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An Australia story

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1An Australia story  Empty An Australia story Thu May 21, 2020 9:15 am


An Australia story

What is going on the world 7th CISM Military World Games was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan. Just before the out break? So many weird things just coincidental I suppose. Bill gates, his grandfather was a politically influential lawyer for Corporations and Eugenic, believed in mass sterilization of poor people etc Fascism and he had offices all over America and China,coincidental Wuhan. That name just keeps popping up. Mao Chairman was educated at Yale in China, set up by the Gates and others around 1901 in Wuhan. His jobs as a student there was writing for a student mag, and altering the medical texts, that's in his bio, updating, weird...why did he alter textbooks. So I think it is another coincidence that he went on to introduce a eugenic program into China. To experiment on all those beautiful little embryo's all those unique women genocide but on the up side Americhina has a mass male army that has never had a sister or partner, these poor men what are they. Judy Mikovits and all the other doctors now trying to warn us about over vaccination to soon it wouldn't be such a coincidence if she mentions Wuhan and it collaboration with the American/Chinese military and we should probably not trust the track record of the BigPharm Americhinese headed by Bill Gates- and his Rothschild cousins, or should we, he is fourth cousin removed from the Queen. It took Russia 74 yrs to get the Rothschild out of their educational, health, political, banking, I saw a meeting with Putin and he was saying they had caused such mayhem and deaths of innocent Russians, provoking wars, firing of missiles, mass murder. He has brought christianity back to the people and no longer is tied to the world banking cartel. You cannot trust people who have studied at Harvard or Yale (Yale in China) they may have been compromised by the CCP, including people in our current government that the Rothschild Corporations have blackmail into silence and so we have to play the covid game. Charles Lieber and three others, he was given tons of money to set up a laboratory in Wuhan. Bill Gates has taken over as head of Rothschilds, visited Epstein, told him to stop blackmailing Prince Andrew for his cousin Elizabeth and got the tapes. Well its a good story and there is so much now censored or attacked by Gates of Hell Microsoft team in the Wuhan office. The Americhinese Corporation has all its factories in china and it has a slave population of workers,or what is left of them for the tourist to get a sense of history the rewritten version, that are controlled by a massive police/military who are part of the CCP elite. We only see the rich CCP students in Australia, who in the last 5 years has fast tracking in positions in education, health, immigration and they are now in the military and government. All loyal to the Yale in China program started by the Gates in 1901. The name meaning just coincidence Roths - to spill the blood of red - child. What is happening to our Democracy. What happened to Clean water, air, food, shelter, work, health basic rights, what about freedom of speech and choice .The only person I have seen poke a finger into a royals chest is a Rothschild and he did in front of the gallery and guests now that is real power. It is not right that this is happening. My parents fought against these people in WW2 they are like the snake around the tree of knowledge offering Eve an apple to give up her knowledge.Its all perspective, we have WHO the serpent, we have the apple (Jobs/gates the tools) and the human race Eve the vessel. Bill Gates is pushing an online global educations system, Chairman Mao Puppet used to brainwash massive amounts of people into slavery, then he massacred the rest who opposed them. Early on more lying, the russian czar gave 43 million serfs freedom from slavery, what wait had we not been told the people had a revolution no fake news, it was all because he had sent a naval fleet to help Abraham Lincoln stop the Rothschild banking cartel. This is actually in books that they are trying to destroy or edit now being all online. The Rothschild policy is always fund both sides. Then it doesn't matter who wins or losses and if it is to messy to have a war, just have a pandemic it with cause just as mayhem. So if you take on China you are actually taking on Bill Gates....and his minions. He delayed some tax paying, Microsoft under Bill Gates never paid the American government Tax and when it looked like he might he created a charity and donated all his money tax free to his own charity what a great guy.

Here in Australia

In 1959 the Reserve Bank Act, this is when our Sovereignty began its slow slide to what we have now. The Australia government has no control of our national wealth--the banking system all seems to lead back to one family group of political motivated influencers, who also already had schools in china and had educated the future leader of the CCP. The Blah as to why the act, is the joke because looking over the last 60yrs all it has done is the opposite. Its like we have all be conned. Look at us hiding in terror of a psychological/biological weapon, they have taken our banking system, educational, medical, military, Corona Virus renamed why, Bill Gates brought the patents and used Covid19, the Foundation influencing using fake science to poison our water and our bodies with industrial waste, then to sell us a cure. His family own all the pharmaceuticals now, they don't hid it they brag, like murdoch and his fake news machine...sounds like the Nazi's to me. In England around 2013, documents about the Bank of England, having helped sell Czechs gold sovereign wealth stolen to fund Hitler. Same family what a coincidence. The Nazi's used food, health,water,fear to keep millions of good german people who voted for a democracy in their homes and after increasing the fluoride dosing in the water supply a docile, hungry, scared population of people got on trains and taken to their death. Well they couldn't get away with that now, so look what they came up with.
They are misdirecting and hiding information, our advisors in the government are being misled... The ABC is useless, they use RMIT as a FactChecker to discredit the scientific work of good, honest researcher who some have spent 30-40yrs and a RMIT factchecker can decide if its correct or not. When the research has been peer reviewed as well and accepted as valid. The virus has been selected, man made or not because it is a virus that attacks, at risk comorbids, anyone with asthma other lungs, cancers etc. It is to terrify the baby boomers who in a high risk groups, big voting block. Yes something with kill us and it is probably was and still is the water we drink, considering we are 70% water, who has control of it.
This Fluoride thing is criminal to, we dont produce the fluoride its supplied by the same business, same family in China, but added it to our water, China does not add this waste product from fertilizer manufacturing to their water. Its only countries that still have natural resources and they can sedate the mass and keep control, they think we are animals that are to stupid to see what is going on, the 1% the rich
Same with the Vaccination this is all rubbish...... same families, same companies. I watched an interview Francis Connolly (historian/writer) and he spoke of island/s with underground bunkers many, many celebs visit them or own them, they might nuke or release a bio weapon after flying themselves, the elite nazi's in Australia on (Virgin) Branson Jet/s. I am so sorry for the bad grammar, spelling, I am really afraid this cult is just going to keep slipping away underground, its like this has been happening for centuries. I believe humans are born with a heart and they are slowly destroying our human collective soul and every time they get in control again, they destroy more and more of our real history. We cried t as a family when the murdered yet another man of God, even as a child when JFK was murdered I knew they had slaughtered him like a lamb, they waited for him to show himself as a man of god, we as children back then could see him as good. I think they increased the fluoride, increased the sugar and we collectively forgot what was such an attack on goodness, true Christianity and humanity, it was aimed at us the children. The cult of Rothschild, the red blood of the child. They have corrupted our churches and attempted to drive us away from the light. This is in plain site and we have been tricked by our own people and just are now trained to call anything different or unique, wrong or not human. Where are all the missing children...No one is asking anything the politicians are not making sense. I am not mad or crazy I am a mother, a grandmother who looked for the truth and I cannot be silent....We need to stand together Save Our Children, the life blood of our churches, these Satan on earth cults are pure evil, they start destroying our souls as children.

The above article was sent to me pm and I wanted to post as it is spot on!! Gates is a monster and needs to be stopped! They all do!!


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