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Mortgage Summary

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1Mortgage Summary Empty Mortgage Summary Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:30 am


Mortgage Summary

Posted by nesaraaustralia ⋅ November 10, 2012

Borrower Signs the Bank’s Loan Contract and Mortgage

Borrower’s Signature transforms the Loan Contract into a Financial Instrument worth the Value of the agreed Loan Amount

Bank Fails to Disclose to Borrower that the Borrower Created an Asset

Loan Contract (Financial Instrument) Asset Deposited with the Bank by Borrower

Financial Instrument remains property of Borrower since the Borrower created it

Bank Fails to Disclose the Bank’s Liability to the Borrower for the Value of the Asset

Bank Fails to Give Borrower a Receipt for Deposit of the Borrower’s Asset

New Money Credit is Created on the Bank Books credited against the Borrower’s Financial Instrument

Bank Fails to Disclose to the Borrower that the Borrower’s Signature
Created New Money that is claimed by the Bank as a Loan to the

Loan Amount Credited to an Account for Borrower’s Use

Bank Deceives Borrower by Calling Credit a “Loan” when it is an Exchange for the Deposited Asset

Bank Deceives Public at large by calling this process Mortgage Lending, Loan and similar

Bank Deceives Borrower by Charging Interest and Fees when there is no value provided to the Borrower by the Bank

Bank Provides None of own Money so the Bank has No Consideration in the transaction and so no True Contract exists

Bank Deceives Borrower that the Borrower’s self-created Credit is a
“Loan” from the Bank, thus there is No Full Disclosure so no True
Contract exists

Borrower is the True Creditor in the Transaction. Borrower Created the Money. Bank provided no value.

Bank Deceives Borrower that Borrower is Debtor not Creditor

Bank Hides its Liability by off balance-sheet accounting and only
shows its Debtor ledger in order to Deceive the Borrower and the

Bank Demands Borrower’s payments without Just Cause, which is Deception, Theft and Fraud

Bank Sells Borrower’s Financial Instrument to a third party for profit

Sale of the Financial Instrument confirms it has intrinsic value as
an Asset yet that value is not credited to the Borrower as Creator
and Depositor of the Instrument

Bank Hides truth from the Borrower, not admitting Theft, nor sharing
proceeds of the sale of the Borrower’s Financial Instrument with
the Borrower

The Borrower’s Financial Instrument is Converted into a Security
through a Trust or similar arrangement in order to defeat
restrictions on transactions of Loan Contracts

The Security including the Loan Contract is sold to investors, despite the fact that such Securitization is Illegal

Bank is not the Holder in Due Course of the Loan Contract

Only the Holder in Due Course can claim on the Loan Contract

Bank Deceives the Borrower that the Bank is Holder in Due Course of the Loan Contract

Bank makes Fraudulent Charges to Borrower for Loan payments which the
Bank has no lawful right to since it is not the Holder in Due
Course of the Loan Contract

Bank advanced none of own money to Borrower but only monetized Borrower’s signature

Bank Interest is Usurious based on there being No Money Provided to
the Borrower by the Bank so that any interest charged at all would
be Usurious


Bank Has No True Need for a Mortgage over the Borrower’s Property,
since the Bank has No Consideration, No Risk and No Need for

Bank Exploits Borrower by demanding a Redundant and Unjust Mortgage

Bank Deceives Borrower that the Mortgage is needed as Security

Mortgage Contract is a second Financial Instrument Created by the Borrower

Deposit of the Mortgage Contract is not credited to the Borrower

Bank Sells the Borrower’s Mortgage Contract for profit without disclosure or share of proceeds to Borrower

Sale of the Mortgage Contract confirms it has intrinsic value as an
Asset yet that value is not credited to the Borrower as Creator and
Depositor of the Mortgage Contract

Bank Deceives Borrower that Bank is the Holder in Due Course of the Mortgage

Bank Extorts Unjust Payments from the Borrower under Duress with threat of Foreclosure

Bank Steals Borrower’s Wealth by intimidating Borrower to make Unjust Loan Payments

Bank Harasses Borrower if Borrower fails to make payments, threatening Legal Recourse

Bank Enlists Lawyers willing to Deceive Borrower and Court and Exploit Borrower

Bank Deceives Court that Bank is Holder in Due Course of Loan Contract and Mortgage

Bank’s Lawyers Deceive and Exploit Court to Defraud Borrower

Bank Steals Borrower’s Mortgaged Property with Legal Impunity

Bank Holds Borrower Liable for any outstanding balance of original Loan plus costs

Bank Profits from Loan Contract and Mortgage by Sale of the Loan
Contract, Sale of the Mortgage, Principal and Interest Charges, Fees
Charged, Increase of its Lending Capacity due to Borrower’s Mortgaged
Asset and by Acquisition of Borrower’s Mortgaged Property in
Foreclosure. Bank retains the amount of increase to the Money Supply
Created by the Borrower’s Signature once the Loan Account has been

Borrower is Damaged by the Bank’s Loan Contract and Mortgage by Theft
of his Financial Instrument Asset, Theft of his Mortgage Asset, Being
Deceived into the unjust Status of a Debt Slave, Paying Lifetime Wealth
to the Bank, Paying Unjust Fees and Charges, Living in Fear of
Foreclosure, and ultimately having his Family Home Stolen by the Bank.


SOURCE from Larry

Thanks to: http://nesaraaustralia.com


2Mortgage Summary Empty Re: Mortgage Summary Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:42 pm


Unfortunately since the Judicial System is as much corrupt, in Court, as the Defendant in a Foreclosure/Eviction action, being RIGHT even within the existing laws, just isn't enough...
Thus the reason that the entire system has to Crash & Burn, and then the New System can be implimented.
I don't wish to sound negative, but can tell you from first hand experience, that fighting the existing legal system is all but futal. You are most likely going to loose on all of your Motions and Objections... Thats not to say,"why bother", We must continue the Fight ! if only to buy time until the existing system(s) financial, judicial and political all come crashing down and we are truely free again.
I do without any doubt or reservations believe this day is coming, just cant say when, only that it will be.
Keep the Faith and Believe, in your Creator and Yourself, as One.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

3Mortgage Summary Empty Re: Mortgage Summary Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:05 pm


Wonderful words Marty. Hang on until it is finished. We are on the home stretch!

Mortgage Summary 3019145770


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