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by TS Caladan

CAN YOU PASS THE MEMORY QUIZ?     by TS Caladan 82801753_10213623777423512_8240254263318544384_n.jpg?_nc_cat=109&_nc_ohc=gv4GB02mZt4AX8HPXqz&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2


1.   What pyramid is in center of 3 at Giza, Egypt & aligned to Sphinx?     [Great Pyramid]      [Chefren]

2.   What island is the Statue of Liberty on?     [Ellis Island]       [Liberty Island]

3.   Was there a Jiffy Peanut Butter, not Skippy or JIF, but Jiffy?     [Yes]       [No]

4.   Costa Rica:     [on mainland, connected to Nicaragua and Panama]           [an island in the Caribbean]

5.   New Zealand:      [1 single island]           [2 islands, North and South Islands]

6.   What is the capital of Australia?      [Sydney]       [Melbourne]   [Canberra]

7.   Is there a U.S. state that is separated and in 2 pieces?     [Yes]      [No]

8.   Is South America directly under North America & Panama Canal goes east-to-west, yes? Or, No, South America is way east of North America, not even under Fla. & Canal @ 45 degree angle.  [Yes]    [No]

9.   In 'Wizard of Oz,' was there 1 scene where Scarecrow pulled a gun, Lion had a butterfly net & Bug-Sprayer & Tin Man had a big Wrench?      [Yes]       [No]

10.  In movie: 'Field of Dreams,' which is correct?   
[“If you build it, THEY will come”]        [“If you build it, HE will come”]

11.  In movie: 'Forrest Gump,' which is correct? 
[“Life IS like a box of chocolates”]        [“Life WAS like a box of chocolates”]

12.  What did Queen say in 'Sleeping Beauty'?   [“Mirror Mirror, on the wall...”]     [“Magic Mirror, on the wall...”]

13.  What does Mr. Rogers sing?  
[...“beautiful day in THE neighborhood...”]        [“...beautiful day in THIS neighborhood...”]

14.   '70s disco band Village People had Construction guy, Cowboy, Indian, Biker, Chps Officer, but did they also have a 6th member, a 2nd black singer that was Military Man, always in uniforms?    [Yes]     [No]

15.  Was Michael Jackson youngest brother in singing group Jackson 5 or did they often perform on old TV shows as 6, with youngest brother Randy Jackson?       [6, Randy youngest]       [5, Michael youngest]

16.  For the last 400 years, is it the...?       [Prince James Bible]        [King James Bible]

17.  The Lord's Prayer:      [“...ON earth as it is in heaven”]        [“...IN earth as it is in heaven”]

18.   Is God's BARE BUTT painted on Sistine Chapel ceiling, been there for last 500 years?    [Yes]     [No]

19.   How were suspected 'witches' dealt with at Salem, Mass., 100s of years ago?     [burned]      [hung]

20.   Who started tradition of torch-carrying at Olympics?     [early Greeks]      [Nazis, 1936]

21.   What was old comedians Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy's catchphrase?
[“That's another FINE mess you got me into”]         [“That's another NICE mess you got me into”]

THE ANSWERS. Here are the bizarre Answers, since the Mandela Effect has changed the world we once all knew well. Now it's 'Worlds in Collision.' Now there is confusion and simple answers are not so clear anymore. Why do a large group of people believe differently than what's right in front of our eyes & what records now show has always been? Are these people 'crazy'? Is it a mass-delusion? Or has reality physically changed? Are you surprised to learn:

1.  Great Pyramid is on end of the 3 major pyramids in Egypt, near Cairo, near the golf course. And the Great Sphinx is aligned with Chefren, second largest pyramid in Egypt. GP never been lined-up with the Sphinx.
2.  Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, like Liberty Insurance commercials & was never on Ellis Island.
3.  Jiffy peanut butter never existed. Company has repeatedly stated: “It's never been called 'Jiffy.'” 
4.  Costa Rica is on mainland & in-between Nicaragua & Panama. Yet people remember “island nation” of CR.
5.  New Zealand = 2 islands, North & South, south of Australia. People remember it was northeast of Australia & one strip of land. Why don't we call New Zealand the 'Land Down Under,' if it was always south of Australia?
6.  Capital of Australia is Canberra for most of 20th Century. Never Sydney & Melbourne for only a short time.
7.  Michigan is in 2 parts. On top of Wisconsin is another Michigan. Some Americans do not remember this.
8.  South America is not right under North America & not under Florida. It's way east of where many remember.
9.  On way to Wicked Witch, someone armed the guys in 'Oz' in this classic. No one remembers the weapons!
10.  In 'Field of Dreams,' the Voice now says “HE.” But we all distinctly heard: “they,” as they all came in the end.
11.  Forrest Gump now says “...was like a box of chocolates.” Again, we all remember: “Life is like a box of...”
12.  Beginning of 'Sleeping Beauty' is a literal storybook where we SEE what the Queen recites in one more classic. We read “Magic Mirror” & Queen now says “Magic” when everyone (almost) remembers “Mirror, mirror...”
13.  Odd new Rogers movie is called 'Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,' but Tom Hanks sings “this.” Now in every (YT) video of 'Mr. Rogers,' suddenly has him singing “this.” Are filmmakers mocking us 'cos of Mandela?
14.  Village People (was The Village People) never had 6, never had 2 black singers and Military Man. Now they do. Check every photo & performance & there he is: Alex Briley, Military Man! Yet unknown to fans of the band.
15.  Same with Jackson 5. Those who've followed the band remember 5 & Micheal was the featured, break-out star, the youngest. Now we find there's a YOUNGER brother, Randy? Yes. He's featured in TV performances & MJ is only one of the background singers along with older brothers. Since when? This is not in our memories.
16.  When you open beginning of what has always been the King James Bible, you'll discover it's been changed to the “Prince James.” Everyone hasn't been wrong for centuries. Bible's been changed like many other things.
17.  Proof that Bible's been changed & much more: Everyone knows the Lord's Prayer. Everyone! It was always: “ON earth as it is in heaven.” We live ON earth. But now it's been changed & reads “IN earth as it is in heaven.” Been CHANGED! And if 1 letter of the Bible can be Black Magic, scientifically, changed...then so can continents!
18.  Now God's Bare Butt painted on the Sistine Ceiling! What was Michelangelo thinking [also putting horns on Moses?]. Exodus 33:23 has appeared & now states: “God's bare parts.” And making a Bad Joke for the last 500 years? Creation of the Sun and the MOON? Really? There it is along with Adam's hand now higher than God's?
19.  Suddenly records show that NO accused 'witches' at Salem, hundreds of years ago, were ever burned. They were HUNG. This is bullshit, yet it's history. Look it up. Wouldn't you burn witches? “They'll burn you!” No.
20.  Ask anyone about the Olympics & Torch-ceremony, hailed and coveted in America. Carrying the lit Torch began with the Greeks & first Olympics, supposedly done nude. But now, no, everyone's been wrong? And NAZIS started the tradition with their Berlin, 1936 Olympics? (You must believe it because that's the record now).
21.  The old comedians' catchphrase was always: “That's another fine mess...,” repeated in all their classics. Title of 1930 short-movie & posters that promoted it was: “Another FINE Mess,” exactly like what we remember. But when it came time for Ollie to say 'the line' to Stanley in that short & all of the movies now, he says: “Nice.”

Guess what? People who mostly got wrong answers actually didn't~ They don't have bad memories & “mis-remember.” They have GOOD memories & also remember Ed McMahon worked for Publisher's Clearing House, Sinbad played a genie in 'Shazam,' Looney Toons spelled like carTOONS - not musical Tunes, Berenstein Bears never spelled BerenSTAIN, Darth said, “Luke, I'm your father,” C3PO was all-gold in 1st 2 SW films, Bond film: 'Licence to Kill' spelled correctly - not misspelled, Dolly in 'Moonraker' had braces, Ford logo never had curly-Q on 'F,' it was Alpha Romero – not Romeo, V & W not separated by line in Volkswagen logo, 'Camaro' spelled with an 'e,' Bible had good grammar – not sentences that started un-capitalized, Flag on top of Capital Building – not statue of Warrior Woman since Civil War, Lincoln statue never made a fist, Mississippi longest U.S. river – not Missouri, Boris' Frankenstein's neck bolts never in 2 parts, Fabreze had 2 'ee's in middle, 'Interview with A Vampire,' - not '...The Vampire,' Moon had different face that showed the 'Man,' not the 'Woman' & Mars stats are now different.

     Everything above, MANY clearly remember...but are no longer true. World's been changed...Believe it or Not.
     Here's what I really am going to do: I'm printing out all of these EASY questions and going to quiz people, you brilliant “Brainiacs,” so addicted to the Information Highway on your phones. Surely you “geniuses” know the answers to BASIC questions since you are constantly feeding your heads with vital info on your personal PCs, always attached to your bodies now? You'll get MOST of them right, right? . I'm going to offer MONEY to anyone who scores well on the 21 questions! Then strangers will take part in a small survey, actually a social experiment that should prove the Mandela Effect. But I'm not holding my breath that anyone will get my point and actually come to the realization that M.E. is NOT “mistaken memories,” but the solid world we once all knew well had supernaturally changed...
     If those who take the 2-minute quiz & circle their answers, get them all correct or even miss one question, they win $20.00. If they miss 3 questions out of 21, they win $10.00. If they miss 5 questions, they'll receive $5.00. They can even miss 6, almost 1/3 of these “piece of cake” questions...and I'll give them a buck. Guess what? My money is safe and I won't be losing a dime. I would be the biggest fool in the world to offer this quiz 5 or 6 years ago, before the Mandela Wave hit us and changed memories and our physical world. I'd be losing bucks “hand over fist” in bar-bets years ago because you all would get most of them right. TODAY. Actual, real, intelligent people would get most of them wrong, because the planet has physically CHANGED. And so have you. Today, my money's safe.
     Don't write to me with answers & claim my money. “That's not how the Force works.” No, you cannot look things up. We are not looking for right answers. Point is...there are no more right answers. Not anymore, not with a fluid/dream-world that THEY have somehow manipulated, like we're in the movie: 'Dark City' and most cannot see the changes. The survey must be done tapping peoples' memories. Make sure the ones you quiz do not go to Internet or phones. Just have them go down the line, circle their answers, or verbally quiz them. You will “amaze your friends.” It would be like a Magic Trick when they discover, after the Quiz, that the world has changed and was no longer like what many/most people remember. The following could happen:

     Some drunk mouthed-off at a bar that his favorite movie was: 'The Wizard of Oz.' He'd seen it 100 times and knew everything about it. This was overheard by a person aware of the Mandela Effect and the fact that the 'Oz' film was one of the classics hit the hardest, recently. “Let's BET,” he told the drunk. The bar had Internet-access and others gathered around to see what would happen. Excitement raged (later) as others made side-bets. The bet was on! 
     The fella told the drunk that he knew 'Wizard of Oz' far better, pulled out his checkbook and was willing to put his 'money where his mouth was.' Guy told the drunk: “I say, the Wicked Witch never said to the flying monkeys Fly, My Pretties, Fly, & in one scene: Scarecrow pulled out a GUN, Lion held a Bug-Sprayer, Tin Man had a silver WRENCH larger than his ax, and Oz head with the smoke wasn't an eastern mystic with turban, it was a bald alien, and, and the flying monkeys were blonde...”
     Drunk guy yelled, “What the hell movie were you watching?” He matched the bet and was sure he'd win. After all, he'd seen it every year growing up and this kid was certainly off, way wrong. Nothing he mentioned was in his memory of his “favorite movie.”
     They went to a free-movie site on the computer. The patrons at the bar had money in their hands. Very few wagered on the side of the younger guy. Sure money was on the side of the loud-mouthed drunk. 'Oz' was viewed and...apparently, things were a bit different. A lot of things, beyond what the other guy mentioned, shocked the “Oz expert” to the extent that he questioned: “Is this another version of the old film?”
     No. This is what we all are left with, exactly like a large number of realities everyone mostly remembers that simply are slightly different now. We don't all, mostly, have bad memories. We have good memories. It seems we no longer have the capability for new, complex thoughts or to truly understanding that Media has always lied to the general public. We no longer possess the ability to question Wrongs of the world; we're made to Dead Walk along easy roads and accept deceptions and never know truth anymore. Not anymore.
     No matter what is shown to you to convince you that one blade of grass or one letter in the Bible should never have unnaturally changed, and they have, along with whole CONTINENTS...the Bird-boxed people (& you have been Bird-boxed) are not going to see it~ Maybe they refuse to?

     I wrote the best book on the Mandela Effect with the largest collection of oddities (that make no sense anymore) ever collected in one place...and have barely convinced a soul. Hmm. “We're not in Kansas anymore.”

Write to Tray for information on his published books by TWB Press.



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