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Switching gears….

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1Switching gears…. Empty Switching gears…. Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:13 am


Switching gears….

Posted on November 30, 2012

Switching gears…. Art-beautiful-black-blue-books-favim-com-194447 www.favim.com

Well, I think it is closing in on the time to shift gears here for
several reasons. The biggest reason being that we are almost at the end
of our journey. I am running out of things to write about as the world
is changing so fast and how I feel about things is changing so fast as
well. There was a time when I hoped I could be helpful in suggesting
ways to move ourselves ahead and wake up, but now it is time to just let
everybody be who they are, not try to help people change themselves. We
all are who we are and it is becoming quickly apparent that we are just
fine the way we are. It is time to pull our noses out of the self-help
books and realize there is nothing to fix. For eons we have been told we
were broken and there was much to fix. What a superb distraction that
turned out to be. Everybody fixated on making themselves better when in
fact there was nothing wrong with them to begin with.

So much time spent trying to become better people when all along we
were beautiful just as we were. Things we saw as broken or defective
about ourselves are nothing more than signs and messages, guides if you
will, to knowing ourselves better, showing us the way to all parts of
ourselves because they are all worthy just as they are. We all
incarnated into a world that is very dark and filled with fear and
little love. It is not our faults that our lives may not have been happy
ones, it is the world we were born into that set the stage for such
sadness. If we didn’t feel loved in our childhoods it is because our
parents didn’t know how to be love to no fault of their own, yet we took
it all on as our defects. This must end!

I used to find myself feeling frustrated that people were not waking
up quickly enough. First of all, who said when we had to wake up and
secondly who said we had to wake up? Here again we are all just being
who we are. Some are meant to be awake and holding the light, others are
not yet ready to take on that responsibility and so they stay in their
cocoons of safety which is exactly where they are meant to be. We tend
to look at life through glasses that show us the defects we think we see
of life rather than the bigger picture of all that really is. We in the
spiritual world I think tend to feel above others because we see things
more progressively than most but we are all EQUAL. We are all being who
we should be and we all are just fine in who we are and what we are

We have been conditioned over eons of time to believe there was
something wrong with us and nothing could be further from the truth. We
have been taught to feel shame, to have little self-worth, to see
ourselves as defective. We have been brainwashed and it is time we
hopefully undo the damage and just spend time loving who we are and
expecting nothing more. How magnificent we humans are with our intricate
systems and brilliant minds. It is time we cease looking at life
through the eyes of lack and being broken as we have been taught to for
so long now. Those emotions we feel are not reality, they are
programming we have bought into and it is time to let it go now! Time to
embrace the reality of all is well and all is as it should be and to
accept ourselves just as we are for who we are.

Whatever issues we have that cause us trouble, we just need to face
them head on and walk through them and when we do and when we come out
the other side we are far stronger than we were going in. There is no
such thing as going around issues and thinking they are gone. They still
remain and will continue to do so until we decide to find the courage
to walk through them and face them and then and only then will they go
away. Our shadow sides we try so desperately to hide from the world are
not a heavy burden but rather authentic parts of who we are and require
no fixing, just acceptance by us as being a part of who we are and
embracing those shadows as well as our light. This constant need to fix
ourselves says we don’t love who we are as we are and the constant
trying to fix has pulled us far away from our intended mission as
Wayseers. Time to get back on track!

So this understanding I have now to just let people be who they are
has put a crimp in my messages here. As the magic date of 12/21/12
closes in upon us I am struggling to find things to write about. As I
said, everything is changing so quickly now. I do not want to be a part
of the distraction of needing to change. I will sit and think over the
weekend how to handle this dilemma and see what transpires Monday
morning. I may have to shift my agenda here and alter it to fit the time
frame we are in. Until Monday, have a wonderful weekend and stay in the
light and be love or rather just be who you truly are and love every
inch of that person warts and all…

Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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