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The ‘Centers for Disease Control’ is No Such Thing

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The ‘Centers for Disease Control’ is No Such Thing
Date: August 8, 2021Author: Nwo Report

The ‘Centers for Disease Control’ is No Such Thing Image-366

Source: Ted Noel, MD
You read that right.  That’s the name on the sign in front of the building.  It’s the advertising when one of its higher level bureaucrats testifies before Congress.  And it’s the bludgeon used to corral all dissenters into one place where individual choice is extinguished.  Beyond all that, it’s a lie.
The COVID-19 pandemic is a classic example of how futile man’s attempts to “control disease” are.  By time we even knew that it had arrived in the U.S., it had spread widely.  Since most people don’t get severe disease, many in contact with Patient Zero had gotten what they may have attributed to a cold or flu.  Recognizing that those diseases in their age group were seldom serious, they took some Tylenol and stayed out of work for a couple of days.  Rinse, repeat, and the bug is “in the wild,” long beyond any attempts to control it.  Yet the CDC claimed we could.  Does anyone recall “fifteen days to stop the spread?”
The Conspiracy for Deceptive Calculations (h/t: Tony Perkins) decided that instead of locking sick people up where they couldn’t infect others — a proper quarantine — they’d lock the rest of us up.  This “lockdown” was immediately recognized by cooler heads as stupid.  Yes, stupid.  Quarantine works when you lock sick people up, but when you lock healthy people in with them, you get a lot more people infected.  Just ask Miracle Worker Cuomo, whose New York policies led to 60% of all COVID cases to be among those locked down and thousands of nursing home patients killed when he forced sick people into long-term care facilities.  Lockdowns also caused immense numbers of deaths due to other diseases not being properly detected or treated.
As we start our journey of discovery, we must flip to the grooveyard of forgotten tunes.  Who can forget the constant chorus of “everyone has to be tested!”  There were long lines at all sorts of public venues for drive-through tonsil torture.  We then waited for results from a test that even the inventor said wasn’t to be used for diagnostic purposes.  It was unstandardized and unreliable.  But the CDC kept pushing for over a year.  Then, on July 21, 2021, the CDC announced that labs should drop the RT-PCR test and adopt a “multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses.”  There would be no reason to say this unless the RT-PCR test simply can’t do what it was supposedly able to do: detect COVID-19 and COVID-19 alone.  In fact, based on the wording, it’s very likely that a lot of the “positive” COVID tests were actually influenza.  A lot of those “COVID deaths” were actually flu.  These recent revelations from the CDC should cause us to carefully reconsider the premise that the CDC is a useful body.
Let’s start with masks.  It’s easy to show that masks block big drops of water.  “Mechanistic studies” show they even do a good job blocking tiny droplets.  So masks ought to help.  After all, surgeons wear them in the operating room to prevent infecting patients.  Case closed!
Most of the critics of my video showing how masks don’t work (condensed here) lean on that surgeon example.  During surgery, the surgeon and assistants lean over the field, facing directly into the open wound.  Any droplets from speech would fall directly onto the sterile field, creating a risk of infection.  But even in the O.R., there is no statistical evidence that masks reduce infections (also here).
COVID spreads by aerosols, not droplets (here and here) that masks might block or contact.  This was known as early as April of last year.  Those “mechanistic” studies maskers quote don’t say anything about disease transmission.  Rational Ground showed in October of last year that mask mandates, however well they may have kept you from spitting on your neighbor, didn’t work to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Now they’ve gathered the data that masks should not be used on children.  But what does our CDC say?
“Everyone should wear a mask, even if you’re vaccinated.”  The CDC doesn’t care that there are no data to support its advice.  It proposes that a study rejected by pro-mask peer reviewers is enough justification to impose universal masking, even though a multitude of studies show that they simply don’t work to stop disease transmission in public.  Of course, Anthony Fauci’s famous flip-flopping from “You don’t need to wear a mask” to “You must wear a mask” and back and forth hasn’t helped the CDC’s credibility.
Next, “the delta variant is more infectious than original COVID.” Somehow this means, “If you come in contact with it, you’ll instantly turn into a pillar of salt.”  This is pure panic porn.  “Infectious” just means you can get it easier, not that it is more likely to kill you.  In fact, the delta variant is, as would normally be predicted, less deadly than the original, with a mortality statistically indistinguishable from zero in patients under 50, and fewer deaths among their elders than seasonal flu.  This is the normal course of viruses.  They mutate to become more infectious and less virulent (deadly), steadily becoming endemic (part of the everyday background of life).
We cannot leave without visiting the screed that you have to be vaccinated to have immunity.  We’ve seen multiple public figures trumpeting that “almost all infections are in the unvaccinated.”  This is such a surprise…not.  Vaccines do create immunity.  But they aren’t perfect, and there’s a strong case that recovery from the disease should create better immunity than the vaccine, since the virus exposes you to more antigens than just the spike protein.  But that somehow won’t create “herd immunity”!
Early in the pandemic, the concept of herd immunity was pooh-poohed.  Then, as Trump’s Warp Speed program bore fruit, we all had to be vaccinated to create herd immunity.  The number was 50%, then 60%, 80%, and now 100%.  “Herd immunity” somehow became a talisman to excuse draconian restrictions until the last person has bared his arm for a federally subsidized “cure” for the latest variant that isn’t blocked by the prior vaccine.  In reality, herd immunity simply describes the fact that when most people are immune (nobody knows the percentage), it’s hard for a virus to spread widely.  On this subject, we must note that there is no reason to vaccinate the young.  They generally get mild disease and recover fully.  They aren’t very effective in passing the bug along, either.
Finally, we must take note of treatments.  Early on, hydroxychloroquine was discovered to be very helpful in early stages of the disease.  But the CDC adopted the NIH posture and belittled it, pushing a study showing that it didn’t help in end-stage ICU patients.  They even used argument by intimidation to get some states to outlaw it based on fears of an extremely rare heart rhythm problem.  The CDC insisted that remdesivir (Fauci’s failed baby from Ebola) would be a panacea.  Now we know it doesn’t help much.  The story repeats for ivermectin and a host of other approaches.  Literally thousands of people died because the CDC ran roughshod over any alternate approaches.
I could probably wax eloquent for a few thousand more words, but that won’t add much to the tale.  Throughout this sordid story, Fauci’s CDC demanded that he was the ultimate authority, and nothing he didn’t approve would be acceptable.  Masks don’t help the public, but Fauci insisted we should wear them.  Society was locked down, contrary to clear literature evidence that lockdowns don’t help.  They actually cost many thousands of lives due to foregone care, cancer screenings, and the like.  Children were developmentally harmed by masking, and it’s uncertain whether they will recover educationally and socially from unnecessary school lockdowns.
The CDC has proven that its name is a lie.  It is a political organization that is barely acquainted with science.  We have learned far more about COVID-19 through the studies and commentaries published by a myriad of authors on the internet.  And it’s very likely that without the CDC, we would have thousands of loved ones still alive.
We have a massive federal debt.  Spending cuts are imperative.  Eliminating the CDC would be a good first step.


Thanks to: https://nworeport.me


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