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OUT OF MIND » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » American Kabuki – Hang Tight Folks! – 28 November 2012

American Kabuki – Hang Tight Folks! – 28 November 2012

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American Kabuki – Hang Tight Folks! – 28 November 2012

Posted on November 28, 2012 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment

American Kabuki – Hang Tight Folks! – 28 November 2012 Event1 (Lucas:
I am sorry to say there is a lot of mis- and disinfo around also from
those that say to be the ones that inform everybody with their “special
contacts and informers that have no name”, so I would suggest you
discern things with a big D. Know that things will change and today’s
energies coming from the lunar clipse event will make change happen.)

For those with ears that hear and eyes that see… big solar sun spot rolling around… Lunar eclipse on the 28th…

“The Event will be a special kind of light from the Sun that
permeates the earth and humanity, it will calm humanity in the light of
love energy – its an energy not seen before on earth, the banking system
will stop, accounts and currencies reset, and arrests will be made…”
Cobra 11/26/2012

I’ve got approval to post my POOF Interview video in two days.

And now this…



Is this it? What does this mean for Keenan and Drake? Were they weapons of mass distraction?

www.americankabuki.blogspot.nl link to original article
Thanks to: ucas2012infos.wordpress.com


Herb Lady

Herb Lady
Thanks Purpleskyz!

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