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1“FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS” by TS Caladan Empty “FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS” by TS Caladan Thu Dec 05, 2019 11:56 am


by TS Caladan

Good behaviors. Bad behaviors. Do we know the difference anymore? No. We’re all victims of [Nazi/British] Media over the course of the last century. We’ve been made, engineered, molded and witchCRAFTED to not know the difference between good and evil and right and wrong. Up is now down, black is white, minus is positive and bad is now good. Everything sweet, kind, wholesome, helpful (Good Samaritans) is now in bad taste. Trust has been switched to hate and fear. Nazi programming. We’ve been programmed like computers and brainwashed, turned upside-down, doing nearly everything Backward, rather than moving Forward and progressing, maturing, evolving, growing, as we were meant to, naturally. But if everything is upside-down, it doesn’t look upside-down, does it? If everything is wrong, then nothing is wrong? If every person is doing the wrong thing, then no one is doing anything wrong at all. Right? WRONG. For ages, the masses have been engineered to not know the truth and move away from anything holy, righteous, decent, positive, true, compassionate, loving, moral and good. ‘Safety in numbers.’ ‘It can’t be wrong or harmful because everyone’s doing it, right?’ Mortal Sin #1: being like everyone else and not having the courage, sense or ability to be different. Mortal Sin #2: thinking They wouldn’t do that to us.
 Grow up. Yes, they [the royals] would and far more unspeakable horrors you wouldn’t believe behind the Hollywood [political/religious] Curtain of Lies, Deception and casting spells upon you.

Why have movies, television, music, Internet and other forms of Media DARKENED and have gotten far more wicked and violent, especially over the last five or ten years? People who remember the Old World, of what was, the few, certainly see what’s been happening for decades now. Smart people. But the masses are clueless and have been engineered by Britain to be stupid, uneducated, deceived, misinformed, confused, violent, poor, mindless and at constant war (social, racial, gender conflicts).
There has been a secret, successful takeover of liberties, freedoms and all things good and right and true and spiritual…by very dark and deadly, demonic forces in the world who enslave us to endless wars and miseries. Higher knowledge, science, Tesla Technology, etc., should be SHARED, given to all, instead of kept only for the rich and powerful. All wars have been faked, staged, the ‘Theatre of War!’ There has only ever been one war in town: One Secret War that has been waged for more than two thousand years! The only real War is the Rich and mighty over the Poor, the weak and helpless.
“FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS” by TS Caladan Wallpaper-852616-1024x574
Hundreds of years ago, after the Middle-Ages, the British Empire (Church and State) understood that the masses, their Empire where the “Sun never set,” couldn’t be controlled like it had been in earlier times. Now there were billions of people. So they staged the Russian Revolution. British royals divided up Russia secretly while poor people were given the illusion of freedom from ‘puppets,’ until the Bolshevik Revolution, also staged to happen. English Monarchy created Napoleon and staged the French Revolution, once more, to give the people a sense of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, when in truth: opposite. Slavery, by [unseen Freemason, Rothschild] puppet slave-masters. Again, British royals, early social engineers, staged the American Revolution: to give yank rebels the illusion that they had won a Great War and won their freedom, now a sovereign nation, to forge a New World, different and separate from European Imperialists, kings and queens. Nothing could have been further from the truth. (I like Bill Cosby’s old joke: “Rebels wore any clothes they want and shot behind rocks and trees, but British had to wear red and march in a straight line). English hardcore criminals, they placed as far away as possible in Australia, originally a penal colony. Was the Great Wall of China built to keep Chinese people away from the influence of the fucking Monarchy with their tea and soccer?
Best slaves are Manchurian Candidate slaves, slaves that are made to think they are free. Slaves controlled and forced to love their ‘prison planet.’ “Please sir, I want some more.” Dystopians, who loved their primitiveness and made to think they were modern men and women and this was modern technology, when that’s the last thing in the world that’s true. George Orwell couldn’t conceive of Dystopia, that his Winston Smith character loved Big Brother’s robotic enslavement. We were on Prison Planet. Today, it’s much darker and far more evil. We’ve been trapped inside a ‘mirror image,’ a Medieval dungeon of the Dark Ages. “Dilly, dilly.” And we don’t even know it. We’ve (you) been made so stupid, people now accept this barbarism, madness and violence when we (the masses, all of us) should have progressed as peaceful people who now inhabited other planets. [They’re off-world, not us. They don’t share. They lie. British royals, the Nazis, they own Media and have controlled you with it].

     “Tolerance of Diversity!” you have heard more and more, again and again…What’s it really mean and who’s telling you this over and over? To decode, the phrase really means: “Acceptance of perversity!” Hollywood, British/Nazi propaganda at its finest. You are being Svengalied to accept the most evil things as normality, by the richest and most hideous monsters (royal elites) on Earth! Monsters have been and are programming us to be monstrous. And most people abide by the dictates of the Devil (Illuminati, mason, Beast-System, royal elites) over all Media without question today.
The United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were never “Super-Powers.” They were never in conflict [Cold Wars, Space Race]. Secretly, U.S. and U.S.S.R. have always been the best of friends. Our armies, navies, air forces have always been the same. When we had the Bomb, they had the Bomb. U.S. technology is Russian technology, given/set-up by Britain. All a public ruse to lie to you so you never knew: There is only one Super Power in town, the fucking Throne of England, (Vatican), the cause of oceans of bloodshed and savage pain down through the ages by way of wars and social unrest that should not have happened. Nazis, Neo-Nazis. Menace to Mankind. Rue Britannia! The Royalty should be nuked for Crimes Against Humanity, but they can’t be: They utterly control the governments, the money, the churches, the schools, the police forces, the courts, the armies of every country and the entire planet’s nuclear arsenal.
     U.S. has never been free from our Lords and Masters, British Nazis of the royal Houses. Switzerland is not neutral or innocent in any sense: they’re not pacifists that didn’t enter the World Wars. They funded the WARS! Under orders from England, which prints all money of every country! Switzerland has the world’s money and is Britain’s Bank! So say the Freemasons.
Let’s prove that World War Two was staged (because big events don’t just happen on their own, they’re made to happen). And if someone demonstrated that WW2 was faked, then all smaller wars under it were also faked. Bottom line: Nazis only bombed poor people! Nazis only bombed poor people! No matter how many times it’s written, said, researched, posted on YouTube, it’s a very hard/hard pill to swallow. British Empire for hundreds of years have been Aryans, and later: secret Nazis. England conned the whole planet, kept “World of Tomorrow” technology for themselves and locked the poor masses in a prison of primitiveness, hatred and bloodshed. The BLITZ. London underground during WW2. (They control Football, movies, etc. and people are familiar when a team “blitzes.” They’ll never let us forget what they did, fascists proud of themselves when they deceived the world). ‘The daylight attack against London on September 7, 1940, marked the opening phase of the German bomber offensive against Britain, which came to be called the Blitz after the German word “blitzkrieg,” meaning “lightning war.” Daylight attacks soon gave way to night raids…’ Insider Jordan Maxwell, in my interview of him, admitted the truth: British royals are Aryans. Germany only bombed the poor. If it was a real war, Nazis would have bombed Balmoral Castle, Whitehall, the Houses of Parliament. You know, where the leaders of Britain were located? Instead, under orders from the Throne, they only wiped out the poor. Unofficially, the response to Germany would have been: “Thank you, my Nazis, for following orders. Now multitudes of poor won’t be on the dole.”
Maxwell: “There is a book written by a man named Colonel Dall, Curtis Dall. He was Roosevelt’s son-in-law. He was a high-placed, military man himself. The book is called ‘My Exploited Father In-Law.’ In that book, he said that Roosevelt had the Act of War on his desk 6 months before it happened.”
(“Before Pearl Harbor?”). “Of course. It had already been planned.”
No child playing chess puts their pieces in one spot, so they’d be attacked? Nope. But FDR was ordered by English royals for all Pacific U.S. ships to be docked at Pearl Harbor. This was done by full cooperation of the ‘Commander and Chief’ of American military forces, under Britain. U.S. presidents must obey the Monarchy and the Prime Minister, as all countries must, positioned lower than the highest level of British (Freemasonry) Supreme Authority.
Germany was a defeated enemy after (the planned) World War One. Armies, navies and air forces of a defeated enemy are suppressed, not financed, not maximized so much that all countries on Earth were threatened by the Nazi War-Machine! In only 20 years?! How does that happen? Again?! It occurred because English Occult Aryans made it happen, and set the world ablaze with war again, a war no one wanted but the rich and powerful. No Americans wanted to fight in Europe’s War, once more! But after the planned and hyped Pearl Harbor? Americans, Media puppets, were forced to go to war by newspapers and Hollywood Royalty, which the Brits and Rothschilds have always controlled.
Maxwell: “…Just before 9-11, they came out with the movie: ‘Pearl Harbor.’ Why come out with a terrible movie at that time? Also, there were many war films at that time: Band of Brothers, etc. Hollywood influencing you to go to war, like Wag the Dog…” [Few that control many, a Republic].
Here’s a quote from a high-ranked Nazi, your Prince Philip: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” Philip grew up in Germany and top Nazis were his in-laws. Photos and films and records show: “There was a lot of heel-clicking and sig heils” during his training as a Nazi youth. Then, as planned, married into the British Aristocracy (Elizabeth II) and became Duke of Edinburgh. A YT clip showed him giving the Nazi salute to a very young Princess Elizabeth and Princess Ann. Only this remains on YT when the scandal broke (Sun Newspaper) and made headlines because someone leaked clips from the Royal Archive:
     The [controlled] British Press was angry at whomever it was that leaked the videos, not that the Empire has been ruled by Nazis. No. Officials, apologists, stated: “The news won’t have any impact on the British people.” Really? Is it because you’ve made every person so stupid that they’ll believe any lie you say? The children, Ann and Liz, in 1933, were playing, laughing, saluting something they did not understand. But they will. When will English people, with their air of superiority, wake up and come to realize their history has been under the boot of Nazi fascism? They’re not permitted guns for a reason.
(New movie ‘Maleficent’ with Angelina Jolie has good-guy, blonde character ‘Prince Philip’ with pleasing appearance. All to sway viewers to think that real Prince Philip is also a shining knight of goodness and honor. The truth is the opposite. Philip’s real name was a very long, German name).

My theory: THEY, highest of royals, leaked the ‘Nazi salute’ evidence to Sun Newspaper on purpose, to rub it in our face the power they have over us, to mesmerize us…and then control us so we won’t do a damn thing about it but accept it. They’ll deny it, defend it. Look what horrors we can do to you and you will love us for it. By the same token, finally the truth came out about the famous pedophile, sadist and BBC personality who introduced hot, young, British bands of the 1960s: Jimmy Savile. All the horrors done to children (host of many children shows) were revealed to the public after his death. After, and not before? SaVILE was never punished for terrible crimes perpetrated on children, only rewarded by the Monarchy. Knighted TWICE, also by Pope John Paul in 1990. To continue my theory, British royals, on purpose, a sinister one, leaked the truth of clown Jimmy to, again, rub in our face their absolute, ruthless, fascist power they wield over the masses.
To quote from the interview with Jordan ‘Godfather of Secret Societies’ Maxwell: “Never has there been a government that was not religious.” [King in cards, under the Ace]. Church and State have never been separate. ‘Cross and Crown’ is an old, British, royal symbol.
“Was Princess Diana killed?”
Jordan responded: “…My opinion is Princess Diana was probably far more legitimate Royalty than who we call the Royalty today. British are Saxons; they are German, not English….Germans wanted to legitimize their English Throne. They wanted Di to marry Charles to add a truly English person to their German bloodline. But Di was not impressed with the German Royalty that ran everything. And she went against them…”
“The Queen Mother is German?”
“Yes, sure.”
“When did the German takeover of Britain happen?”
“During the Middle-Ages, the coming of Saxon bloodlines into England, their (Rothschild) banking systems…”
“What about World War Two?”
“And World War One,” Maxwell replied.
“Yes, also German. England was the vanguard of war against Germany. We’re they fighting themselves?”
“That’s a good question. Politics on a very high level. All I know is…the Royal Family (Windsors) are German…”

“Diana fulfilled her purpose by producing the children?”
“Sure. Her brother gave the eulogy at the Church the day she was buried, and said, ‘Diana’s bloodline will protect her two sons.’”
New York Post ran cover story of Prince Harry partying in a Nazi outfit with a swastika on his arm. This was not a case of “bad judgment” on the part of the Prince, as reported. The scandalous photos were probably intended as a public embarrassment, humiliation ritual or simply telling the Truth, Truth in Plain Sight. They are telling you the truth (Savile’s cannibalism, and ‘the Rock’) and they know very few will believe the elusive, secreted realities of the situations. They control all Media and your minds. So much evil, Satanism, witchcraft, forced transgenders, child-killing rituals, missing children, the Sacrifices and blood-drinking have been revealed on the part of the royals…and yet the masses are made to Not Believe It. The hidden concept is: We’re the fucking Monarchy and we can do anything we damn well please to you meaningless, common nothings! You should be grateful for the Bread, Cake, Soup and Circuses we provide for you. Shut up and die for us!
What of King Edward? We’ve heard the story, the lies: “The King of England abdicated the Throne for love to marry Wallis Simpson.” What crap! Media does not stress Edward’s close connections to Nazi Germany! The true reason for leaving, stepping down was Nazi Ed had to be out of the spotlight with the faked Big War to come. His reign was the shortest in 500 years. Six months after he left the Throne, the tranny-couple married in France (Say no more. Have you taken a look at this ugly “woman”? She was a twice-divorced “socialite”?). Something smells fishy, set-up and certainly the story handed the Press couldn’t be true at face value. Royalty have always LIED, it’s policy. A far more realistic reason for the abdication was the hidden truth: King Edward was a Nazi.
You can view YT videos of Edward [feminine, like Hitler and Chaplin: secret Tranny Club] and Wallis (male name) when they visited Hitler in 1937. Best of friends, they were welcomed and celebrated in Germany before the war. When war struck in 1939, Ed assumed a bogus position of major in the “heart of the British Army” and pretended the Nazis were enemies (like Philip), when that wasn’t true at all. British funded the Nazis through Swiss bank accounts and made players perform the Art of War on the world stage, games for royal Puppet-Masters, while vast numbers of innocent, duped souls on all sides died.
Edward was probably a spy for Germany during the French invasion. Sources revealed that Germany should not have easily taken Paris. It was clear that the Nazis had help and many real experts have pointed the finger of blame on former King Edward.

Back to Jordan’s posted interview in 2004, I asked: “…Winston Churchill with his ‘V’ for Victory hand-sign (later hippie peace sign). He was a warlock, yes? In league with Aleister Crowley [on Sgt. Peppers cover twice].
     Maxwell said, “Crowley was a respected Occultist, around the world…Crowley came up with that Victory-sign, but it wasn’t for Victory. It meant something else to him. It had nothing to do with Victory at all…”
     “Whatever it was, it was recommended by Aleister Crowley…to Churchill. Crowley also recommended to Adolph Hitler…the stretched out, right-hand salute…”
     “That was Crowley’s recommendation when he was first coming into power. Incidentally, according to reference works that I’ve read, the Thumbs-Up sign that American soldiers always gave (to pilots) was also from Crowley.”
     Take a step back and review these words from an Insider. We differed greatly and I soon realized Jordan was one of them and only spouted what he was trained to spout (Hegelian). He admired the ‘brilliance’ of the Illuminati, how they secretly took total control over the world and filled it with lies and deceptions. Symbols and signs everywhere of what the fascists had done and the dumb public doesn’t know the truth of history or real meanings to things and words, etc. He hated stupid people, the masses, for their stupidity in not knowing of the world con-job by masons, how deep the briar patch of deceit went. How the slaves thought they were free, when truth was: The world is made to honor the madmen that have enslaved it and have forced people to war and other means of annihilation~
Maxwell revealed that the V for Victory (peace sign), the Thumbs-Up sign you all do and Hitler’s (British) extended, right-arm salute originated from one source: Aleister Crowley, the Beast, 666, the “wickedest man in the world.” Of my hippie generation, who’d believe that when we gave the innocent peace-sign, it really meant horns of the Devil? It changed to the Rock ‘n Roll ‘Mano Cornuto’ or horns of the Devil. Who’d believe the Peace Sign poster, which we thought was a reverse mushroom cloud in a circle, really was a sacrificial, hanged-man? Who’d believe the Beatles didn’t write their music, there was never a Shakespeare and, if you watched at home, you didn’t see anyone really go to the Moon. Guess who’s been lying to us and slowly killing us off?

You all give the Thumbs-Up sign. Reason you all do (I’m rounding up) is because, these days, almost every cartoon character, every commercial, every TV show, in sports, in music and in nearly every movie [exact Nazi methods of programming], there’s a character with a THUMBS-UP! Isn’t there? Far too many, like goats, skinheads and beards. Monkey see, monkey do. Well, you’re not monkeys! You just look like them and been made to act like animals by mad zoo-keepers. You’re not animals! You’re good people, mostly. If you knew the origin of the Thumbs-Up, you wouldn’t do it. Habits are hard to break, aren’t they? It’s sexual. I’ll bet it meant gay sex to Crowley, but Maxwell didn’t go that far.
The elites laugh at us…for the weak, stupid, voiceless, mindless, ‘robotoid’ Walking Deads they turned us (you) into. The Thumbs Up you all do is worse than the Nazi salute. Worse. Worse because we know the Hitler-salute is bad, bad news, bad magic, bad mojo, bad shit. But the masses do not know that the sweet, little, innocent Thumbs-Up also came from demonic sources, same as Nazi salute and swastika. What’s worse, a wolf or a wolf in sheep’s clothing? What’s worse, evil world leaders or leaders of the ‘Free World,’ “good guys” who were really bad, perverted, secret Nazis?
Would you ever think of not using your cell phones because they’re dangerous?
Sinead O’Connor tore up a photo of the Pope live on SNL. “Know the real enemy.” That Enemy to Mankind is also the British Empire, our Lords and Masters. Rolling Stones answer to Sgt. Pepper album was called: ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request.’ (Mandela-changed, but Her Satanic Majesty remains the same. They’re telling you and people will not believe the ugly truth).
In the beginning of my two novels of short stories, I wrote:
    “What if good, righteous, powerful Superheroes were real and truly existed in today’s world? They would not serve world leaders. They would be at War with them!” And fight for us on the bottom of the Social Pyramid, against the capstone or High Castle. This is the reason Hollywood, under dictates from England, has DARKENED all Superheros. They now have a Dark Side, always a Dark Phoenix and never a Light Phoenix. Angry Birds, never Happy Birds. In fact, generally, there really are no more heroes in stories anymore, period. Fallen angels and never risen angels. Women now and never men. Blacks and not whites. Maybe if there were good and powerful forces on Earth, they’d defeat the evil rulers and even their evil henchmen: Nazi Filmmakers! In the 4th Superman movie with Chris Reeve, Superman, tired of America and Russia’s increase of nuclear weapons, gathered them all and removed them from the planet. Generals and Majors, British puppets, wouldn’t like that very much if it really happened. So it’s death and darkening for all Superheros by those who created them.
In the beginning of my version of ‘1984’ called ‘2099, Transia,’ I wrote one line on the first page:
“Everything is illusion.” The second page also contained only one line, which was: “Illusion is not Everything.” I meant that everything we are given over every bit of Media is false, a lie and an illusion. But that ain’t everything. Truth is out there, somewhere. You have to research, work and independently investigate to discover it. What you believe is the truth, isn’t. That came from TV tele-  screens and Nazi, public schools set-up to lie and only provide misinformation. What you’ll never believe is the truth, is the truth.
Like George Carlin said, “They don’t care about you. You’re not in their (secret tranny) Club.” Or like in ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide,’ after the Earth blew up, the great leaders were placed in Ark A. Then the real doers, builders and scientists were put in Ark B. Lastly, the hairdressers, accountants, advertisers and other useless people were placed in Ark C. Somehow, on the way to the new world, they lost Ark C.
“Tolerance of Perversity” is what Hollywood, British henchmen, are really saying in every form of Media. They want you as perverted as the royals who are the worst people in the world, so you’ll never have fun stormin’ the castle. Know the joke that ends with the punchline: “The Aristocrats!”?
Forwards and Backwards. We should have progressed with Tesla Technology on this planet, out in space and on other planets, as we’ve viewed countless times in movies. But there is not one humanity; there is only the few Rich and the many very poor. Completely divided. Crowley’s backwards lyrics in Beatles music, even an evil Kermit the Frog in last Muppet movie with a train that went backwards, as well as Yoda, who speaks backwards. Believe it or not, it’s all connected to Crowley and much/much more. Insiders or Freemason Illuminati know that a “Yoda” is a small, creepy demon that speaks backwards. Maxwell would agree and had talked about what a Yoda really is to secret societies. Incredible connections: Star Trek, numerology, Council of 9, 911, Kubrick’s ‘2001’ and connections to September 11 in NYC. Amazing truths that Insiders have learned as they worked up levels of Freemasonry to 33. Highest ones in the Order know all this shit, but we are hammered into stupid animals and made to not know one damn thing that is actually True. (Mostly, rounding down).
Old, classic sci-fi was not fantasy, the stories were scientific/future projections of an unbelievable world of the 21st Century that did not happen for billions of people. It did happen to the 1% of 1%, the Fourth Reich and New Roman Empire that rules us as Big Brother. They’re off-world (since 1957), with super technology they’ve suppressed from us. Wouldn’t water engines and flying saucers be nice?
Don’t believe Hollywood’s/England’s campaign of Time’s Up, a “women’s” movement to rid despicable characters like Weinstein and Spacey, etc. The casting couch? That’s 100 years old. Who’s telling you this? The most hideous monsters on Earth. Weinstein is playing his part. It’s a smokescreen, a front, a mask, so you don’t discover what’s really going on and who the true enemy is: England. What goes unseen, publicly, is the witchcraft, selling souls to Satan, child trafficking, even child-farming, all to procure vast amounts of HORMONES so sick royals and elites in all fields can trans-gender, secretly, and fool the world. Millions of them, believe it or not. The real ‘Phantom Menace.’

  1. Don’t be like everyone else. Question things that seem wrong. Be different. Do the right thing. Know what that is. Research. Be curious.
  2. They would do that to us. They’re Nazis and it’s what Nazis do with their propaganda and subjects they think they own.

Be strong. Open your eyes. Find Truth and pass it on. Ignorance is not Strength. Intelligence is Strength. Get Smart. Knowledge is power. Know the real truth and it will set you free…
“FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS” by TS Caladan 2AAB124F00000578-3167558-image-a-7_1437342701936
Sun Nazi Salute – Queen – TWEETS.jpg
“FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS” by TS Caladan Untitleddd

The above article is the back section and finale to my 11th novel, ‘Beyond Barronsland.’ The story in the book ends well with a galactic Bureau [replaced the Guild] that now is undoing the damage that dark forces had done to a large number of worlds. Nice dream. If only there were real powers in the universe that came to our rescue and freed us from the ‘Medieval Dungeon’ our leaders have locked us in. So we could fly into the future with the ‘wings’ and abilities and tools we were meant to possess. All of us.

Copyright 2019 Tray Caladan
“FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS” by TS Caladan New-cover-pic-726x1024
“FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS” by TS Caladan 1a-the-back-cover-734x1024
Questions and comments are welcome. Write to Tray: dugx@sbcglobal.net

Thanks to: https://blog.world-mysteries.com

To aspiring writers, if this message in a bottle gets read...If you are a writer and have been working on that manuscript, went through many literary agencies that say 'they'll take on new writers,' and have worked like a dog, pounded the pavement and did everything you could, submitted to agencies, bent over backwards just to get your ms. noticed, or read, or considered for publication...
Well, forget it! It's not going to happen. I have a newsflash for you, the truth: Writing, publishing, is a CLOSED-FIELD. Possibly up to 20 or 25% of literary agencies worldwide will tell the public on their web-pages that they are looking for new writers and you don't have to be published or have an agent to submit...
99.9% of them are absolutely lying to you! Publishing is exactly like Acting, a Catch-22 situation: you have to be in a movie to be in a movie. Why do you think that is? That's for us, a warning label for all of us outsiders, which really says: Club-Members Only! Best actors don't get the parts, members of the secret club get the parts...and books published. Their people (groomed for success, planned in advance, like Rowling and Martin) get promoted, get the blockbuster book, then the big/blockbuster movie deal, etc. [And they didn't write what the British Press said they wrote, all done by secret committees].
Ask my publisher, Terry Wright, of TWB Press in Colorado, if publishing is also a Closed-Field? He'll tell you, yes. How did I, an outsider, get published? After 13 years of using the computer to contact many literary agencies and agents that will accept (say they'll accept) email manuscripts from new writers, I got nowhere. I sent book-idea after book-idea to Mr. Wright as well as THOUSANDS of other agencies much larger than TWB Press. Long story short: I found one of the very few publishing houses, a small one (in business 18 years now with about 35 authors) that will give the little guy a chance. Terry was the real deal and was sick of writers having to bow to agencies, only to always have the 'door slammed in their face.'
The catch is: IF your manuscript is accepted: YOU have to sell your books. His advertising, promotions are very limited. This is not self-publishing, not what's called 'Vanity Press.' TWB is a true publishing house and one of the very few REAL opportunities for writers looking to be authors. Terry will do your cover, edit your manuscript, make an Ebook of it and help with a YouTube video, but, again, you have to sell it. I knew that going in and have sold copies on Amazon.com. Not many, but at least I can call myself an author. I'm thankful I can write a dozen books in my little-known, writing career and have reached a few people. I'm also proud that I really wrote my books, they didn't. I have my original artwork on the covers. I'm thrilled that I don't receive Rejection-after-Rejection anymore and am not wasting decades worth of energy, 'beating a dead horse.'
I only wanted to tell you the truth and really help writers who think they have something and will or have gone through the long Rejection-Process, endlessly. Don't do that. Instead: Submit your work to Terry Wright of TWB Press, see his site. But it better be good. At least your manuscript will be read. He's 1 in 1000. With other publishers, there is virtually NO CHANCE. Best of luck.

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