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February 23, 2020

by DH Jetson

Other worlds, other universes and places far, far away and in greater magnitudes or within, smaller and smaller…What would they look like? Can you conceive of other, real worlds? If we could only travel to the stars and other planets or inside ourselves into pure imagination… What would we experience, what wonder worlds are out there and in here that await discovery?
     Well, presently, we can only go to ‘infinity and beyond’ with our fantasies, with what we create in our minds. We do have computer CGI and fantastic virtual universes that can be viewed and interacted with. But I enjoy floating/flying over Incredible Things, such as what was seen at end of “2001, A Space Odyssey.” Also real life Drone Flights in HD over beautiful, scenic wonders of Earth are available on YouTube. Once you experience incredible photography along with various sweet/meditational music, you’re fed with a full spectrum of related videos on YT…
     “Ambient” music, background audio tracks with soft sounds of piano, harp, acoustic guitar, Celtic music, etc., all with the purpose to sooth you, relax you, lower blood-pressure. Some even denote the particular, numbered hertz-frequency, used to heal or meditate or sleep. In most cases, the positive SOUNDS are emphasized…not the visuals. Some have repetitive Dance-music and cheesy, computer graphics or a single still-image set to “Chillout Lounge.” A few of the ‘House’ vids are cool with Vangelis-like or Orbital-type of repetitive music. But the graphics are not phenomenal or that visually interesting.
What is absolutely rare, I’ve discovered, is to find a mind-blowing VISUAL TRIP attached to a great soundtrack. Reason for this article is to introduce you to a VISUAL FEAST, beyond compare (take it from someone who’s seen 1000s of YTs). The following is a perfect gem your eyes won’t believe! Beyond Bjork. Music’s not bad either. Once this “PLANETS” was found, I was sure there’d be another like it and I could present a series of spectacular YTs such as this one. Oh, no. There was nothing like it and I presume we have to wait a long time to find another one similar. If I had to show time-travelers from 30 years ago who jumped to today ONE THING, movie, video or anything from today to impress them…this is what I’d show<
     To the original point of what would other, real universes appear like? This is close. Imagine trippy, ‘2001’ ending that lasted 40 minutes! Enjoy.
Note: you can watch any of the following videos in Full Screen Mode once you start playing it.


My favorite artist of all time is the late Jean Giraud, aka Moebius. I’ve stated decades ago: “Moebius does not draw other worlds or make them up…he takes you to real places out there.” Since I cannot find a YT vid close to the first one, there are links that qualify in stills, paintings, drawings by this visionary. Sit back and view the following galleries. How were these Windows into Elsewhere created? Where’d the images, characters, universes come from? Whole cloth, pure fantasy and imagination…or something much more real?


The following from the French artist is called “40 days in the desert” and Moebius did not do the color. Supposedly, the color was added by the one who posted on YT. We have breathtaking views of other worlds, sounds and visions…


 Next gallery of wonderful designs and drawings comes from another artist who has recently died: “futurist” Syd Mead. His designs were used in films like Blade Runner, TRON, Aliens, etc. Too bad Syd worked closely with Ford Company because many of his vehicles set for the far future had…tires.


One more of my favorite artists is Roger Dean who certainly has given us ‘Views’ of extraordinary places of the imagination. His bright colors and other-worldly landscapes have often graced the cover of Yes albums and he designed their early stage-performances. Dean sued the makers of the film ‘Avatar’ because of similarities with floating rocks and old dino ribs as part of the terrain and lost the suit. The following gallery has background song by Yes: ‘And You and I.’


Here is a stunning HD Drone-Flight that really is outstanding. Out of many travels to colorful, tropical beaches or amazing, snow-covered mountains, etc., usually, the music is the same old, dreamy stuff. In this case, sounds a bit like the Cure and changes to other pleasing sounds.


One more surprise discovery of pure art: Someone drew-out and posted on YouTube the entire, double-album of Genesis’ ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’! This was last tour with Peter Gabriel in the band, a concert I happened to have seen long ago. Great album. I remember old Moody Blues albums on YT had been made with images, stills, as if whole albums were long music videos. This one here was much more impressive. Then the guy did it again with ‘Supper’s Ready.’ Phenomenal.



Lastly, for those wanting more intriguing VISUALS, here’s an old serial from 1939 with Buster Crabbe as Buck Rogers. The 3-hour epic is kooky and campy, as is and a joy for those who like hokey serials with funny costumes, ray-guns, lightning bolts and cheap spaceships. But look what someone has done with it. It was filtered through a computer program which made it IMPRESSIONISTIC. It’s even stranger to view with this hazy stylization over top the old film. Artistic and watchable.


More articles and novels from DH Jetson will be available.


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