people ignore the ‘not quite right’ indicators of their own bodies and tend to simply avoid the negative psychic impression without ever questioning why.
An old shop and homestead I worked on in the middle of Tasmania had a negative psychic impression left in the land. When the shop was built over 100 years ago, the negative energy penetrated the building. The impression was about 2m round, situated behind the shop counter and vibrated into the loft above. The current owners unconsciously avoided the area by always coming out from the counter and walking the long way round to the stairs. They said the area “just didn’t feel right.” The area always felt colder than the rest of the shop.
Using my dowsing rods to tap into the energy, I found that an escaped convict had sheltered here, but was soon found by police. All the fear the convict had felt seeped into the ground, leaving a psychic impression that lasted for over 100 years. Interestingly, a line of fear ran from the impression out to the paddocks, where it suddenly stopped. A lesser impression was left here where the convict had died. The original impression left in the shop was not adversely affecting anyone’s health, as people tended to avoid the area. You have to spend a long time in a psychic impression for it to weaken your immune system that leads to illness, e.g. sleeping in it. I’m sure, however, that business would have been affected.
One client didn’t like going into her kitchen as it felt ‘sad’. There was a psychic impression left at the end of the bench. This is where the mother (previous owner) would stand as she watched her two grown sons continually fight. Her sadness seeped into the kitchen, which was then experienced by the new owner. Another couple often had ‘silly’ fights in their kitchen. A negative psychic impression was found left in the land under the kitchen. Once this was cleared, the fights stopped.
Generally, when we feel a negative psychic impression, we avoid the area if possible. One client had a whole upstairs bedroom they didn’t go near. This room was very cold and made me feel physically ill in the stomach. Once I had balanced the energy (from outside the room!), the temperature returned to normal and the ill feeling left.
Old furniture can also store energy. In my article in New Dawn 150 (May-June), I discussed a bed frame that stored ‘infertility’ which affected the next owners of the bed. If you have a second hand bed or chair you spend a lot of time in, it’s advisable to clear the old energy before it may have an adverse affect on your life, e.g. health or relationships. This can be done by placing your hands on the item and visualising the negativity leaving in a stream of smoke, then fill the area with white light and loving energy. Repeat this visualisation until your ‘gut feelings’ indicate the energy is now positive.
Jewellery, especially with gemstones, stores energy. It can be positive such as grandma’s wedding ring from a long and loving marriage or negative from an unhappy relationship. In my early 20s I attended a crystal course. I was very excited and asked lots of questions. The teacher wanted to look at the garnet bracelet I was wearing. After this I stopped asking questions and my throat became sore. About a week later, when I could hardly speak, I went to my natural therapist. He told me that my bracelet had been ‘programmed’ to knock out my throat chakra and thus stop me being so inquisitive in crystal class. He cleared the negative energy by blowing into the garnets, while using the visualisation mentioned above. He then used a smudge stick over the bracelet and my body, as I had absorbed the negativity as well. A Native American smudge stick is usually made of sage and is burnt to dispel negative energy from houses, people and objects. To my surprise, my throat instantly felt better and I could talk again. If I had left getting treatment too long, the problem would have turned more physical and therefore harder to heal. This experience set me on my life path of working with subtle energies, and I still question everything.
As this story shows, psychic impressions can be intentionally placed. Most are unconsciously left from strong emotions over time, but not all. After balancing the energies of a house, I always finish with a blessing that imbues the house with positive energy. Often I have programmed crystals to aid in the healing of an individual. To clear jewellery of negative energy, simply use the visualisation discussed earlier. To intentionally program a crystal or object, fill it with love and light.

For the rest of this article please go to source link below.

(Source: wakeup-world.com; November 7, 2019; https://tinyurl.com/twxsxp4)


Thanks to: https://nexusnewsfeed.com


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