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A Lesson In Logic Trump vs. Q and Pixie

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1A Lesson In Logic Trump vs. Q and Pixie Empty A Lesson In Logic Trump vs. Q and Pixie Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:51 am


A Lesson In Logic Trump vs. Q and Pixie 91117220_10221759761644764_1440443507507462144_n.jpg?_nc_cat=104&_nc_sid=dbb9e7&_nc_ohc=qfoUAxOjfKkAX9ph8NU&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2

A Lesson In Logic Trump vs. Q and Pixie

April 15, 2020 Ines Radman 

I had no intention of exposing the frauds anymore until I came across Magenta Pixie. I was doing my usual search on who is claiming what comes next or what is going on now. I am not saying Magenta is a fraud, but I will explain what I think later. Within the first few seconds of watching/listening to her, I felt an unease but continued to listen/watch many hours of  interviews/podcasts, etc on YouTube.
At one point I thought that her information isn’t really anything new. “The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine speak… through the channel Magenta Pixie.
Messages from Sixth Density to Third, regarding the consciousness raising and dimensional shift
now taking place.” 
As you know if you have been reading my posts in the last few years I have an aversion to channelers. I’m not saying that entities are not contacting humans, it’s telepathy really but what I question is the authenticity and intent of these entities and that fact that we have Universal Law of “non interference”. I’m not saying anything negative about Magenta because I don’t know her personally, but I sense hesitation in her speaking and I feel that she is compromised. I have listened to her speak of things and then she will say; ” Well, I don’t know anything about this technology”, yet she trusts what she is being told. I would want to know everything, or question why she was not being told certain things. Then I have issues with: ” They said it was not the time to reveal some things”. Come on, this is open and blatant interference and control.
So, just channeling put me off because neither you, me or anyone including Magenta Pixie can’t assure or guarantee these entities have good intentions.
We exist in a holographic Universe reality, Earth being another hologram or reality, we don’t need saviours because we created this reality. I compare my analysis to religious people. If GOD created man in his image, why punish man or why do sins even exist? If GOD gave you these characteristics, why then punish you for them? Or  you can look at it in another way. If God created you in his image and you lied, then God is a liar!
I’m not saying that these interdimensional beings don’t exist either, they do and I have been in touch by entities for many years claiming to be my Guides and mentors but I take all transmissions with a grain of salt because even I am not yet developed enough where I can trust the information I am receiving though up until now, all choices and decisions I made in regards to my growth have worked out well.
I have felt/senses Archon like entities too, but once they notice that I noticed them, they leave, I have no fear energy in me.
What really set me off about Magenta Pixie and propelled me to write this post was her admiration of Q and her White Wing Collective Conscious of 9 telling her that Q Anon; and Trump are part of some plan to get rid of the Deep State, to make this reality a better one, and arrest these folks so that they can’t harm us anymore.
In this Video from 2017, she knows  nothing about Trump being involved with any sort of plan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFTZpoSaZIg
So, this is what I mean by people just saying things because they heard or were told, or her 9 entities didn’t tell her the truth? You get my point.
The Deep State; whoever or whatever they are, are also here to play out their roles because humans don’t fight for change and improvements until their lives and freedoms are threatened. We, all of us that incarnated for this timeline are all doing what we should be doing, including ” causing chaos to catapult humanity into fighting for change. I have said this many times that humans will be complacent until they lose their homes and are hungry.  So, this Deep State/Matrix/Controller System is part of the design and plan so to speak, in order to rise above all, we have to fall deep.
Let’s go into the analysis of Q. What is this entity’s purpose in this reality? What has changed since it made itself known in 2017? Why encrypted messages and parables that only cause more division among those that follow Q or try to discredit it? According to Wikipedia: ” Q anon is a far-right conspiracy theory detailing supposed secret plot by an alleged “deep state” against U.S. President Trump and his supporters”.
Every President in US history has always had a side party that wants them gone. NO President in the US or any other democratic country can appease to a two party system, thus it would then just be normal that someone or group would want to get rid of Trump.  Things are focused in the US because the US is epicenter of everything that is wrong in the world. This is not my opinion, if you follow international geopolitics; follow some facts about what is going on in the world and what people think; most will say that the US is the greatest threat to humanity. Therefore, it’s considered the center of everything I don’t want and certainly the rest of the world.  American people are wonderful souls and human beings  and chose to be in the epicenter of this negative reality. They are the most Courageous souls right now because they know the dangers involved being in the epicenter of it all.
Why such cryptic messages and what has Q helped to make humanity suffer less and what about the “mass arrests” claimed by Q and our dear David Wilcock that was supposed to happen years ago? I think that I have made my case with this Nut Job Q and his cult followers. Maybe I am wrong, but I’m guided by two things: Intuition and logic, and in this Q cult age there exists no logic only theories as to what it is saying or why it is saying what it is saying.
It’s like me telling you it will rain tomorrow because clouds are starting to form. My chances of being correct are 50/50. Any fucking idiot can make a prognosis like that and if they fail, well, the timing wasn’t right, humanity was not ready for it, messages were interpreted the wrong way etc. Anyone can stand behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz guessing based on events, sources and mind games. By changing the future because of the excuses why it didn’t happen requires changing the timelines and it’s not that simple.
Here is the latest drop from Q:Apr 14, 2020 7:09:49 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6769bc No. 8795380 

https://twitter.com/DrTedros/status/1085559977597636609 https://www.britannica.com/topic/Shiva Symbolism.
An informed[awake] public holds all the keys. Q”
What the fuck does that mean? We know an informed public holds the keys. Do you know how many interpretations will come from this? Hundreds of different theories and so how does this help humanity? This is mind game, psychological warfare intended to divide and disrupt you, nothing else.
Now we go to Trump. Magenta Pixie isn’t the only one claiming that Trump is with a group called White Hats. Let’s examine this theory in a logical way.
If I was part of some scheme/plan to bring down this Deep State, I would be working very hard with my citizens/county to trust me, to gain support especially when it was by some miracle that I became President in the first place. I would focus on bringing people together because they are voters and will determine my future and ability to do the job I came to do. I would do my best to gain their trust even if I didn’t support things my voters wanted, but if that is what it takes to gain their trust, I would do it.
This story was circulating that Trump was put into place. I don’t think so. They had to choose between Hillary and Trump, that simple. The Hillary was caught in too much shit and they know she would have been removed sooner or later, she made dumb mistakes like using Bleach to clean her hard drives. This has nothing to do with Setting Trump up for President because the Deep State would not have allowed that.
A group or WH Administration alone cannot get rid of this Deep State without the support and approval of it’s voters. Are we not stronger unified? At least that is what they are telling us to believe. This fumbling idiot with a very limited vocabulary will argue and accuse the Media of fake news that doesn’t project his ideas, accusing them and trying so hard to convince Americans that they are the best, have the best and live the best?  The best in highest drug abuse, highest incarceration rates, in heart disease and diabetes, obesity and the best in being the lowest score when it comes to healthcare in the world and the best in having the most expensive healthcare in the world where a hospitalization of the CoVid19 virus will cost you between $30,000 to $40,000 alone.
None of the above are true, but this fumbling idiot will have you believe this. How does it serve Trump to accomplish his agenda of getting rid of the Deep State? He’s caused so much division, has never ” apologized” for anything; if apologizing means bringing me closer to my people, I would do it. It takes courage to own up to our mistakes, and yes, even Presidents make mistakes and I don’t see Trump having any of it. He’s driven by Ego and a deeply narcissistic personality.
As any narcissistic personality, it cannot admit to wrong and it cannot obey orders as it is driven and controlled by the EGO. That fault alone eliminates any possibility that Trump might be the good guy and is working with someone to dispose and expose the Deep State. He’s always been this way, I have watched his entire life history and so to say he’s acting out now, nope, he is who he is and the last person you would want to entrust to a life changing event. People like him are not capable of understanding anyone other than themselves and are so deeply self centered that they have no room for compassion, they could not even learn this behaviour just as you can’t rehabilitate a Psychopath, they lack something and parts of the brain. Can’t fix something that doesn’t exist.
How does his behaviour benefit his Role as the one working to expose and arrest the Deep State? I would be humble and expose to my voters my weaknesses because that shows a President with courage, a humble person and that shows that I’m human and make mistakes. This will make me a better President, and gain the support and trust I need to accomplish this difficult task.
Then we have good people with good intentions like Ken at redefininggod.com; who writes so much and collects so much data that any normal human being would be confused, which I might add, rarely happen the way he predicts or analyzes.  I think that Ken should have stuck with Spirituality and exposed the frauds because as much time as I have spent reading his long posts, can’t figure out what is going on, it only confuses me even more. Furthermore, he literally erases and changes his posts instead of leaving them alone and just writing corrections.
As for what I feel about Trump? I feel very sad for him because his suffering is immense, he’s controlled by his Ego, has no control over his own environment whether he is a good or bad guy. He’s filled with anger, rage and he loathes non white humans. I have listened to some of his speeches in Reverse Speech and he’s Evil and dark inside. I really can’t see how this person has anything to offer to any group or goal to improve our reality.
It’s a rarity for a person to be born into money to have compassion. Those that do, usually had a life changing event. Buddha was born a Prince, he had no idea what went on outside his Palace walls. It took him years of suffering without food, water and basic needs sitting under a tree to develop an understanding and feel compassion. You can’t possibly understand or feel poverty if you have lived wealthy.
In fact, I can’t think of one positive trait that Trump possesses so to say he’s in a position of saving the world is utter nonsense.
Every Soul that incarnates comes with a specific role or agenda, everyone includes ” every single living organism”. Every soul that includes the dark side or the negative energy unless it’s an AI technology but it takes a living organism to create an AI as well.
If we don’t get it this time, we come back to do it again until we master it. It’s called Reincarnation but not through Karma rather a choice and a contract we make with ourselves (the soul) and our Soul Group and Family.
Karma is not what we are being taught because Creator will not punish us for choices we make, it is our Free Will outside of this physical reality, so why make us return if we don’t want to?
We are Creators, a spark of Master Creator, having Free Will as Souls not human forms. This is where all this confusion about Free Will arises. There is no free will on this physicality, it exists in our true Form (light/love/eternal energy), because the body is merely a vehicle we use to navigate and create in this reality.
So, in the end, anyone that claims to have contact by entities must be careful about how they present the information as we here as humans have not the ability to discern light or dark energy, at least most of us.
My guides connect with me when I ” think” of them. When I ask about anything outside my personal space or personal betterment, I usually get the same response:” This is your reality, you choose how to create, I’m only here to help with healing or in the case of writing books as your writer guide or in Spiritual context, a guide who helps me grow spiritually. It claims to be Michael and I can’t prove if it’s true, but I do know that all guidances received has helped me become a better human and a better Soul.
I’m never contacted first and when asked why: “I cannot interfere with you. If I tell you to go out tomorrow and buy up all the food in the store, but nature intervenes and causes power outages then I have not served you well because I can’t control nature. My purpose is to guide you when you ask for help.” How much simpler can it get? No interference and only guiding me with personal growth. Often I feel their presence, and it’s usually when I’m stuck with getting an answer. He’s out there leaning on a fence with his arms crossed with this smile on his face. It’s like: ” hey, I’m here if you need me and I know you need me”.
So the world that we have created had nothing to do with some higher plan. We all came here to fill a role in raising the frequencies and by doing so, those that don’t vibrate in the frequency of love will have to leave/die. We are now seeing that wave of souls leaving as their work has completed. Young souls are leaving as well because the frequencies are too high for them, they had short roles and left.
We, as Old Souls chose to be be here at this very important time/timeline in humanity. Not only are we fighting to get our planet back but we are using technology to genetically bring the human body into the original form when we were highly developed, intuitive, telepathic, self healing etc.
Ultimately, Old Soul, you choose what to believe. I can only share with you my thoughts, feelings and experiences. Each one of us needs to look inside where the answers are; we are highly intuitive but EGO mistrusts the messages and scrambles them. You see, each time the body was genetically modified, it created a machine that served “them” and not the Soul. Each time a Soul incarnates into the vehicle, it is aware that it may never remember who it is in that lifetime. It is our goal and purpose to have this human experience and find out who we are. This is the most difficult and challenging level of our Growth and evolution. How can we move on to be teachers if we have not experienced everything there is to experience here?
Think about it, that’s all I ask.


Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com



Hmmmm is all I can say to this. Some very valid/interesting information but I gave up 3/4 of the way through. She thinks that the treatment of Trump is the standard treatment of Presidents. That leads me to believe she is not as well read or as smart as she may think. Here is what I know about Trump. If hes not on the side of humanity, we are screwed, plain and simple. Hes it, that last chance. And she calls Trump angry, wow, just wow. Trump could take some angry lessons from this "enlighened one" I think her problem is she is not getting a stimulus check and she is pissed. She sounds like an angry New York Liberal...


lol naw she lives in Croatia. Ines is just a no nonsense woman. You have to remember that those that are not living in this shit show of a country are observing it from their media vantage points. No matter how up on things we think we are we are still just absorbing what is fed to us.
I respect Ines and admire her take no prisoners kind of style. Tops she is one of us...

A Lesson In Logic Trump vs. Q and Pixie 2488351696



Well Purps, she is dead on about some of Trumps dealings, and much more. But............

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