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W.H.O. Endorses Sweden’s Relaxed Lockdown Policy

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W.H.O. Endorses Sweden’s Relaxed Lockdown Policy Covid-19_graphic_030120

W.H.O. Endorses Sweden’s Relaxed Lockdown Policy
Date: May 1, 2020Author: Nwo Report 

W.H.O. Endorses Sweden’s Relaxed Lockdown Policy ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.newspunch.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2020%2F04%2Fsweden-anti-lockdown-policy-working-678x381.jpg.optimal

Source: Sean Adl-Tabatabai
The World Health Organization has changed its tune on coronavirus once again after it appeared to endorse Sweden’s relaxed lockdown policy.
Sweden chose not to enforce a full draconian lockdown, keeping many parts of its economy open, allowing children to continue attending school and advising voluntary social distancing measures.
Despite pressure and criticism from other countries, the policy appears to be working. Sweden has a lower per capita death toll than the UK, which enforced a full lockdown in March. As a result, Sweden is on the way to developing “herd immunity”.
Having initially advocated against quarantines before praising China for imposing its strict crackdown, the WHO seems to have changed its tune once again.
Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme, pointed out that Sweden’s healthcare system has not been overwhelmed and that their government was correct to trust their citizens to self-regulate.
Ryan says that Sweden’s approach should be a “model” for other countries as they begin to ease lockdowns.
“There are lessons to be learnt by our colleagues in Sweden,” said Ryan.
“The WHO initially opposed, then embraced lockdowns, and now it’s apparently back to opposing them again,” reports Zero Hedge. “Remember the last time the WHO praised a “model” approach to tackling the virus? It was praising China’s strict lockdowns.”


Thanks to: https://nworeport.me



The ‘invisible war’:
The Snake that Eats its Tail

The governance on earth is an entropic system that feeds on its self. Ages ago, it was known as Ouroboros, symbolised by the snake eating its own tail. A closed system. A lockdown of consciousness where the inhabitants do not realise the interdependence of all life forms and the phenomena that arises from it. 

When people break through their 'cognitive dissonance' and realise how they’ve been misled by authority figures, the natural response is to feel anger and indignation of what they think has been perpetrated upon them. People tend to feel victimised and want to point fingers at 'others' without realising that it is they themselves — by the power of their own ignorant, greedy and indifferent choices — have supported the machinery of totalitarianism. 

In reality, people need to take a good hard look at how they have propped up these authoritative leaders in order to have an easier, cushier lifestyle without having to actively participate in community-building or take responsibility for their environments and other people. Because of this lack of interest and insight, big brother has stepped in to fill the gap of people's own indolence.

If the majority of people on the planet were to just give up their smart phone devices & SIM cards (electronic profiling) and send them all back with a letter saying "I UNSUBSCRIBE" -- then the machinery that supports the invisible war would be halted. If people stopped buying GMOs (directly or indirectly) and took an interest in their own nutrition, health & environment — the pandemic would lose its very ground. If people stopped fighting wars that rape other countries of their resources -- the psychopaths would have no forces in which to control anyone. If people refused to buy, watch or listen to their media organs -- the psychopaths would have no audience. 

What this would lead to is a quiet revolution of consciousness, based on integrity and sound choices that lead to personal empowerment. The so-named 'elites' have declared an invisible war, but the common person can have a quiet revolution of the mind; a quiet REVELATION about what is real and what is not real, based on viewing the evolutionary path of their own choices. (This takes courage and discipline.) 

If people are not willing to see how they participated in this 'invisible war’ of totalitarianism, then they will not be ready to graduate to a reality that has insight, honesty and integrity as its foundation.

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