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Cosmic Awareness: December 2012 Nibiru Update

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Cosmic Awareness: December 2012 Nibiru Update
Posted by admin on December 3, 2012
Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

Cosmic Awareness, I have a question to do with the SOHO website, where you can download images of the Lasco C2 and Lasco C3 images, which take pictures of the Sun, and where almost daily, sometimes two or three times a day, captures the winged disk, Nibiru. It moves around an enormous amount. Sometimes it is hiding behind the disk that covers the Sun. Sometimes it is not there. Also, there is a lot of evidence of editing as well. It is really confusing. I don’t understand how Nibiru itself is moving. Is it to do with the wobble that it is creating with all of its satellites and the different planetary bodies? Or is it the way that Nibiru is wobbling itself? Or is there some thing else that is messing around with the satellite images? Is there any feedback on this for the readers and listeners?

That there is indeed feedback. There are several factors that are occurring. You mention the wobble of the planet itself and this is one reason why different angles are presented of Nibiru. It is because the satellites are also affected thus by the wobble of the magnetosphere, the magnetic shielding and lines of magnetic force and power that run around the planet. This indeed creates a wobble within the satellites that are in orbit around the Earth, but still within the ionosphere sometimes and at effect of the magnetosphere, the streaming magnetic energies. Thus, their angles of projection towards their sun and their capturing of images very much alters from day to day, sometimes from minute to minute, as the magnetosphere varies and moves and fluxes. That the wobbles and the movements of the satellite in order to be consistent in the orbit around the planet, also wobbles with the planet itself. This is one reason.

Another reason is seen to be in the nature of Nibiru’s shielding or that which is colloquially known as a “force field”. It is a concept of pure science fiction. But, it is a reality of the extraterrestrial vessels, that they create a force field. This was recently observed in the planetoid Elenin when it came towards the planet, this time, last year. There was an incident where the planet itself, the planetoid itself, was attacked and a burst of explosive light was seen. Many observed a merkaba shape around the planet Elenin, and it was not destroyed by the attack of the Orion/reptilian faction. It showed instead the image of the merkaba, but it was also surrounded by a huge sphere of energy that uses the points of the merkaba as points of connection. This sphere of energy is that which this Awareness is talking about. The force field. That there is a similar force field around the larger planet, Nibiru, and that this force field often creates a distortion of imagery, for the cameras cannot fully go through the force field itself. There is optical illusion created, if you will, and that part of the way this displays itself is in the variance of images that one sees. Sometimes, the images of Nibiru make it look much closer. Sometimes, further. Sometimes, at an angle. Sometimes, directly on. These optical illusions may indeed very much account for the effects you are asking about. But, they do not cancel the fact that Nibiru is out there and coming towards the Earth and that it is in actuality much closer than the images suggest, even the ones that show her to be larger. That these ones are truer in capturing without optical delusion or interference, the true positioning of Nibiru.

Finally, there is the factor that the Powers That Be very much manipulate and control the images that are released through the various official observation points. And thus, the images are either altered or blotted out. They are most certainly denied by the Powers That Be and as this Awareness spoke about recently, those astronomers who, in their own observations of Nibiru, were ready to come forward to speak the truth, were assassinated. So, the truth could not come out.

But, this Awareness does use an often-used term: the truth shall set one free. The truth cannot be suppressed indefinitely. And that the truth shall come out very soon of the presence of Nibiru and of its effect on the planet. Remember always that Nibiru itself, although a vessel of the Orion Galactic Federation, will be used by the Divine forces to affect a catalyst effect on the planet and to help in the process of ascension, the process of alteration, the process of change and shift. Thus, again, this Awareness says do not be afraid of Nibiru’s approach, no matter what the images show, no matter how close she is at this time. Understand that things are indeed being done by the Galactic forces to prevent her closer approach than was planned for and that this will prevent some of the major catastrophe that might have occurred previously. She will still be a catalyst force. She will still work in conjunction with the grand cosmic Divine configuration that will occur on the 21st of December, that will create the corridor of light that will allow the cosmic tsunami to come through. But that she is not to be viewed or anticipated as a threat. The ending of the planet. Wormwood, as described in the Bible. But, rather, as an instrument of Divine love and light for the purpose of assisting the evolutionary jump, the quantum leap of ascension that is underway at this time.

Thank you for that. It is very interesting.

Thank you for that. It is very interesting. Another question on the subject of Nibiru. Around the 21st of December, am I correct in assuming that the dynamics between Mother Earth and Nibiru is not only going to be at its closest point, but is it going to steal the Earth’s gravity from the Sun, like its going to pop over a gravity well and create a sort of a gravitational effect because the two bodies are close, but also Nibiru stealing the force of the sun away and create a shift in that matter? Along this line of thinking, is there any more you can give us at this time?

That this Awareness has spoken that Nibiru will be a catalyst for certain events that will create a situation of extreme upheaval on the planet. That your description of it being in the gravity well and being thus a focus point of the energies is partially correct. The other part that must be realized as well is the corridor to the central Sun that will be created at that time. And that the energies of the Divine spirit, of God Itself, will come through the seven gateways of spirit that all spirit must pass through in order to experience physical life.

That the energy of the soul, if you will, is infinite in its nature. And in order to become human, that which is the immense nature of the soul must be shrunk down, if you will, so that it can be condensed to a point that it can occupy a human body. This is done through a step-down process. The seven gates representing the stepping-down process as spirit comes into physical form. That these seven gateways are never open simultaneously. It is like a canal with a lock system. That a boat can even go over a hill, due to the way the canal locks work. The vessel entering into a closed space between the two locks. The water raising or lowering, taking the ship up or down, and then the next set of locks opening up so that the vessel is allowed to sail along until it reaches the next lock. Or, in this case, the next gateway. That when the seven gates will be opened and that which is a direct current to the Divine allowed to occur, that the energies will flood through into the corridor onto the Sun and into planet Nibiru.

What is seen here is that which is called “a parabolic telescope”, a huge concave lens that is focused onto a smaller lens, a focusing lens. That the planet Nibiru will act as this focus lens. That it will indeed be affected and be a conduit for the gravitational well, but even beyond this, it will be a focusing of those intense and powerful energies of the Divine as it sweeps through the corridor, sweeps into the portal of the Sun, and focuses through Nibiru onto the planet Earth. And that this will create a huge tsunami of Divine spiritual force. That this energy will be immense in nature and that many who experience it who are unready, who will not understand, who have never seen themselves as those who will ascend, for this concept is foreign to them, will experience it as a force of great magnitude. That, for them, it may be indeed a most destructive force.

But, for those who have come onto this planet, this planet Earth, the present planet, who have understood that the sweeping change will come, the hand and force and will of God will sweep the planet clear and clean to allow the new beginning. That they will not experience it in such a deadly manner. That those who have prepared themselves will be akin to surfers who can surf the grand and great wave of God consciousness as it takes them to higher levels of consciousness. That even though this Awareness has just described an Earth-extinguishing event of great magnitude, It wishes to also emphasize it is not simply that this wave of energy will be an Earth-extinguishing event, a physical event only, but in actuality, an amazing and joyous expression of the love of God as It sends its force out, its love out, so that things may change. Those who will experience the more deadly aspect of this highest of energies will not be those in a sense who suffer an agonizing death, but rather, due to the nature, will be instantly transformed back into their spirit being, and in that, there will be a mass ascension of the many who are not ascending consciously in a state of preparation and anticipation, but in a an unconscious way, where all the soul aspects who have been on the planet as this time to have the experiences of this third-dimensional reality, but who do not intend to continue on in Planet A/B, who have not prepared themselves for Planet A, and who have not degraded down to a point where they will be hosted on Planet B, will advance in a spectacular mass ascension through that which is known as the traditional way to ascend. This being through personal death.

Thus, it is that the Divine love of God Itself understands and accommodates all in the ascension process so that all may still have the exact experience that they wished to have when they were still in their soul states, before they came through the seven gateways, before they shrunk down so that they could fit in a human body. That all will have the experiences that are still required by the soul and that Nibiru will play an important part in this process. Does this answer your question?

Yes, it does. Thank you.

Thanks to: http://www.thehealersjournal.com


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