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Do Not Fear

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1Do Not Fear Empty Do Not Fear Fri May 08, 2020 9:00 am



Do Not Fear Woman-tending-garden-by-phyllis-tarlow

Do Not Fear

May 8, 2020 Ines Radman

Terminal Madness is now in full swing.  As I wrote food shortages are here, and I don’t know where to start with this post today because I have so much to say.
It’s easy for me to sit here and tell you that everything is as it should be when as humans you are programmed to work, spend and what little time you have left, have fun. I just saw an NBC news broadcast and a single mother in her “expensive SUV” was waiting in line for food bank. Her reasoning was that she was a single mom, had a mortgage and car payment and was out of work.
What can I say about this? Why did she need an expensive SUV? Why didn’t she just buy a used car? This irrational behaviour is what has led our Capitalist societies to collapse because we bought into the “Consumer Society” bullshit.
I have been prepared for this for over 20 years, I saved, put aside food and all things needed should we lose electricity.  I have been preaching to my Croatian friends to put aside extra food and water because they may have to use it one day. We  recently had an Earthquake in Zagreb, it could have been here on the coast. Everyone thought I was nuts until the CoronaVirus showed up and lockdown became a reality.
We don’t want to accept responsibility so it’s easier to just “trust” government because we believe they are working for our good.
The veil has been lifted. Although the information is confusing at best, we have all had plenty of time during our lockdowns to research and seek truth. This Plandemic has actually worked in our benefit and in a few months you will see what I mean by that. It has given us time, time that most people didn’t have trying to survive and raise families to read up on what is going on and what led to this plandemic. Even Bill Gates is getting backlash from social media users for him insisting that until we all get vaccinated, this Virus will continue on. It’s bullshit. Billy needs to go back to developing crappy operating systems that never worked, what the hell is he doing in this health business? He’s already sterilized half of African women with his vaccines.
Do not FEAR. Fear is your greatest enemy. Fearing about not having money or a job or what the future will bring or whether you will get sick or not only lowers your frequency and makes you susceptible to being infected. Fact is, 50% of the world’s population already has the Virus and has developed immunity towards it, this is why many countries are not testing and not because there are not enough testing kits.
Get over the fears because you, dear reader put yourself in the position you are now. You are the Creator, you created your reality, you chose to be a smart consumer, you created everything you are doing now or not doing. This Virus backfired on those that wanted to get rid of 2/3 of the population because we are finally waking up in numbers.
Don’t fear what you don’t know, this is what they want. You are so powerful Old Soul, when are you going to accept this fact?
There are some people like Laura Eisenhower and Magenta Pixie who truly believe that Trump is working with the White Hats and that Q Anon is also working for humanity. I have issues with this and I don’t FEEL this coming from Trump. I feel a very Angry and dark Soul who is impostering OR he’s already been compromised and is now on the other side. People like Icke and Wilcock have been saying that the arrests are coming for the last 10 years now. What arrests? And so what if they are arrested? What does that change? It just gets rid of a few bad people. What a silly notion that arresting a few bad guys is going to bring in the Golden Age.
We are the ones that will bring in the Golden Age or change our reality into what we want. If you constantly think about not having, you will keep getting “not having”. Change the programming, live in gratitude, see yourself where you want to be and what you want to be, dream on that, focus on that and you will be that.
It’s going to get worse before it gets better. I have been correct in everything I have SEEN and FELT in the last 5 years, right to the start of Terminal Madness. I don’t like being correct because it’s bad news, but the sooner we get over the bad news, the sooner we can switch to a new reality. There will be much more to come and much more hardship but like I often write: In order to make a difference, we have to fall rock bottom just like a drunk. We have to lose it all before we are willing to fight for what we want, it’s the human condition, and the programming for centuries. Switch it off, rewrite and create what it is that you want and we will all connect on that same frequency of wanting peace, abundance, freedom and Love. Isn’t this what we all want?
So what are you waiting for Old Soul, it’s time to get up and make the changes.


Thanks to: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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