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LETS DO THIS! by Hopegirl

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1LETS DO THIS! by Hopegirl Empty LETS DO THIS! by Hopegirl Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:13 pm




What are we waiting for? No really… why are we waiting? We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!
I for one, am not going to sit around and wait. And who can with all that is happening around us?

We’ve come so far, we’ve “hung in there” for so long. Now is the time for action!

To borrow some great words from my beloved friend Cobra:

“The eleventh gate activation is approaching fast. Let’s do this! Let’s open the doorway into Oneness wide open!

At the exact moment of the activation, miniature prismatic stargates
will anchor themselves within the cracks of the Matrix around the
surface of our planet on physical and non-physical planes and will stay
there forever. All fifth- to seventh- dimensional aspects of the
Calabi-Yau manifolds will unfold themself into perfect spheres, into
perfect bubbles. This will be the anchoring of the eighth dimension.
This will be the revealing of the Diamond of the Unseen.”

I would like to share with you what has been manifesting. The Fix the
World Project is a smashing success! You poured your hearts out on
paper and your voices were heard. Not only by myself and our team of 20
volunteers, but by the Universe itself. Your call was sounded from the
rooftops. It was exactly what needed to be said at the exact right

And I’m proud to report, IT WORKED.

Think of the world as a fine restaurant. Those in positions to make
great change are the chef’s. You just put in your order, and now your
meal is being prepared for you. You can smell it, you can hear the
sounds of the food cooking, your plate is about to be placed in front of
you containing the best meal you ever had in your life!

People are waking up and paying attention. They are all coming out of
the woodwork and ending up in my inbox. I’ve been speaking with free
energy inventors, major industry leaders, movie producers, and so many
more over the last couple of weeks. The ideas and contacts are pouring
in faster than we can process them. We have decided to do the next
logical thing. We’re starting an official organization.

LETS DO THIS! by Hopegirl Ftw-logo-final

This is so exciting! We are using all of the ideas and concepts in
the Fix the World Project to create what we are calling “The New
Paradigm Business Model”. We are creating the workspace for all of you
to develop your passions and turn your ideas into funded projects. To
help explain it please be sure to watch our 8 minute promo video here.

HOPGIRL FIX THE WORLD ORGANIZATION PROMO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik-os4pBkig&feature=youtu.be

The pieces are all falling into place. It’s quite the challenge to
build the bridge to the Golden Age, but we are all doing it together!
Part of this is anchoring in the energies of the Divine into our 3D
reality. Do you know how exhilarating it is to write up a business plan
and a budget based on truth, freedom and abundance for all human kind?
We took your typical old paradigm business nonsense and threw it out
the window! We said “We’re going to do this the right way this time
around!” and incorporated everything the people told us they wanted in
their Fix the World Essays.

If you feel moved in your heart to make a donation to help us get
going please do so! We know that there are so many of you out there that
want to get something like this started as much as we do. This is for
all of us! No amount is to great or to small. (But we do love those
synchronicity figures like $111, $55, $333) We’ve set up a link here
for an easy way to make a donation: http://www.gofundme.com/1jtunk?utm_campaign=Emails&utm_source=sendgrid.com&utm_medium=email

Below is an excerpt from the Fix The World Project.

Proposal for Investors

If you have the ability and want to make an investment in something
that can truly change our world for the better, end global suffering and
help humanity usher in the Golden Age, please consider helping us fix
the world together. Below is an outline to propose what we have to offer
and what we need to make it happen.


We posed specific questions to harvest solutions for the real
problems in our world. Nearly 300 people from 37 countries responded and
contributed their knowledge, ideas

and opinions.

From this great work we have accumulated the following valuable resources:

• A wide range of solutions that can be implemented on both local and global levels.

• A way to gauge the wisdom of the crowd to help bridge the disconnect between the people and their leaders

• A platform for people to engage in critical and creative thinking to come up with solutions to our problems

• A way to identify the resources/project/individuals that have the
talents, knowledge and skills, and are ready and available to execute
these much needed changes

• A way to prioritize the immediate actions necessary to stop the destruction of our world and society

This world changing data was collected, analyzed, categorized,
processed and presented in a reader friendly format with the intention
of making the plan easy for those in positions of power to fix our world
quickly. This work was done by 20 very special volunteers, with a
combined effort of hundreds if not thousands of man hours over the
course of 3 months from start to finish. The tools we used were; the
internet, Skype, email, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, NVIVO9
software, $70 in office supplies, Windows Movie Maker, free stock
footage, our brains and our loving hearts. Everything has been donated
for the cause; we’ve accomplished all of this with no budget.

What we have learned

We all want the same thing: peace, abundance, change, happiness and freedom from oppression.

• There are scientists and inventors that have technologies that can change everything. This is already available NOW.

• There are doctors and healers that can cure all disease NOW.

• There are leaders and educators that can improve the system NOW.

• There are financial professionals who know how to fix the banking system and the world economy that have all the answers.

• There are ways to completely clean up our environment within 5-10 years available NOW.

• There are ways provide enough food for everyone NOW.

• There are many ways to provide free energy NOW.

• There are technologies and professionals that can fix our infrastructure NOW.

• There are established models of how to run society available NOW.

• There are professionals well trained in common law to help fix the legal system available NOW.

• There are professionals who understand currencies and trade available NOW.

• There are spiritual leaders to help develop spirituality to bring humanity to the next level of evolution available NOW.

• There are countless organizations that can deliver the necessary
goods to all those in need and end homelessness and hunger available

• There are architects who can build cities with new clean technology NOW.

• There are people who specialize in refurbishing factories and businesses ready to work NOW.

• There is a lot of work to do and more than enough highly qualified people who are unemployed and would love to do it.

The only things that have prevented all of this from becoming a part
of our day to day reality are; lack of funding, oppression, old paradigm
mindset, lack of understanding or communication, over complication, and
dishonesty. Everything has been suppressed. But it is all available NOW
and has already been developed. All of this needs to be implemented and
it needs to be organized in a transparent manner.

How can we do it?

We wish to create an organizational system to strengthen this
network, recruit those that have the answers and organize projects to
manifest these changes in our reality.

This organizational system is simply an administrative arm to serve
as a network of networks for many organizations and individuals around
the globe with the professional skills to deliver these projects. We are
offering to provide the administrative support needed to organize this
global endeavor.

Through this project we have established a strong network of working relationships with the following game changers:

• Well known Hollywood producers, celebrities and musicians, all
enlightened and in alignment with the truth and the coming changes of
humankind. They are ready and eager to do this work for the betterment
of humanity.

• A wide variety of well-known alternative radio, television, and internet leaders.

• Alternative Doctors from a variety of healing modalities with labs
and research that can cure every disease. They have been suppressed and
threatened by the modern medical and pharmaceutical industries.

• Planet changing science and technology organizations

• A wide array of back yard inventors

• Global and community leaders that are ready to lead and organize these efforts on a local level

• Industrial experts to build new cities and improve transportation

• Environmental experts that are ready to clean up pollution

• Database and Software industry leaders that want to create systems for the new paradigm

• Trusted liaisons of particular members of G20 country leadership and non-Illuminati Royal Families.

• Common Law specialists

• Public Policy specialists

• Political reform specialists

• Spiritual leaders from many different backgrounds and cultures

• Experts in extraterrestrial disclosure and research

• Hundreds of hard-working, awake and enlightened individuals with
proven skills and talents who are eager to get to work to fix this world
on all levels.

These connections are just the beginning. There are many more that
are about to come forward. Many of these projects are already planned
and staffed, they just need funding. Many projects have funding; they
just need to be staffed with the right people. We envision projects
where entire hospitals are refurbished with alternative healing
modalities. Cities in impoverished areas are completely rebuilt with new
technology, new transportation and new sanitation systems. Massive
educational media campaigns are launched to bring truth and
enlightenment to the people and to help them heal. Our oceans, air and
land are restored to their natural balance. New local alternative
currencies and systems of trade are created and implemented. All
abandoned factories are reopened and refurbished to manufacture the new
technologies that will soon fill our world. And this is just the

These projects will not be completed by one company alone. This
organizational system is simply an administrative arm to serve as a
network of networks for many

organizations and individuals around the globe with the professional
skills to deliver these projects. This is intended to act on both a
local and global scale, but it is not “globalization” and it is not part
of the New World Order.

Many individuals are awake to the fact that there is a lot of hidden
wealth in this world that is about to be released. When this wealth is
released it will be released into a new system where greed and
corruption will not be allowed to take over. This wealth is intended to
restore our planet and our society to a rightful balance and a thousand
years of peace. Money isn’t going to just fall out of the sky and
magically turn into a new public transportation system or water supply
system for a village. This work needs to be organized and carried out by
the people. We are offering to provide the administrative support
needed to organize this global endeavor.


We wish to create an online matchmaking database system to strengthen
the network and build teams of professionals and organizations, both
new and already established, to complete planet changing projects.

This data base will:

Collect and Identify specific local and Global needs

Collect and Identify skilled professionals and organizations

Collect and Identify projects which are planned and ready to implement
Match Projects to Local and Global needs

Match skilled professionals and organizations to Projects

Match skilled professionals and organizations to each other for unification

Match Investors to specific projects and organizations

Act as a recruiting tool

Act as a resource to direct individuals and organization to the
information they need Act as a tool for projects to be planned and
created so that they are ready to implement

In addition we would also like to establish a hotline for those who
wish to come forward with their suppressed inventions and knowledge, or
for other forms of important communication that cannot be entered into
the database website.

Funding is needed to pay for the creation of the database,
administrative staffing needs to process all information and run the
hotline, and any necessary travel expenses. A transparent detailed
budget with more specifics along with Curriculum Vitae will be made
available to serious investors.

The individuals behind the creation of this administrative project
are highly educated, well experienced, globally oriented and fully
capable professionals. We have a proven track record and ability to
deliver and execute this plan at the highest levels.

If you are interested in investing in this project, please contact Hope Moore at hopegirl587@gmail.com
Thanks to: http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com


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