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An act of Kindness….

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1An act of Kindness…. Empty An act of Kindness…. Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:21 am


An act of Kindness….

Posted on December 7, 2012

An act of Kindness…. Animal-brunette-cat-girl-kitty-favim-com-326110 www.favim.com

I feel it is always important, but especially now, to engage
everyday in the act of offering kindness. We should take the time to
stop and offer our caring, be it to man or animal. We all need to feel
loved and cared about and a small outpouring of concern to another can
mean so much. It takes such little effort to reach out to another and
the rewards are so great! Not only do you bring a smile or a purr to
somebody elses life but you bring joy to your own life as well. Once you
stop and make the effort you will find you want to do it again and yet
again. It is a gratifying feeling to make another person smile, to
change their day from being unhappy to feeling good and all it takes is
giving them a moment of your time. These small acts have huge
consequences and when the majority of humanity is partaking in such
acts, the world changes!

Giving kindness to others softens us and smooths us around our once
sharp edges. Often when we partake in kindness we do so with gentleness.
The more we give kindness to others with gentleness, the more we become
like stones in a tumbler machine or a well smoothed piece of sea glass
that gets washed upon the beach. Having soft edges makes us more hugable
and easy to like. Soft edges in a person makes them more able to
attract others to them, they are more welcoming to be around. Now is a
good time to practice softening our edges, living from our hearts help
us to do this as well. Lets face it, when we walk into a roomful of
strangers we are automatically attracted to the bubbly, happy person who
seems approachable and welcomes us in, but it is the kind person who
comes over and talks to you because you are alone and don’t know anybody
that makes the greatest impression. Being kind and gentle is a
wonderful way to be.

We know, I assume, that we all want kindness and gentleness in our
new world. As with everything we wish to manifest, we must be what it is
we desire. In this case we must be kind and gentle. Consumerism and
getting ahead in the world hardened our edges and left us dangerously
sharp to be around.Our sharp and hardened edges pushed others away from
us and helped to separate us all into our own little compartments and
divided the world. Now, we know, is the time of returning to oneness and
so we must soften ourselves and open our arms and hearts and welcome
each other in. The new world is in the making!

Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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