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The Pre Apocalyptic Stage

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1The Pre Apocalyptic Stage Empty The Pre Apocalyptic Stage on Fri May 29, 2020 9:49 am


The Pre Apocalyptic Stage Woman-tending-garden-by-phyllis-tarlow

The Pre Apocalyptic Stage

May 29, 2020 Ines Radman  

As Terminal Madness now moves into the Pre Apocalyptic Stage, I’m starting to feel the effects. As an Empath, it’s difficult to stay neutral when you see the most vulnerable on this planet going hungry because of this Plandemic. I like watching Al Jazeera English because it is truly a Global Media Outlet and so I’m seeing the effects of this Plandemic and it’s painful.
RT News, Press TV and CNN is what I switch from so I can get a perspective on all the media. It gives me enough information that I can generate some kind of truth, although, no media can disclose the truth because they are being watched and manipulated, controlled, bought off and threatened.
I can’t imagine my child going to sleep hungry, I just can’t imagine it. I was grateful and still am that I live with a decent roof over my head and that my children never lacked. They didn’t have the best, but they didn’t lack food or any things that were needed to live a happy and normal life.
I can’t imagine being in the US right now either. I never said anything against Americans, they are great people, it’s their system that keeps shocking me day to day. I don’t know of any other country other than poor African nations where a Protest turns into looting and violence. Yes, I know there are two sides of this story. People turn out peacefully and then there is that group that use it to cause violence and looting, but still, it’s defies our global cultures and it’s almost a “Normal” in America. I don’t see these things happening elsewhere. Violence yes, Paris protests were violent but I didn’t hear that these same people broke into stores and stole goods.
This isn’t about looting and stealing anways, I think that I am trying to say that the USA is on the brink of an Apocalypse and rightly so. Our rights and freedoms are taken away from us, if we try to protest we are gassed and deprived of our rights to protest. Thing is, it’s usually done without any proper planning, where someone takes the LEAD position and then they make a list of demands and present it to those they are angry at. This is why these protests rarely get anywhere other than fines, injuries, death and jail time because there is no person that will communicate to those they are angry at what they want or need.
The entire planet, our global society knows and feels that something isn’t right. This is the stage of Terminal Madness I write about where you know something is not right but you don’t know exactly what it is or you know what it is, but you need a lot of people to stand together with you. Anger is healhty if it has a purpose, but just showing anger through rage and violence never accomplishes anything.
I hate to say this, but we have all brought ourselves into this place. You can’t claim to have the best economy in the world when regular folks can’t live without a paycheck for 2 weeks. What kind of BEST ECONOMY in the world needs to bail corporations out? If they were so good, they would have put funds aside for a rainy day. A good economist or head of the household managing money knows it’s important to put aside money for a rainy day. But we fell for Capitalism and got conned into Credit Cards and consumer madness where you have to have the latest gadgets and got yourselves into this mess in the first place. A good Economy is when people work a good job and that job will pay the bills. If you have to work two or three jobs, that’s not a good economy.
Times are tough, even for me. My advantage is that I have no debts, no credit cards, no loans or mortgages so all I need is to pay utilities and food. 18 months ago, I invested almost all of my savings into renovating my home, last year the Bed and Breakfast did very well. This year, I doubt that we will have any guests because the only tourists will be my fellow Croatians and they are not ZEN oriented. They will want to be by the seaside and I am not on the coastline rather in a very green area with a huge Organic Garden and it’s very quiet. I could be wrong, because my guests last year were store owners, eco minded people and wanted peace and a healthy vacation.
Time are tough for those that didn’t put away for a rainy day. The entire global economy has collapsed, and until we are forced or until we CRY for a vaccine, this will not end well. Sure, many of my fellow Croatians know that this was a PLANDEMIC and know that Vaccines are DANGEROUS; but how do we prevent not getting one? I personally will go to jail before I accept it, but who is say that they won’t use violence to force me into it?
Now, more than ever we need to look forward in a positive way. This is our last chance to save our Mother Gaia; she’s beckoning us to take action because she knows as her children that we are Souls, not humans. But many Humans don’t know they are Souls using a human body so the thought of DEATH being the end of it is what keeps them in fear. FEAR is the war that is being waged on us right now. As our eyes are opening and our hearts are feeling the injustice of this reality, they are at WAR with us using every weapon possible. They know how our brains work, they know what words to use, how to market their propaganda, they know us better than we know ourselves because those in Control are the ones that Genetically modified us, they know what we are capable of as well. Not only do we live in FEAR, they live in FEAR of us finding out the truth about ourselves.
So, this Plandemic is really just a symptom or distraction of what is really going on. This is a game of who’s FEAR will be more powerful. Will we give in to our FEARS or will they finally realize that we are no longer afraid? It’s a game folks. If you’re here reading my posts, you’re an old soul. You can’t ignore what is going on. It’s your duty as a Soul to help others understand what is really going on. You came here to undo the wrongs and to make things right. Each one of us came here with specific roles. Some came to do nothing, just BE. Some came to offer their hearts and just show LOVE, some came to cause the Plandemic to wake us up; etc. Each one of us has a role to play and if you don’t know what your role is, I suggest you start going into Numerology because I find it to be very accurate. Those numbers are by design and those formulas were used to create our Human Profiles. Your life purpose is in those numbers.
It will get worse before it gets better. I have been writing about this for years now. Until humans have a roof over their heads and have something to eat, they will put up with shit, but once they wake up and realize they have nothing to eat, that changes the reality. Are we there yet? If they don’t shut off the Internet, we will make it through just fine. If they shut off the Internet they can cause a lot of panic and damages in days.
I have prepared for every scenario, in fact, this fall I am extending the Greenhouse over the garden to protect the soil from HAARP and Chemtrails. Poisoned soil poisons me so I would rather do a bit more work and have some options.
Get off your knees Old Soul, don’t allow your fellow humans to go hungry now if you have extra to share.
I have a new hobby, metal detecting. It keeps me connected with Nature all day, I get to find ancient relics, learn about the history of my region and if I find anything that has any market value, then that’s just the icing on the cake. I have always been proactive and not reactive. Those of you that have been reading my posts for years know that I have written about preparing. All we can do as humans is really stay as healthy as we can to defend ourselves from these viruses and bacteria, bioweapons etc. Healthy food, a healthy mind even more important because if you believe that you will get sick, you will get sick. You need to believe that you have the power to change things, that you have the power to manifest whatever it is that you want, that you have the power to take up arms (your voice) and stand up for what you believe in.
Mass consciousness has not been reached, while we were collecting ourselves through this Plandemic which was just a diversion; they have gained some ground. The Akash says that we won the battle but that many Souls have left and many more to leave. They did their work and left, the strongest are left behind to finish the job. I know you can do it Old Soul; but don’t wait too long, mother Gaia is getting very angry and if she shakes, that’s when you know that we’re at a turning point. We come together in disasters but the next disaster will not be a local/regional one, it will be catastrophic so that the entire globe comes together. She will keep doing this until we finally realize what she is trying to tell us. It’s life or death for the human body and it’s returning here again as a Soul to complete the paradigm we all agreed to.
We didn’t just incarnate here to prove to each other we are better from each other. Racism in the US in 2020 is at the same levels it was in 1920. What the fuck happened? But this is the agenda that you all know about. It’s called DIVIDE and Conquer. We will not submit to any further distractions, it’s time for each one of us to put aside the androids and start living life the way it was intended and for the purpose we came here for. I know you can do it.


Thanks to: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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