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My Easter Email to Uri Geller by DH Jetson

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My Easter Email to Uri Geller
by DH Jetson
My Easter Email to Uri Geller by DH Jetson CkTyQrEUUAAcQ63
From: Doug Yurchey
Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2020 11:33 AM
To: uri@urigeller.com
Subject: How can you go along with the coming Purge? Don't deny the truth.
What do you think of what your Lords & Masters have done to my world, my planet, my children? Everyone except your Slave-Masters, British Throne & elites you covet so much, are suffering. Your Nazi friends did this to the Earth and They will never be forgiven. Do They really think, even though They’ve twisted us into the Dark World, Mirror-image (Mandela) they’ll be no reckoning, like a type of Judgement Day? Good behaviors are rewarded and bad behaviors are punished, still, even in this horrible, duplicate universe we’re now in. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I wrote best Mandela Book! @ a time & place no one reads or thinks. I might be the most un-famous person in the world. You’ll want no part of me, Uri. Broke, not a friend or family member that likes me or is proud of me; they all hate me for speaking the truth & what I’ve brought forth [now completely closeted, not seen/heard or ever appreciated]. I get shit, never an ounce of credit. For 21 years I’ve lived in a 9’ x 9’ room, almost tenement housing, sharing kitchen/bath with total idiot Walking Deads. Can’t talk to a soul anymore. I used to hear from colleagues, I thot, heard radio shows of mine, C2C, YT, articles, MY contact, MY Atlantis/Tesla Power Grid, etc…but now! Your mighty Lords and Masters have made everyone so stupid. Call me by my pen-name: Tray. Stands for my mother & father who live inside me. They’re dead, they’d be 104 if alive. I could never tell my old man who almost died in WW2 that he wasn’t fighting against Nazis…he was fighting for them. You know all about it, Crowley, Germans only Blitzing the Poor, always killing the Poor. Nazis under British orders didn’t Bomb Balmoral, Parliament, Whitehall, did they? Only the POOR. How many times and ways have the few spread fear, chaos, needless wars, mass-murders, terror attacks? Ebola, SARS, AIDS, 9-11, Katrina, Pearl Harbor! You know damn well you work for Nazis! I interviewed Jordan Maxwell, insider, like you, he told me all about it in our online interview. Oh, here’s us from long ago. It was literally another world. This ain’t my world! Where people can’t get together? Organize, protest, unite against fascism! Not anymore. Crown made Corona! & created the shortages & new Nazi Laws we Must All Obey, right? You knew that. Virus not in the air & it’s not on dirty surfaces. But we have to wear masks or we can’t buy food? Or have any service or any rights? Only in hell.
 My Easter Email to Uri Geller by DH Jetson DY_Geller1
For our “Protection,” here in LA, we are under Marshall Law. No doctor can touch a patient! I need eye operation, just found out, can’t get it. People who are dying, need heart or liver transplants, sorry, too bad. They must die ‘cos doctors can no longer treat patients! All doctors can now RETIRE. We’re lied to about how Brave They Are, doing their jobs, huh? But the rich are getting treated for their illnesses, aren’t they, Uri? Your good friends who need operations, they’re getting them. Stores are closed! Food is scarce! But not for the Royals who’ve created all of this / not Chinese…your little lords and masters. Who else could shutdown the planet? To help us? No. To fucking SCARE US & KILL US?! And look at all the scared rabbits run! All the while, you Masters of Chaos laugh and laugh at us for our stupidity & ignorance Britain has created. Wanna bet 1 in a million of the gloves & masks carry the disease? 1 in 100,000? Distancing laws for our benefit? Are you fucking kidding me?! It’s to see how high we will jump! They’ve made us “empowered” people “Tolerate” any Perversity. Buildings are now Fire-Traps with only 1 exit. Nothing is for our safety! You know they are killing us off!
     Forced Tests and “Preventative Inoculation” [all this planned for decades, don‘t say you don’t know; you admire these MADMEN who pay you!] WILL KILL THE POOR. Forced shots on the (innocent lambs) general public, will not work. But the vaccines for the Royals, the rich and famous, the Trannies (you know) the Witches, will work. This is Mass-Extinction. They’ve killed massive numbers of children for their Hormones over generations, constantly. If 1 person changes gender, someone has to die. Hormones don’t come from a plant. Hormones don’t come from a lab. They must be extracted out of PEOPLE. Long tradition of killing people, those you serve, those that must lie, deceive in order to maintain control. So much Death, Uri. Oceans of Blood on the Royals’ hands. And they’re the Protectors, Saviors, looking out for the masses? No. Never were. But, of course, you knew that. The scared rabbits don’t. How does closing most stores help us? It doesn’t! What happens when your friends close banks and turn the electricity off?
     You see, I’m psychic too. And one of the greatest writers, real writers, of all time! Truly. Author of 11 published books. Not self-published, but a small Colorado publisher who gives the little guy a chance. A miracle happened that I was published. But I’m Father McKenzie, Fool on the Hill, no one is seeing me at all. I think it’s Their Black Magic Spell, maybe? I sell a few, very few, on Amazon.com. But I never, ever, hear from a soul. That shouldn’t happen to one of the most interesting people in the world now, should it? Me, a man who is very soon going to die…
     But before I get into that, here’s something that just came to me and was placed at the end of my 11th novel called ‘Beyond Barronsland,’ something I am extremely proud of:

By the way, I have no control of what I write anymore. I become possessed, very much like the channeling the ex-wife did. Only good. Good magic, nothing dark. I cannot believe my own personal changes. As the world darkened, I have not. Almost 70, I’ve never been more alive and mentally Strong. “May the Energy Be With You.” (Not Force, force isn’t good or anything FORCED!). I have 2 hearts, ha, in a sense. Although “They” thru ex. said I was “in my last Earthly life” – hard to believe that I see truth now, but I do, like 3rd Eye, open and clear. I sure don’t like what I see and realize now…but it’s right there, obvious, true blue. You think I care if you, the “great Uri Geller,” doesn’t believe me, my words? I remember everything, almost. You once called me “pathetic.” I still had good intentions. I remember saying to you about something else: “Doesn’t matter if people (or you) don’t understand, I understand.” And I also remember our last emails where I was discovering the Mandela and realized: Oh wait, don’t even bother to write back, I’ll only be hearing from the Dark Geller, Mandelaed. Everyone…has been pushed to the Dark Side. [Not me!] They’ve been so well Nazi-trained into wrong behaviors by Media, TV, movies; it’s propaganda, brainwashing. You know that’s what Entertainment is, always has been and who controls Hollywood and everything else. See, I can only speak the truth now & I ain’t gettin’ anywhere in all the Darkness & terrible LIES. Fascism in every direction, now. Never thot I’d see a Police State in my lifetime. Nuke war, yes. Not Gestapos closing down stories and putting up nothing but LIES in America. Telling us where to stand? I am a lone candle against a tsunami of Darkness. No one believes me. I don’t stand a chance. You should read my books. I really wrote them. Sort of. My art on the covers. I’m proud of my life, Uri. No one else is. Not in hell. Like Travolta said in ‘Michael,’ “You only get 26.”
I want you to see what I painted on my door. Few will ever see it. I spent all day this Easter painting these words on my room’s door. I’ll have a photo of it soon. I mean it. Pretend it’s painted in Blood:
     “4/12/20. I Refuse FORCED-SHOT that will kill me! Given by the ones that created the Virus, shortages and New Laws. It’s not in the air or what we touch. TV, Government, FALSI are LYING!! To separate us, so we never Unite. So you’ll give up your Constitutional Rights people have died for. Forced C-V vaccine/tests WILL KILL THE POOR, the Rich will have the Cure. They created AIDS, SARS, Ebola, Katrina, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor! Crown of England made Corona. Before Nazis FORCE more wrong behaviors and poke me with a needle…They’re gonna hafta gundown a healthy 70-year old man in the back!!”     (A man should write his own tombstone).

My Easter Email to Uri Geller by DH Jetson 92213584_10214251406873856_7874204040450539520_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=cS0qFxSSdFcAX9nxzWV&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2
     You think I’m kidding? Truth has to make a stand somewhere? I can’t self-terminate. Ha, ha, you want to torture me? Keep me living and breathing in today’s world. “World of Tomorrow” was supposed to be fantastic for everyone! It won’t be. Mr. Tesla is so sad, he’s crying~
     Gee, how wonderful: buses are free during the Apocalypse, so should food be free. And No More rents! How about that? We really, by Law, no longer have to pay rent!! Can’t be thrown out, evicted during the “Local Emergency.” We can pay…later, said the mayor. What later? There won’t be a later…not for the poor.
     Hey, Uri. How did your fucking Queen (the Nazi, born with a Dick) insert ‘herself’ into the Introduction of what was the King James Bible, now it’s the Prince James? No longer published in 1612, now it’s 1611. Magic. Yeah, it’s not Liz I they’re Praising over and over again, more than Jesus or God. It’s Liz II. This is an impossibility. But so is Costa Rica and Gibraltar suddenly being on the mainland when they were ISLANDS! Or Jiffy Peanut Butter is suddenly now JIF? BerenSTAIN Bears? I thot they were Berenstein, Jewish, like you? “On Earth as it is in Heaven.” That was the quote. Now it’s “In Earth as it is in Heaven.” 2 Ins. Really? Great Pyramid was in the middle, now it’s on the end, near Cairo’s golf course. I was good in geography; I would have remembered 2 Michigans and 2 parts to New Zealand. I’m not wrong. It was never like that, now it is and a million other unnatural (bad) changes.
     People once cared, now they don’t. We are not permitted to progress and all of us move into the future. The stupid masses are made to never know the Truth and must remain locked in a Medieval dungeon. Dilly, Dilly.
     “To the High and Mighty Prince JAMES.” That’s what the Bible’s Intro says now and it never said that before. C3PO never had a silver leg. If one letter of the Bible can change, so can continents. South America was under North America. Now it’s not even under Florida. Where are we? Who wants to live in a hell They’ve changed and scanned so darkly? CERN did this, didn’t they? Opened up, widened the “Portal” Crowley cracked through a long time ago? Right? Parallel. Hope you know I really do not want to hear from you, ‘cos it will be nothing good. When you see Mr. Spock, compliment his goatee.
     I should have known, just from what’s been happening in the pot stores for years. Let an old man ramble on since he won’t be screaming and kicking on Earth much longer. Year or 2 ago, YAY! Finally, pot’s legal. It’s what we voted for. We didn’t know, They’d fucked that up too. All planned in advance. EVERYTHING Good has been ruined, on purpose, unnaturally. New pot laws were supposed to open up and make available many, many LEGAL growers now can sell their products. Dispensaries should’ve been flooded with weed. It would be cheap ‘cos it would be everywhere, plentiful. Exact opposite happened: Government came in, British, (just like took over all farming), slow Nazi changes, “small edge of the Wedge.” We didn’t vote for government regulations; we didn’t vote for weed coming from 1 government source. Everything we drink or eat or smoke NOW must be regulated for our SAFETY? Really? Fluoride in water & toothpaste since 1950s causing bone decay and neural damage! X-ray machines you call PHONES are a huge danger that cause Cancer! Fucking feds, under England, came in, invalidated real/honest/good growers, destroyed them, saying: “It must be federally regulated and safe for the public to consume.” No. Good, safe, clean growers were invalidated under New Nazi Laws! NOW…1 source called “Hot Box” all stores must have. It was supposed to be largest-growing Industry, but No. Pot stores closing down like crazy, long ago, probably ‘cos they couldn’t sell anymore. Exact opposite of what was supposed to be. You don’t see or smell the pot like before. “Oh you want legal weed? Well this is it, buddy!” Now there’s shit in it, like in all fruits & vegetables – doesn’t work like it did! Medical Marijuana no longer exists! Now it’s dangerous, now there are high taxes; there were no taxes before. Now it’s in a box, in a jar, in a safety-seal; hard to even get at it. This is not for our Protection; neither is what’s around us now. We are lied to and supposed to believe IT’S COOL NOW, GOV. MADE IT SAFE for our benefit. No. Britain didn’t do that. They’ve always killed Children! They destroyed good growers and now its One Way, or the Highway. That’s all you get! It’s a metaphor for everything! We, everyone, should be in outer space, on the Moon, Mars, etc. just like the royals. Where’s your hoverboards? Do you know what time it is? They don’t share knowledge or truth or Tesla Technology. Elites are off-world like how all old Sci-Fi movies projected for the 21st Century. It’s for them, not us. They have cures, we never did. They have EVERYTHING and the fucking bastards are leaving us with NOTHING!
     I swear to God, the real one, not your Devil down here…that I wouldn’t trade places with anyone else on Earth. (smile). I’ve always been financially poor, but so rich in spirit. You don’t know, ha, ha. I wouldn’t trade me for anyone! With all their money. Sure I’d like to be younger and have money. But if I traded, they’d be me and I’d be them, totally. I wouldn’t be me. No, no. I won’t give up who I am, not for anyone…on Earth, in Earth or off-Earth. You might not be saved. Maybe I will? I’m the richest man on Earth.
     You don’t make a covenant with the Devil, Queen of Lies. You make a contract with God, pure white truth. Light. He won’t break the Covenant; he’s the good one. Risen angels see more. If you haven’t sold your soul, you famous guys certainly serve Satan. I don’t think you’ve read the fine print.
Tray (aka Doug Yurchey and DH Jetson)
All I ask is: PLEASE, someone, take care of my beautiful Cat “Monkie” and my beautiful hamster, “Spunky” for the sake of your own soul. They’re better than you. My only family.

For Jim.

My Easter Email to Uri Geller by DH Jetson TSCaladan_W



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