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Mayans, Annunaki & Hopi, Oh My!

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Mayans, Annunaki & Hopi, Oh My!


Wednesday, December 5th, 2012. Filed under: Consciousness Esoterica The Awakening

Mayans, Annunaki & Hopi, Oh My! PSYCHONAUTTICA AugureyeExpress

by Chautauqua

It is a brilliantly clear night in 754 A.D. as K’inich K’uk” Bahlam
ascends the 91 steps to the top of the pyramid of Kukulcan in the city
of Chichen Itza, Yucatan. He is currently the ruler of the Mayan
empire, and as he gazes up into the dark rift in the Milky Way he
wonders if he will be the last. The mighty Maya empire is past its
zenith and beginning the descent into disintegration and chaos.
Inner-state conflict has arisen across the empire as long standing
alliances have broken down. It is the beginning of the end. The
Emperor looks out toward the observatory to the North as an ominous
feeling of dark foreboding sweeps over his body with the cool night
breeze. He knows this is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of
another, as written in the calendar.

It takes another hundred fifty years but the collapse of the Southern lowland cities marks the end of the classic
Maya period. Another 300 years sees the abandonment of the great
Northern Mayan cities, around 1200 A.D. Then in 1244 Chichen Itza
itself is abandoned for reasons unknown. As with many things in life a
multiplicity of factors combined to create this downfall, but one factor
was predominant. The Empire had grown to un-sustainable size, and in
doing so had depleted the resources in what can only be described as
conspicuous consumption. No amount of human sacrifice could appease the
over 160 different gods of the Mayan cosmology as the once great
society broke up into 16 rival sub-states or ‘kingdoms’ each governed by
one of the many former kings of the empire, and each desiring to be the
most powerful. With the arrival of the Spanish in 1517 the ultimate
destruction of the Mayan culture was a Fait Accompli. Not only
were the Maya world class astronomers and mathematicians, they left
their entire recorded history, and knowledge written in books, as well
as carved in stone. As they explored and plundered this new land, the
Spaniards burned every book they could find. They were exceptionally
efficient at this task as today only four remain; the most famous and
complete is of course the Dresden Codex.
The Spanish were also quite efficient at destroying what was then left
of the once mighty Mayan Empire. The new diseases they imported to
meso-america were devastating; between the smallpox, influenza and
measles it heralded the end of the Mayan resistance by 1541. Within
another hundred years 90% of the remaining Mayans were dead, either from
violence or disease.

Mayans, Annunaki & Hopi, Oh My! Dresden-codex-maya
The Dresden Codex
Since we are about two weeks from the end date for the Mayan
calendar long count, perhaps we can glean some insight from the final
page of the Dresden Codex as it is the final entry describing that end
date. The images drawn on this final page depict a great alligator
looking beast in the sky with torrents of water flowing out its mouth
and over the Earth. There are two different entities depicted also at
this event, one associated with destruction, and the other with
creation. Some say the reptilian looking beast may represent the Maya
God Chak, the God of rain and water who drowns the world for purification, at the great shift of the ages. Hmmm!?

Mayans, Annunaki & Hopi, Oh My! Pictograph-from-Gates-edition-of-Dresden-Codex-1932
As I detailed in Cassandra Syndrome, the Hopi tribe of the American Southwest also have prophesies regarding the end times, they have Prophecy Rock,
and the nine signs. The Hopi were a small agrarian tribe of less than
300,000 population, yet like the Maya and so many other cultures around
the Earth; they believed they originated in the stars. Their legends
spoke of three previous “worlds” and that we’re all now living in the
fourth world…which coincidently is very near ending. The Hopi
prophecies are all about identifying the end of the fourth world; the
signs of its arrival. The last of these signs said: “This is the
ninth and final sign. You will hear of a dwelling place in the heavens,
above the Earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a
blue star. Very soon after this the ceremonies of my people will
cease. These are the signs that a great destruction is coming: The
world will rock to and fro. The white man will battle with other people
in other lands, with those who possessed the first light of wisdom.
There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as the ones the white
man makes in the desert not far from here. Those who come will cause
disease and a great dying

Mayans, Annunaki & Hopi, Oh My! BLUE-STAR-KACHINA
The blue star Kachina in Hopi lore is quite similar to Kali of
Hindu lore in that they both would seem to be agents of destruction, and
more importantly purification. In the case of the Hopi, they believe
the world must go through such purification in order to make ready for
the fifth world, which is described as a near heavenly place where all
will live in peace. Sound familiar? To me it sounds eerily similar to
transiting thru 4th dimension, shedding negativity, hate & fear in order to raise our vibration to that of the fifth dimension…as discussed in Soul Searching at End of Time.
While many continue to search for any sign of the appearance of this
blue star, some believe it may have already come in March of 1997 with
the passing of the Hale-Bopp comet. Still others are wondering if the
Hopi blue star might not be Niburu, and the return of the Anunnaki as described in the works of Zecharia Sitchin.
The Maya also spoke of a returning God known as Kulkukan, or
Quetzalcoatl and he is also portrayed as a reptile just like the
reptilian Annunaki Gods from ancient Samaria. Again we see a theme
appear in diverse locales around the globe, in this case Gods with
reptilian features, both in art and architecture, both ancient and
modern. Hmmmm!? For much more on this I recommend the works of David Icke.

Mayans, Annunaki & Hopi, Oh My! KUKULKAN
Kulkkukan aka Quetzalcoatl

Now back to the Hopi & Maya. Around 1200A.D when the great
Mayan cities of the North were being abandoned, the same thing was
playing out for the Hopi as massive drought forced the abandonment of 36
of their 47 villages, (although eleven were later re-established.)
What if some global event caused both civilizations to abandon their
cities and homes? What if wide spread starvation decimated the
population? Well, there is the work of British climatologist Hubert H.
Lamb who first formulated data on a warm period lasting from 1000 to
1300A.D. and estimating temperatures from 1 to 2 degrees higher than for
the normal period between 1931 & 1960. Up to two degrees hotter
can result in some fairly extreme results ; especially so with

Mayans, Annunaki & Hopi, Oh My! Medevial-warm-period
Depending on the source, and there are so many, the Earth will
either be destroyed by fire, water, asteroid impact, or magnetic pole
reversal at the end of 2012, or thereabouts, depending on the source of
course. What if it was all, or most of the above? A massive asteroid
or Planet-X impact would initially appear as fire in the sky but if it
impacted in any of our oceans the disaster would quickly become
worldwide flooding, and worse. Suppose we look at the entire 2012
phenomenon like a jigsaw puzzle. Each prediction, prophesy or
premonition is just a different view from a different perspective. Each
by their own is neither true or false, it just is, only when all the
pieces are correctly assembled does the truth begin to emerge, or maybe a
reflection of the truth anyway, albeit distorted and misunderstood.
And what are we today if not a distorted reflection of the Mayan empire
as it was atop the pyramid that brilliant night in 754A.D. Have we not
made most if not all the mistakes they made? And do we not presently
face the same kind of extinction the Maya faced, when our infrastructure
finally fails completely? As so many are now awaiting the arrival of
aliens, or somebody to save us from ourselves I can’t help think of the last line of the Hopi ninth sign; “Those who come will cause disease and a great dying” and what the Mayans might have to say about that.

Mayans, Annunaki & Hopi, Oh My! It-is-only-a-choice-between-FEAR-and-LOVE
History is replete with messages and warnings concerning the times
we are living in and the significance of this great shift of the ages;
perhaps the most recent was the hippies and the peace movement of the
sixties. Unfortunately that wave of unity consciousness was turned back
by the great shining lie, and most everyone went right back to sleep,
only to be rousted awake 40 years later by the Kali Yuga and the sounds
and sights of collapse all around. Maybe we should have listened to the
hippies. Hmmm!

No eternal reward will ever repay us for wasting the dawn.”
~ Jim Morrison 1968 ~

Until next time, be good to each other!

Thanks so much to Zen for permission: http://www.zengardner.com


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