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Continuity of Consciousness

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1Continuity of Consciousness Empty Continuity of Consciousness on Mon Jul 13, 2020 12:37 pm

Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic
I love reading the work of Steiner in his 4000 lectures, 300 books, I love being Biodynamic I love learning that from Steiner. I love who he relates us to individuality that creates thinking, that will eventually create the freedom in and for the human being.
I have been looking for the right word for years now to explain what is a shamanic perspective on knowledge, to be in consciousness that I have learned. The way I learned it was that the daydream and the night dream become the same, seamlessly interwoven.
In my experience and with the training and practices that I have spent a life knowing, learning, being, and doing, you first gain control over your night dream world this is the toughest place to get continuity over. you take the technical abilities of the left hemisphere and practice while you are dreaming to “wake up” in the night dream till you reach a place where you are fully conscious in your night dream and can control the pace, remember the occurrences and at will fly, travel, heal something or someone.
Once you have gotten a handle on that you can start adding the magic of the right hemisphere and the night dream into the daydream. Letting go fo the hardening of this world on the mind, body, emotions, and energy field, letting go in the belief it was real or is real and that you are but a vessel being tossed around by the sea of consciousness without avail. Being in the flow is a watery term, and if you will, a mirror/reflective consciousness, it is a night dream experience what I would call the second attention. In order to reach those states made by sounds and words, we have to bring that experience from the night dream of magic into this daydreaming world to make it so.
Rigidity, tension, anger, panic, fear are just symptoms of inconsistent practice and being in one place and not the other equally. Sleep and night dreaming are totally different things, however, we do night dream when we go to sleep unless we lose that ability. As the stress and tension in our minds and bodies grow we disconnect from the night dream and you might find ourselves drugging our bodies to go into a state that is sort of like sleep but more just shut down and checked out.
Maybe you need a good spiritual teacher, maybe you need to play more, maybe you need a dream, maybe you need space and freedom to connect your two parts, maybe you just need to decide how important is consciousness is to you? For me, in my life, it is the where I spend much of my time and energy, I have had teachers that could do feats that defy solid matter once they could command their day and night dream in a seamless way, full conscious all the time and that the same time more rested than they ever have been.
Do you need a miracle of some sort? You are the miracle, you have the ability to cure or create anything the key is your consciousness and like Steiner says: “By day and by night, with no interruption, he lives in a state of fully clear consciousness, even when his physical body is at rest”, the most important word here is: continuity between both worlds, between both consciousnesses, between both hemispheres, the two becomes one and we have continuity.
You need nothing that is not within you, seek and ye shall find the “one” which is you when you are clear consciousness day and night with no interruption.
In nature, we find these two paths of consciousness summer which is the daydream and winter the night dream when things go to sleep and the inner worlds take over that we cannot see.
In the fall I have been graced by my Native teachers to attend such ceremonies as what is called putting the bear to sleep. It is a time when we come together and give offerings of fine fattening foods to the bear, we help the bear to remember to physically rest and travel the spirit world in the winter, we know that the bear will go on a long journey into the unseen, during this time out personal medicine of the bear is called into rest so that we can disconnect more from the daydream world more and into the night dream world. If we do not do this work our personal bear medicine will not rest and we will go through a tough winter of aimlessly wandering in spirit, mind, and body. Equally, in the spring we do ceremony to remind the bear to wake up, we offer fattening wonderful foods and connect with the bear that we may know the paces and things the bear has been. The medicine of bear is sacred it is the bridge to both worlds, both consciousness, both ways of being.
Even the bear in his way has continuity of consciousness.
Nature has continuity of consciousness in its seasons.
We should strive for the same.
See More: https://coe-llc.com/2020/07/11/continuity-of-consciousness/

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