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I Saw Streaks of Light

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1I Saw Streaks of Light Empty I Saw Streaks of Light Tue Jun 16, 2020 9:35 am


I Saw Streaks of Light Woman-tending-garden-by-phyllis-tarlow

I Saw Streaks of Light

June 16, 2020 Ines Radman

It’s not often that I wake up with a clear image of the Astral travel I had just experienced. The closest I got would be waking up to go to the bathroom because someone in that other reality said to me: ” Hurry up, go to the bathroom and come back”. You know, it took me years to realize that I was not dreaming but that I was having different experiences. The Soul as it matures can fracture and be in different realities, in other words; the Soul doesn’t have to just choose one physical body and wait until that body dies to move to the next experience.
Since I don’t follow anyone in the Metaphysical area but come to my own conclusions, I do believe that I Soul has multiple experiences, but that Soul has to leave this physical body in order to be aware of it’s other roles. This reality is dense, the planet is veiled off and cut off, the physical body simply doesn’t have the gifts that were given to us when we were first designed, we are now functioning on 2 DNA strands, 10 inactive.
This morning, I woke up in a sweat, but was still reeling from what I had just seen and experienced. It was amazing, it was shocking and it was exciting all in the same breath. I was hovering over Earth, (it was flat) and I saw these streaks of light coming from the Galactic Center and hitting different areas of the planet. I saw people gnashing their teeth, making these ridiculous faces as the energy hit them. They didn’t like the feeling, some were looking like they were in extreme pain, some just dissolved into the ground, some turned black and turned into millions of black flakes, and some closed their eyes and breathed in the energy. Different reactions, different places on the planet. I then looked over to the right of what would appear to be South America, but almost down to it’s point of Pantagonia and saw tribes celebrating, dancing in circles and chanting: ” The God Sun is finally here”.
The bible uses the word “Son” for Jesus but the truth is SUN is what experts claim it should be. The light coming through had colors I have never seen in this physical reality, these streaks of light were like colorful DNA strands, twisting in braids and just shooting off down to different regions and areas.
Is this the first time this happened? I don’t know. But the impression I got from those that enjoyed and celebrated was “finally, what took you so long”, while those that were not enjoying it were thinking: ” Why did they leave me here to go through this or they told us we would win”.
I can’t extrapolate what all this means because I don’t like analyzing something I experienced, rather just tell you what I saw and felt. Because I do know we, the Planet are moving towards the Galactic Center, I have to assume that we have finally reached the stage where the light can actually touch us, reach us. It’s like seeing the Light through the tunnel, that there is not only hope, but that we actually made it.
It means that the turmoil, the madness, the lies and control we have suffered for thousands of years are finally coming to an end and that my guide even told me that I would live to see the transition or what some may call “Ascension”.
I wrote about this years ago, that we would eventually transcend but I didn’t know how at the time. Transcending or Ascension means that our physical body suits will be restored to their original condition. There has to be a frequency and dimensional shift in order for this to happen, therefore, yes, we are lifting upwards but not off this planet unless we leave it behind and move over to a double, but our physical bodies will Transcend and be restored to 12 DNA strand structure, to having back all the powers we had before they were genetically altered and deactivated.
Mother Gaia is one of a kind in this Universe but there are duplicates of it in different galaxies and Universes because this was an experiment and should it have failed, there would be another Earth as this planet has every living thing imaginable, a living library designed as a showpiece to other beings that were supposed to come and visit, but the dark intervened. It was the human body that was genetically altered to prevent us from continuing with the experiment and to be dominated by the dark.
This takes me back to my childhood where as a young girl of maybe 9 or 10 years old, I had these dreams of me flying over Earth, but at the level of an air balloon, the same speed and height, ever so slowly just looking down at the breathtaking views as I moved ahead. I now know that even at that time I was leaving my body and experiencing different realities of myself as Soul.
It makes sense that when I would be locked up in my bedroom for days, that I would open the window at night (we lived in the country so the stars were bright), and called on someone to come and get me. ” I want to go home, get me out of this hellhole”. Everything makes sense now, I was right about it all along but it was just an incredible concept that I as Soul had multidimensional realities and purpose of existence.
So, I celebrate today with gratitude, that I never gave up on seeking truth about who I am, that I followed my intuition and trusted Universe to provide me with a NDE to awaken me. Gratitude in trusting my instincts and inner NOUS that I was more than just flesh and bones, that nothing made sense as to why a God would create this incredible planet with all organic life having the ability to be reborn or rise up from the soil forever yet put man on this reality to have only one miserable life. Let’s face it, if you are to believe that you are just a body with one life, what are your chances that you will have everything and be happy? Very slim indeed so it never made sense why a god would give some poverty, some disease, some wars and some everything more than they needed. What kind of god was this that decided how your life would be here? This was the focal point of my obsession with finding out who I truly was or finding this GOD that was so cruel and evil.
The light has broken through folks, we can now expect the last terminal madness symptoms, the beast is wounded, cornered and knows the light has made it to Planet Earth and those left here will be unable to hold the higher frequencies arriving. I saw them melting and disintegrating, I saw them turn black and melt into the ground, I saw the eyes engulfed in terror, just like the very terror they inflicted on humanity.
I told you we would do it, I told you it would not be easy and that there would be a lot of suffering and sacrifice, but it was necessary and although we’re not done yet, knowing the light has reached us and touched us, empowers me even more to speak out and not fear retribution knowing what is to come. All I can do is share this with you and if you have ideas on what I witnessed, I would love to hear from you.


Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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