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Stealth Wars

Does anybody find it odd that the Dominion voting machines were moved to Nashville this past week and audited by AT&T, which just so happens to be the place where the bombing happened?
Jeffrey Prather lays out the motives, the means and the actors involved in the election fraud and in the attendant Nashville bombing. Prather is a veteran of the DEA and the 4th Psychological Operations Group in the Army Special Forces and in his judgement and that of his colleagues, the device used in the Nashville attack was a 250 lbs Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) deployed by the MQ9 Reaper drone preferred by the CIA.
This why the air space was shut down over Nashville after the explosion. They wouldn’t have had to shut down the air space if the RV was the actual cause of the explosion.
Prather says the streak seen in CCTV footage of the event comes from the missile leaving Stealth Mode and recalibrating aim and accelerating before impact and detonation.
He says the attack goes back to China, to their Special Forces and to CIA Black Hats, with their Stealth Predators and Stealth missile contractor teams.
The Motive was they wanted to stop the AT&T contract for the forensic audit of the Dominion voting machines.
Investigative journalist, Maryam Henein dug into the building’s history and found that its former owner was Cerebus Capital, a private equity group made up of Carlyle Group veterans, like William Kennard. He was also Bill Clinton’s FCC Chairman and Obama’s Ambassador to the EU.
In December 2019, Cerebrus Capital Management acquired Dominion Voting Systems. Cerebrus is run by Staple Street Executives. Joe Biden’s brother-in-law, Steve Owens is the Co-Founder of Staple Street Executives, along with William Kennard.
Prather reports that the supercomputer in Tennessee was connected to the AT&T internet in Nashville and the cooling system, which uses water from the Cumberland River was compromised due to internet outage and the supercomputer was fried.
So, the explosion just happened to be at the AT&T location of the cooling system, that housed Dominion Voting Systems and hard drives for the forensic audits.
He says, “It’s a devious plan between domestic traitors in Justice and in Congress and in the Senate. That includes McConnell, whose wife’s sister is married to President Xi.
“And to tie this back to China even further, remember, I talked about Akamai early on and earlier, Sidney Powell had an affidavit from cybersecurity that the election data could be transmitted to China and the testimony pointed out that Dominion’s voting system is cooperating with Akamai, the content delivery network provider, capable of transmitting US election data to Akamai’s servers in Germany (remember the raid in Germany?) and China.”
The latest research shows that a smart device in Georgia sent US Presidential Election information to China. Election security expert, Russell Ramsland made the statement in an interview with the Epoch Times’ Simone Gao on December 24th. According to that report, a smart device in a table-making room in Georgia could communicate with the boarding server and send ballot information to China.
A Microsoft engineer has followed-up and verified this information: A smart thermostat in the room was connected to the Internet of Things, as first reported by Patrick Byrne in a video with Ann Vandersteel which has since been taken down by YouTube.
Byrne said the forensics show that a Dominion machine in a “swing state” connected to a wireless network in the thermostat and voting data was “sent to the Chinese IPs of a corporation already embroiled in scandal involving officials in that same state.”
It can be easily deduced that Byrne was referring to a machine in Georgia connecting to IPs associated with Huawei. Ron Raffensperger, the brother of Georgia Secretary of State, works as the Chief Technical Officer of Huawei Enterprise Storage Solutions, which is based in Shenzhen, China and is owned by the CCP. Byrne said, “That set of IPs and pictures, itself, documents everything we need to document.”
In addition, Jeffrey Prather reports that the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) has evidence that Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger received bribes from the Chinese government to manipulate the election result.
Prather finishes by saying, “If I can do this, so can the DOJ, so can the FBI, if they were for real. Prove me wrong, FBI! Because you’re done! You can keep saying that you’re the preeminent law enforcement organization in the world. You can say it. You can say it to each other but nobody believes it. And you guys don’t believe it anymore. You have been destroyed from within.
“CIA, same thing. You’re done. You’re finished. And our institutions are being finished. And for all you politicians that are listening to this, too: You’re destroying yourselves.
“China is not going to reward you for this in the end. They’re going to do what Communists always do. They’re going to kill off all their useful idiots. Look at history, do a country study. Prove me wrong.”



Thanks to: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net


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