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A Case for the Mandela Effect by TS Caladan

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A Case for the Mandela Effect
by TS Caladan

A Case for the Mandela Effect by TS Caladan 81929145_10213576437000031_4510629324897910784_o.jpg?_nc_cat=104&_nc_ohc=pWM5S63jdyoAQnwImevwpuWgNMSsFVjcvSGaXhAKF1rKCSIFtlD-ATXvQ&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

 People are stupid. They forget, they mis-remember things over time. There's nothing to the Mandela Effect at all; it's a psychological disorder: how masses of people, collectively, believe what they think is true, only on closer inspection, that wasn't the case at all. What fools people are? To be so “stupid” to have ever believed Monopoly Man had a monocle or Queen in 'Snow White' said: “Mirror, mirror...” or Sally Field(s) once said at Oscars: “You like me! You really like me!” And a million more examples of mistaken beliefs...because, certainly, we couldn't ever think reality had suddenly shifted into a parallel universe: That's simply impossible, could never happen, and besides, if it did? We sure couldn't handle the truth. We're stupid. 
     NO! THAT'S NOT IT! Monopoly Man had a monocle, Queen said: “Mirror, mirror” and Sally actually said, “You really like me!” That and a zillion more realities we all shared, all of us, are totally gone now. Something else, like a dark 'Reboot' game has descended upon us, and taken the place of the world we once knew well, without question. A solid reality. Allow me to attempt to prove the Mandela. But you have to have an open mind. Try tossing out the DEFINITION of the 'Mandela' (Wave), since it's 100% wrong! Try dropping your prejudice and quick/snappy “know-it-all” attitude and easy road to life (reality) and attempt a journey over a far more difficult Road! Be scientists, be researchers, stop being LAZY and do some fucking HOMEWORK! Stop being stupid. I know you can. I know you can use your mind and tap memories and eventually figure out what THEY (rich & powerful) have done to us (weak & helpless).
     The mere fact that over and over, more and more, you'll see and hear YouTube vids by paid shills [many British] who'll DISS the Mandela. Please understand they're lying.

A Case for the Mandela Effect by TS Caladan 82586146_10213576439720099_5425046794432151552_n.jpg?_nc_cat=105&_nc_ohc=Q6zibxst-eoAQlU6swwBZS6TNCnkc_Abo0nn4_n5pAiZNLe1dNquXirgg&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

A Case for the Mandela Effect by TS Caladan 81924776_10213576442400166_7025983089373347840_n.jpg?_nc_cat=109&_nc_ohc=xh9RA_OSvLgAQko5xQuCFtuA1d7qBUfToksrds7YGcDAIqoW7RNVIdUMQ&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

  Long ago, mathematicians and physicists have theorized of the Multi-Verse, multiple Big Bangs and also endless parallel universes. Like infrared and ultraviolet spectrum, universes [lifeforms] could be right here, sharing the same space, yet invisible to each other. It has been speculated: Infinite numbers of Universes could exist from identical to mirror-twin worlds, with only slight differences and major differences. I wrote a booklet called: 'Infinite Universes' decades ago. In it, I wrote: “Worlds could be exactly the same as ours, down to every single atom...only one blade of grass was different...”
     Rather than anymore “wild and crazy,” complex postulations...how about we go SIMPLE? A simple 12-point test. [Didn't know there was a spot-quiz today, did you, class?]. If there's nothing to Mandela, you'd all get correct answers, because they're elementary. Correct? Here's homework: Print out page; have people take a simple test, which can be completed in 2 minutes. I think results are SHOCKING~

           What do you remember?


1. Great Sphinx always aligned to middle pyramid @ Giza, Egypt. Is the pyramid in center the Great Pyramid, the largest...or Chefren, the 2nd biggest?    [Great Pyramid]     [Chefren]

2. When Europeans came to America 100 or so years ago & got off @ the Statue of Liberty, was it on Ellis Island or was it on Liberty Island?     [Ellis Island]       [Liberty Island]
3. Do you remember Jiffy Peanut Butter? Not JIF or Skippy. Do you remember that there was once a “Jiffy” Peanut Butter?     [Yes]       [No] 
4. Is Costa Rica connected to Nicaragua & Panama? Or is it an island in the Caribbean?
    [connected to the mainland]           [an island]
5. Rock of Gibraltar, as in Prudential Insurance Co., “Own a piece of the Rock.” Is Gibraltar an island in Mediterranean or on mainland of Spain?    [mainland]      [an island]

6. Have you always known state of Michigan being in 2 pieces? Yes? Or No, there’s only 1 Michigan in 1 piece.       [Yes]       [No] 

7. Is New Zealand one strip of land near Australia or in 2 pieces: North & South Island?   
    [one strip of land]        [two islands, North & South]

8. Ever heard that God’s NAKED BUTT has been on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (for the last 500 years) or is this news to you?   [Yes, heard of it]     [Never heard such a thing]. 

9. For the last 400 years, is it the Prince James Bible? Or is it the King James Bible?
               [Prince James Bible]         [King James Bible]
10. Is South America directly under North America & Panama Canal goes east-to-west? Yes? Or No, South America is way east and isn't even under Florida & canal goes @ 45 degree angle.      [Yes]       [No]  

11. In Wizard of Oz, remember in 1 scene: Scarecrow with a gun, Lion with butterfly net & bug-sprayer & Tin Man with a big silver Wrench?      [Yes]        [No]   
12. '70s disco band 'Village People.' 5 or 6 people? There was cowboy, Indian, biker, CHPs officer (black main singer), construction guy…BUT, do you remember a Military Man, always in different military outfits, a 2nd black singer, making total of six? [Yes, 6]   [No, 5]

I gave the quiz to a friend I've known for 50 years, a sharp Realtor and musician from Denver. He wrote back with these answers: Great Pyramid, Ellis Island, Costa Rica = island, Gibraltar = mainland, 2 Michigans, 1 NZ, knew of God's butt, King James, SA under NA, Oz = never heard of & 5 in VP. The 12 questions are absolutely easy, even today's high school students should have gotten at least 7 out of 10 right. Why did my friend miss 8 of them? How does any average person miss these questions? More incredible, give the test to an intelligent person, who should not miss one...and they'll have missed a few of the basic questions also. How is this possible? Once you look up the (new) information, often you'll discover New Answers you sure didn't expect. “Old Worlders” who retain memories of an Earth long gone are not wrong. They didn't miss the questions, as I told my friend, you have good memories.
     More incredible than THEY [Illuminati, secret societies, possibly using CERN, largest Machine on Earth] have transitioned our physical world, our planet into a dark/parallel one...is the fact that the vast majority of people have been “Bird-Boxed” to not see it. So many people have just accepted this now negatively-charged, antimatter of a reality, without question. Really? Truth is it's Worlds in Collision.
     New Answers are: Chefren in middle, Statue always on Liberty (where'd you get Ellis?), never a Jiffy, Costa Rica and Gibraltar on mainland, 2 Michigans, 2 New Zealands, bare ass always on the Chapel ceiling and always the Prince James (King James? You must be mad). South America was never under North America. Oz characters always 'packin' heat' in 1 scene and certainly there was a Military Man as 6th Village Person, “In the Navy.” Really? That's what we're supposed to believe? And MORE?
     Who are the “loonies” that the YT British blokes INSIST upon so much? Are you positive it's those silly, foggy people with that collective-Alzheimer Disease who mis-remember? Let's bet! What does the easy, 12-point quiz and its results tell you? Not that the conclusions are simple (like how the British royals have made you), but that the conclusions are very/very complicated. My view is 6 or 7 years ago, everyone would have gotten nearly every question right. The correct answers would have been “Old World” answers like King James Bible, Liberty on Ellis Island, Jiffy/not JIF, 1 Michigan/NZ,  CR and Gibraltar islands, etc. There would be no confusion; we wouldn't be asking and in conflict about the most elementary of questions, would we? Today there's War. That's what They want...
     Somehow, scientifically, in a High-Tech way, our lords and masters made us...CROSSOVER.

A Case for the Mandela Effect by TS Caladan 81553685_10213576443280188_3898589059219456_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_ohc=fykkgR8cpuAAQmuj3URZuWtJ1e5XLJiBoCtAoyyxAao5xU3wU83ZcFMsQ&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

 IF the parallel or artificial VR world idea is in place now, there might be points along the Grid Matrix that were not perfectly identical to the Old World of what was. These are the Mandelas. Differences, different choices, such as Costa Ricans who decided to colonize on the mainland rather than on an island? Or Haitians settled on a different side of an island because the Dominicans had settled on the side they wanted? Moon with a slightly different face fixed toward the Earth? And maybe a different Egyptian history: with another alignment of large pyramids, different Sphinx (room in head?) and Tut's golden asp on headdress now had to share forehead with a bird(?).
      If Mandela Effects were “mistaken memories,” then people would believe and have all kinds of memories about certain things, various, different, like: C3PO had a red leg or black leg? No. Millions of people know that the droid was originally ALL-GOLD. No matter if a silver half-leg now appears in the first two movies, they remember the truth or what's now gone. Sincere Mandela supporters believe, mainly, ONE particular (brighter, better) world that does not exist here anymore. Darth said: “Luke.”
     People don't remember “Tiffy” or “Biffy” or “Nifty” Peanut Butter, they remember Jiffy! [Jiffy seems to cut through the bullshit. My doctor and I differed about M.E.-changed anatomy, but she sure remembered Jiffy. It never existed in this new world. Company did not change brand name to JIF. They build brands and don't change names. Some changes are announced; those listed were not. They've unnaturally changed. My publisher published my book on Mandela and initially he wasn't a believer and told me: “There was never a Jiffy; it was always JIF.” I told him to ask 10 people (like I had) and 9 out of 10 knew of Jiffy. A few weren't aware in the stores it had turned into JIF some time ago].
     Let's go further into odd reality-shifts. LOOK CLOSE at left column below. Remember them? How could you? They never existed! We are left with right column only and are supposed to believe “It Was Always That Way?” NO. Use your eyes, your brain, your memories. Nothing on the left should ring a 'bell,' whatsoever. How come it does? Many do. None should. Why is it, in many cases, it is the LEFT column that sounds familiar and the [new, altered] right column sounds funny and strange?

J.C. Penny......................J.C. Penney
Tidy Cat.........................Tidy Cats
Sherman Williams.........Sherwin Williams
Alpha Romero...............Alpha Romeo
Louie Vuitton.................Louis Vuitton
Ford “F” without curly-Q....with curly-Q
Rubix Cube..................Rubik's Cube
The Dollar Store..........Dollar Tree
Fruit Loops..................Froot Loops
Berenstein Bears..........Berenstain Bears
Looney Toons..............Looney Tunes
Smokey the Bear..........Smokey Bear
Cousin It......................Cousin Itt
Dr. Doolittle................Dr. Dolittle
Willy Lomax...............Willy Loman
Billy Corigan...............Billy Corgan
Seals and Croft............Seals and Crofts
“That's another fine mess” “...another nice mess...”
“Day that will live in infamy” “Date that will...”
Daylight Saving Time....Daylight Savings Time
Grand Central Station....Grand Central Terminal
Smithsonian Institute....Smithsonian Institution
License to Kill......Licence to Kill (Bond film)
Switzerland capital: Geneva...........Bern
Australia capital: Sydney or Melbourne.......Canberra
Brazil capital: Rio de Janeiro..........Brasilia 
Israel capital: Tel Aviv.................Jerusalem
Longest U.S. river: Mississippi....Missouri
“On Earth as it is in heaven”..“In Earth as it is in heaven” 
Commandment to honor parents: 4th.....now 5th 
Moses without horns....Moses shown with horns
Jesus never blindfolded....blindfolded, punched in face
Occam's Razor....................Ockham's Razor
Olympic torch started with Greeks....with Nazis, 1936
burned 'witches' in Salem......hung suspected witches
Turin Shroud 1st photographed: 1902.........1898
Challenger Disaster happened before 1986...January 1986
~ the list is endless~

Look up the new world and find we really are only left with the right column as REALITY. And if you remember the ones (and millions more) on the left, then you must be “nuts,” a part of some mass-hallucination or inside an M. Knight Shyamalan movie! No, that's not it. The many un-blinded do not dream up a wide variety of fantasy worlds and then pass them on like vicious, viral rumors. No. Many, collectively, remember the SAME (gone, replaced) universe: one with King James Bibles and Ed McMahon worked for Publisher's Clearing House [new records report he did not. Of course he did, in one world].
     After months of studying the Mandela Effect, I had to drop my own prejudice against the namesake-Effect or the very first one. I mean, everyone knows Nelson Mandela did not die in prison: He lived and was a celebrated, global hero and eventually became President of South Africa. Right? Didn't he? Yes. But now there's a whole different possibility because of the existence of not only a few parallel universes, but an unlimited number of mirror-twin worlds that might be only slightly different or very different? And we've slipped, been pushed/forced into another. What if the phenomenon of a lot of people, sure Mandela died in prison, was not a matter of mistaken recollections, but...
     He really died in a South African prison in one reality? In another universe, which (I think) most of us remember, he lived on far beyond imprisonment. When I heard people were positive 'Thinker' statue by Rodin always had hand on forehead and not the chin, I was amazed. Too many people believed that. I knew the sculpture well and, of course, the hand was always on the chin. Maybe not. Possibly only in the world I was familiar with? Others may have tuned-in (remembered, saw visions) of another reality with hand on forehead, 'thinking,' and very surprised when they discovered it was on the chin?
     Or Lincoln Memorial, statue in Washington D.C.? Do you remember that one of Abe's hands made a fist? Now it does. I'm from a world where both of his hands were the same and it held front arms of the chair. No fist. Another weird one: People were sure that JFK's car when he was shot was a 4-seater and there's some evidence for this. I clearly remember Zapruder film and Governor Connally was never in front seat with driver of a 4-seater. It was a 6-seater with driver (William Greer) and another agent in front. Maybe it was a 4-seater in another world? I also remember a big flag on top of the white Capitol Building's dome in D.C.. Suddenly it's not a flag anymore, but a 20-foot, bronze statue of a Warrior Woman that we're supposed to believe has been there since the Civil War? Few Americans recall this. 
     It appears as if a Dark World has descended upon us. Have they told us that in every wicked movie?

A Case for the Mandela Effect by TS Caladan 81384899_10213576443800201_7715286226114183168_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&_nc_ohc=ZA6hyV7Yj-EAQno2yhCJdZ9LxaUtgQeTckyQkQAvmK7LjRUVONoRrBAeg&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

Would you like to see an alien? A 'real unicorn' in the room? How about have a metaphysical experience? Before your very eyes: READ, view and receive an IMPOSSIBILITY through the senses? It will be so incomprehensible that you'll refuse to believe and immediately think there's a rational explanation. There isn't one. This is proof of the Mandela Wave and may point to the guilty party that financed the entire project. But you won't believe it. Anyway. Okay, here goes...
     Get a King James Bible. Certainly your mother or your grandmother has one. I'm sure you can find a KJV; it was a very popular Book. Turn to the beginning, before Genesis, before the contents list of Books and you'll discover the first English translation of early Hebrew and Greek records has been CHANGED to the Prince James Bible. Impossible. Queen Elizabeth the First died and King James of Scotland took over as King of England. King, not Prince. He was never a Prince of the British Throne. Only a King could commission the first English translation of holy records and he did. Why does the Bible's 2-page introduction state: “Prince James”? It never did before, now it does, as many lines have unnaturally changed. It was published in 1612, which has been changed to 1611. The Alien, the Beast, the fucking 'Unicorn Gorilla' in the room is the fact that it is your living, breathing, standing-Monarch TODAY, TODAY...“she” is the one that is thanked over and over and over again in the James intro. Impossible, but it exists right there in your hands, if you'll only open your eyes and realize the Truth? The Elizabeth mentioned in the Bible cannot be #1 and can only be #2, wife of Nazi Prince Philip. How did the Queen pull this off? The Bible is over 400 years old and cannot mention your Queen Elizabeth...but it bloody well does, doesn't it, mate? Aye? READ IT, it's only 2 pages and it's Liz it's speaking of: By Her Grace and Honor, in capital letters each time, even over God and Jesus, barely referred to. It's this OVER-PRAISE of Liz that's truly monstrous!!
     Does it have anything to do with the fact Queen Elizabeth, in her Christmas address (2015), declared: “Enjoy your Last Christmas.” Then it was Mandelaed-away. Her very creepy 2015 address disappeared, but was clearly heard and remembered by 1000s in her realm, from Canada to Australia. As speculated at the end of my book: Was 2015 the last time our world was real? Hasn't just about everything gotten far worse since then and now spiraling down to even darker and more terrible times? Seeming End Times only help the Rich who caused it, while the poor and helpless are led to slaughter.
     It could be that if humanity was left to its own Nature (a good one), everything, like Tomorrow's World, would work out perfectly fine. Normal, natural changes. They were always progressive. It's the UNNATURAL changes by a few mad fascists with awesome powers. High-tech wizards, they cast magic spells on us to fool us and totally control us from the Shadows. They secretly have that Power.
     But THEY are not going to tell us. You believe your Big Brother tele-screens. You're stupid.
     Not really. We've just been made that way. Seriously. Copy the small, 12-point quiz and test people like a Believe It Or Not. Tap memories; the differences are fascinating “Amaze your friends.” The answers to simple questions are no longer simple. Why? Why now when there was never confusion before? A much more realistic perspective of the Mandela Effect, other than mistaken memories, is that THEY are really messing with us. It's how the few in Power maintain control over the masses, the many who are poor and powerless.
     The royals have been killing off the people for a very long time and in multiple ways: Epidemics, weather-control, social wars, race wars, gender wars, political wars, religious wars and through a wide array of slow and fast annihilation. Now. They got us doing their job for them...
     We're arguing over pyramids and peanut butter...and we never did before.

For more information, write to Tray Caladan. Thank you~

A Case for the Mandela Effect by TS Caladan 82445240_10213576444680223_2760637113367003136_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_ohc=cxi8CawH4JkAQnq_GZ2ME3MhGEbH6EgqikWp-FYO6Xxif_qInZgof_VOw&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2


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