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Consciously Creating…

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1Consciously Creating… Empty Consciously Creating… Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:10 am


Consciously Creating…

Posted on November 15, 2012

Consciously Creating… Kisses-with-hearts


I feel it is extremely important at this time in our journey to
really grasp and make a part of our everyday life, the act of
consciously creating. I keep talking about how our thoughts create our
reality, but they are just words unless we grasp the true meaning of
what that really means. I read a quote by Dee Wallace the actress, and
it really explains it clearly: “To consciously create means to choose
each thought that supports the choice of life we want.” We can’t get to
where we want to be without getting our hands dirty and rolling up our
sleeves. It takes work initially to choose our thoughts carefully and
pay attention to what we are thinking, but after a short period of time
the process becomes automatic. If we want a loving world of joy and
peace we must choose the thoughts we think that will support that
desire. We must think only loving thoughts, we must be happy and we must
be peaceful in our actions. Our thoughts and actions must mirror one
another in order for us to consciously create what we dream about.

Think of all the fear in the world right now yet we seem surprised at
the state the world is in. It should come as no surprise at all. It is
mirroring our thoughts and actions and our thoughts and actions are
obviously not loving and happy and peaceful. From the moment we wake up
in the morning until the minute we float away into sleep we must remain
vigilant of our thoughts and actions at all times. Before we speak or
act we should always ask “Is what I am about to say or do going to make
the world a better place?” If not, zip your lips and stay silent and do
not act. As with everything in life the choice is ours to make. think of
all the people running around in the world that have no control of
their ego, their thoughts or their actions! There are many and this is
why it is so important for those of us awake to balance out this world
as best we can by how we think and act.

I believe honesty is a huge factor in consciously creating as well,
especially with ourselves. We can’t desire peace in our world if we are
not willing to admit we are not peaceful within and change it. Denial
will get us nowhere except deeper in the hole. Learn to be honest with
yourself and what you are truly feeling. For a long time when people in
passing would say Hi, how are you doing? I would always answer fine or
good even though that may not have been true. If we can be dishonest
with ourselves we can be dishonest with the world. I bet we all have
little white lies we tell throughout our day. Every time we do this we
are putting dishonest energy out into the world thereby halting our
ability to consciously create an honest world. Up until now we haven’t
thought much about these actions, but we must! We reap what we sow.

We need to look into every nook and cranny of our lives and clear out
the small moments of bad actions and thoughts if we are to create a
loving, honest world. Things we must stop doing are often so small we
don’t even think about what we are doing. Perhaps your husband comes
home from work and says let’s go eat Chinese tonight and you say okay
but you really don’t feel like Chinese food. Why have you just failed to
be honest yet again no matter how small or insignificant it may seem?
We must speak truth at all times for that is the foundation of our
self-esteem. Being able to stand up for ourselves and what we think and
feel. If you don’t feel like Chinese food then say that! Be honest about
yourself and your world, show yourself you matter and stand behind

The dangers of living on autopilot these days are a strong reflection
of what is going on in the world. We speak without thinking, we are not
honest with ourselves and don’t even realize it, our thoughts and
actions often do not mirror one another. We are in the mess we are in
today because we did not pay attention to how we were living our lives!
As long as we got up everyday and went to work and raised our kids, that
was all that was required of us in our minds. Sadly nothing could be
further from the truth. We must pay attention to EVERY detail,
disconnect from ego and make the supreme effort to choose carefully our
thoughts, mirror them with right action and stay alert to our lives.
Until we all begin to live this way, the dream of freedom and a loving
new world will remain just that, a dream.

Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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