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Throne of England Created the C-Virus!

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1Throne of England Created the C-Virus! Empty Throne of England Created the C-Virus! Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:06 am


Throne of England

Created the C-Virus!
[and shortages and imposes new Nazi Laws & distributes Corona in must-use masks, gloves, sanitizers & home test-kits]
by DH Jetson
Throne of England Created the C-Virus! 92230384_10214251404473796_1463371151035072512_n.jpg?_nc_cat=108&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=-ZDoxYjouT4AX_ShSVh&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2
[This article might get me killed in the “Land of Free Speech.” Free World, that was yesterday. Oh, that's right: no one today sees me, hears me, reads me or believes me].
My last 4 published books under 'TS Caladan' (no one cares today) predicted what's been happening with coronavirus. But I'm completely invisible and the Nazis [royals of Britain] have won, totally, long ago. The new 9/11 that's taken over the planet by storm has been designed and engineered to occur many years ago. The terror, fear, panic and outbreak of the new pandemic or BLACK PLAGUE was purposely manufactured and unleashed upon the innocent, general public exactly like AIDS was given (from government labs) to African people under the LIE of inoculations against smallpox. The “preventive” distributed the deadly AIDS virus! This has all happened before. Corona was unleashed initially in China. “Too many people,” population-controllers (Tavistock Institute, Bohemian Grove) must have thought to have its beginnings there this time.
No big world disaster, war or any major event simply happens on its own. They are not serendipitous; big headlines on the world stage and global atrocities are MADE TO HAPPEN. Always. Illuminati/Secret Societies have always controlled from the shadows. The few on top, the Insiders, kings and queens, the rich, who really are closeted Nazis, know. We, the masses, do not know. THEY have made us stupid with teachers only paid minimum wage. Lies of Nazi public schools and always bullshit over Nazis News Media. Add modern, bad behavior-training from every Media outlet yesterday and especially in these days of walking-dead, mindless “empowered” people (zombies) with absolutely no power at all. Every dude (galley-slave) with a beard? No more ability to protest or ever express one voice of dissension. Not permitted, no air-time. Nowhere do we hear of overkill Gestapo tactics on the part of Authorities in these new measures/regulations over the passed few weeks. Nowhere? We're made to now stand-apart, told where to stand, just as long as people are separated. “Keep them separated.” Distancing-Laws!? This is very wrong and not imposed to help us. Never happened with AIDS. In the name of safety? How does this happen on a global scale? Because every country is under the Freemasonry of England. They decreed: “Off with all our heads!” But They'll survive, the Crown that created Corona. They'll have the real inoculations, we won't. This was not done in the name of Protection or anything good and clean. No. We're infected in the name of Hitler, Crowley and your Queen Elizabeth. English Aryans have done this to us! They created co-virus because there are too many of us, because they want us to DIE, to never Storm the Castle, to never know true freedoms, to never be freedom-fighters, to Never Organize, Never Protest or Rally and be United Against Fascist 1984 Dictates from tyrants. We cannot do the right thing anymore because of decades of dark programming by our leaders who do not care about us.
Newsflash: Authorities were never good. They were never our Protectors; they have always been our destroyers, war-mongers. We want a Big Brother to protect us, take care of us and guard us from harm. The Truth is we all are under a Big Brother that has not only stolen from us, but has molested us...and now will kill us! The evil bastards will even get us to do it to ourselves. That's what's quickly happening around us. Just before C-Virus struck, look at all the crazy changes that were suddenly instituted: sharp prices changes, (gov.) changes in pot stores, on buses, and almost everywhere. Unnecessary transitions had to be in place to make us complacent and confused. To never believe in or have anything stable, solid. The outrageous as normal. Now what? What's next? You should realize: They threw us off into imbalance on purpose, earlier, so they'll be no stability or security anywhere and we'd simply ACCEPT NEW NAZI LAWS to come, the most Unnatural Things, everywhere. And we'd obey our lords and masters without a whimper of objection.
Everything has forced multitudes of people to BE TOLERANT of diversity, when They really meant for us to accept any perversity the fucking Monarchy deemed to dole out. They actually intend, and have always intended, to depopulate us with unnecessary wars, epidemics, even weather-disasters that THEY have controlled, scientifically, with advanced machines and technology suppressed from the average person. They're off-world and safe, we absolutely are not and are in great danger from the State. They have Tesla Technology. We don't.
NOW THEY MEAN TO KILL US! WE WILL BE MADE, FORCED @ GUNPOINT (eventually) to take the tests, test ourselves (kill ourselves, that was their job)...this is where we are headed:
A total fascist State. “You must obey.” If we proudly exert our American rights and refuse their (Big Brother) methods of “saving, protecting and keeping us safe,” we'll be taken away, placed into interment camps, underground (have long existed). We, who are “united” and not separated, who refuse...we will be viewed as DANGEROUS, radioactive to everyone else, to the global community who have accepted their “prevention methods.” This has happened before under: “National Security,” and that has always been the LIE. It has always been BULLIES pushing their power over the weak and helpless who'll take it and not complain or fight back. Rome. Berlin. New York/LA. They really mean to eliminate all those who won't align with their Nazi orders! Dissenters, protesters, will be rounded up and killed. That's the agenda.
Why did the royals, evil masterminds, call their 'baby' the Corona Virus? The CROWN! The Throne, your Lords and Masters, in the Highest Castle, the highest Capstone, did this to us! (It wasn't hard to decode,was my favorite beer, no more).
Throne of England Created the C-Virus! 92433006_10214251406353843_4212697446553223168_o.jpg?_nc_cat=107&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=vvZAVzOWUhIAX_X6X3u&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2
The link could be the most important words you'll ever read, not from the news, TV, YouTube shills, but from the back of TS Caladan's book, written last year, before the outbreak. That is, if you want to know the truth? Who has done this to us and WHY? Here's a quote from it:
In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” Quote from Prince Philip. He grew up in Germany, top Nazis were his in-laws. Photos, films, records show: “There was a lot of heel-clicking and sig heils” during his training as a Nazi youth.
Throne of England Created the C-Virus! 92281013_10214251406273841_501026944603652096_n.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=QhVch31tirMAX-DBllf&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2
That's future Queen Liz in 1933. These are facts and THEY, Windsors and Rothchilds, control the world. They've always controlled the Empire behind the scenes as our “Protectors.” Liars, they control the masses by deception; they print Money and we all must bow to the evil Beast-System the masons have built and the Earth they rule. The Law, the fascist decree, went out and EVERY STORE, SHOP, BUS, STADIUM, SERVICE ON A WORLDWIDE SCALE IN LOCK-DOWN!? What if one restaurant refuses (“It's America, isn't it?) and decides, “No. I'm going to cater to those who'll risk being 4-5 feet from another table? Welcome, people, like good old days?” That business would be closed by national guards. FEAR must reign, not reason. What if one barber sincerely believes that the gloves and masks may carry the disease and that person has never trusted the government or TV, feels They're Lying flatly and won't wear their prescribed masks and gloves? Not today, but tomorrow, under the lie of best interest of all, those “dangerous” radicals will be collected and gassed, dead.
We will be forced to test ourselves. Everyone will be mailed packages to poke themselves and send in samples, all of you, by law. You will be forced to be tested and given BADGES. My prediction is every person, for the safety of all, must wear the badges in public that show they've been tested and are clean. You will be considered “radioactive” and a “great danger” as the duped public will be forced to agree via Media. They might even get people or children to turn in parents or other people who have not complied with the new Nazi Laws, exactly like in the late 1930s. If you dare walk the streets without a badge, you'll be taken away to underground bunkers, internment camps that have long been in place. And eliminated, millions of the poor! Those who protest, dissenters, will be rounded up and killed.
Throne of England Created the C-Virus! 92213584_10214251406873856_7874204040450539520_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=cS0qFxSSdFcAX9nxzWV&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2
They want WARS, violence, for us to kill each other...in soon to come clashes of federal stormtroopers vs. militia groups (Americans) who will not stand for the dictates of Nazis. They want 1000 Wacos to happen; it's all been planned and leading to such future horrors. Authorities never looked out for our interests, only theirs. They're looking out for the interests of their evil bosses, “Royal Britzis,” the richest people in the world.
How can I tell people they are being lied to by Media, Hollywood and governments, run by Satanic people who basically want to wipe out the masses? Now they have the means to. I fear we are witnessing a Mass-Extinction Event. Not Their demise. Ours!
I'm going to decode the following lies, for all the good it will do? It doesn't matter. Because you are already DEAD. I never get responses/replies from you “Walking Dead.” You'll believe the TV, the Nazi News, but you won't believe me or ever react to my words. I think they've Cursed me. Very sad. Anyway, here goes...
CORONAVIRUS – Doctor who helped defeat smallpox explains WHAT'S COMING? 3/25/2020
Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, who warned of pandemic in 2006, says we can beat the novel coronavirus – but first, we need lots more testing.
Let's stop right there. His name's Brilliant? It's subliminal programming to believe this guy and trust his guidance. After all, he's brilliant! No he's not. He's a lying puppet used by those who created the virus, the new laws and the shortages. The adjective “brilliant” is used too much, over and over again and almost every voice or narrator now has a British accent. “Magic” and “special” are also overused, but BRILLIANT is way over used. Of course, this was the guy that licked smallpox? No. Not even close. But the public will believe anything Media presents. Testing, “doing our part,” taking these necessary precautions are what Larry Brilliant and other minions of the empire will hammer us with. All seems good and this is what we must do during the C-V crisis, yes? On the surface, it appears as if the Authorities who TELL US the news/information care about the welfare of the general public. That isn't true at all and has never been true, if you knew your history? We will always be the 'dirty masses, the unwashed hordes of commoners' that the Aristocrats want to destroy. Larry is the perfect pitch-man for FEAR and panic, front-man for the very creators and distributors of the disease. He will say precisely what appears like needed precautions we all should do (later must do). But in reality, for those more aware, the royals are leading us to global slaughter on a scale never before imagined. Brilliant will push for MORE TESTS and for you to help by testing yourself, like AIDS or smallpox testing. Don't you want to know if you have coronavirus? Brilliant says “We can beat the C-Virus.” He knows he's lying to the world because of who he works for. He means: The elites that made the virus will beat it. We won't.
Fourteen years ago, Larry described what the next pandemic would look like to a TED audience. At the time, it sounded almost too horrible to take seriously: “A billion people would get sick,” he said. “As many as 165 million people would die. There would be a global recession and depression, and the cost to our economy of $1 to $3 trillion would be far worse for everyone than merely 100 million people dying, because so many more people would lose their jobs and their health care benefits, that the consequences are almost unthinkable.”
Wait! Why would people lose their health care benefits? They should gain benefits and receive free treatments during a crisis. Right? They should get real help from governments and agencies and they never do, like Free Food. The assistance, the “Protection,” has always been a show for the masses. Lies. AIDS, Ebola, 9/11, Katrina, WW1 & 2, Market Crash, Depression, Cold Wars and even Pearl Harbor were created by a secret world power known to only the top occultists, Military-Industrial-Complex, on the order of SPECTRE or SMERSH in James Bond novels. Today, it's Corona Virus. It is a Freemason policy called “Order from Chaos.” THEY, the British realm (as in '1984') have created the wars, terrorist attacks and general CHAOS in the world, then we run in fear as a reaction and accept any solution our “Protectors” provided. And it has never been in our best interests. We're listening and obeying the fascists who created the disease...and They just may decide to close the banks and turn off the electricity also! Why not? You “empowered” people have proven that you'll accept anything the 'Boot of Fascism' kicks you with! There is a reason “their man and amazing psychic,” Larry Brilliant, knew and predicted the next pandemic to come. Because his lords and masters who pay him well were in on it, but they don't happen to tell the little people everything, do they?
Brilliant is the Chairman of the board of “Ending Pandemics.” On the surface or to simple people, the title of this World Health Organization is out to stop contagious viruses. But there's another way to look at it and that is Larry is one of those in charge of the creation and distribution of AIDS, Ebola and C-V type viruses that could End everything. Larry was the senior technical advisor for the pandemic horror film Contagion, now a top streaming selection (to spread fear). He's also traveled with the Grateful Dead. What? Possibly these facts tell outsiders how “brilliant” and “cool” the man is? But to others more aware of what's really going on, he's a Death Dealer.
Every phase of the Co-Vid epidemic has been precisely orchestrated by the rich and powerful. Trump has always been their “clown” puppet. He was made to look stupid and say in the beginning: “No worries at all.” Then the “novel” virus took off and the president was made to appear as a fool. The plan was to create a “novel” or NEW virus no one ever had before, therefore, there was no natural immunity against it.
WE ARE WITNESSING A MASS-EXTINCTION EVENT!! You are all made into willing participants of the forced event...by cooperating, doing your part and using the “protection” methods THEY have provided. You are killing yourself and you don't even know. They know; They created it and the planned Police-State around it. We are being talked to (Media) as if we are children led by “caring adults.” Not true. Please, we have to not look at the world as innocent children (sheep) in the caring hands of our “Protectors.” If we do and willingly give up our constitutional rights that many have died for, we will be slaughtered as sheep! They're getting rid of the stupid. Don't be stupid sheep. Question Authority. You mindless Sheep have totally lost that old principle and are goose-stepping to masters that want to eliminate you.
Larry said: “This is the most dangerous pandemic in our lifetime...We are being asked to do things, certainly, that never happened in my lifetime— stay in the house, stay 6 feet from other people, don’t go to group gatherings.” Larry says this is good advice (now Marshall Law everywhere). We're to believe he's in a retreat, “semi-quarantined” in Marin County while others are sheltered “safe” in the area. Brilliant states that they want to “spread out the disease over time” (reach a plateau and dilute it). What he really means, and we have to have the right to question what we are force-fed, is: “They want to spread the disease.”
He goes on to say: These precautions are what we must do “Until we get a vaccine – which we will.” Of course we will, all part of the Nazi depopulation plan. To repeat, theirs will work, ours will not work.
Larry Brilliant says tests are crucial to “find out where the hell the virus is, because we don't know.” [They know exactly where They placed it]. “We need something that looks like a home pregnancy test, that you can do at home.” [They are lazy Nazis who want us to believe their lies and kill ourselves for them. I actually received my Needle and sample kit in the mail from LA Care and immediately trashed it! You'll get yours].
Brilliant also praises and says we need people like Tony Fauci, Head of National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases. We're also hearing a lot from this guy and look at him: He appears like a little Nazi. (Is this out of Dr. Strangelove or Moonraker?) Again with his name: “Facts with Fauci”? He's false. Falsi! Get it? He will recommend the exact same precautions as the other Death Dealer. These people designed AIDS, Ebola, smallpox, etc., and now the CROWN virus of them all that evil Insiders are very proud of...what today's mad scientists have offered to the Royalty. And boy will they be rewarded by the Monarchy for the genocide of the poor, useless masses, once and for all!
This is another BLITZ from England and only poor people were bombed during WW2 and not Parliament, under direct orders from the royal Throne, Aryan Nazis. Today, we are on the threshold of the very same thing, only the poor and weak will die.
Larry said: “If you're not worried, you're not paying attention. But I'm not scared...” He means to spread FEAR, like all Media puppets and agencies. His inoculations and the ones for his masters will keep the secret ones in the 'capstone,' high above us, safe. He stated, “Everybody needs to remember: this is not a zombie apocalypse. It's not a mass extinction event.” Take the opposite of what these monsters say, like the monsters who gave AIDS to Africans with the lie they were being protected from smallpox. This could very well be the beginning of a mass extinction event. (Familiar with the Georgia Guide Stones?).
And THEY know it...you don't and won't believe it. Scared, ignorant Rabbits!
The following words of Mr. Brilliant could be the most devastating LIES of them all. He praised the vigilant, valiant, brave, doctors, dentists, care-givers that were tirelessly doing their duty and helped the sick, the aged, the ill, etc. No they're not! He said: “...But we have to keep the hospitals going and we have to keep the health care professionals able to come to work...Instead of 'No, you can't visit anyone in a nursing home,' we have a group of people who are certified that they work with the elderly and vulnerable people, and nurses who can go back in the hospitals and dentists who can open your mouth...I'm seeing young kids, millennials, who are volunteering (help elderly) and incredible influx of nurses, heroic nurses, who are coming and working many more hours than they worked before. Doctors who fearlessly go into the hospital to work. I've never seen this kind of volunteerism I'm seeing....When we do get through it, maybe like World War II, it will cause us to reexamine the fractured division we have in this country...”
Now a personal account of what recently happened to me at LA CARE, Medical Center, just a few blocks down the street. This will demonstrate THE LIES. I need a cyst and cataracts removed from my eyes. My vision is being disturbed by pressure from a growing bubble. I was scheduled to have it removed. Suddenly, only days ago, another change, a new Nazi Law was instituted to The World! Just when people need help desperately, they are now DENIED ALL MEDICAL OPERATIONS. ALL SERIOUS LIFE-SAVING MEDICAL PROCEDURES CANNOT BE PERFORMED! ALL DOCTORS CANNOT DO ANY OPERATIONS AT ALL AND MUST PERMIT THEIR PATIENTS TO DIE! IT IS THE LAW! Are you fucking kidding me!! Hippocratic Oath, Doctor? Or Hypocrite?
What did you say, Larry? “Heroic nurses, doctors who fearlessly go to hospitals to work”? No they're not. And you knew when you said it that in days, doctors can hang it up, take a break, put their shoes up on the desk and basically retire. Is this hell?
The eye doctor told me, “People who cannot see are being denied operations in which they could see. We cannot help them; it's the Law now.” That implies heart patients, brain operations, liver transplants, ANYTHING! Doctors and dentists must now stay away from the general public, all of them! Something tells me the rich and powerful still receive the medical operations they very much need, but we (the poor) are being denied our rights and being eliminated. I seriously told the doctor, “It's not me, I'll be fine. But all the other severe cases, they must die because you're not permitted to do your job anymore?” Yeah.
Don't believe Prince Charles has co-vid, that would be his clone. All THEY do is lie. All we do is die.
Just when we need help, the government, always under orders from English royals, is turning the screws. Twisting the Knife. If Authorities were actually trying to help the people, then good/new rules would be instituted, such as:
Free Food, (since there is truly an abundance) free services, not less. More medical benefits, not less. Everyone receive an emergency government check, since this is an emergency and people are hardly working. Work-hours are cut-back, everywhere?! Or all landlords MUST charge 50% rents and no more and would receive various benefits if they offered tenants Free Rent. See what I mean? They are not trying to help us, they are trying to hurt us~
Britain never revealed the truth before, why would they now when they've made you dumber than you've ever been. Skinheads, bearded, tattooed, cigarette-smoking, stupid SLAVES in grey trucks! You'll tolerate any evil thing They now heap upon you, aye?
Just in days, when you walk streets of LA (Ghost town, no traffic), 95% of those you see have a mask. That will go up to 99% and those without masks will be seen as dangers! Already the social and disease-designers are very pleased at the corrupted, abominable world they have engineered and created TODAY and it's only going to get much, much worse. Perfect environment for evil and wrong, unnatural behaviors. Now people move away, walk away from others; we are all considered diseased, radioactive. And this was the ultimate goal: alienation, isolation, destruction of freedoms and rights, so you'll never unite, rally, organize and scream out against the forced-fascism. You'll just take it, like the good little (dead, voiceless, meaningless) slaves you are.
Wimbledon is canceled. Isn't England thoughtful, protecting its people that way? They're not trying to protect us, they're trying to scare us. Success! And all big events are now gone. Isn't the New World wonderful? Not since WW2. Shortages? Not for the famous and the privileged. Interesting that Mr. Brilliant mentioned WW2: his Masters, long ago, staged that mass-DEATH dance too.
Streets of LA are littered with masks and gloves. They're everywhere! Why don't shielded teams from many organizations pick them up? If we're being so ultra clean? Guess they're considered safety precautions and Okay? No they're not. Maybe 1 in a million masks carry the disease, possibly. That means it's all over the city, as planned. And look at all these careful, conscientious people who are so considerate-of-others, doing their part in masks and gloves. Maybe soon 'goose-stepping' to their death?
Throne of England Created the C-Virus! 92240043_10214251408993909_1988251725525417984_n.jpg?_nc_cat=107&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=uw8eGeHCqwMAX8J8UIP&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2
Could the means of “protection” be the means of distribution? We should, as Americans, be allowed to refuse forced-testing and forced-inoculations. [But there is no America, never was, only servants to the Monarchy, as every country is]. Will we be given the new AIDS like it was fraudulently distributed as smallpox vaccines in the 1980s? Don't we have a right to refuse the shots? Not anymore. Liberty or Death? Look around you. No one can refuse the new Global Laws by the secret One World Government, Illuminati, Military Industrial Complex or the satanic witch Occultists that rule the planet from the Crown of England. No protests. No resistance permitted. They are telling you where to stand and you are complying. It's not for our safety, it's to see how high you'll jump for the Nazis. Bullies are exercising their power over you as it has happened many times in history. Whatever you want to call them, they own you, the land and everything. They will say: WE ALL HAVE THE VIRUS NOW. Testing is absolutely a must and you cannot refuse, National Security. What are you going to do when they put a gun to your face? Or close the banks? Or turn off the electricity? A nuclear exchange would be preferable to radicals, dissidents, rebels who won't comply to The Law and taken to concentration camps and disposed of. MILLIONS! They won't nuke the Earth. For now They need it, although they've been off-world for decades. We haven't. Royals, elites, the rich...they don't share technology with us filthy commoners.
My publisher, a veteran, a man who loves his country, cannot believe that in his lifetime, there is now in a “Police State.” No toilet paper. I agreed and said the same thing back to him. He can't even take a joyride on his motorcycle. That is now forbidden in Colorado. What? I replied, “Ridiculous! You're not near anyone on the highway!”
What boggles my mind is the general public, they BELIEVE the Authorities, the TV, the Internet, and are absolutely doing what the Authorities are telling them to do, without question. Wow. Their grandparents would never have put up with such fascism in this country. They were individuals. They cared more. Their teachers cared more.
TS Caladan wrote, near the end of his book 'Beyond Barronsland,' 2 Mortal Sins: 1, you're all the same, no individuality. 2, believing: 'They wouldn't do that to us.' Yeah, they would. You haven't paid attention and learned from history. That's all the rich have ever done to the poor, weak and vulnerable.
I suggest do not poke yourself for those who've created the virus. Don't we have a right to NOT DO what They say (order)? Laws of Lucifer and Nazis should not be followed. Obeying their dictates, commands could mean your destruction.
In the far future, when there truly is a better world, will the next generation of Death Dealers say they were: “Just following orders”?
These are Nazis tactics. It's not wrong or an overstatement to say that. If it's forced upon you, it's wrong. What if I'm right? Isn't another opinion permitted? A different one? There was something called the Constitution once, but that's stripped away in an Emergency, I see. Very convenient for the Movers and Shakers, the secret Controllers behind everything. We should not be under the rules of Newspeak, the language of Orwell's '1984' totalitarian world-government. There should not be Thought Police. We once were allowed to assemble and have free speech and disagree. No more. Hail Oceania! Big-Brother~
She's a Palpatine.”
From 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'... Newsman interviewed the crowd: “I suppose you're just as scared as the rest of us?”
Mr. Carpenter (Klaatu): “In a different way, perhaps. I am fearful when I see people substituting fear for reason...and...”
Thank you.”


10-year old ‘Contagion’ movie. What they fear could happen or what they made happen?

~Stay warm, don't take pharmaceuticals, squeeze juice from oranges on trees, grow vegetables, boil your water, don't believe proven liars and kiss your children.




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