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1LETTER TO AN OLD FRIEND by DH Jetson Empty LETTER TO AN OLD FRIEND by DH Jetson Sat Jul 25, 2020 12:17 am


by DH Jetson
I hope this really is ___. I’ve been screwed around with a lot lately, enemy of the State, you know? 9 out of 10 people I hear from are lying to me: “Oh, send me info on getting yer book”, etc. all bs. I hear from loonies or liars & I swear people paid to fuck with me. There wouldn’t be so many over years screwing with me naturally; so I think they’re put up to it. Never used to be like this; I’d hear from “fans” actually, after a radio show. Now about nothing & I have so much good info in tons of articles. Then a few people are legit & have bought my books. Good + people are getting less & less in now a very Darkened World. I have 11 published books. Once in awhile a few eBooks or real books will sell on Amazon & I get a small royalty. 5 years, hasn’t added up to more than $100 & I’ve spent a thousand bucks on basically gifts, only to never hear ANY word back, mostly. That’s very discouraging, ___, to write almost in blood, believing/researching/proving my different views & even putting them in story-form. I thot everyone likes good stories? Not when I’m attached to them, apparently. Are we all in hell, or is it just me?
     Thanks for the “Tray” mentioned. I’ve been thrown away by all family & friends & certainly daughter, a long time ago. ___ is exception, but boy are we not on the same wavelength. Since I am dying to have an intelligent conversation [haven’t had 1 in decades], let me go on, brother. Humor me, Okay? Maybe I’m right? I had to tell both ____: I don’t have “opinions,” my views don’t come from TV. I’ve done much work over years. I’ve done my homework, studying Illuminati/secret societies for 40 years – while most laugh, Jim Carrey’s “Illuminutty.” He would know. It’s like CSI, I go where the evidence takes me – too bad if people don’t like it or it’s different…I’m a good source, like Spock or Sherlock, I have to figure out everything! You wouldn’t believe what I’ve put together, but I swear it’s true.

LETTER TO AN OLD FRIEND by DH Jetson 561028678d7425c8

Did you ever think a Police State would happen here in what’s supposed to be a free country? No. We were prepared for nuclear war all our lives but not this Nazi, Gestapo madness LIES that’s in every store on this entire planet! Let me give you some answers, my old friend. You can be like everyone & throw them away (even publisher) or a rare bird these days & consider I might be right? Up to you. “Why Aren’t the Police Wearing Masks?” It’s a simple question that none of these “robotoids, Walking Deads,” bearded, bald, tattooed millennials with cigarettes are asking! Is everyone Blind, Deaf & Dumb? Yes. Even dumber, far dumber than we were ‘cos they were Engineered that way: schools 1st thing Cut, teachers don’t care so why should students? We were better. Our teachers cared a little more.
     Thank you for writing to me. No 1 does anymore. I don’t expect you to believe much of what I’ll say, maybe you’ll believe some? MASKS are the potential danger, believe it or not. City is littered with them. You don’t get a flu from touching something dirty. WE DON’T ALL HAVE IT, it is only a few places where your gov. under orders from England placed it. Masks are unnecessary. Gestapos are rubbin’ our face in their power. Seeing how high we will jump! Distancing Laws?! Not for our Protection! It’s so we don’t unite, don’t come together and organize, so no one protests! No one protests anymore! TV (Big Brother) tells us to Support Police! No! They are agents of the Enemy, the State, Rich People!! Media lies and turns us against the Protestors…No, they’re the good guys! They want an end to the mad new laws. They want the Truth to be known:
     China didn’t do this. Came out of federal labs, just like SARS, Ebola and AIDS. AIDS was given to Africans in ‘80s under the lie it was smallpox vaccines & that’s why AIDS started in Africa. DON’T TAKE THE SUPPOSED PREVENTIVIE, ___, seriously. I fear this will be Forced upon us; shots for the rich will work, shots for the poor will not. That’s what I fear…@ the door, a cop & a nurse with a needle. You must. Don’t even be tested. They created the Emergency to take away our rights. You have no Constitutional Rights in a National Emergency. What TV dummies don’t know is THEY, world’s puppet-masters with all the power (They print money) created the virus, the shortages & the new Nazi Laws (& have had the cure from the beginning, like always).
https://www.oom2.com/t67077-forwards-and-backwards-by-ts-caladan  Here’s probably most important thing I can express to you. This is the back epilog to my latest book ‘Beyond Barronsland,’ which predicted what’s happening around us today. Not a virus, specifically, but WHO is doing it to us? Tells you the Guilty Party, the Nazi Party. [TV is Big Brother & only lies]. Britain, your Lords & Masters, Dilly, Dilly. Who else could shutdown the planet? Why does every country speak English?
LETTER TO AN OLD FRIEND by DH Jetson 8d6a9f0cff6ba97a

That’s your Queen Liz in ’33 with Princess Ann. King Edward, teaching them Nazi Salute. He didn’t abdicate throne for love of Wallace Simpson. It was because of his Nazi ties, which would have come out in ‘37. In link you’ll read I interviewed INSIDER Jordan Maxwell; he’s 1 of them! Prince Philip is a Nazi. These are Aryans! Royalty are Not British. Fooling the world. I could never tell my dad (who almost died in WW2) that he wasn’t fighting against the Nazis, he was fighting for them. Believe it or not, Sith are the Nazis. How the fuck did Palpatine’s forces, a defeated enemy, appear out of nowhere & threaten Republic all over again in recent SW? It symbolizes: How the fuck did Germany, a defeated enemy, rise to power & it’s war-machine threaten the world in only 20 years? Answer: Funded by Britain, who has always controlled us thru TV/movies/sports/music/puppet-leaders, etc. You had to Man-Up during WW2, celebrities forced you into Europe’s War, again. You didn’t get laid if you Protested and were against Serving in WW2. Sissy.
     United Kingdom, eh? It’s the Evil (secret) Empire totally ruling in the Capstone & all nations are its STATES, little kingdoms. U.S. & all countries are not sovereign & MUST COMPLY to new Nazi dictates. 1 example is no country can have purple (royal color) on its flags. Wouldn’t at least 1? Britain controls absolutely everything. Church & State. Swiss aren’t neutral, they are England’s BANK! & fund ALL WARS! No countries. No president is allowed to diverge politically from Brit’s PM! Never happened ‘cos all nations are under English Freemasons in the Order. Just like commissioner of Football has decreed: No team who hosts Super Bowl can ever be in it. It would be too much like a home game~ Mathematically, it should have happened twice or more. Never happened or will ever happen. I remember when they changed extra point to 23 yard line & I knew immediately WHY. ‘Cos these masonic bastards honor 33 (10 more yards to goal post), which I won’t go into Why now...Super Bowls used to be boring, never a tie. They tweak games (Holding could be called every play) now they and many games are So Incredible!! A team will go up touchdowns, then suddenly forget how to play in 2nd half. All sports, fixed, even my tennis (& played by trannies, ha). “Call the play ref!” No, “We have to check New York.” They always had to check with NY, but audiences are so dumb now they even tell you the deception, the cheat & it doesn’t register. NY run by York. White House run by White Hall. Last thing on this subject, you’ll read in link: Why was the BLITZ, the real bombing of the London underground done only in poor areas? If it was a real war, Nazis would have bombed Balmoral, Whitehall or Parliament. But NO! Under secret royal orders they ordered THEIR Nazis to only kill the poor. What a great thing for British Royals: “Thank you, now they won’t be on the dole.” Btw: Queen Victoria was a tranny-man, that’s Victoria’s Secret. Those hot babes…aren’t girls, sorry. Word “queer” comes from that “Queen,” Brit pooftahs like mad King Victor who wanted to be known as Victoria. They want everyone as perverted as them. Those BOYS are PLAYing with you. If you want to see girls, you have to look in Playgirl. They have fucked everyone up! Have you tranvestigated? You should. The world has over a million Trannies, IN POWER. It is really the “Phantom Menace.” Hormonal damages, it’s why stars/celebs age so badly – lifetime of fooling you on what sex they are. Fake families, ‘Moonbumps.’ Pump hormones of the opposite sex in you & you get what looks like the opposite sex. Acting! It’s why about all celebs MUST be paired with another celeb: ‘cos they know the Big Secret: man’s the woman & the woman’s the man!  If this is news to you, you won’t believe it, like the Shit I had to receive from ___. Why are you skeptics (sorry) such authorities on subjects you have never studied? Try studying something in depth before you criticize & render a conclusion. Good advice.
     I remember arguing with ___ for years. Oh, you support me? Then why are you always the Devil’s Advocate? Always. I remember telling him about Mystery Science Theater, a show I loved like about everything else / but I now see with new eyes & I see the Symbols there, everywhere. Sure, funny, but why all the Illuminati symbols, like on record albums, videos, movies & much more? ___ had no clue about MST symbols or any symbols, didn’t know what I meant. & I told him of beginning: Hexagon, checkerboard, meaning of the “G” & even what Thumbs-Up really means (see link). He thot I was crazy…NO, he hasn’t done his homework. Few do that, use libraries or go to good, honest websites & study Life & put the pieces together. Away from what schools & Media tell us. Just me and a few others, I guess. Problem is, like always: What’s true & what is not? No one’s motivated today. I’m curious, it makes good Science. Why do you think Conspiracy Theorists come under so much fire & thot of as nuts? ‘Cos what they believe is mostly true. Mostly. They are Conspiracy Factualists, but the “banner” or TV lie is they’re full of shit.
   I’ll give you 1, ___? Did we go to the Moon? We’re led to think it’s a black & white answer, freemason, yes or no? That’s not it at all. They went to the Moon; we didn’t see it. They couldn’t take a chance on something going wrong with the whole world watching. Secret Space Program – I wrote of a Secret Star Fleet and much more hidden truths in NMNW, next to last book I’m very proud of. You wouldn’t believe real space program: real reason going to Saturn, what’s on its southern pole, why Pluto was declassified. Got a lot of answers, man & I’d be happy to answer anything. We are always told the LIE. You know what happened in the Philadelphia Experiment? Tesla was involved & walked off the project, that’s why something went horribly wrong. We all loved the film ‘2001,’ right? Well, it would never have existed without Stanley faking Moon-Landing for gov. (Eng.) Blank-check! You help us & you can have anything you want, Stanley! EXCEPT, the title. He wanted ‘Journey Beyond the Stars.’ No! Had to be, had to be, had to be ‘2001.’ Not 2000 or 1999 or 2002, had to be 2001 ‘cos of what they planned Decades in the Future, that Tuesday morning in New York.
     Don’t believe me? Fine. Hey Star Trek fans! What’s NCC 1701 mean? Why those #s always there, always on the disk of the Enterprise? Certain #s, words, symbols in movies, TV, etc., have meaning and not picked out of a hat, meaningless. Numerology, it’s simple, reducing all letters to 1-digit number: A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 & 10th letter goes back to 1 (single digit) NCC is 5 + 3 + 3 = 11. 1701, add it up & it’s 9. Illuminati have BACKWARDS things like Beatles music, the way Yoda talks. Seriously. Illuminati/Rothschilds gave out party invitations that had to be read in the Mirror, aren’t They clever? I didn’t get mine. So 11 – 9 becomes 9/11. I was fooled by Picard, why the baldness (you’d never guess) & in red and black uniform, which really are Devil and Nazi colors. I didn’t know then. I know now.
     All things I loved as a child: Movies, TV, Music & Sports, all that and more…corrupted from the very beginning. Disney. Evil Industries! Coach in Rollerball yelled: “It was never a game!” You have to play the secret game, game within the game, lie to the public, always. No celebrity is in quarantine. They all owe the Beast System for their fame and fortune & follow orders. Celebrity Elites are slaves too, only richer. They must Lie to you. Top ones have literally sold their Soul to Satan [Illuminati in real world] & they become the Power Elite, tracked for the Big Time. I didn’t know everything was a Tranny Showcase, but it is. The “girls” (boys) that acted in old days looked hot (Famke, Nat Portman, Jen Connally [they’re guys]), now they look like Monsters! Sansa is Dark Phoenix?  Marilyn & Jayne were men. Elvis & Frank Sinatra were little girls. It’s why there was so much androgyny in music. Garbage lyrics: “Girls in the boys room. Boys in the girl’s room.” Shirley MANson would know. Peewee Herman is a Her-Man, no peewee. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson…has no rocks, and no Johnson! HA. It’s all connected, few see it, certainly not ___.
     After years of arguing with ___, last straw was that Bombing at the Disco, if you remember? …You know, I was a tennis player; I love a good battle; you respect your enemy/opponent. I’ve won wars and lost wars. If you beat me OR PROVE ME WRONG, hats off to you, sir. But don’t march off the battlefield thinking you won, you got the better of me, when you didn’t. He thot he proved me wrong; he didn’t. All that bozo without a computer did was look up when the band Panic @ the Disco was formed, ‘cos I said THAT and many things were really connected. You think calling 9-1-1 isn’t connected to 9/11? Always coincidence? In his simple mind, since the band was formed BEFORE the bomb went off, he proved me wrong! The dude has never heard of ‘Predictive Programming,’ in movies, TV, Simpsons, Family Guy, etc. Disasters Big Brother (Nazi Brits) have planned in advance long before they happen & they own Hollywood & all actors – why wouldn’t they slip shit in movies they know will happen, before they happen? For example, Bart Simpson points to a mag when in NY, costs $9 with Twin Towers next to it forming 911. This isn’t coincidence or when Simpsons showed death of Prince or how about MANY YEARS AGO having Trump as President! It was a joke & still is! CAME TRUE! There’s no Republicans or Democrats, elections mean Nothing! Man did I make ____ angry! Trump’s his man & didn’t like me saying anything against His Guy. Christ!! Zero difference if Trump or Biden gets in…but you TV dummies are made to think IT’S EVERYTHING! Do you believe wrestling? A movie or soap opera as if it’s the real thing? You think the news is real? You’re following President’s CO-VID adviser? A guy named FALSEY, foochee, close enough. If you wanted to cast a mad Nazi Mengela scientist in a movie, you’d cast a rat-faced, little bastard like that with wire rim glasses! Another guy is Larry Brilliant! Brilliant, that’s code so you think he is – These guys DESIGNED THE VIRUS.
     Soon as I heard “Coronavirus” I knew it was the CROWN of England that did this. (Always on alcohol, beer & cigarettes is a royal symbol). Then they changed it to CoVid-19 to hide the fact the Crown did this as They secretly do & are behind everything~
It’s sad today. Not 1 person from my past (I’m 70 years old) wrote an email to me, saying Let’s Bury the Hatchet (Why the fuck are we fighting?) & are you all right in this (bullshit) “pandemic”? No one cares if I live or die, man. You were a surprise, thanks again for the email. I don’t push my beliefs on anyone. But every time I try to talk or email anyone, they’re pushing their TV beliefs onto me & insisting I’m wrong. Well, they’re wrong and I really don’t care anymore about leading asses to the water trough. They’ll never drink. Ha, some do. No one will be in my class. They all want to teach me & for me to learn from them. What a joke. Kids today are all the same and that’s so wrong. They also think that Authorities wouldn’t do terrible things to us. The State is not trying to Protect us…They have been slowly killing us for ages! Only 1 real war and that’s the Rich against the Poor.
     And I sure appreciate you NOT mentioning the virus. Amazing! Wonderful for that to not be 1st thing out of your mouth, ‘cos I do hear from some people & they are running around in total fear and panic. Not thinking rationally in 2020. Another coincidence? No one is made to see straight in year 2020. They waited till that year. I’d bet a few sheckles on that.
I hope you look @ links I’m sending you, whenever. If you did want to look into me, those are posted things I’m very proud of. STORIES: How I would have written Star Wars 7, 8 & 9. A meeting with Tesla and J.P. Morgan that will surprise you, a portion of one of the books. My writing has really improved. 1st  book you have was a big epic, Foundation-thing, not gonna apologize for it ‘cos it started my Traylogy or 1st 3, which is my Mars/Atlantis/Egypt-Grid theory in book form. I only wish it was written better and had less mistakes. Rare to find a mistake in later books, the quality of my writing has gotten much better with a lot of practice. Last 4 are directly related to what was happening in the world & my reactions to it. I had this chance to be published, so I wasn’t going to waste it. All I did was write, with about no one in my life except a cat and a hamster. When in a writing frenzy, it was 6am to late at night with only a few breaks. And it was a joy to wake up next day & continue the stories.
     Now I’m done. To receive about no reaction after last 2 books?…then, the world is dead. You’re all already dead~ No one’s listening anymore, caring or seeing straight. So glad I got these 11 books done & out there. My legacy. But what I wanted to talk to you about is something important to me: The Mandela Effect.
     Remember how I said society’s been made stupid & also you should study something before you assume you know about it? Well people are LAZY, they don’t do the legwork & in the case of the Mandela, they read the definition & think that’s it: People are stupid; it’s Mistaken Memories! That’s all. NO, SIR, THAT AIN’T IT! It was like a sledgehammer hit me when I saw with my own eyes that the Great Pyramid moved from the middle to the 1 on the end. Do you not know who is writing to you? Someone who has a few large, hardback books & 20, 30 paperbacks since the ‘70s on pyramids, the energy, GP, Mayan Pyramids & on and on. All the books on Giza are now different and memories are drastically different in most people…from my point of view. Chefren, 1 with top casing stones like big nipple, 2nd largest, is now in middle of the 3 Giza pyramids, and it was never like that before. Of course it sounds surreal, unbelievable: We wake up 1 morning & the Giza pyramids have switched positions? I’m not alone. I’d be 1 crazy person in a million. Took me only 5 minutes on computer to find another person that remembered GP was in middle lined up with Great Sphinx & he was amazed too – he was there & it was an indelible experience for him.
     I studied for months EVERYTHING MANDELA on YouTube, in one of these frenzies & have collected best collection in one place, like New ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ & no one believes me or cares. HA, not even publisher, ‘cos it’s hard to believe our planet & even beyond have UNNATURALLY changed. Much easier to believe, people are stupid and have simply gotten it wrong all these years. NO! I know the Moon better than anyone & it’s different now; that’s not my Moon! I can’t stand to even look at it anymore<>
     I’ll give 2 examples of real Mistaken Memories: Kirk never said, “Beam me up, Scotty.” FACT. Trivia, is what it is. T-shirts, cups @ conventions said it, but always a variation of the line was spoken. Another is “Play it again, Sam.” It was really never said, even a movie of that title, but never said in Casablanca. Almost all the Mandela examples are real things that are different now, THOUSANDS, places in the Matrix (our world) where they didn’t get the simulation right or purposely re-wrote History, darkly. & I know how this sounds. But we must be in a simulation now ‘cos things don’t add up. I can give you movie examples: Dark City, aliens made their experiment CHANGE (“Shut it down!”), streets, people changed & THE PEOPLE DID NOT KNOW IT, but John Murdock saw the Changes – that’s like a minority of people or Mandela believers who have realized the changes. Others are Bird-Boxed, I believe, & think It’s Always Been That Way. Another example is Reboot: a game or new world came down & you’d have to play the new reality. The Mind-boggle to me is so many have forgotten the Old World & have accepted today’s Dark World.
     ___, I think it’s like someone went back in time & changed something. Then, as we’ve seen in movies, most people don’t realize that something has altered. We know it or the person doing the changing knows it, but not the general public. Something like that has actually happened, but I expect few’ll believe it. Let me try to prove it:
Costa Rica was an island! It was known as the “Island nation of Costa Rica.” I’ve collected dozens of old newspapers, from a vid, that describes it as an island, even back into the 1800s. Jurassic Park filmed there on CR island so said in vid. Michael Crichton wrote “island” on page 1 of JP, so mentioned by Spielberg and another director. “Island!” Well, it ain’t an island anymore. Your Mike Tirico even said it on film ‘cos of an athletic celebration on the ISLAND just before the change, and he was made to recant publicly, after the change. Rock of Gibraltar, 1 of the largest/single rocks on Earth, was a rock coming out of the Mediterranean. Now it’s oddly on Spanish (flat) mainland. Prudential Insurance Co. never portrayed it on mainland with over 100-year campaign, “Own a piece of the Rock.” 1 time Popeye ate spinach & Gibraltar was on his bicep: just a rock out of the water. 
I’d love for you to answer these questions in your reply, if you would? It’s important. LOOK NOTHING UP. I want to search your Memory. What do you remember, like you’re on a game show and you want to win the prize for right answer? What sounds right, what sounds wrong?
Is it Jiffy Peanut Butter or JIF Peanut Butter?
Do you always remember Michigan in 2 pieces or was Michigan never in 2 pieces?
Is the Bible quote: “In Earth as it is in Heaven.” Or: “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”?
Is New Zealand 1 strip of land or does a waterway divide North Island from South Island?
Do you remember C3PO with one silver leg from knee down in 1st 2 movies or no, C3PO was all gold?
Did the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz ever pull out a gun on way to the wicked witch?
Is the quote in ‘Gump,’ Life is like a box of chocolates or Life was like a box of chocolates?
You remember 6 Village People or 5? 2 black guys & 1 was Military Man or there was no Military Man?
When immigrants from Europe came to U.S. & got off @ Statue of Liberty, was it on Liberty Island or Ellis Island?
Berenstein Bears or Berenstain Bears?
Looney Tunes or Looney Toons?
Would really enjoy your answers, on Costa Rica & Gibraltar, what do you remember? Anything?
This was my card. See, MANY people remember the monocle Monopoly Man had. Well, if you dust off your old game board, it disappeared, like in grocery stores recently. I think the Pringles guy had one on the can too, now gone. My joke is we have to keep an eye on Mr. Peanut. 

LETTER TO AN OLD FRIEND by DH Jetson 2891c0e9f4c92304

Almost last thing & this is for people from western PA. Dude, just bear with me, again, I know how this sounds. State borders and countries are a little different now. I’m not crazy or foggy in the mind. I boil my water, been doing that for 35 years. Short-term memory may not be great, where I put something, but Long Ago, I remember such vivid details. I remember everyone’s voice. Okay. I swear West Virginia was never, ever on the western border of Pennsylvania. Anywhere on western border & you went west, you went into Ohio. I drove into Ohio to see Todd Rundgren do ‘Healer’ ‘cos he wasn’t coming to Pittsburgh…and I never had to drive thru a strip of West Virginia! Never. It crawled up PA’s western border. 1 other person agreed with me. I didn’t drive around it; it wasn’t there – now it is. Last person in the world to agree with me would be our friend & U.S.-traveler ___, – far as I’m concerned most of you are Dark Side and those are the people NOT SEEING (Nazi) these unnatural changes. I’ve collected 1000, it can’t be in every case: No, it was always like it is now. I’ve been to WVA, with ____, I remember Cheat Lake. These states look odd now: Maryland almost in 2 pieces? Ohio and WVA are huge. No, PA. was the huge state. Minnesota never had tiny spike of land that went north into Canada. Now it does. So many people around the planet have reported bizarre land-changes in their area, while majority don’t see it.
     Sorry for all the ramblin’. Great to hear from you, man. You’ll only get honesty from me. I sincerely believe what I believe ‘cos I’ve done my homework. & have great memory: Certain past events are burned into my brain and no “magic” or science will ever take that away from me. But this ain’t my world anymore. This isn’t the world we were born into. That’s why I have my kindergarten picture on back of my Mandela Book. Innocence Lost.
     Hope all is well with you, physically, mentally. I’ve had fainting spells, anxiety attacks, broken bones, passing out on concrete. Yet, I’ve never been more alive and full of energy in last few years. I’m up @ 5am, never did that before. “May the Energy be with you.” It should have never been Force. Force isn’t neutral; it’s violent. & Federation (feds) aren’t good, neither is the Republic.
     We’re still kickin’, that’s good. But. Like they said in ‘Lost,’ “Where are we?” Supposedly our Sun isn’t yellow anymore, it’s white & we’re in a different part of the Milky Way?
     Who knows? Maybe a parallel world? Been switched? Maybe the fucking Queen of England did this, darkened our world, paved the way for the Police State today. Could be thru CERN, which I don’t think is a Collider. Biggest Machine in the world I think is a Collector of negative energy. There was love in the air. Now there’s hate.
PS.  What’s Tray? It’s my mother and my father, 3. I keep them alive in me. You won’t believe but I’m constantly talking to them. No, I haven’t heard anything back…it’s early. Ha.

Glad we’re living too. A lot of people we knew are not.
That’s it? Did you start? I’m joking. Thanks for the answers you did give me. You didn’t say if you ever heard of Mandela Effect before? (He hadn’t). Many people have and know of these cute little things, like they grew up with Berenstein Bears (TV cartoons, books, they were Jewish) & suddenly lo & behold it was always BerenSTAIN. No, no – unnaturally changed, like monocle on Monopoly Man has disappeared. Do you know “El” means “God” there Mr. El? So tell me, Supreme God, how come you missed HALF of these simple questions? Yes I do keep my mind active: Like Spock’s gas bomb should have worked @ OK Corral, but didn’t – metaphor for our world now – physics don’t add up anymore so all should be questioned: “Bullets aren’t real.” Not false memories, the world has actually/physically changed.
     Look up your answers. Believe me I have given this quiz before to more than 10 people & it’s always a mish-mash of things. Seriously, everyone should have gotten almost all right; they were that simple. Now FALSE or VARIOUS memories are in place, interfering; no right & wrong anymore. Let’s go over yer answers which always amazes me each time I pick someone’s brain on these & other things. Spock would say “Fascinating” & he would also have a goatee on this side of the Mirror. Not a joke, Predictive Programming. I think They’ve been telling us what They’ve planned and did for years in fiction, movies & TV~ We’ve been switched to a parallel world (must be the answer)…
Answers to your questions...
1. Jiffy PNB I started w’ this ‘cos Everyone remembers Jiffy except a few like my publisher; no 1 changes a brand name. Company is tired of answering 1000s of Mandela inquiries “No it was never Jiffy!” We live in a universe where JIFFY never existed. Swallow that! Didn’t we all eat Jujubees? Same thing! Don’t tell me that childhood memory is wrong! But it is today: It was always Jujubes. Bullshit. You know darn well, or you should, that JC Penny (old co. w’ the catalogs) was spelled like the penny. Now it’s PENNEY. Look it up. That clashes w’ a lot of people’s memories. I guess you are not sure of Costa Rica or Gibraltar. Right, I only want to know what you THINK you remember. I’m not arguing here, ___.
2. Michigan - 2 sections (upper peninsula)Swear to God, I was good in Geography & I would not have missed 2 sections to Michigan. Just let it be known to you that there is another world where Wisconsin went more north & also looked like a glove, 1 Michigan. Understand I am not INSISTING you are wrong. Please don’t insist I am wrong. Both are right in a relative argument. I’m fascinated ‘cos it is indeed a Clash of Realities now. Never before 5-10 years ago.
3. "On Earth" Look @ this 1. I know you are not a Bible specialist, but we all know the classics. Classics have strangely changed. We live ON Earth, it was always “On.” Well don’t look now but it’s changed to “In.” 2 “in”s. You also know it’s the King James Bible – not anymore, changed to Prince James. Prince James!? Millions of people over 400 years weren’t wrong. Bad grammar, misspelled words & some sentences start uncapitalized now in Bible. Never before. Promotes homosexuals now & it never did before, etc., etc. It’s now the Devil’s Bible.  
4. New Zealand...1 island Wrong! But yer right; this is exactly how I remember & have drawn world map many times over when putting my grid map out there. NZ looked like a long worm. Now it is a cut worm with a No. & So. Island & Cook’s Strait splits the 2. It’s now south of Australia, it wasn’t before. Why don’t we call it Land Down Under if more south?
Australia was way out in Pacific, now almost touching New Guinea. Also So. America was under No. America & Panama Canal went W-E, now So. America isn’t even under FLA, way east, & canal runs diagonally.
5.  CP-03 have no clue.... Really? I’ve seen 1ST 2 movies in the theater 3 times & bought’m on disc. You fell asleep I remember when I played you blue ray, well you were tired. Take my word, he was all gold. But filmmakers now say we do him differently than the way he was. NO! They have changed & have to justify new reality now in place. Another change is you know Darth said, “No, Luke. I’m your father.” Now see it & he says “No, I’m your father.” Luke’s not there. Last Jedi, get it? No balance, all dark & evil.
6.Yes, Scarecrow had a gun This blows my mind! I’ve seen it each year growing up & I found many odd differences today. No gun to me & many others. In same scene Tin Man along with his ax had a big silver wrench! What? Not in my memory, but maybe in yours? And lion had Bug-Sprayer with a pump! What? Not in my memory. You remember big Wrench & Bug-Sprayer? Okay.
7. "Life is..." Again classic. Again yer wrong & millions of others are too. (not really) Been changed to “was.” & there’s a sinister meaning I think to some of the changes: We don’t have a choice anymore. We did. Not now…kinda suggesting the Nazi State I talked about all around us. You know & world knows in ‘Field of Dreams” he said “If you build it, they will come.” Now if you see movie, he says “he will come.” As in the Devil? they seem to be waiting for, it’s in like every movie now. “Dark” in every title?
8. Hated Village people! Fuck Disco! Hey, issues, trigger, easy big fella. There were 5, 1 black guy, the main singer. This 1 is hilarious. Now there’s 2 black guys, Military Man, & to people who have followed the group, this is news/a sudden appearance! Yet he is in every photo from very beginning. I know we didn’t follow Jackson 5, but now there seems to be 6. Michael was always the youngest brother. Now Randy has popped into existence as a YOUNGER Jackson brother. I kid you not.
9. Liberty Island See, so many people remember Ellis Island, where the water tower is. You might be affected by all those Insurance commercials – they’re throwing it in our face what they did – but you don’t have to believe that, ___. If they could change Great Pyramid (& it’s different now) they could switch Statue of Liberty. Another historic anomaly: You never heard of the Black Tom Explosion, no one has! But there it is! NY was bombed during WW1? What? Yeah & this false (different) reality now says Statue was severely damaged & no one has been up in arm to torch part in 100 years. While people have photos from when they visited up in the torch. Nothing makes sense anymore, man~
10. Bears????? no clue
11. Looney Toons Yeah, it was. Now it’s TUNES. Even from 40s-50s: da, da da da da da daaaaaaa Looney Toons has always been spelled like music, not like Toon Town or Tiny Toons. Nope. It’s Looney Tunes, alright. Changed. We are being Gaslighted, like the old movies, made to go crazy and made to fight.
    See, we (all of us) should be in space & that is a true fact. THEY are in space and have been for decades. The few Power Elite on top. Suppressed technology. They have everything, we have nothing. We’re locked in a Medieval dungeon and are not allowed to progress. I’m actually very happy in my misery. To me, knowing the truth, no matter how terrible, is better than not knowing it.

No one had died from Coronavirus? So say European doctors. Maybe you should see the link?

To me it’s wonderful to see truth & resistance to the unfair new Nazi laws. I realized YouTube isn’t you-tube, it’s They-tube. There are always posts of Fear & the many dead from the virus, celebrity-quarantine, etc…all bullshit: People, good people, wouldn’t keep posting such horrors and horrible lies. But governments would! So when there are YT reports of people rallying on state capitals & in other countries AGAINST the New Order, it’s great to see and rare, hardly ever reported on Fascist TV (1984 tele-screens). This particular link shows Germans protesting, marching, without masks and telling it exactly like it is: masks are unnecessary and are simply signs of our ENSLAVEMENT. If more of this was reported, then maybe more people around the world would have the courage to see the truth?


Opening scene from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), showing the Simian Flu spread and the annihilation of human civilization.


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