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The 12-12-12

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1The 12-12-12 Empty The 12-12-12 Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:02 am


The 12-12-12
Posted on 2012/12/05
Here’s what I wrote today to someone.

“The sense I have right now about all of this is that As we pass through the 12-12-12, that will open up a lot of windows or doors or avenues (whatever you would call it). Something says that will be a much more opportune time to proceed with wider announcements.

“The 12-12-12 to me is even more “powerful” than the 12-21-12.

“Can’t “explain” any of this. That’s what I “get”.

“Waves are very active here today. I feel a lot is being churned up (in a positive moving forward way).”

That’s basically it.

I’m not sure exactly all the “things” that are going on around this date window, but it sure feels “power-filled” to me. There is a major window of something-tunity here. And I have not an exact idea what will occur. But it is going to be a big day. A Grand Ride. A Grand Opening.

Now as I mentioned in this post, prior to the 9-9-12 mission,

“There is no “evidence” I can present to you about this. There is nothing I can say to prove it. This is simply what I have been “feeling”. And it’s been a pretty deep “feel”.”

And this certainly applies here to the 12-12-12. I’ve no idea why this feels “bigger” than the 12-21-12. Only that it does. There are many events going on around the 12-12, so if you feel led to those, follow your Heart, for sure.

[I may say more about the 12-21-12 in another post. But suffice it for me to say here that I feel the whole 12-21-12 scene has become pretty "cluttered" with ideas, opinions, suggestions, and notions that likely have nothing to do with anything. For me the 12-21-12 will be lived, as each day, one moment at a time. I do not feel the need to become "perfect", or clear every remaining possible "defect of character" prior to that date for me to "ascend" (or whatever). It's a vibrational upgrade, for sure, but there's been a he// of a lot of vibrational up-grading going on for awhile now (and concomitant "decrapification"), and I am quite sure it will continue after the infamous 12-21-12. Sorry folks... I'm not buying the hype.]

Click to Enlarge…

Now one more point about the 12-12-12… I will be going on a mission somewhere for that period. 12-9-12 to 12-14-12. My location may or may not be revealed during the trip. I’m going strictly by moment to moment Guidance. The only items that feel as if they want to go with me are some Mi’kmaq First Nation sacred (to me) pieces. Thank you, Babajij.

Why these feel like the only items, well, we shall see. There is the Pacific-Atlantic connection. But likely something much deeper.

Some of you have been kind enough to donate money to the cause (via the support page), and certainly any of you who feel the desire are welcome to help out. Several of you have already helped pay the airfare and some other expenses, so I am extremely grateful for your kindness and support.

For those wanting to participate, I suggest following Higher Guidance and do what the Higher Guidance “Higher-Guides” you to do.

Aloha, Kp

Thanks to: http://kauilapele.wordpress.com


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