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The LDS Church Protects and Recycles Pedophiles

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The LDS Church Protects and Recycles Pedophiles
Published 15 hours ago on November 3, 2020

By Nanice Ellis

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka the LDS Church or the Mormon Church), which originated from Freemasonic origins, is steeped in pedophilia and SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).
    Discover how and why LDS pedophiles get away with sexually abusing children via shame, exploitation, control and via a sophisticated system of cover-up.

The LDS Church Protects and Recycles Pedophiles LDS-Church-pedophilia
Numerous survivors, witnesses and other whistleblowers have come forth to expose how the LDS Church protects pedophiles.

The LDS Church protects and recycles pedophiles!

Did you know that over the last few years, there have been mass arrests and take-downs of notorious pedophile networks all around the world (and it’s all public knowledge)? While it might shock many to hear that Hollywood has been revealed as a haven for pedophiles and sex abusers (with special thanks to Harvey Weinstein and the Me Too Movement), the Vatican has also been exposed for harboring countless pedophiles within the Catholic Church. In fact, between 2004 and 2019, the Vatican handled thousands of cases of child sexual abuse, stretching across many continents. Consequently, thousands of Catholic Priests, Bishops and Clergy have been found guilty of sexually abusing children. Even high ranking Vatican officials have been indicted for the sexual abuse of children.
On the other hand, did you know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka LDS Church) has also racked up countless accusations of child sexual abuse over the course of many decades, and yet, they are still standing strong? In fact, the LDS Church currently has over 16 million members worldwide and at least 80 to 100 billion dollars in assets as of 2019.
Surprisingly, while two of the world’s most powerful entities have been exposed and brought to justice (Hollywood and the Vatican), the LDS Church continues to thrive! How is it possible that the LDS Church has been able to cover up multitudes of child sexual abuse cases for decades while also escaping the justice system?
As you’re about see, the LDS Church operates within a virtually fail-proof system that protects even the most notorious of pedophiles – from church members all the way up to top ranking officials at the head of the hierarchy.

For the sake of full disclosure, before we begin, the information I’m about to share has already been exposed through various sources over the course of many years. However, despite indisputable public information, child sexual abuse within the LDS Community continues to run rampant. Therefore, the primary goal of this article is to put some complex pieces of the puzzle together so that we can have a clear picture of how (and why) the church protects and even recycles pedophiles. (At the end of this article, there will be a detailed bibliography with more than 75 resources.)

The LDS Code of Silence (Church Policy that Covers up Child Sexual Abuse)

Despite the fact that child sexual abuse is considered a serious crime in the United States, and elsewhere in the world, the LDS Church classifies child sexual abuse as merely a sin, and furthermore, according to church policies, it’s not a crime to sexually molest children.

As a result, LDS victims of abuse are discouraged from notifying the law and filing criminal charges, and instead, they are instructed to speak only to their Bishops – and from that point on, the church handles the matter internally as if it is a sin (disregarding the law entirely).
However it’s important to note that in Utah (the spiritual headquarters of the LDS Church), as well as 43 other states in the U.S, Church Clergy are not required to report child sexual abuse to the legal authorities when the confession comes directly from the perpetrator. Nonetheless, even in states with mandatory reporting, and even when the report comes from the victim, LDS Bishops are instructed to circumvent legal authorities.
So, instead of notifying the law in cases of child sexual molestation, there is an ecclesiastical trial where the LDS “disciplinary council” determines whether or not a church member has committed a sin worthy of discipline (aka probation, dis-fellowship or excommunication). However, if a Bishop decides that the abuse is not “too bad,” the case does not go to the disciplinary council, and instead, the Bishop handles the matter himself. In many cases, no disciplinary action is taken whatsoever. Even when disciplinary measures are taken, the perpetrator’s actions are kept secret from the LDS community, and consequently, the perpetrator has free rein to go on abusing other children in the community.

Special Abuse Helpline

Due to a growing number of reports in the 1990s, the LDS Church set up a special hotline to help Bishops deal with sexual abuse cases within their congregations. While Mormon leaders insist that the sole purpose of the hotline is to help church officials comply with the law, court documents suggest that the real purpose of the hotline is to shield the church from lawsuits, thereby, protecting pedophiles.
According to Vice News, “Court documents have revealed that calls from the Mormon Church’s 24-hour helpline, used by church officials to report suspected abuse, are being transferred to a law firm that defends the church in abuse-related lawsuits.”

Directing abuse-related calls to church lawyers allows the church to classify them as “attorney-client” communications, protecting them from disclosure in lawsuits and other forums, according to legal experts.” – The Daily Beast
While there’s significant evidence that the helpline is designed to protect LDS pedophiles by keeping them out of the criminal system, the cover-up does not end there. Apparently, “The Church Handbook of General Instructions,” that is given to all LDS Bishops, contains a “policy” that prevents Bishops and church members from getting involved in any type of criminal matter without speaking to the church’s legal counsel. According to a recent Fox News investigation, leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints received a letter dated August 4, 2020 reminding them of this church policy:
 “We remind leaders and members of a long-standing policy that Church leaders should not involve themselves in civil or criminal cases regarding members in their units, quorums, or organizations without first consulting with Church legal counsel.”

Letter signed by members of the First Presidency (aka head of the LDS Church)
In response to this letter, Ronald Zambrano, a California attorney with West Coast Employment Lawyers said, “He had grave concerns about any sort of blanket policy that might exist behind closed doors that would prohibit leaders from testifying or responding to a subpoena. This is no different than the culture of silence that led to the abuse of these kids in the Catholic Church… It’s a form of coercion. It’s a danger to our society.”
“If the Church is encouraging people to stay silent, you’re encouraging people to be complicit in these terrible events, and that is irresponsible.” – Zambrano
Rocky Anderson, an attorney and former mayor of Salt Lake City, said he believes the policy indicates “cultish control of members.” Anderson goes on to say, “The policy seems designed to cause dangerous delays, cover-ups, and perhaps obstruction of justice…. Listen to our lawyers instead of your conscience or your duties to the community, victims, or the truth?” – Fox News
Furthermore, LDS members who can’t, or won’t, talk to their Bishops about child sexual abuse, are told to call LDS Family Services hotline. However, unbeknownst to the caller, the moment “sexual abuse” is mentioned, the call is immediately transferred to a “special counselor” (aka legal attorney) representing the Law Offices of the LDS Church.
In a nutshell, the LDS Church has long-standing “policies” that protect Mormon pedophiles by keeping the law out of church business, and since most cases of child sexual abuse in the LDS community are never reported to the police, there are no accurate statistics.
So, what exactly happens to accused pedophiles?
According to the Lantern Project, the Mormon Church not only conceals child sexual abuse, they also give sanctuary to known sexual predators. The following is taken directly from the Lantern Project (the direct link for the Lantern Project can be found at the end of this article).

Does the Mormon Church Conceal Child Sexual Abuse and Give Sanctuary to Known Sexual Predators?

“Based on insurmountable evidence, the policies and practices of the LDS Church make it a haven for child molesters.” For example, “Franklyn Richard Curtis – High Priest, Primary Teacher, Blazer Leader, Home Teacher, and for fifteen years known to the First Presidency to be a Predatory Child Molester. Curtis sexually abused dozens of Mormon children in five states. Yet he represents just the ‘Tip of the Iceberg. ’Curtis was undoubtedly a sick individual. But what can you say about an organization that covered up for his crimes over and over for eighteen years?”
Excommunicated Pedophiles get New Memberships with no record of prior child abuse
A pedophile who is excommunicated can get a new membership record upon rebaptism which has no reference to the prior history of abuse. (‘Clean-slate’ doctrine at work.)
…On Tracking known Pedophiles within the church
Because of design flaws in the database indexing system, it is impossible for the church to know whether a current member was previously excommunicated for child sexual abuse. This is because a new membership number is issued upon re-baptism and the record does not show any prior record reference numbers.
…Protocol sheet for Helpline reflects:
The Church Helpline is not for helping victims or getting child molesters reported to police but is about church claims management and scandal control. Concedes that there are no reporting resources for victims and their families within the LDS, just clergy. However, clergy are urged not to report abuse directly to police.
….On the Church Help Line
The church admits that it keeps no records of the number or nature of calls that come in on the hotline. It rings into LDS social services and is manned by an individual (who was a former stake president). If there is a reporting issue he conferences-in the LDS attorney.
…How the church defends its practice of recycling child molesters in court
Church lawyers acknowledge that the church’s policy is to forgive and recycle child molesters in their priesthood. “Child molesters are punished under church law, and once they have repented and been forgiven by the church, they are re-baptized. Once re-baptized, the church believes that the perpetrator has become a new person and they can start over.
For example, after the LDS Church disciplined Franklyn Curtis, he repented for his sins, and then, through a rebaptism, he was cleansed of his previous transgressions in the eyes of the church – and all was forgiven.
For all intents and purposes, the LDS Church uses “freedom of religion” to defy criminal laws, and since Bishops have the power to forgive any sin, no matter how heinous, the church has assumed the right to atone the sins of even serial child molesters.
To sum it all up, even if accused pedophiles are excommunicated from the church, once they repent and are forgiven, they can be re-baptized back into the church as if nothing has happened. Along with this “clean slate” approach, pedophiles are not required to undergo behavior therapy or rehabilitation of any kind, and in fact, any potential church punishment is undefined.
Since the church believes that once a perpetrator is re-baptized, he becomes a “new person” with a fresh start, he receives a new membership record with no reference to any prior abuse, and while his new record is not tarnished in any manner, there are no public red flags to indicate his prior crimes against children.
Moreover, once a perpetrator is atoned for his sins, he is restored to his former position in the church and his prior sins cannot be held against him. So, not only does the church protect child molesters from the law, they also keep their secrets as well.
Even though the church hierarchy acknowledges that they do not do background checks on members involved with youth, nor screen out child molesters, it appears as if they may privately highlight re-baptized pedophiles; assigning them to positions where they work directly with children.
The Boy Scouts sexual abuse scandal is a perfect example:
In the 2020 documentary, “Church and The Fourth Estate,” film maker, Brian Knappenberger, highlights the widespread sexual abuse (and cover-up) involving both the LDS Church and the Boy Scouts. Apparently, these two organizations have been deeply connected for 110 years.
According to Brian Knappenberger:

CONTINUE HERE: https://thefreedomarticles.com/mormon-lds-church-protects-recycles-pedophiles-sexually-abuses-children/

Thanks to: https://thefreedomarticles.com


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