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Look Out – Cosmic Babies Lowering Landing Gear!

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Look Out – Cosmic Babies Lowering Landing Gear!


Friday, November 9th, 2012.
Look Out – Cosmic Babies Lowering Landing Gear! Cosmicbaby

by Soren Dreier

I get a lot of pictures in my mail of cute animals. I love them. I adore them.

The animals are so innocent and the way they have been treated like a
mere commodity of the matrix is horrific. Those pictures always open my
heart and I feel sorry for them, sorry that the unity of man and
so-called “beast” have been so divided by the Matrix.

The only beasts I know of nowadays are controlling the Matrix, and even they are controlled by yet even darker forces.

The other day another kind of picture touched down.

When I looked at it, it had a huge impact way beyond any expectation
of what was to come. I got totally knocked over and started to morph, I
really did Morph into a higher perspective. My wall morphed into what Stuart refers to as fractal codes. The picture did that. It hit me at a fractal level.

I hear this a lot: “Please guard your heart ”.

No, no, no: A matrix defense mechanism. A construct to keep the heart
guarded and closed. I’ve sent the custodians on vacation long time ago,
insisting that I would rather walk this planet with a bleeding heart
than one being messed up with all sort of band aids in peculiar patterns
that don’t make any sense, even at a avante garde artsy fartsy
exhibition in lower Manhattan.

There’s enough protected well-guarded hearts here, we need to go
“consciously” vulnerable. It´s quite a different state to be in than
being: Vulnerable, getting hit the same way a ball would roll through a
pinball machine hitting the obstacles, getting scores or going past the
flipping arms for a bounce.

Ring a bell?

Look at this cosmic high impact beaming zapping eternal cosmic princess hitting Morph City.

Look Out – Cosmic Babies Lowering Landing Gear! Cb

Awake, Wise and Aware.

She hasn’t developed her language skills yet, but boy can she speak!

Can you hear her? Feel her?

See our true potential in those eyes? What we come here with? What You came here with?

All that was taken from us in the “conditioning” game. All the lies, deceit, and conforming to their cold nasty designs.

That magnetized soul made me pray for a day, knowing that the
universe would not by any means send such a beautiful soul down into a
pointless, confused and abused abyss going down the drain in Biblical

She gave me so much hope and tenderness in my soul that I frankly
haven’t recovered yet. And I never want to. I sneak peak every day.

Because recovering would mean: Going back to the place I was before she met my eye. Left me intoxicated, she did.

Showed me what pure love and trust is, she did. Think she guards her heart?

Want to tell her that she should?

From the unmanifest to the manifest and by some kind of divine
intervention she touched down in awareness, transforming it. Aligning
it. Shifting it.

She´s beyond any beauty. Mundane or spiritual.

She is alive and kicking and ready to take the system down and build a new one.
They know it and they fear it. So send in the vaccines, poisoned food,
the bloody school system, tell her she´s not worthy. Destroy her!

Ha! They couldn’t. She´s eternal.

Look out for them cosmic kids…….

Help them. They count on it.

There’s hope. Alas. There’s hope.

Look Out – Cosmic Babies Lowering Landing Gear! Lookup1


©2012 Soren Dreier / Full repost with permission.




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Herb Lady

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