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Nothing is What It Seems; The Backstories

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April 28, 2021: Nothing is What It Seems; The Backstories [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture
April 28, 2021
Nothing is What It Seems; The Backstories Late-late-show
The advantage of doing a late post is, we get the breaking news for the day. My day began with a rumour on Twitter saying the feds were at Victoria Toensing’s home, wife/partner of Joe DeGenova. I don’t know if we got confirmation of that or not.
The disgraceful censorship continues after Themtube blocked Dan Bongino’s Trump interview. You can watch at that link.
We have BIG news for Florida and it sets an important precedent.

Proposal would make governor’s executive order permanent

Measure to ban vaccine passports in Florida clears House

We are seeing forward momentum in this arena. It’s important to set the tone for the rest of the world. If we can do it, so can they.

Arizona, Utah, and More States Join Texas and Florida in Banning Vaccine Passports

Nothing is What It Seems; The Backstories 5e27a-arizona
I just got this headline:

Judge Rejects Democrats’ Bid to Immediately Halt Arizona 2020 Election Audit

Nothing is What It Seems; The Backstories Meme-forensic-ultra-violet-audit
We usually get the real story before long. Check out the details behind the AZ Audit reversal. Links to articles within the Tweet.
We do need to trust The Plan, because it’s out of our hands, anyway. What the Guardians have arranged will go forward and we’ll just be along for the ride. No worries, because whatever the future holds for us will be really good.
Evil will not follow us, where we’re going. There is no way to eradicate all the evil on this planet. It’s too pervasive, but if we remove their food supply they will eventually die. The ones in charge know what must be done. We just need to have faith and patience.
Nothing is What It Seems; The Backstories Fake-news-war
How do we define “fake news”? Okay, here it is.
Would you believe them if they said they made a mistake? Fake photos have happened too many times for it to be a coincidence—or a mistake. Why do people believe anything the lamestream propaganda machine publishes? Their “news” is a con game with a covert agenda. They want us running around screaming, “OMG, people are dropping dead in the street! I don’t want to die! Give me the vaccine!”
Here’s some older but still relevant news from Florida concerning the PCR tests. They knew there were false positives in a-symptomatic people but the facts didn’t trickle down.

Miami-Dade was oblivious to FDA warning when it signed giant COVID testing contract with Curative

Nothing is What It Seems; The Backstories Canadian-flag-skull-and-bones
Is this a mistake, too?
Dr. Hoffe reports that the result of injecting 900 people among the indigenous First Nations community was that 2 people went into anaphylactic shock, one person died, and several others have suffered what appear to be permanent disabilities. He relates how one of his patients is in so much pain now, that she prefers death to life.

Canadian Doctor Warns that Moderna COVID Injections Killed and Permanently Disabled Indigenous People in His Community

We rarely hear about the race of the people who died. It would be interesting to know. We suspected that the “virus” and the poor handling of it was intended to eliminate the elderly. Perhaps the vaxx is designed to target specific races.
We also hear that people get Covid after they’re vaxxed, and die. Does it make any difference if they died from Covid or the vaxx? It certainly does.
Now what? This is awfully sudden, so what gives? If I had to guess I’d say they’re probably blaming vaccine damage on a “new disease” they’ve created. STOP THE VAXX!
Nothing is What It Seems; The Backstories Maypole
Will May Day bring a Mayday event? I think the White Hats have a wicked sense of humour and enjoy turning the black magic around on the psychopaths so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had a little something up their collective sleeve.
Scott McKay will be doing a live update at 7 EDT with an Overwatch update, if you’re interested.


Nothing is What It Seems; The Backstories Meme-corona-6-feet-of-masks
You might want to visit Jim Stone’s website and see his post on what someone made visible on the Australian government website—until they removed it. I got a 404. Jim did a screen capture though, so you can see it. They acknowledged within their organization that the Covid vax is poison. Once you get to Jim’s site, scroll down until you find it. We know that nearly every government was bribed to go along with this agenda. It’s time for all of these monsters to go.
I find this interesting, too. We don’t know how the vaccines are going to affect anyone. We’re all individuals and have varying integrity in our immune systems.
The vaccines are “experimental”, as in never studied in long-term clinical trials in Humans as the law mandates. If they are “gene therapy” (a gross misnomer IMO) and contain toxic elements, there’s no telling what will manifest in people who get the jab. It may also depend on which vaccine they received; Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer… and while some were said to be a “one shot and your good indefinitely”, now they’re saying due to the “variants” that more boosters are necessary.
Surprise, surprise. They do everything incrementally and soon it’s not “just this” or “only that”, it’s more, and more, and more piled on until the original plan is almost unrecognizable and everyone forgot the initial mandate, like “fourteen days to flatten the curve”.
Fourteen MONTHS later, where are we? Embroiled in lockdowns and curfews, multiple shots and boosters, vaccine passports, double masks, closed schools, closed businesses, don’t have your family over, don’t go to church, don’t go to the park and see the cherry blossoms, don’t leave the province, and unconstitutional threats from government, police, and corporations to follow the protocol or cease to live—over a frickin’ flu.
I can’t believe people continue to fall for this shit and willingly go along—despite millions of people protesting. We need to get rid of the lying, treasonous corporate media and Big Tech.
Nothing is What It Seems; The Backstories Montreal-anti-covid-protest-march-13-2021-WWG1WGA
A nurse posted the following blank package insert for Moderna and apparently J&J has the same. No one would know what is in these vaccines.
This is something to note: Truck drivers apparently noticed some bizarre behaviour out there on the roads and wonder if it’s vaccine-related.
“I have a startup company and as such I work every day of the week. Every day I’m on the road heading back and forth from home to my office in the Raleigh-Durham area via I-40.
Recently, I have noticed a massive uptick in seemly bizarre accidents. Vehicles of all kinds, usually singular, running off the road and crashing. Not in bad weather. Not in the middle of the night. Just all of the a sudden.
I have also noticed folks driving kind of “dazed” looking, weaving about, stopping erratically and in particular not driving at speed — usually like 10 mph below the speed limit on secondary roads, but very fast on primaries.
I’ve driven in the local market for a very long time and I have not seen this kind of behavior before. Wondering if its the beginning of Vaxxed brain damage of some kind???”
Now that you mention it…its been happenning here in aus too.
Just a spate of pointless accidents.
No cause…just running off the road into ditches and rivers…into poles…into other cars..
For no reason.
Not even speeding.
Its like everyone is having sudden heart attacks or blackouts behind the wheel.
I’ve been noticing this over the past 2 to 3 weeks but it has become really much more pronounced in the last week.
I also seen something similar with parking. I see people driving around parking lots looking for a spot to park in, driving past open spots repeatedly and then finally choosing some random spot to park in. Like they couldn’t “choose” one. Really strange.
Maine here. Delivery driver.
Definitely good observation that i have made myself. The part about people driving ridiculously slow now, barely even keeping with the speed limit. I don’t even wait for them anymore, I usually blow past them in the opposite lane, get a quick look at them, and there is definitely a light being dimmed in the upstairs department.
Really getting bad in the last few weeks, luckily I am in vacation so I have avoided the roads, so can’t say if things have gotten worse, but its to the point that i had many thoughts recently to quitting my delivery job.
I honestly don’t fear dying from a covid, my big fear is being taken out while driving by someone having a bad reaction to the vaccine.
My father in law is aggressively pro-vax. In the the last couple of days he is having dizzy spells and is very light headed. He is vaxxed by the way. He has stopped driving due to these symptoms. Can see this causing many accidents among the vaxxed.
I have observed a note worthy amount of head on collisions, and high impact with trees across the USA, Also a noteworthy amount of unrestrained operators
I’ve ridden in my sisters SUV in recent days with her to visit a hospitalized relative. She is a nurse and was vaxxed about 3 months ago. She was driving very erratically and sort of drifting though lanes. I’ve never known her to be in an accident in decades of driving… but she had some close calls the last couple of days. She doesn’t push the vaxx as hard as she did back in January either.. possibly because she has had some symptoms might suspect the “kill shot”? But she doesn’t mention anything
Went out Friday- southern tier NY, very rural – shopping in Hornell.
When I returned home I immediately told my spouse how crazy 19 was (towards the Interstate), many trucks driving right near the double lines, cars weaving as though the driver was in another world.
Have you guys noticed anything like that in your areas?
Mike Adams reported on it as well.

MORE HERE: http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com/2021/04/28/april-28-2021-nothing-is-what-it-seems-the-backstories-videos/

THANKS TO: http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com


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