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Beyond Barronsland – 11th Book by TS Caladan

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Beyond Barronsland – 11th Book by TS Caladan

February 26, 2020

Beyond Barronsland – 11th Book by TS Caladan Barronsland1-1024x723
How can I explain ‘Beyond Barronsland‘? A sequel to ‘The New Men and the New World’ that was better, more intriguing, took the idea of parallel worlds to its Outer Limits.
How many sequels surpassed the original? Not many. My 11th novel was a departure from how I’ve written books previously. I’ll get a small idea, come up with chapter titles, then fill in the story chronologically, from A to Z. Not with BB. It was written in a jumbled order, which jazzed me – motivated me to do something different. When written this way, it was easy to connect sections with other pieces or worlds that were independent. Similarities between universes and lifeforms in them demonstrated how intricately different worlds were the same and connected. For nerds, book-geeks, Trekkers, who loved connections, ‘Beyond Barronsland’ is a feast that intertwined with itself over and over as well as with other familiar stories.
     I look at it as if the audience [not readers, these are movies to me] is invited into an art gallery that had one particular theme. Those themes were ideas from earlier books. So we view individual pieces of art, the 17 ACTS, different and the same, which were all inspired from the original work.
     Also. In the past, I’ve written very fast, even extremely fast. Not in this case. The last two novelettes in BB took months to write and polish. This was done on purpose. What would it be like if I completely slowed down the creative/writing process? I was able to wrap the stories even tighter, bonded by a large amount of threads, PARALLELS. From massive similarities to subtle words in dialog, the connections excited me and should also excite the viewing audience. And the last part was pure erotica.
     My first three books were a “Traylogy,” where #2 and #3 completed a New Genesis story for the human race, based on decades of work studying ancient mysteries and Nikola Tesla. Well, as it could turn out: My last three books (I plan) might complete a second Traylogy, 3 books that are interrelated. At the end of Book 11, I laid ‘seeds’ of a Book 12, called: ‘The Guide Book,’ written by the Monitor, the mysterious 794 man and the Galactic Forum. Who was 794? In the story, the Guild had changed into the Bureau. Good guys now controlled and ruled the galaxy. The Guild’s infamous Field Book had become: The Guide Book.
     When I write or do art, I’ve forgotten where I was, or what inspired me, or who it was exactly that did this? I forget. Especially in my ‘Beyond King’s Landing’ (Barronsland). It was written over so much time and been changed often that going back through it was an extraordinary experience. And was neat when the book was read from beginning to end. Whomever wrote BB, I have to thank them. It’s pretty good…especially the art on the covers.
 ~ Dedicated to the Human Race.  As of 2020, the ‘Walking Dead’ won.            

Matropolis, Brave New World
ACT 1    “A Monster Among Us”
ACT 2    “The Naturalists”
ACT 3    “Wing-Breakers”
ACT 4    “Womas of War”
ACT 5    “The Monster is Understood”
ACT 6    “Center of the Sand”
ACT 7    “Kaan Mystery Solved”
ACT 8    The Last Lemarian
ACT 9    The First Snow Giant
ACT 10  Driver, Man in the Moon
ACT 11   Alternative Factor
ACT 12  Outside of Everything 
 The Guild
ACT 13   Why Didn’t Everything Explode?
ACT 14   Cat-Man of Alpha Centauri
ACT 15   White MEAD or Black MEAD?
ACT 16   Center of Everything: the One Answer
ACT 17   The Bureau

Forwards and Backwards” Not a part of the story, but a Must Read for anyone interested in the Truth and what is actually going on in secret, behind the scenes of the real world~  https://blog.world-mysteries.com/guest_authors/doug-yurchey/media-forwards-and-backwards/                 
     The next images are 3 maps that precede each of the novelettes. They show the world that pertains to that section: 3 universes mixed with each other, yet part of a much larger system. Separated universes, vastly different, but with detailed similarities:  Beyond Barronsland – 11th Book by TS Caladan TCmap1
Beyond Barronsland – 11th Book by TS Caladan TCMap2
Beyond Barronsland – 11th Book by TS Caladan TCmap3-1018x1024
Sneak peek at smallest chapter, near the end, and a little more:

ACT 16     Center of Everything, the One Answer

     The WORLD: 
     …Or the total, known, Super-Universe consisted of eleven seemingly infinite universes (but were really finite and very large). The Levels were called “universes,” “worlds,” “Dimensions” and also “Floors,” as in stories of a single, grand, Cosmic Building. The ‘top’ and largest Floor of the World had always been positively-charged, from the beginning of Time. Black Hole conduits permitted the gods to travel to the next Level, underneath the top universe and out White Hole quasars on the microscopic Floor directly below – but that world was negatively-charged and an anti-matter parallel to the gigantic Level above. Gods and other lifeforms were changed via the Black Hole/quasar system to “merge polarity” and, therefore, never set off the Supreme Explosion that would end Everything. Same occurred to those on any Floor: They entered Black Holes and were safely shrunken down to the next, lower Floor, which was the reverse polarity. Floors alternated, matter/antimatter, matter/antimatter, again and again…
     But only ELEVEN Levels, an odd number. The fact that top Floor was positive, made the smallest (bottom of ‘Building’) Level also a positive world of matter. 6: positive or good. 5: negative or evil, (mirrored reflections).
     Very few creatures in the Super-Universe understood that the top Floor WAS the bottom Floor!
     When those citizens and others eventually realized the Truth [Top was bottom, Big was small and small was Big], they questioned the very idea of 11 known Universal Floors. In theory, many believed there were only eight vibrations (realities) in the World: A Cosmic Building of 8 Floors with the top Level the same as the bottom and smallest universe. Speculation was that the Super Mega World was in the precise pattern of a musical scale:    
     …There were arguments, debates and wagers throughout the Milky Way and Media. If the top Floor was the bottom, then there were only seven universes. Seven, not eight. If that reasoning were true…
     Citizens, psychic creatures, numerologists, astrologers and anagramists who had always proposed the ancient idea of an 11-tiered World were also in error. If Top was bottom, then the Ultimate Universe had always been composed of TEN Floors. Ten was perfect. There were never 11 Levels.
     G-Masters were distinctly divided on the “new issue” of  ’10’ and the question of perfection. Some mystics and Seech representatives in the great Community wondered about the famous or infamous Moonship #1711 and its special Solar System. Was there a connection? Numerologists and magicians and psi-astrologers from many systems understood the significance and ‘perfection’ of ‘1711,’ which equaled 10. Was the Human represented by the number 10? Shouldn’t the correct number be 20? Or 21, 22 or 23? Was 5 [half-human, fist, hand] a symbol of death? Was 10 Life? Questions, speculations, arguments, anagrams, madness, bets, odds, forecasts, mathematical theories from scientists to astrologers to witches, mattered not. Singular Center, the one Answer, was the only prime thing…
     Soon. Truth would be known, ‘clear as a bell,’ ‘without a doubt’ and understood by all who had ever asked the Prime Questions. It was found that the Center of Everything was directly connected to the Center of the Human Being, humanity’s soul/spirit and its true history. What of Kaan Island that magically hovered, or an Octamid? Light or dark, positive or negative? What were people in the beginning? (Spiritually, were people beautiful Whales or hideous Worms?). Were humans violent, risen animals or peaceful, fallen gods? Utopians or barbarians? Was the physical world, was Life, were Earthlings good or bad? It was all the same Question: Should Life be ended or be continued? We Terans were, had been and are a Litmus Test, internally tied to the Great Answers sought by the Guilds. 
     Truth was revealed in the final days of New “Ragnarok.” Dark Forces had completely switched the Floors of the Super-Universe. Worlds, Levels, no longer alternated +, -, +, -, +…as was believed by the highest G-Masters for ages. Instead, it had been transformed to: The largest, brightest, most positive was the Top Floor, of course. But as elites and citizens traveled the Black Hole/quasar corridors down through the universes, the worlds got darker and more negatively-charged. The “Plan” backfired on the Benejezzerat Order. When they moved lower and lower into deeper and deeper pits of perverted “hell” [metaphor], the “Devil” [Illuminata] actually pushed/forced Worlds up toward Heaven, the ultimate, top, positive outcome or pure White Light, in a flash. When the last ‘step down’ was achieved and Darkness believed it had completely won and turned Everything into Blackness, Madness, Oblivion…
     Big surprise was a reality-polarity switch, when the tiniest and lowest floor of universes transformed into the largest and TOP FLOOR! Center of Everything was then found, unveiled, Black Curtain pulled back and the simple truth was: Behind Oz’s curtain was not more darkness and evil…there was light, goodness and love. Love reigned and reigns inside human hearts. Love. Not hate. No matter how many (elite, fascist, religious, Nazi, British, Hollywood) rituals and ceremonies that removed this warmness within every human being, it could never be extinguished. Not for long. They can never fully put out the wonderful, beautiful ‘Fire of Life’ at our Center. Light. Pyramid: Life in the Middle. Not death.
     Believe it or Knot, before the Truth was realized and before the Universe changed one last time…
     The extremely long WAR between good and evil, + and -, Whale and Worm, truth and lie, Eel and Giant, Blue and Grey, green and yellow…was in total Balance, perfect equality. Stalemated. No winner. That was the Question from the very beginning of the Test, the Human Contest: How much good was there in the Universe and the Soul and how much bad? 51%? Which way? Super-Universe teetered, rested on a single ‘fulcrum’ and wondered which way should I turn? Oddly…it came down to a single scene from a film: ‘Northside 777‘ with Jimmy Stewart as a lawyer who defended an innocent client:
     “You know it’s a very funny thing about the statue of Justice (Nemesis) up there…she has a sword in her hand, it’s a double-edged sword, cuts both ways…” [dy].
     God gave the Devil a chance to redeem herself, for the Empress (‘big baby’) to get it right just one time, a Test, to tell the truth to the world and not lie. Say something true blue for once, occult, and not shit-out another fucking lie. It came so very close…but failed the Test. Jimmy Stewart should not have made the argument: Justice cuts both ways. No. One way! One Truth. Law cuts in one direction and you better have damn good eyesight to wield the sword of Justice. Courts are Freemason. Look what they’ve done to Justice. Should have made that argument, Jimmy: to see all sides, then move in one direction. Nemesis should never have been blindfolded. Justice must see everything…un-blinded<>+. 
     It’s not your fault, little puppet. It’s the Big Industry and dark Puppet-Masters, Magician Goat Gate-Keepers and their global agents who ruthlessly rule it and the entire Earth, the Empire they own. Nazis. 
     Everything changed and shifted polarity toward the positive. Light won over Darkness. Truth won and the Truth was the positive: matter universe was the real world. Superimposed, negative, Mirror, antimatter universe was unreal, the lie, only a reversal of true reality. Anti-reality. The Mirror shattered<>

ACT 17     The Bureau

     The Bureau. One per universe, like the Guild. Seeches were replaced by similar groups called ‘Networks,’ but Networks were not military or political. They were positive, informative and scientific. Networks were ‘monitored’ and took control. The People on many alien worlds used the new and truthful Galactic Forum. G-Forums over Networks replaced known leaders. Community officials, (former regimes) were ridiculed and humiliated out of office by the People on the Forums of many connected systems. The Meek inherited and had power now. Anyone associated with the “Imperium” (Old World fascists) were laughter at/gone, and in their place, were system and Network leaders who cared. Sirius Prime [SP] remained as headquarters for a ‘State Government,’ but leaders ruled with compassion and love for all citizens, not by fear or by the sword (military). The Bureau was a separate branch of good “Chair-Dreamers” [Tulami, in dark cloaks and fedoras] from the New State on SP.
     Guilds became Bureaus and their famous, secret ‘The Field Book’ changed to the popular ‘The Guide Book’ or the ‘Guide.’ The Guide is a book of Truth, a record written by 66 Forum members and the Galactic Monitor. The book (file) shows where Illuminata (Devil) forces had lied and caused horrible atrocities in the past. An abridged version of the 80,011-page file will be available, not from any large publishing house, but a small Colorado publisher on Earth #1711.  
     News spread instantly. Every person in the planet and nearly everyone on and off the planet were aware of the “Visitors.” Most people were frightened in the extreme. There was a wide range of reactions: panic to new religions. People had viewed similar ‘encounters’ numerous times in movies and written in books. This was real. Or was it?
     A continent had appeared (back through Time) in the Atlantic Ocean! It was a beautiful ‘Garden’ of Earthly delights: A fantastic landmass with lovely, colorful mountains, hills, valleys, grasslands, rivers, waterfalls and other extraordinary, natural wonders. The continent measured 1111 miles by 333 miles. There were no cities or industrial complexes or any signs of civilization, whatsoever. But there will be…on Ceana. [In a sealed Dungeon of the Mind, a mechanical voice whispered: “God is gracious.”]. Only the settlements won’t ‘dirty’ and ruin the air, water or land. Technology, and a few of the saved, will bloom and grow like flowers. Everything, from now on, done the right way, the natural way, the clean way it was meant to be and was, in the beginning. Tech and scientific advances will only be utilized to enhance life and never used for military or destructive purposes on Ceana, in the ‘bubble.’
     Today was the real Dawn of a New Day, Brave New World, true utopia on a small portion of Earth, as it had happened a number of times during prehistory on much larger scales. But at the moment, little utopia was only in a singular location, protected by forcefields, where no one from other continents penetrated: Paradise was sealed away from billions of other Earthlings. No outsiders got in. Unless…
     People of Earth, around the planet, soon got word to: “Turn on television” for the next development in these ‘Strange Days’ of a different world order and latest on the Visitors. Bizarre surprise was: People were informed to turn to CHANNEL ONE. One? Now. Presto-Chango, everyone who owned a remote-control to their TV had a Channel 1. The aliens left us with a special channel that broadcast<
     TRUTH. A man on television, on a channel presented by good angels (gods), addressed the world:
     “Hello. I’m one of you. Name’s not important. What’s important is the Visitors are gone and left us a precious gift: Truth. Nothing in the world can stop it; it’s the greatest Power. Knowledge! Truth will free you, if you knew it, if you let it? No lies can ever be spoken on this channel. No lie. No commercials, fanfare or BS. Never. As long as there is TV and remotes in your hands, there is nothing British Nazis, your Lords and Masters, who’ve imprisoned you back in Dark Ages, when you should be on other planets, even sending your children into space…Your fascist, obsolete, out-dated kings and queens will flood Media and your minds, that which they think they own and fully programmed, with LIES about what we’re doing here on Ceana and our purpose. Tavistock Engineers, Vatican and royal houses have always deceived you, brainwashed you; it’s what NAZIS DO! To control the masses. ‘Entertainment’ has always been social-engineering PROPAGANDA for you to never know Truth, for you to always do the wrong things, wrong behaviors and never the right: Fight, DIE, in needless wars; you’re kept poor, working like machines. You’re not machines! You’re MEN! You’re not animals! You’re loving, beautiful, eternal creatures, you just don’t believe it! You’re divine! Ah, ha (laughed) but you’ll probably argue with me? Ha. You don’t know your real Genesis. I do. Tesla Technology was stolen from you 115 years ago! Only royals use it now, not you! They’re off-world, when we ALL should be off-world! What I’m saying is witches and demon Goat Gate-Keepers that covertly rule your empire as Overlords…cannot do a damn, bloody thing about Channel One. How about that? You don’t have to watch, you know? You have freedom of choice! Continue watching their wicked lies, their commercials, only evil stories and nothing, nothing, NOTHING, EVER GOOD! Don’t watch our first channel where true science is relayed that will almost seem, ah, magical, their word, like drops of common minerals transform bad soil into the most super soil to grow the safest plants, produce the safest food, not the crap you’re given. We’ll show you. How to desalinate water, easily purify it. Millions of better products, better ways, vast innovations that would ruin many industries. They profit on your slow death. Easy way to have safe communications, not the deadly X-ray machines you all carry called ‘phones.’ Forced to carry, really. You can build cheap Faraday Chambers for personal use or large areas for homes and buildings that will protect you from microwaves in the air and other harmful things pushed upon us all. No, hell, DON’T watch our next channel, by a press of a button. We got 3, 3-in-1. Second channel is only the greatest entertainment, real entertainment, not by phony/no-talent liar-slave celebrities of the Empire you’re familiar with. Nope. Real talent from extraterrestrials, mostly humans. That’s right, many human races in the Milky Way with super music, art, theater, well, what can I say? You haven’t heard music until you’ve heard what’s in the Community, on G-Forums…or seen art or sculptures. Real planet-making. Beyond fascinating. ‘Other-worldly’ doesn’t quite describe it. Artwork of the Gods? Music of the Spheres? Such stories are out there! Really. Simply unbelievable in high creativity, imagination and, ah, well. My, my. You’re not given good things anymore, ha. Sad. You’re not made to recognize Truth when it’s directly handed to you, anymore. But…I sure don’t want to sound like a commercial: Channel One is pretty cool. You’ll learn. Hit remote a second time and you’re at our third channel, my favorite. Ever want to know the truth about some big mysteries of life? God? Jesus? Tesla? Bible? Creation? Our real history, our true beginnings? Atlantis? Pyramids? Huge questions answered on 3. Who killed JFK? Real reason for First World War, the Depression? Second World War? Cold wars? What happened to Amelia Earhart? Moon landing faked? Who really wrote Beatles music? Who created AIDS, Ebola, Katrina and 911? None of the Truth sheds a good light upon the damn throne of England. They, and minions, are bloody MONSTERS, and the Vatican. Satanists. Also. I should talk about, and I’m only speaking once. I’m not in charge here, and I certainly trust the Brothers who set this up, good people, caring adults. I should talk about the Island that materialized. It’s protected by a forcefield sphere. We cannot be attacked by sea, air or from underneath the ground. If Ceana were nuked…we’d survive, possibly in space, but we’d survive. Maybe not you, eh? Oh. A computer, yes a machine, but a very GOOD machine, personal friend of mine actually, and an all-around nice guy…was given the daunting task of choosing who’ll walk upon Ceana, take part of fantastic things that will be available here, and who would not. See? Understand? I wished and prayed the number would be in the millions, millions of good people on the present Earth. The unbiased, objective computer, who knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, only found 1111 decent, lovely, warm, compassionate, intelligent humans now on the planet. They were instantly teleported here. Or I should say: They woke up this morning on the Island! Ha, it’s true. Of course it’s true; we only broadcast truth on One. Ah, that is to say. God, I’m a terrible speaker. Maybe one of the 1111 will take over and be speaking to you from now on? No governments on Ceana, or leaders, no power-mad bastards to muck everything up, eh? Okay. I think that’s it. What? Oh, really? Interesting. I’ve just been informed that our numbers have grown to 1112. That’s just marvelous. There’s HOPE…”

  1. Don’t be like everyone else. Question things that seem wrong. Be different. Do the right thing. Know what that is. Be motivated. Be curious. Research.
  2. They would do that to us. They’re Nazis and it’s what Nazis do with propaganda, brainwashing and lies and with subjects they totally control. Your birth certificate was a receipt. They think they own you (like an animal). They think ‘you’re only a product’ and they ‘own everything you produce.’ Elites believe they can do anything to you that they want. It’s their right as celebrity ‘icons,’ sovereigns, little lords and masters of slaves. They’re wrong.
         Be strong. Open your eyes. Find Truth and pass it on. Ignorance is not Strength. Intelligence is Strength. Not ‘Brain Dead,’ not ‘Walking Dead,’ that’s programming. Get Smart. Knowledge is power. Know the real truth and it will set you free… 

     With the conclusion of the third Star Wars trilogy, I had to write:  ‘How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9,’ which can be read online. I ended my Star Wars with these words that apply to a future we were cheated out of and one we will not receive anytime soon:
     Story ended with the termination of Jedi and Sith forces entirely: No more Jedi Council or a need for mighty armies in the galaxy. Peace reigned supreme, everywhere. “May the Energy be with you.”            
     Tomorrow’s children learned the Truth, that little boys and little girls were not meant to fight. Fighting on any level is wrong and will not be tolerated anymore. Wars, mass-bloodshed, major destruction, armies, terrible WMD, super-violence, suffering and Pain will not be permitted in the World of Tomorrow. Kings, queens, tyrants, fascists, fanatical bosses and warlords were no longer glorified and supported. They were eliminated. Today. Love ruled. Citizens of the Universe were intelligent, compassionate space-people, not animal-like cave-people. Swords or lightsabers? We still fought, but no more! Forcefield shielding protected many star systems and defenses remained, but the ‘Military’ became an obsolete concept since science and knowledge were now used for productive purposes and not for any destructive means. Everywhere. Good magic. Good Technology. The meek inherited the galaxy. What fantastic things were possible unhindered by needless conflicts and aggression?! People were not meant to be soldiers or slaves. People were good. They were great. They were meant to be free, creative and made to love each other. Now there was hope.
     Stories did not have to always be “Dark” and have the same wicked, stereotypical elements. They could be as wild and wonderful and as diverse and imaginative as the Universe itself. The best STORIES were only beginning…
There are more people in the world who make things than there are people who think of things to make.
     – Syd Mead  (July 18, 1933 – December 30, 2019).  
   If only Syd never worked for Ford, then his marvelous vehicle-designs wouldn’t have had tires.
     – 794man  (May 5, 1951 – December 25, 2015).
Excerpts from ‘Beyond Barronsland’ previously posted online:



Thanks to: https://blog.world-mysteries.com


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