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How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9 by TS Caladan

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How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9
by TS Caladan

How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9 by TS Caladan 1

In Star Wars 7, 'The Fall of Skywalker,' Han and Leia Solo traveled to the desolate, desert planet of Jakku in search of rare parts for the Millennium Falcon. The old ship was in tow from a newer model and no longer functioned. During an argument over the rare engine parts, Han and a “cutthroat”desert trader fired blasters. The Solos could have been killed right there over nothing, when they were saved by a pretty, native girl who obviously was extremely skilled with the 'Force.'
     Han and Leia received the parts they were after, no charge, and instantly made close friends with 'Rey.' In fact, they lived together. The Solos invited her into their home and gave her a better life for awhile, and repaid Rey for her heroic act that saved their lives. Leia felt bonded to the mysterious girl.
     Years ago, Leia was offered the position of “General” and her own star-cruiser in the mighty Republican fleet, but she refused the generous offer in peacetime. She concentrated her life on her son and taught the brilliant, fair-haired boy. (My casting change: Ryan Gosling instead of Adam Driver).
     Rey learned that their son, Luke Solo [never would have been called “Ben,” he'd been named “Luke”], was a trained Jedi Knight. Luke was trained by Leia all of his life and turned into an honorable young man with the brightest and bluest (cross) lightsaber. The Solos were very proud of their son, now sent on a mission to find his namesake, the missing Luke Skywalker.
     Something was up in the galaxy and the Jedi Council was well aware that soon, self-exiled Luke Skywalker was very needed. Where was the old Jedi Master? He'd been missing for years.
     Leia and Rey hypnotized each other (mind-melded, in a sense) and attempted to pinpoint Luke's location. Frightening visions of the future were seen and experienced:
     The Sith had not been decimated, defeated, with only a few scattered warships under Jedi Republic control. Their forces, what was left of the Sith, found an escape route long ago: a hidden portal or wormhole vortex into a parallel world. With no enemies in the 'other universe,' their dark technology thrived and grew and they waited and watched...
     For the right time to return to the Other Side and strike at their old enemy with vengeance! Stronger than they'd ever been. It would be completely unexpected, as if fleets of Sith Star-Destroyers (not literal) appeared out of nowhere.
     The most dramatic and emotional revelation that came out of the merger of Leia and Rey was:
     Leia's son Luke had been a “Seed of the Dark Side” all along, which somehow connected to Rey. Young Luke will absolutely go evil, turn Dark Side and kill Han, his father!
     Distraught Leia said to Rey she was strong with the Force “because of her father.” Leia told her that she must quickly go and do what she could to stop future events from happening: to find a way to stop Luke and the murder of Han. Both had seen a horrible, vague vision of Rey's father, but it wasn't discussed. Rey didn't know who her father was.
     Rey blasted off in the new HawkWind spacecraft, a much-improved Falcon, given to Han and Leia by Lando Calrissian (only appeared over a view-screen) and he basically informed her she'll figure out the ship with the help he sent. In walked Chewbacca, C3PO and BB8 [same R2D2, only in upgraded body that rolled]. They introduced themselves to Rey, offered any assistance and got along splendidly.
     On Other Side of cloaked wormhole, Sith factories were at full-steam and pumped out war-machine after war-machine. Mastermind that was in charge of the entire military operation was a disfigured, bald giant named Snoke. He barked orders to General Hux. The creature wanted increased production as well as assurance their secret world was unknown to the Jedi enemy. Hux alleviated Snoke's worries with evidence of a factory increase and proved they operated 100% behind a fail-safe, security curtain.
     Pilot Po Dameron (not a Jedi Knight), best friends with Luke Solo onboard the Starfire and directly under his command in the Republican fleet. They had a past together, with the younger Po the much wilder of the two. It was often that Luke came to the rescue of Po, an instigator of trouble.
     Oddly, Luke Solo took a shuttle and landed on an irregular shard in space called Maragall, one of the 1111 pieces of the fragmented planet Clarion. It was something he “had to do alone” and the Jedi insisted on having no extra Knights along with him. He told a concerned Po he'd return in “two cycles.”
     When Luke landed on barren/dead Maragall, compelled to do so by forces he didn't understand, he got out of his ship...and in the mist, confronted: Han! His father? How could it be Han? It couldn't be.  
     Mr. Solo was definitely in another part of the galaxy, in a process to give a working-Millennium Falcon to a prestigious museum for posterity. He loved the new family HawkWind from Lando...
     But suddenly, the old guy, in a familiar outfit, stood on an empty fragment of a shattered planet. 
     Luke, in a skintight/black outfit, marched closer. He faced his father, but there was something very wrong. There was fire in his eyes. Luke burst with emotions and screamed outrageous things to Han! 
     In another part of the galaxy, HawkWind with Rey, Chewy C3PO & BB8 discovered that the droid with spheres (old R2) repaired Skywalker's lightsaber. The weapon will guide them to Luke's location. Rey was bothered with the news because Leia sent her to stop young Luke and save Han. She went along with BB8 and the ship sped to a small water-world around a dim, white dwarf star. Only one island was on the planetoid. An island with ancient stones called Ahch-to. Rey met Luke Skywalker!
     The moment was wonderful, tears in their eyes. She slowly moved closer. Rey shook and reached out with her hand. The girl gave Luke back his lightsaber. They recognized each other. The shock was:
     Luke Skywalker said, “You're my daughter.” Then he touched the saber. He felt a massive pain and disturbance in the “Force.” He knew and he knew that his sister, far/far away, felt intense pain too.
     On Maragall, young Luke turned into ancient Warlord Wren, wore a bad copy of a Darth Vader helmet and sliced Han in two with his famous blue-cross saber, now changed into a red-cross.          
     Luke Skywalker remembered the last time he saw Han and Leia together. They were happy and safe.

How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9 by TS Caladan 2

In Star Wars 8, 'The Last Sith,' we learned that Luke understood the Sith would return to the galaxy and become an ultimate threat again. He lived for years on remote Ahch-to as the only one who realized here was the beginning, the first Temple of the Jedi Order. His goal was to locate precisely where the Sith armada would appear and in time. Now reunited with his daughter Rey and lightsaber, he was hopeful. With a heavy heart, he informed Rey that Han was killed by his son and worse news: Her aunt Leia couldn't live with that fact. She also had passed away from the material plane...

How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9 by TS Caladan 3

The tragic moment was tempered by a sweet encounter when Chewbacca, C3PO and BB8 (R2) rolled out of the HawkWind. It had been years since they'd seen Luke. Joy and pain.
     Later, at night and under the stars, Luke explained many things to Rey when they were alone together. He'd made a big mistake in his life: He'd fallen in love with the Enemy! A Sith assassin, sent to kill him, head of the Stormtroopers (in green) named Phasma. After an incredible lightsaber battle with her, he'd changed her, turned her to the Light Side. Luke didn't reveal everything to Rey, only that her mother was dead now and he had no choice but to leave Rey on Jakku. Luke was extremely sorry for decisions he'd made. He was thrilled that Rey had completely forgiven him. She was excited when she learned that she was a Skywalker. She'd always felt special with inherent Jedi powers, yet had no training. (Luke hid from her a fear that Rey also possessed a “Seed of Evil,” like her 'dyad-twin' soul).
     One more surprise was revealed when father told daughter that the old Jedi Order would come to an end. He'd seen beginning and end. The Sith would also end. There would be no more wars at all between light and dark, positive and negative. Everything would change into something very different, a new world, a wonderful universe, that took the place of the Old World. A lasting peace was possible.
     Rey smiled with knowledge and a family she'd never known before. She kissed Luke goodnight. He hid more secrets from her, such as there existed a parallel universe of unbelievable horrors where the Sith had virtually been reborn in much greater proportions. Rey only glimpsed bits of truth. A terrible, galactic War, like never before, would happen soon. He also knew that, in future, his daughter had to and will kill renegade Luke, her cousin and his nephew. Sith wanted Wars to be continued forever; Jedi wanted them to permanently end. The ultimate outcome, one way or the other, was in the balance~ 
     The group of friends on Ahch-to boarded the HawkWind and headed for the point in space where Sith fleets would emerge from the other (negative) universe. Republican fleets were quickly alerted. 
     Former “rebel” battalions, now in charge, armed themselves and prepared to meet the New Sith armada at the “Warp,” the aftermath [vortex] of the great disaster that shattered the planet Clarion.
     Luke Skywalker acted confidently. But he was extremely uncertain of tomorrow's events, the power he felt inside Rey and his own future. What exactly would it take to end the Star Wars? He decided...
     Luke ordered Chewy to take the ship not to the Warp phenomenon along with the fleet, but to one of the small, outer Clarion shards that happened to have been composed of all-WATER. “Pagua” was less than ten miles in diameter without any land whatsoever. After the Clarion disaster, it remained intact as a liquid sphere that orbited a “ghost planet” along with 1110 other pieces.
     Luke told the others he was no longer a Jedi, no longer a soldier. He also told them the story of Lord Wren. The bravest, strongest of the First Order of Jedi Knights, the original Protectors of the Galaxy. Only his name was Baldar, the first Jedi that began it all, from Ahch-to Island. This shining Knight of Truth and Justice was seduced by great Power and the Dark Side, a Mirror-twin universe and a very evil version of himself. Fallen Angel, that spawned every demon that had materialized on the other side of the 'Mirror.' He'd returned and was within Luke Solo, now Warlord Wren. He stood upon a gigantic, abandoned ice-barge that floated on the violent seas of Pagua under stormy skies. Luke couldn't do it. He told Rey that SHE HAD TO KILL HIM. The last space battle between armadas of Sith and Jedi meant nothing. The battle, the War, the future itself, depended solely on one specific act: Could Rey fight and destroy young Luke, her dyad-twin, and save a galaxy from ages of dark tyranny?
     Many familiar faces joined the Republican fleet on its way to the Clarion Warp. Lando, Admiral Ackbar and their vast armies of Battleships and powerful cruiser-vehicles. Even long-retired Wedge joined the fight against the coming Sith, just one more time. The last time.
     Rey was dropped off on the ice-barge and faced Wren. Luke strangely disappeared to the crew.
     The bizarre truth was Luke had been dead for a long time. His “love” Phasma and his great accomplishment of her turned toward the Good Side changed when she switched back to her old self. They had killed each other years ago. “The Energy” gave the illusion he was alive for two reasons: For Luke to meet his daughter and pass on the truth to her. Skywalker had one more weird encounter:
     In a timeless zone, Luke met an “old friend,” who was not a friend. All this time, Yoda was the Phantom Menace. Not Emperor Palpatine, or minion-puppet Snoke, but it was Yoda, an agent of Wren who posed as one of the good guys. [“That's why the little creep talked backwards.”]. In Plain Sight.
     The dead creature laughed an evil laugh and mocked his former student in mists of time. “You didn't know? Ha, ha, ha! Now you see clearly, Luke. Everything has led to this moment. Watch the slaughter, your obsolete warships will be no match for the New Sith when they pass through the vortex to the other side,” wrinkled Yoda stated in a straight-forward manner. “Guess who'll be victorious? Ha, HA!”
     Luke understood and responded, sarcastically: “May the Force be with you? 'Force' isn't a neutral word, is it? It's a violent, vile, penetrative word. Should have been...May the Energy be with you. Right? There never was balance, was there...demon? Your dirty hands were all over the Republic, eh?”
     Yoda took a step closer, looked up and smiled. “Now you're catching on. You know, she's not going to kill him. We've all seen it. She's going to MARRY him! And wait until you see their little Hell-Child come to life, oh, the real Lord Wren, back again! Oh my, my. When we bring back Deathstars, ha, ha.”
     Luke ignited a (ghost) blue saber as Yoda clicked on...a purple light-saber. The ghosts fought!  
     At the same time, the positive world was soon to be invaded by the awesome Sith military, hundreds of negatively-charged, Killer-vehicles were armed and about to plunge through the Rift to the other side and confront Republican counter forces in-between the shards of Clarion. Should be glorious. And:

How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9 by TS Caladan 4

...On an abandoned ice-barge, upon rough seas of Pagua, two twin-souls were also poised to destroy each other. Wren tossed his helmet and raised the red-cross saber. Rey raised her copy of his blue-cross.

In Star Wars 9, 'The End of the Force,' Luke Solo, possessed by the spirit of Lord Wren, fought Rey, his enemy. But in the other, Mirror-universe, they were 'dyad-twins' or perfect soulmates. King and Queen of evil. Married. The two battled after first words (“Is it you?”) and were clueless that their saber-fight actually determined the Great Battle in space. Sith forces had crossed through the vortex and the final War had begun. If Wren took the advantage, then Sith battalions had won major victories. If Rey scored 'points' in the fight, then Republican forces and their followers had won battles in space.
     Rey and Wren were equally matched in saber skills as a high-quality of moves, offenses, defenses, were displayed on the wet barge and amid a violent, electrical storm.

How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9 by TS Caladan 5

Wren shouted the truth to the girl for the main reason to throw her off her game, so he'd create an opening, strike and kill her! “Rey! On the other side, you're not a Skywalker! You're a Palpatine! Your mother was Phasma, one of his slaves! She never had an ounce of good in her, never! And US! Me and you! We were lovers! Royalty!” More clashes occurred of the blue-cross light against the red-cross light. “Stop fighting me, Rey! You don't have to do this! I love you!” Lightsaber energy smashed against the other again and again with fantastic force. Loud!
     She screamed: “We were lovers all right! Only in Hell!”
     He said, a little less loud, “Yeah that's about right, Rey.” Wren relaxed. He stopped the thrusts and even turned his saber off. The man was more like Luke, like himself, than any type of warlord, for the moment. He suddenly threw the weapon far out into the sea.
     She was stunned and immediately placed her blue-blade about an inch from Luke's throat.
     He smiled and slowly, ever so slowly, raised his arms. He looked deep into her eyes. He knew.
     Rey had the thought that killing him was absolutely the right thing to do, like chopping off the head of a monster, an act that guaranteed the Beast would never rise again. But. She couldn't do it.
     At the same time, the space fleets of Sith and Jedi Republic also went into a stalemate mode of sorts or quiet period after the First Wave of incomprehensible destruction...
     Rey turned off the weapon. She changed and didn't want to fight. She embraced Luke warmly, as waves of cold water washed over them. They kissed and remembered other times, other worlds.
     Elsewhere, the giant Snoke was alone on the bridge of the largest Sith Battleship, enraged that his armies halted their attack. The bad clone-creature (created from ashes of Emperor Palpatine) radioed to every commander in the Dark Army to 'blitz' the enemy and: “Attack! Attack! Attack!”
     Suddenly a red saber plunged into the back of the abomination and out something that resembled a 'heart.' General Hux had dropped safeties, beamed onboard Snoke's bridge and killed the creature. He said, “Don't think it was because I'm a rebel spy or anything like that, M'Lord? I'm just sick of your fuckin' orders, right, right? Take that! Aye? Ha.”
     Commanders of troopers and Killer-Machines in space heard the orders. They begun Second Wave, which in time, and with all Sith forces through the vortex, would defeat lesser Republican fleets of Battleships. Last War continued and moved toward a bloody climax. Certainly, Dark Side would win.
     Po Dameron broke from the fight after he crushed the vehicles in front of him. He tracked Luke Solo's overdue shuttle to the water-bubble of Pagua, far from the 'battlefield.' No fighting raged in the atmospheric storms of the little world. Maybe Luke needed to be saved? He owed his friend a lot. Po found Luke's shuttle in low orbit and homed in on the coordinates. His fighter went straight down to the surface of the seas then shot in the direction of the ice-barge.
     Suddenly an enormous green, sea serpent rose out of the waters! Its head was huge and it opened a very large mouth with rows of serrated teeth. The serpent saw the 'bug' that skimmed over the waves and was about to have itself a small 'snack,' when...
     The heavily-armed HawkWind swooped down and blasted the sea beast with a powerful front, blue laser beam! Chewy was right on target as gunner. C3PO said, “I think I'm getting the hang of it, sir. I'm an excellent pilot! Who knew?” BB8 loudly tweated a familiar sound of happiness.
     “Thanks! I needed that,” Po exclaimed over his radio.
     After introductions, the two ships flew in the direction of Luke and Rey... 
     The battle in space continued and so did the war upon the floating barge. Polarities switched once more and strong emotions surfaced again. Rey and Wren were at each other's throats! No weapons.
     She screamed, “M.A.L.A.S., make me act like a Sith!” She punched him over and over.
     He shouted back: “You are Sith! The Ultimate Sith! You know you're Skywalker, but on the Other Side...who was your father?! Mother saw the horrible truth when you merged. Don't you know, Rey?”
     “The Emperor?” Rey asked in total fear of the truth.
     “No,” Wren/Luke answered correctly. “...He was little, green, ugly, wrinkled...talked backwards?”
     “There you go, darling. If your father was only an Adoy. Unfortunately, he was a Yoda, and spy, a grounded evil from the other side with powers to mask his true, black heart. No one suspected. Huh.”
     Both bare-fisted combatants saw two crafts that approached... 
     They switched polarities again. They kissed. Cool. He saw an opening and he knew. She also knew.
     Young Luke. Not Wren. (Never again will the spirit of Lord Wren or a Yoda be materialized in the galaxy). Luke gently tapped the button on the weapon around her waist as he held her. The blue-cross, electrical, energy beam zapped on and extended through the girl's chest! Rey, future Empress of the Last Order, “Queen of the Galaxy,” killer of Wren, and evil Monster, was dead. Never to rise. 
     Luke cried. He said, “In another world...” She wasn't going to be the last Skywalker and carry on the tradition of War ad infinitum, which is what would have happened with her child, the 'Seed' she carried. Luke Solo was going to be the last Skywalker (break the “dyad”) and finally end the long wars. <>
     Kyber Crystals that charged all weapons from large cannons to blasters to sabers...were rendered inert, powerless, never to be recharged. The War was really over on this side of the Mirror ><

How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9 by TS Caladan 6

Story ended with the termination of Jedi and Sith forces entirely: No more Jedi Council or a need for mighty armies in the galaxy. Peace reigned supreme, everywhere.  “May the Energy be with you.”

How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9 by TS Caladan 7

Tomorrow's children learned the Truth, that little boys and little girls were not meant to fight. Fighting on any level is wrong and will not be tolerated anymore. Wars, mass-bloodshed, major destruction, armies, terrible WMD, super-violence, suffering and Pain will not be permitted in the World of Tomorrow. Kings, queens, tyrants, fascists and fanatical bosses were no longer glorified and supported. They were eliminated. Today. Love ruled. Citizens of the Universe were intelligent, compassionate space-people, not animal-like cave-people. Swords or lightsabers? We were still fighting, but no more! Forcefield shielding protected many star systems and defenses remained, but the 'Military' became an obsolete concept since science and knowledge were now used for productive purposes and not for any destructive means. Everywhere. Good magic. Good Technology. The meek inherited the galaxy. What fantastic things were possible unhindered by needless conflicts and aggression?! People were not meant to be soldiers or slaves. People were good. They were great. They were meant to be free, creative and made to love each other. Now there was hope.
     Stories did not have to always be “Dark” and have the same wicked, stereotypical elements. They could be as wild and wonderful and as diverse and imaginative as the Universe itself. The best STORIES were only beginning...

Comments/questions/info on books by TS Caladan,
write to Tray:   dugx@sbcglobal.net       thank you~


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