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Announcing 12th TS Caladan Book Published by TWB Press!

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Announcing 12th TS Caladan Book Published by TWB Press!

February 18, 2021

Note: Tray Caladan is one of our Guest Authors.  The Best of TS Caladan is his newest book.

It is a ‘Best Of‘ book with samples of previous published works, transcripts from radio shows (C2C, etc.), early research using Tesla-principles to solve ancient mysteries [World Grid of 13], some information from YT videos and posted articles over 20 years. 
Announcing 12th TS Caladan Book Published by TWB Press! TC_BestOf-1024x712
I’m very proud to announce its publishing (333 pages) and that it is available on Amazon & TWB Press (also eBooks). Please scan the following Contents:                           
                                   ~Early Research~
          Atlantis Power Grid, Wireless World
          High Technology in the Bible.
          Son of Tesla (personal letters from Tesla’s son!) 
          Anti-Gravity Man. (The Otis T. Carr Story).
          Ralph Ring Interview (man who rode a ‘flying saucer’).
          Best Doug Yurchey Interviews on Radio.
          Tesla Power in 1933!      
          New Astronomy, different view of the ‘Natural’ Universe. 
                                   ~From Published Books~ 
          Best Anagrams.
          Best Mandela Effects.
          Best of Short Stories.
          Best of ‘New Men and the New World.’
          An Evening with Nikola Tesla and J.P. Morgan.
          Crowley and Adorno at the World’s Fair.
          ‘Game of Thrones’ (was not a story).
          Best of ‘Beyond Barronsland.’
                                   ~More Science-Faction~ 
          How I Would Have Written Star Wars 7, 8 and 9.
          The New Alien.
          Home of the Gods?
          “Whatever Happened to Anthony Fremont?” (TZ).
          What Are We?
          The World I Loved.
          Hamster Island.   
                                   ~Message to the World~
          A Letter to a Good Friend.
          Why Aren’t the Police Wearing Masks?
     First section has fantastic information that certainly has been overlooked and here, finally, my theories on the ancient world and Atlantis have been published in a book. I chose to put in story-form how the work of Tesla explained and answered so much of our mysterious past. Now we can read ‘Atlantis Power Grid, Wireless World’ and the controversial Coast-to-Coast interview with George Noory, where I was tossed off the show! Then Richard C. Hoagland came on and agreed with me. You can read what really happened, why I was thrown away and forgotten. Maybe banned? But not by the radio audience that evening. Listeners emailed glowing comments that overwhelmed me~
     Were you ever curious about the Bible and biblical events? Second chapter will shock you as science and technology will replace old-fashioned, religious mysticism.
     The most incredible information in the first section are personal letters I’ve received from Arthur Matthews, Tesla’s (secret) son! World-Mysteries had posted ‘Son of Tesla’ (with photos: strong resemblance to Tesla) as well as a few other chapters that never made it into my novels. All of Arthur’s letters are printed in the 12th book, where there were only a few (important) ones placed online. Truth is hard to believe.
     Through the early research, readers will be introduced to a new world they’ve never known before: Reality of aliens, flying disk-craft, cloning, bases on other planets and moons as well as ancient structures and current alien activity, out there. I am especially pleased to present my New Astronomy: the essence of more than 20 innovative, unique, astronomical articles with Answers you’ll never receive anywhere else<>
     Not to mention the Best Of strange Anagrams and Best examples of real Mandelas.

     (Here is the last part of a story in the “Science-Faction” section. It’s a twist on ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ with a crashed spaceship on ‘Hamster Island.’ The Giant has an audience with the spookiest and most powerful hamster of them all and real power behind its little, furry Empire. It’s a metaphor).
      “…Things change, eh? If only you could recharge the Germanium, you’d have all the energy to get back home. Too bad, eh? Too bad it’s not going to happen and you’re stuck here…as my slave, exactly like everyone else.” 
     I asked, “What are you? And what should I call you outside of little fucking bastard?” 
     “Charming. Let me introduce myself. My name is Wizard Barf…” 
     “What?! HA, Ha, ha, HA! They only called you ‘the Wizard.’ You, ah, your name is Barf?” 
     The tiny, dark, religious leader was very serious. He frowned and asked a perfectly legitimate question: “What is so damn funny, Tony? Reasonable name where I come from, humph. Tony’s rather bizarre, come to think of it. Anthony Dubois Gillaver. Dubois? Your entire name is hilarious and you have some nerve to call my name strange, do you? Barf is short for Barfolomew, sir…” 
     “Obviously!” I replied. “Ha, ha, ha!” 
     “Stop laughing at me!” Barf screamed up into my face. He pointed a pink hand at me that had pointy fingertips. They all had pink, pointy fingertips. “I’ll show you! Take this!!” Red rays from the Wizard’s hands slammed into me, the ‘Man Mountain.’ Hard! I was knocked out~ 
     When I came to consciousness, I had a headache and more knowledge than I did before. I knew the truth, what bastard Barf really was. He was the hamster-version of the Devil. An alien Shape-Shifter who’d landed here or arrived by some ‘magical’ means. He created this world. None of the other hamsters were real. There were no hamsters. Just the illusion of this world, placed into my mind by this powerful thing. A pan-dimensional being that knew my every thought. 
     “What are you going to do now?” I was curious and a bit afraid. 
     “Wait until you see the changes I plan for, for tomorrow. Ha, ha! I’ll be the one laughing when you see what I do to all the stupid “huggles” in my Empire…” 
     “What?” I asked with fear in my voice. 
     “Ha, ha. You’ll see. And the reason you’re here, big fella, is to witness it. You will see the changes I will conjure up and be helpless to do anything about it, aye? Big man like you, helpless? Ha!” 
     The little critter was right. I had no idea what the demon had in mind for the sweet hamsters, his play-things. If I could only re-charge the ship’s crystal, I could leave this nightmare…
     “No you can’t. I’ve made it so you’ll only think you’ve escaped and left my world. But, that won’t be true at all. You’ll see. Ha, ha, haaaa!” 
     I was even more frightened when I stared down into his beady, black eyes. 
     Time passed. I no longer recognized the colorful, innocent city of Hamsterdam. It was quiet and sad. No singing, no dancing, no cheering. New Laws had been passed by King Caprio, which I knew really originated with the leader of the Priesthood, Barf. No one was allowed to enter a store, buy a loaf of cheese-bread or nut-salad or receive mandatory water from the State, or get any service that always had been the right of every citizen, unless… 
     They displayed their total obedience to the King and wear a “Dunce” cap. Every hamster “must” wear their ‘Badge of Obedience’ at all times, which showed loyalty to the Authorities. It was the Law. If you did not, you were taken away and never heard from again. The hamsters compiled. They had to. 
     There was nothing I could do. I understood the citizens of Hamsterdam and all of Patropia, probably their enemies on the other side of the island, were under the magic spell of this alien Shape-Shifter. “Townies” were frightened. I walked around the city, always careful where I stepped, and saw/heard nothing, just about. Some hamsters saw me through their brown windows and slammed them shut. I had the thought they were ordered to shun me, or blame me. I, me, the invader, who fell from the sky! I was the cause of this dreaded fear that hung over them? Thought I was their hero? Was I to blame? 
     I was granted an audience with the beautiful Queen hamster. Emeralda was high on the royal balcony. I sat in the large courtyard, below. The soft, sensitive Queen with white fur was right across from my face. 
     “Excuse me, my Queen. But do you know how to defeat him?”  
     “I know not, good sir,” she said as she gazed at me. “I know my husband Caprio instituted nothing. He’s a puppet, and maybe we all are? I know that each day, Barf will produce a new nightmare for our world, ridiculous changes, unnecessary, that we must accept, without question. That we must now tolerate.”
     “Where I come from, good lady, there have been many dictators with supreme power. And the tyrants have ruled as God.” 
     “I do so know the meaning of your words, Captain Gillaver. I am urged, for what outcome I know not, to tell you…” 
     “Pardon? I am listening, M’Lady.” 
     “…Go to the highest mound near the shores of Crystal Lake. Do you know where that is, sir?” 
     “I do,” I told her. 
     “Dig. And you will find what you seek. I may have seen it in a dream; I am not sure.” 
     “I will leave now, my Queen.” I got to my feet, high above her. 
     “And, and, kind sir?” 
     “Yes, Emeralda?” 
     “…Do remain strong, so you will always know the truth, from the lie…” 
     “Thank you.” 
     She added one more bit of good advice: “Never fear.” 
     “Huh,” I almost laughed. I waved my hand and indicated the hamsters in the many dwellings across the hills of the island, almost in quarantine from anything normal and natural. “How do we tell them?” I left. 
     Later, I viewed an oddity never seen before since my arrival. The hamsters, still in their Dunce caps, of course, were sawing down trees? It was odd to see many strong hamsters who pulled a serrated cord, which eventually cut into and through thin trunks. Then they collected the wood. I investigated and approached. I was glad they didn’t scatter. I guess they were under strict orders to do their job, even if a Giant walked by? I laid on my stomach, made myself look smaller and placed my head near what, apparently, was the foreman on the job. I saw he had barked orders to the others. I asked him, “Whatcha doin’?” and grinned. 
     The boss answered: “State orders, comes from the top, you know? We can’t be playin’, dancin’, singin’, ‘aving bloomin’ fun all day long and not accomplishin’ anythin’, eh? Naw, no. Even the kids will be workin’, aye? They need, we all need, somethin’ to do, I mean…” 
     I replied, “So you’re chopping down trees?” 
     “Ha, ha.” “Haaa!” “Blimey.” “Thought ‘e ‘ad giant brains!?” “Guess not.” 
     “‘Course we’re not chopping down trees!” Foreman shouted at me. “We’re makin’ hardwood floors! Stupid, Giant. How ya gonna make hardwood floors if you don’t chop down trees? I ask you. I mean!” 
     Another of the capped hamsters yelled: “Royal decree! Been declared safest stuff to live on, so who are we to argue with the State? Give us boys something to do, right? Right!”
     “And to wear your Loyalty Caps, yes?” I tried to jog some sense into them. It was useless. I got up.
     “Bloody right, right!” 
     The one that spoke up had something peculiar, a light area around his mouth. I called out, down to him: “Say, ah, sir? (pointed) What is that around your mouth there? (pointed to my face and moved a finger) I’ve never seen…” Then another turned, and that one had it too. Then another. Most of them had this pink? Huh? What’s going on? “What did you guys do to your faces?” 
     “Whatcha mean?! Royal Decree! It’s the latest thing, it’s in. It’s cool. It’s hip. You’re shaved clean. Why can’t we shave our faces? I mean!” 
     I was dazed and scratched my head. “Yeah, ah, why not, right? Wait, wait! It looks stupid! You guys are covered in wonderful grey, brown and white fur. But now you’re shaving your faces down to your pink skin? Why?” 
     The one I first noticed had a shaved mouth area, replied: “Royal Decree! Jeese, Louise, you are stupid! Can’t stand ‘round ‘ere all day! We got lots of work, grindin’ the wood down flat and puttin’ it together for everyone in town. Let’s go men. Heave! Heave!” 
     I left and walked a course toward Crystal Lake. Maybe I’d find some sanity there? When I reached the lake, I saw the mound the Queen mentioned. Time to dig… 
     It wasn’t long before I broke through the mound to a hollow section. And inside was… 
     “Unbelievable. Germanium Crystals! Thousands!” They were piled up inside, or stored here, or hidden here, by someone. “Wow. Look at them. How beautiful.” They were soft, translucent (fluorite) octahedrons (purple, green, blue, yellow) from an inch in diameter to 5 inches in diameter. Perfect. Fantastic how they shimmered in the sunlight as the rays entered the octahedrons and were bent by them. “Ha, ha. Can it really be that easy? I only have to gauge the right size.” Each one of the soft minerals had defined edges. Un-split, undamaged. I picked 5 or 6 of the ones that were two inches in diameter, or around that. I knew my Mark VII used a 2-inch Germanium Crystal. The ones I chose should work. At least one, and all I needed was one.
     It was late. Sun was low in the sky. I was tired and realized I had been awake for about two of my days. Days were longer on this world. I slept. I think I slept for ages. It was a new day. Some other day. I yawned a yawn that echoed over hills and meadows. 
     In minutes, I made it to Hamsterdam. There were many more changes. Hamsters were not locked up in their dwellings like they were before, which was what I viewed from a distance. There were movements. They moved about the streets. I thought, possibly, there was a trend back to normalcy, back to Old Ways. But when I stepped closer and got a better look at the town-hamsters, they, they, they (“Unbelievable”)… 
     They had all, all of them, shaved their entire bodies! It was a warm day, most were nude. Pink. I wondered what would happen months from now when cold weather came? My terrible thought was: They were Royally Decreed to now shave everything? Every lovely, brown, grey and white hair strand had to be shaved? Bald! This was the wicked work of Wizard Barf. It was so insane I had to laugh. “Ha, ha. Augh.” Wait, there was more. “Can’t believe it,” I said to clouds. Some of the hamsters were smoking cigarettes! My God! Cigarettes! I remember cigarettes from home-world, my past. I remembered when I was hooked to those fucking, State-sanctioned killers! “What serpents now in Paradise!” I screamed. 
     I think they all heard me. Some ran. Some locked windows and doors. But hell wasn’t over. The closest “townie” to me I saw had things, something on his pink skin. I picked him up, being the curious fellow I am. And I saw that he had tattoos that covered his pink skin. What?!
     The bare, bald, hairless hamster squealed in the palm of my hand: “You’re gonna eat me! You’re gonna eat me! Don’t eat me!” Then, the little bugger bit me! 
     I forgot how strong their jaws were. I involuntarily JERKED and the little citizen was flung a long way. He was fine and made an easy landing. I stopped the bleeding. As I walked toward my ship with the power crystals, my mind couldn’t wrap itself around: Tattoos! Tattoos? Cigarettes! Completely shaved bodies! Baldness! Soft, earthen floors to dwellings, no more! Now, only hardwood floors for families and children? Are you fucking kidding me? I think they’re all mindless robots now. I wanted to leave so badly. 
     I got to the Thopter. No one was around. I tried the all-yellow octahedron; it seemed the perfect fit. And it was! Mark VII’s engine powered up with a “brrrrrr” sound I longed to hear. “Finally! Ship and other systems should light up like Christmas trees with this much juice! Right! Yeah…” Soon, me and Thopter blasted out toward deep space. 
     A little time passed. I was tired and closed my eyes. “Ha. What if this was a dream?” I asked myself. I was ready to answer, “It better not be,” when I distinctly heard Barf’s old, craggy voice… 
     It said: “THIS is the dream, Captain Gillaver. Told you you’d make an escape that won’t be. You need to, ah, witness something…” 
     “What?” I inquired. “See what?” 
     “Come back to the city, the big town square. There’s an event happening, should interest you…” 
     “Seriously?” I scoffed in disbelief. 
     “No tricks, Tony. Come back. After you see, you’re free to leave, go your merry way. Yellow one worked fine, huh? I think you should see what’s going to happen to your hamsters.” 
     I stated: “They’re not my hamsters. I don’t care about them.” 
     “Don’t you?” Wizard Barf knew I lied. 
     I cared about them very much. 
     “I’m not making you come back. I know you will. You have free choice. Don’t you want to see? Aren’t you…curious?” The alien Shape-Shifter “clicked” off as if he used the ship’s communications. 
     I was curious. I said to myself, “I’m going back.” 
     I quickly returned to hamster town, to the large square where I once enjoyed telling tales of my world to multitudes that listened. Especially the young hamsters. I was loved, once. What was going on now? What was in front of my eyes? 
     Barf materialized into his true form and flew to me, flew to my face. He was absolutely hideous. He told me exactly why he did not need me anymore, why he let me go. He told me the truth~ 
     Down in the city, both sides in the Great War convened and made peace. Those hamsters from the other side of the island moved to this side, and ate waffles for breakfast as a peace-offering, goodwill gesture to the King and Queen. You see, a VIRUS, called the “Crown Virus,” spread over all lands of the island. It was End Times, the end of the world! “Everyone was contagious with the virus.” But there were cheers, festivals, gaiety, songs and capped, pink hamsters played in the Sun together. Everyone was happy. They ignored the Distancing Laws, mandated by the State, because: 
     They’d be SAVED now. They no longer feared the Black Plague. Armageddon wasn’t going to come! Their King, Savior and Protector, and his trusty scientists had found a cure! Everyone in the town square cued-up in long lines to take an injection. All citizens of Patropia were excited to receive the inoculations and be cured from the “pandemic” which had “killed so many,” as reported. 
     “I don’t get it,” I said directly to the ugly Barf that hovered in front of my face. “You’re saving your subjects from the deadly virus?” 
     “Ha, ha, HA! No, sir. I’m giving them the deadly virus! There was no virus. I lied. Now there’s a virus! It’s in the inoculations. They’ll be dead by morning. All of them. That’s why I don’t need you to see anything anymore. Only their destruction. You’re free to go, Tony. It was all a dream, didn’t you know?” 
     I watched reality in horror. Queen Emeralda received her shot. Throngs of excited hamsters cheered! They all wore their caps, even the Queen. They had smiling, happy faces. All but one. 
     The Queen knew the truth. She cried. 

Tray Caladan was born Doug Yurchey in Pittsburgh, PA. in 1951 to Rose and Stephen Yurchey. A shy, only-child retreated into his own world and drew pictures. He earned a tennis scholarship to Edinboro State as an art major only to quit and begin the ‘Art Trek’ gallery. He married a psychic (Katrina) that would forever change his life and send him on a course to solve great mysteries. In 1990-91, he worked as a background clean-up artist on the ‘Simpsons.’ Tray’s important articles, books, videos, radio shows, theories, patent, stories, ideas, games and art can be viewed online. His positive message of a “New Human Genesis” from Mars and ancient technology based on the work of Nikola Tesla permeates his theories and research as well as his “Science Fiction” and life. 

TSCALADAN@gmail.com  Contact author, comments/questions are welcome. Find links to all his e-books and paperbacks at www.twbpress.com/authortraycaladan.html –
Signed, numbered & logged copy can be purchased by writing to author’s email address.
Above is the usual blurb. Here, I would like to thank my TWB publisher, World-Mysteries.com, Out of Mind website and the people I have heard from who will write to me from time to time. I’ll answer any questions you have and would really enjoy hearing what you thought of my stories, views, research or artwork. Anything.
If you are interested in purchasing my books, best thing would be to get them off me. I sign them, log them in a book of who I sent them to and write a personal message. The novels are treated like works of art, prints, that are numbered and signed.
Thank you very much~   tray.

Published books by TS Caladan:

  • The Continuum (TWB Press, 2014) http://www.twbpress.com/thecontinuum.html
  • Son of Zog (TWB Press, 2015) http://www.twbpress.com/sonofzog.html
  • The Cydonian War (TWB Press, 2016) http://www.twbpress.com/thecydonianwar.html
  • Science-Faction 1 & 2 (TWB Press, 2017) http://www.twbpress.com/sciencefaction.html
  • Anagramacron (TWB Press, 2017) http://www.twbpress.com/anagramacron.html
  • Transia (TWB Press, 2018) http://www.twbpress.com/2099transia.html
  • inspiration (TWB Press, 2018) http://www.twbpress.com/inspiration.html
  • Mandela Effect (TWB Press, 2019 http://www.twbpress.com/madelaeffect.html
  • The New Men and the New World (TWB Press, 2020) http://www.twbpress.com/thenewmenandthenewworld.html
  • Beyond Barronsland (TWB Press, 2020) www.twbpress.com/beyondbarronsland.html

Announcing 12th TS Caladan Book Published by TWB Press! TC_new2-1024x761
Announcing 12th TS Caladan Book Published by TWB Press! Moebiscape-1024x251
Announcing 12th TS Caladan Book Published by TWB Press! TC_n2-1024x757
Announcing 12th TS Caladan Book Published by TWB Press! TC_n1


Thanks to: https://blog.world-mysteries.com


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