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Pushing through the veils

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1Pushing through the veils Empty Pushing through the veils Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:04 am


Pushing through the veils

Posted on November 14, 2012

Pushing through the veils Beautiful-cute-landscape-favim-com-299977


Our ship is close by now, pushing through the last of the veils off
the coast line of third dimension. It has not been easy for it to find
us here in this thick fog of illusion. Soon it will drop anchor and
boarding will begin for the voyage to 5D. I hope we are all ready to
climb aboard and set sail. We cannot bring baggage with us for this ship
cannot be weighed down with unnecessary weight, but rather it must
travel light, high atop the waves where the wind is strongest to push us
along. The time is now for letting go of all that we no longer need to
falsely define who we are. It is time to pare down to the core of all
that is and discard the rest. It is a time also of releasing our need to
control and hold on to everything out of fear that what we have is all
there is. Scarcity thinking is self-limiting and our new life is all
about expansion beyond where we are now. Think big and it shall be!

I think for many recently it has been a time of letting go of what we
felt we needed to make us who we are. As if we aren’t everything we
need to be just as we are! Holding on to and having control of are both
born out of the same insecurity we call fear. In order to let go of
those needs we need to dig deep within and ask ourselves what are we
afraid of. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about releasing
our control over our children. That is a tough one to do! I was telling
her about how I had to release my protection over my son. I used to
hound him about the dangers of cell phones which irked him no end. I
finally had to release my need to keep him safe and let him fly away
into his own life. If he were to get a brain tumor from using his cell
phone it was his choice and if he should die, it was his time to depart
for he had obviously completed his mission he came to earth with to
complete and it is his time to go. We give birth but then we must
release so the child can grow into whomever they are meant to be.

Would I be sad if he died? I would be devastated but far less than I
would have been before this journey. My devastation would have been my
loss of him, my own longing to want him here allow me to continue to be a
mom in my old way of thinking and the hole in my heart would have been
immense. Today I know there is no such thing as death, our spirits
continue on forever and eternity, I know to hold on only interferes with
their own missions, they need the freedom to be who they need to be to
complete their missions. If he were to go, I do not stop being who I am,
he did not define who I was, being his mother did not define who I was,
I am me as I came into this life to be. I would hope I could focus on
the joys he brought to my life and my accomplishments at raising him
well and be grateful for the short amount of time he was with me and to
feel proud at my ability to let go of him and allow his wings to fly
wherever they chose to go.

As we push through each one of our veils that need clearing away our
lives become lighter. We become less stuck in the muck we have been
mired in our entire lives and breathing becomes easier. It is not easy
coming to grips with these veils we must pull aside. There is often much
floor walking and hand wringing to go through to settle out with
yourself. Life is not easy to get through in 3D. We must face these
trials and tribulations with strength and determination, we must find
our courage to go through uncomfortable moments, hours or days to find
our answers and come to grips with things. Once through the process,
everything becomes lighter and you move up a level. It takes faith that
when you come out the other end of the tunnel all will be well. Trust!
That emotion we find so hard to get a hold of, but we must. Yes we have
been lied to our entire lives, but the time must eventually come to
choose ‘do I continue to mistrust the world or do I choose to trust

Learn to let go of fear:


Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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