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1New Message by Ines Radman Empty New Message by Ines Radman Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:16 am


New Message by Ines Radman Woman-tending-garden-by-phyllis-tarlow

The planet is experiencing extreme weather conditions. 30% of the planet is under water from flooding, 30% of land is on fire, 11 people die of hunger every MINUTE. 
This is what I have been writing about for the last 2 years. I wrote that Terminal Madness would be so bad, and it would get much worse before it got better. 

There are signs that humanity is waking up. Many experts in medicine, research, biology, virology etc; are now standing up to this madness and acting on behalf of humanity. The jabs are given to health workers, the military and first responders to reduce the amount of help, so that once people started dying off from the jab there was nobody there to save them and when mass protests started, there was no military to step in. All coordinated for thousands of years. 

These dark ones studied  and knew humans very well. They know the power we have and their plan was brilliant. Fool them, lie to them, hide the history and keep repeating things so that they would start thinking about it and create the reality they wanted. You see, they are not capable of creating or manifesting therefore, they used us with the Truman Effect so that we would "think" and "concentrate" on things through fear to manifest exactly what they needed in order to keep us under control and then in this timeline, TRY to eliminate most of humanity because there is simply too many of us now for them to control. 

It's very simple folks. Since they can't interfere with us or force us to do anything against our own will, they turned it around and used our minds to point them in the direction they wanted. This is now their end. But, as I write many times, the beast is cornered and it will do whatever it can before it goes down. It will unleash havoc on humanity through engineering the weather to create torrential rains causing flooding and DEW's to start fires. Fortunately, most of their technology has been removed from them and the funds but they still have some capabilities. 

Dear Old Soul, please hear me out for the upteenth time,  I have written in the past. Please stock up on essentials. Neither you nor I know where they will hit next. I doubt that Croatia will take a hit because we are not significant. We are a small country of 4 M people who are the lowest economical factor in the EU alliance. We have nothing that they really want other than our skies and land to cross over if they need to so they are not going to spend a shitload of money on us. But, that doesn't mean we won't experience extreme climate conditions. 
Aside from your foods and prescription medicines, here are a few suggestions in terms of natural remedies that will cover all health conditions. Get some DMSO; Colloidal Silver or better yet, purchase a CS generator so that you have unlimited supplies like I do. MMS and some seeds to grow food if we have to go a long time without the ability to even access food. These are important because these items will cover all your health issues. Do some research on them, and they are not expensive at all. In fact, they are so cheap it will scare you. 

I am FEELING the need to warn you that we are at the precipice  of what is yet to come. It will get scary, ugly and it will get very confusing because as we gain power and wake up, they will censor, remove us from social media even more than they are doing now and they can even turn off the internet so form communities where you can communicate with each other or find other means, I'm not an expert in that area but just warning you that our communications could be cut off totally. 

I'm not worried about me or my family here. I live on a tiny island with a huge property and grow my own organic food with a greenhouse. I have already stocked up on substrate soils just in case the outside soil gets contaminated. I can't avoid the event, but it will never be like in cities, so at least I am away from civilization and have a better chance of getting through this. I'm not afraid, fear is not in my vocabulary because I already know and have known that the LIGHT has won; this is now just a formality we have to go through and though it may seem daunting and scary, remember that we created this reality and we can re-create the correct one. We are immortal, eternal Souls having a human experience. We came here, incarnated here for eons to live for this MOMENT in time, to finally free humanity from the dark forces. This has never happened before in our Universe or from the time of Creation; that humanity has changed the cycle of evil and LIVED to see the fruits of their labor. We have come here for eons and eons to raise the frequency of this planet and we have already won. 
Your personal possessions, your material belongings will have no place in the New Earth. If that's what you are worried about losing, then you are not ready for what is to come. Those of you that have accepted the JAB are not yet ready either and will have to stay on the old Earth and keep incarnating so that you can see the results of your decisions to accept a foreign body to change your genetic codes. It's all by choice. There is no good or bad. We all had different reasons for being here. Remember, had everything just been right or perfect, humanity would not be motivated to make anything better. Once humanity realizes that they are losing everything, their freedoms are taken away, they then act on this. This is where we are at now. 

These are exciting times. I have waited for Eons for this timeline to manifest. I have always known that we won that is why I never feared anything in this lifetime. Everything is now clear to me. Back then, I just thought I was weird or different from others because I didn't have any attachments to people, or material things. My only goals or visions when I was younger were to wake up happy. It's all that I ever wanted and as I evolved into a higher spiritual being, I realized that it was about living in the moment, living in joy, loving this life and not being affected by the madness around me. I know now that I was destined to shine the light in this timeline and to be the watcher, the teacher, the healer and the end times comforter for all those that will seek emotional and spiritual help once the truth comes out. 

If you need to work on anything, work on FEAR. You must remove the fear from your thoughts. Fear is not a frequency that will help you. It will attract everything you fear. Reprogram your mind, it's simple. Fear nothing. I fear nothing. I am not afraid. I am eternal. I am immortal, I am Creator, I am the Light! 

Wake up, your life is at stake.  Slavery is no longer an option. Animals wear muzzles, humans wear a smile not a mask. Wake up, I'm counting on you because if I go down, we all go down together.


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