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The Truth About Internet Censorship

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1The Truth About Internet Censorship Empty The Truth About Internet Censorship Fri Aug 14, 2020 3:32 pm



The Truth About Internet Censorship 1kkIjC4R2T

The Truth About Internet Censorship

Let’s play the game, “Will I get banned today because of this video?”
In the strange time of 2020, there is no tool more powerful for controlling the masses than political correctness. It’s what those who seek to control us use as justification to manipulate the information that we see. If you can control the majority of information, then you can control the majority of people, in which case, you can manipulate political outcomes.
And today, these platforms have become an extremely powerful propaganda tool, based on declassified records of contracts and Freedom of Information requests. We know that DARPA, the NSA and figures connected to the intelligence community were some of the earliest sponsors of these Big Tech companies, like Google and Facebook. DARPA has even funded experiments on developing tools to identify misinformation on social media and counter it with what they deem as “truthful information”, reducing the adversary’s ability to manipulate events.
What this points to is that these platforms have the ability to be puppeted and weaponized for nefarious and political purposes, even by its owners, through things like shadowbanning. Now, when left alone, these platforms are the most powerful way to disseminate information to millions of voters. There’s nothing else that even comes close to competing with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for this; it’s truly the new digital public square.
But every single day these platforms manipulate information which favors the establishment, upon which that media cartels have built their kingdoms, normalizing the insane status quo and manufacturing support for agendas which bolster it, until eventually people not only believe in talking points that are being promoted, they parrot them as truth and become aggressive against anyone who questions it or dissents from it.
In 2012, Facebook conducted secret psychological tests on his unknowing users to see if they could influence their emotions through influencing the news feed information that they saw. They found that by manipulating the news information, they could influence the mood of their users, although I’m sure, from their intelligence-sponsored inceptions, these platforms have always been used as a tool for psychological manipulation and propaganda purposes.
For example, YouTube openly manipulates information all the time and they refer to it as “authoritative content”. What this really means is “suppressing independent content while propping up legacy media” – which of course can never be biased or wrong or have any sort of political or financial motivations – which are owned and puppeted by elite billionaires with political and financial motivations.
But if you question this official narrative, even if you have a mountain of sources and evidence, you know like what they used to call “journalism”, what people used to win Pulitzers for – well now, you’re just an “Alt-Right troll conspiracy theorist and you are the physical manifestation of Hitler’s ghost” for even mentioning it.
These tech titans will lie under oath that they don’t manipulate users or information and unfortunately at these hearings, the questions are asked by people who don’t understand how to set the date and time on their iPhone, let alone how these platforms even work.
And most of the people asking the questions, especially Democrats receive financial contributions from these Big Tech companies, like Google. And while some representatives like Jim Jordan clearly got the message right in the most recent hearing, will anything actually be done about it this time or is this just a performance?
Here’s a twitter screenshot leaked from an underground community after Twitter was recently hacked but if you post this screenshot to Twitter it will be removed and you might get your account suspended, as it seemingly shows proof of manual intervention capabilities, such as banning trends and banning searches – you know, things they claim that they don’t do, even under oath.
Based on the accounts that they delete and the ones that they promote, the bias is obvious. Seemingly, all of these Big Tech platforms are working in tandem with the same political agenda right now. We’re three hours until midnight on America. The fate of the Western World will be determined by the next election and these monopolies that were created by the government who spy on us are now being used to politically influence people; effectively rigging the election.
Russian trolls posting a few memes on Facebook was considered subversion of our democracy? How is this not a million times worse? But as long as Biden wins, not only will they never have to face consequences for doing this, the talk about Anti-trust laws will die down to a whisper.
There is no greater threat currently to our democracy than this and likely, nothing will ever actually be done about it for the very reason that something needs to be done about it, because they have too much power they have too much wealth and they have the ability to crush and manipulate dissenting voices.
Across the service, they just Control-ALT-Deleted at least 7,000 Twitter accounts showing any support for QAnon, which can be as innocuous as these memes and Twitter says they did this because of safety. Now, is this me making you unsafe? Is it hurting you? Of course not the purpose of this was clearly political, as QAnon on supporters make up a notable faction of Trump supporters and there is an election in a few short months.
There are some very powerful people and organizations who do not want Trump in office, that these social media companies capitulate to. One big example is the Anti-Defamation League or ADL, which represents itself as an “anti-hate organization” but something that this organization really doesn’t want people talking about is that in 1993, it was caught illegally conspiring with the police to engage in a massive spy ring. The information that they stole was sold to influence foreign politics. The ADL was also created to honor the memory of a convicted child rapist and murderer named Leo Frank and it’s this very pedophile apologist organization that has decided to be the moral arbiter for the Internet.
They have their claws deep into most of these social media platforms and are blackmailing them with threats of trying to turn off advertisers if they fail to capitulate to their politically-cancerous demands. ADL CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt is the face of Internet censorship and if you refuse to join their advertising blockade, they will label you as supporters of racism and whatever other insults they can use to shame people into submission.
Actually, Mr. Greenblatt, elling “Fire!” in a crowded theater refers to a Supreme Court case called Shank vs US,  which was actually about disobeying the draft. This was effectively overturned in 1969, after the Brandenburg vs Ohio case, which set a new legal precedent for incitement of violence.
In order for speech to be classified as such, the threat has to be very specific and not only very likely to happen but to happen very soon – and even if someone did legally incite violence on a platform like Twitter, that is up to the actual legal system to decide, not you which is a good thing since you clearly don’t understand the very law that you are using to justify your oppressive actions.
All [Jonathan Greenblatt is] trying to do is censor the new digital public square for political reasons – and that’s not surprising, since almost everyone at the ADL is a Democrat and [Greenblatt] worked as a special assistant to Obama.
No, there is a perfectly good Terms of Service already built. It’s called the First Amendment. Any censoring of speech that isn’t actually illegal is about control.
In order to justify this political censorship, they will always say that differing opinion are “misinformation” or “hate speech” and that we are all supposedly far too stupid to decide these things for ourselves. So therefore, it’s harmful to the public and they must step in and protect us from evil ideas and memes.
Of course, this is really about control and it always has been. If censorship policies were actually about keeping people safe Twitter’s target would be pedophiles – which are rampant on their platform. In fact, last year, statistics from the Internet Watch Foundation found that Twitter is responsible for half of the child abuse material found online.
But rather than dealing with this, Twitter seemingly changed its guidelines last March to allow public discussion about attraction towards minors. So from this, I can only assume that Twitter, much like the ADL either supports or sympathizes with pedophiles.
Yeah, talking about diddling kids on Twitter is just fine, as long as you don’t post Donald Trump memes. The only reason anyone to the right of Karl Marx is still allowed on Twitter is to give it the illusion that they tolerate differing opinions but they don’t. This censorship and culling of dissenters has been going on for years now but in 2020, it’s a victory lap to suppress Wrong Think around the world before the Election by using political correctness as justification.
Soon, Twitter will be nothing more than a 30-million person circle jerk of Blue Checkmarks further emboldening each other’s coldest takes.
If i was the CEO of Twitter, I would be less concerned about what conservatives are tweeting and more concerned about how a teenager was able to hack in and gain access to some of the biggest accounts on the website. We’re supposed to get rid of TikTok now, because China is supposedly using it to spy on us but when the American government uses social media to spy on us, as exposed by Edward Snowden, nothing is done about it.
It’s weird that we’re told to care about people having their rights taken away and being controlled by authoritarian forces when it happens in China but when it happens here we celebrate it. “Oh, thank you for censoring those people that had different ideas in me. I wouldn’t want to actually learn something outside of the established narrative that I’m being force-fed.”
And each day, the elite minority further subverts our speech and freedom and we aren’t even allowed to acknowledge that, without the risk of it destroying our lives. Because of that most people are not speaking out and those who are are censored anyway.
The ultimate outcome that they’re going to achieve is total control of speech and subversion of our democracy. They’re winning. That was their plan and they’re achieving it.
I don’t know how it could even be stopped at this point. Most of this has been done as a Trojan Horse named “political correctness” and it’s being weaponized in the dumbest and worst way possible. This type of manipulation has been going on for so long, that it’s actually created Cancel Culture. And now we’re all supposed to believe that censorship and destruction of people, objects and ideas is a good thing for our society and that it’s “virtuous”.
The free market can’t survive without competition and in order for that, there needs to be monopoly-busting of these platforms that likely wouldn’t have even become the monoliths that they are today without government intervention in the first place. This is why Anti-trust laws were created. For this very reason, these platforms need to be regulated as a digital public square.



Thanks to: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net

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