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Deep State Pete

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1Deep State Pete Empty Deep State Pete Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:28 am


Deep State Pete FybCDbfJEr

Deep State Pete

Incredibly, a winner has still not been declared in the Iowa Caucuses ten days after the election. Current data indicates Pete Buttigieg has narrowly won the pledged delegate count, despite Sanders having slightly more votes and much stronger grass roots support. Ironically, Buttigieg wants to abolish the Electoral College if elected president.
Dark horse candidate, Pete Buttigieg has been helicoptered in from behind because the Globalist Neoliberal establishment is desperate to prevent a Sanders candidacy. As YouAreFreeTV explains here, Mayor Pete has been groomed to be the US President since he was a teenager, with ties to the most ignominious war profiteering firms, like McKinsey, Baupost Group and Franklin Templeton.
These Deep State firms buy up the debt of countries that have been ravaged by USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (USAID-OTI), which contract private mercenaries to destabilize designated “rogue” regimes, like Syria, Libya and Ukraine and then they finance the debt right back to USAID, in a vulture capitalist handshake that parasitizes US taxpayers while destroying weak nations.
It’s so diabolical and it explains that evil glint in Buttigieg’s eyes. His buddy from Harvard, who was his Best Man at his 2018 wedding, Nathaniel Myers is currently a Senior Transition Advisor at USAID-OTI. Buttigieg also has strong ties to two Neoliberal think tanks, the Truman National Security Project, where he sits on the Board of Advisors and the Aspen Institute, where he received a Rodel Fellowship.
Last December, Max Blumenthal wrote an éxposé of the young candidate, who some wags on Twitter are calling “Vanilla Barry”:
“Pete Buttigieg has crafted an image for himself as a maverick running against a broken establishment…the real Buttigieg [is] a Neoliberal cadre whose future was carefully managed by the mandarins of the national security state since almost the moment that he graduated from Harvard University.”
It’s beyond nauseating that someone so entrenched in the darkest machinations of the Deep State can pontificate about Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky: “He’s made it clear that he deserves to be impeached.”
Pete’s deadpan duplicitousness isn’t surprising, once you understand that he is a proponent of covert interventionism, vulture capitalism and the diabolical fraud that is USAID.
The problem is, almost nobody is aware of the unfathomably dark side of Mayor Pete, as he radiates his millennial platitudes and bland psychobabble to his would-be base.
His neotony and his “marginalized” status as a gay man will largely shield him from the kind of scrutiny required of someone who shills the predatory Neoliberalism of the past three decades that has so damaged the world.
Last night, Tucker Carlson joked, “Is this so-called Pete Buttigieg exactly what he appears to be, a corporate hologram designed by the HR Department at Google for instructional purposes? Every word Buttigieg utters is perfectly synchronized with the official view from Silicon Valley and the finance world.”


Thanks to: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/deep-state-pete


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