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Joe Biden: Unfit for Office

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Joe Biden: Unfit for Office Biden%2Bkisses%2BTrump

Joe Biden: Unfit for Office
Date: September 30, 2020 Author: Nwo Report

Source: Gary M. Wilmott
Never in American history has a major political party nominated two candidates for president and vice-president who are so manifestly unfit for the elective offices they seek.
Joe Biden, the corrupt, unaccomplished 47-year career politician, with a reputation of having been a proud segregationist , an unabashed plagiarist and liar , a resolute tale-teller , and a serial flip-flopper , is pretending to head up a radical social-democratic ticket for President of the United States that includes as his running mate the ambitious, disagreeable junior senator from California: Kamala Harris. 
Biden, Obama’s vice-presidential lackey for eight years (a period of unprecedented corruption  and personal enrichment  for both men), has always craved power and attention.  But unfortunately for Joe, his mouth, hands, and nose have consistently undermined his presidential ambitions. 
This year, courtesy of an international pandemic, unprecedented social unrest, an obsequious leftist media, and the customary DNC shenanigans, Biden miraculously emerged from the basement as the last Democrat candidate standing — figuratively speaking, of course. 
Touted as the most acceptable contender in a general election, the ever-manipulative DNC , with assists from Majority Whip James Clyburn, foisted the 77-year old empty suit on the Democrat voters, despite an interminable career of incompetence and uncontrollable pervy conduct  around women and young girls, including a credible allegation of sexual assault .
Joe Biden is the DNC’s so-called “empathy candidate,” and “restorer of America’s soul.”  Uncle Joe — the perpetual advocate of blue-collar, lunch-bucket workers, friend of the common man, and supposed champion of every solution destined to restore calm to the country and dignity to the White House — is the candidate that cares about you. Not like the brash, egotistical, illegitimate, and unrefined President Trump.

And yet, despite a lethargic, uninspiring campaign, and a shocking dearth of mental competence and physical vivacity on Joe’s part, Biden stands incredibly today, at the pinnacle of his political career; anointed as the Democrat Party’s nominee for president, despite two prior, failed attempts, including one in the last century.  
Joe’s good fortune, however, is based on a lie; a political mythology, as it were, deviously by the elite power brokers,  that Joe was, and still is, a moderate and is therefore, the most electable Democrat out there.  It cannot be based on the candidate’s unifying, optimistic, and patriotic vision for the future, because there is none.  There are no reasonable, practical, and substantive ideas being proffered regarding freedom, liberty, prosperity, and security for the American people.  On the contrary, the Harris-Biden candidacy is distinguished by a dark, overtly divisive, and destructive agenda, masked most days by shameless untruths and unrelenting criticism of President Trump. So much for empathy and unity.
Joe Biden: Unfit for Office 224085_5_

Once the nomination was secured, Biden promptly sold his soul to the radical left wing of the Democrat Party for the purpose of appeasing the puppet masters and fulfilling his lifelong dream. Biden, the overrated, aging, and broken-down pol just wants to be president. And perhaps even more so, “Dr. Jill” wants to be First Lady.  If Joe needs to be scripted, guided, and controlled by radical left-wing power brokers and his stonyhearted wife, so be it.  Integrity, honesty, and principled positions are not essential elements of the Biden’s quest for power, perks, and prestige.  Come On, Man!
In his effort to bamboozle the American voter, Biden has effectively embraced the anti-American, Marxist policies of Obama, Sanders, and Ocasio-Cortez while still pretending to be a moderate.  The treasonous fake news media and propaganda arm of the DNC have enthusiastically aided and abetted Biden as they shamelessly promote the centrist lie. 
Sadly, this dishonest and extremely corrosive strategy, if successful, will only serve to hasten the destruction of the America as we know it.  Socialist-Marxist policies implemented by a radical Harris-Biden administration will undoubtedly diminish our freedoms, our liberty, threaten our security, and severely impact our daily pursuit of happiness and prosperity.  We would be on the fast-track to Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America.

It’s not the radical, anti-American policies that make Joe Biden unfit for office, however.  Rather it is the indisputable fact that Joe is not all there. Joe Biden is a hollow man. He is incredibly low energy, with obviously declining faculties. Joe Biden is physically and mentally incapable of performing the duties and responsibilities of the most difficult job in the world.  Joe Biden does not have the cognitive abilities to  string coherent sentences together without the use of notes or teleprompter, let alone make critical decisions.  Physically and mentally, Biden is a shell of his former self.
The prospect of a 78-year-old man of such diminished capacities in the White House is terrifying, to say the least. Coupled with his unprincipled embrace of hard-left policies, a Biden presidency would pose an unprecedented danger to the country.  A President Biden on the national and international stage would be an embarrassment to America and would confer way too much power and influence on Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s brain), and the ambitious, “harpy in waiting,” Kamala Harris.
There can be no doubt, that a President Joe Biden would merely be a figurehead. A dithering and doddering Biden will be allowed to masquerade as POTUS until such time as the puppeteers find it expedient to wheel Joe and his security blanket out the White House door, replaced by Kamala Harris.  Harris in fact, has publicly and accurately stated that the correct designation, is in fact, the “Harris-Biden ticket.” Kamala knows the plan, and apparently Joe is okay with his “second fiddle” status as he has recently confirmed the reality of a Harris-Biden ticket . The truth is that the Harris -Biden campaign is nothing more than a cynical manipulation of public opinion, with Biden being the empty vessel by which power is attained.

Joe Biden: Unfit for Office ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thegatewaypundit.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2FEg1VFiMU4AAM4lG


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