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The Effortless Meditation

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1The Effortless Meditation  Empty The Effortless Meditation Sat Dec 28, 2019 1:13 am



péntek, december 20, 2019

The Effortless Meditation

The Effortless Meditation  78523090
Meditation is a subtle, barely perceptible stream, in which you will experience a radical shift of the center of gravity. The manifestation, limited in time and space, thick and heavy, that you have formerly regarded as yourself, changes into a weightless but ubiquitous point without limits and dimensions. The massive creature, bound to the earth that used to be you, is now free from its bonds and begins to soar.

Here are 16 Keys to effortless Meditation

Key 1. The meditation does not create an artificial quiet, but allows the deeper dimensions of Alertness to surface. This is the deep internal Silence that constitutes the real core of man.

Key 2. The real meditation is effortless.

Key 3. The real meditation is always without object and is never the result of an activity, but Presence in thespace of Consciousness. This natural, effortless Presence is meditation itself

Key 4. The deeper dimensions of Alertness, the awakened Consciousness, the world of Silence, are beyond theMind.

Key 5. The meditation is not forced upon us by some concentration technique, but the indescribable but experienceable of living emptiness. Conscious existence in the space of Consciousness.

Key 6. Submerge completely in the feeling of ”I am,” allow it to remain in itself, prevent it from being connected to thoughts and ideas, to the works of Mind.

Key 7. Try to find the silence, the quiet of ”I am,” and stay within that.

Key 8. In the meanwhile, try to locate Consciousness itself. Do not only watch what you are looking at, but also from where and with what intensity you are looking at it? In what quality are you watching? Who are you in the process of observation?

Key 9. Be in the state from which recognition emerges, be at the source of recognition, where you are able to see recognition itself. Be in Sight itself.

Key 10. Do not worry about the operations of your mind, just stay in the sensation of ”I am.” Do not qualify, do not interpret! Stay in the sensation of ”I am.”

Key 11. Whenever your attention wanders away, trying to get into contact with thoughts, trying to be manifested in some story, bring it back to the state of ”I am,” and keep it there.

Key 12. Then a newdimension of Alertness opens up in you. The space thus opening and the Presence appearing in it are now there for you to observe, your attention is able to grab them. You experience that you are Consciousness, sensing the work of the Mind.

Key 13. We experience an entirely new dimension of ourself, and this dimension is in fact and ancient, indescribable, intelligent, living, endless space, space-like emptiness, in which bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts as well as material objects appear and vanish, like the waves on the surface of the ocean.

Key 14. We know that it exists, it is the one and only Life, and at the same time it is the essence in us we call ”I” (The ”I am–sensation”).

Key 15. It exists as an ancient, living empty space, a Consciousness conscious of its own existence that comprises everything. Nothing exists outside it, and everything that exists is born inside it: within its space and as its own manifestation.

Key 16. This state is characterized by tranquility, deep silence, peace and all-permeating love. We know that this mysterious ”something” is beyond time, it does not have a beginning and end, it was never born and it will never die.

From the new book by Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D.  270 Powerful Keys to Spiritual Awakening

The Effortless Meditation  Aviary-image-1489089450464
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