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1The Shaman Sham Empty The Shaman Sham on Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:33 am



The seeker who thinks that she is the most important thing in the world can never properly perceive her world.  She is worse off than a blind idiot; all she sees is herself separate from that which she truly is. In other words, when you have your head up your ass, all you can see is your own shit.
-Juanita Cuervo Negro
3113 BCE, in what is now The Painted Desert of Northeastern Arizona…
The sweet and hypnotic floral scent of smoldering breuzinho gum wafted from the stone censor and surrounded them.  “Tell me what you see, K′aalogii.”  The Anasazi seer and her apprentice faced into the evening sun.  Shadow’s erotic dance to seduce light into afterglow morphed the desert surrounding them much in the fashion Gaágii could shape-shift into thin air.  “Tell me what you see, girl!” Gaágii cackled.  The bruja’s young apprentice was a fast study but Gaágii’s requests were never what they seemed.  K′aalogii was still learning that any feeble attempt to answer without stopping and allowing herself to be guided by the breath inevitably made her feel the whetted scorn of Gaágii’s derision.  “I see the desert, the dust demons spawned of the setting sun, the mesas, and the spectral moon, Teacher.”  Before the words cleared her throat, a pressure in her belly, her newly developing conscious connection to The Hisatsinom, reminded her that again she was talking through her ass.
The old yet strong and agile Kayenta sorceress nodded and spat.  “You talk through your ass again, K′aalogii.  You still can act as a young fool who knows only how to look at the world. That world is a capricious pantomime to a light worker who sees.  Everything a light worker does, every thought, every word, every breath counts and has meaning – everything is in the Air for the taking.  She doesn’t waste her light on frivolity and stupid thoughts and words when knowing her appointment with The Eternal is a certainty.  Her every thought and action is tempered by this certainty and therefore is above reproach.  She believes nothing her senses portray so she is ever vigilant and on the lookout.  She is free of the stupor that engulfs her fellow man but the price of her freedom is her unvarying vigilance to the breath.  You can’t bamboozle a bruja, she said winking.  Have you learned nothing with me?  Have not the postures, breathing and movement pasos, and hours of motionless standing brought you grace, clarity, strength, and stamina?  Has not Oni Xuma and Peyotita begun to open and balance your vessels so that you may do so for others in healing them?  Have you not begun to craft your light body in shadow dreaming?”  K′aalogii’s eyes widened in astonishment.  Gaágii’s own precocious brilliance was once held up to her by her own teacher and she was relishing this present moment as an endearing connection to her past.
“Ah!  Don’t look so surprised!  You think I do not know but I see that you have begun this intricate task on your own!  Light, my precious one, light!  You are not the female dreamer in my clan by luck of the draw, child.  Light handpicked and gave you to me.  One must obey the designs of light or it leads to one’s downfall!
“Though you are still very young, you have come to your first moon while under my tutelage and have entered womanhood.  You now know the numinous reason a woman has one more hole than a man - she gives back and shares with The Mother what The Mother gave and shared with her – the lifeblood.  At those times, the Great Mother bestows to the bruja light worker immense power to explore other vistas for healing and magic to benefit her tribe – and power to see!  You’re bleeding now and are brimming with light yet your intent is focused to still only look.”
K′aalogii began to fretfully shift on her haunches and timidly complain in her defense, but the crone indifferently dismissed her child-like whines with a waved hand and kind but resolute eyes. “The world is not as it seems, but our thinking makes it so.  You know this already.  I’ve not only told you but have directly demonstrated to your naáhi many examples.  I, too, can look at the sand and sun and mesas, but I see only lightLight is the tool the sorceress uses to work astonishing feats.  One is guided by light yet one controls and commands it.  It is a delicate balance that must be learned and practiced every day in order to sustain the momentum it and the seer together create. Your luminous body, your naáhi, has already stored this experiential knowledge in spite of yourself.  You are no different than anyone else who has undertaken to learn the path of the light worker.  For better or for worse, you must now learn to get out of your own way and use the breath to feel the light and let it guide you so that in turn you can wield it.  It is your fate as a nine-chambered being.”
Seeing as it is that you are on your first moon, the teaching will take a new turn.  You are now a woman and as a woman you must know our secrets.  You must never speak of these things to the men, and should you marry, not even to your husband.  They have their own secrets, but nothing that did not come through the woman first!  A cricket or coyote can look at and see this inexplicable world, but only a female warrior can beckon and harness a spirit force and use it to learn to see and control light.  Gaágii’s words seemed to be coming from every direction at once. Suddenly K′aalogii realized what happened; she was flying through space…

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