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REN-TV is about to make history -- releasing a documentary on the stolen gold etc.....

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REN-TV is about to make history -- releasing a documentary on the stolen gold, the Keenan lawsuit, the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, Financial Tyranny and the now-160-nation alliance that has formed to end the oppression.

On December 4, 2012, one of Russia's top TV networks contacted David Wilcock -- to do the world's first-ever full exposure of our Financial Tyranny investigation in mainstream media!

This show will air just hours after we have made this post -- and we hope to get a copy of it.

The significance of what REN-TV is about to do cannot be undermined.

REN-TV is one of the top television networks in Russia, with a potential audience of 113.5 million viewers. Their website is ren-tv.com.


It frankly amazes me that this story has still remained secret for nearly a year after I published this massive investigation.

For some perma-skeptics, no evidence will ever be sufficient. For other "true believers," no evidence is necessary.

Nonetheless, as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

However, a full documentary -- on one of Russia's premier television networks, seen by millions of people -- is worth much, much more.

No major media outlet has ever been willing to touch this story in video form -- as it used to be considered far too dangerous... not to mention classified.

Courthouse News Service was the only mainstream print media source to have ever tackled it -- and this was only on a website.

The first "official" independent video that revealed this case only appeared just this past Thursday, on December 13, 2012 -- around 11PM.

This was arguably the most classified and dangerous information on Earth -- until the story began to blow open in November 2011, when tangible documents first started to be revealed.

Only then did the pioneering work of Benjamin Fulford -- the former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes, the world's largest business magazine -- produce a provable, indisputable piece of physical evidence.

This evidence appeared in the form of a lawsuit that Fulford had been telegraphing and anticipating for over a year.

The lawsuit was filed by Neil Keenan against the UN and many other global players.
This lawsuit was deliberately timed to be released on the anniversary date of the Kennedy assassination, as we since found out.


Rather than turning against each other, the mass public has continued to discover, more and more, that the real problem is not found in the 99 percent -- but rather in the 1 percent wealthiest entities in the world, and the steps they have taken to preserve their power.

The most astonishing omission in the 2012 elections, in my opinion, was any mention of the 26 trillion dollars of American currency that the Federal Reserve paid to its own member banks -- many of which are overseas.

As I revealed in Financial Tyranny, Senator Ron Paul, Congressman Alan Grayson and Robert Byrd pushed through a successful bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

The result was absolutely shocking -- and it received hardly any attention in the mainstream media whatsoever.


Politicians love to go on and on about how they "need to reduce the deficit" -- as if America is in terrible trouble because we owe trillions of dollars to foreign bankers.

The deficit is supposed to be some looming, seemingly insolvable problem. Ron Paul pointed out that nothing costs anywhere near as much as the sprawling military-industrial complex -- and he was seemingly forced out of the Republican 2012 nomination.

These debts are completely fake. They were built on fraud. The deficit is a myth.

It's admittedly quite a shift in perspective -- considering we've been told the same lies for many generations now.

The truth is that there is more than enough wealth to pay off all debts. This wealth simply has never been allowed to be used.

Very little has been spoken about the soaring unemployment numbers -- or the fact that the average American has less than $2,500 dollars of net wealth in the bank or in any other assets.


Well before the lawsuit was filed, Benjamin Fulford indicated that the "good guys" in the Pentagon were working with an ever-increasing international alliance to defeat the Federal Reserve -- and the oligarchs behind it.

With this would come the release of many "hidden" and classified technologies that could bring us clean energy -- at very low cost, and with minimal environmental damage.

Most importantly, this lawsuit would blow open the doors on a massive amount of gold that was stolen, worldwide, and put "on deposit" with the Federal Reserve.

Most people believe there is only about 140,000 metric tons of gold in the world -- about the size of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Its apparent scarcity is what makes it so valuable.

The reality, as Neil Keenan has been told from the "Elders" in Asia, is that 2.5 million metric tons of gold was either stolen or handed over to the Federal Reserve at gunpoint -- beginning in the late 1920s.

85 percent of this gold was taken from Asian countries.

Much of this gold was originally pulled from a massive vein of gold running through China, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand that has remained highly classified ever since its discovery -- centuries ago now.


Beginning in a secret agreement from 1921, the Federal Reserve created the Bank for International Settlements. It became illegal for any country other than the United States to privately own gold.

All gold had to be handed over and put on "deposit" with the Federal Reserve. Those who did not hand it over willingly had it stolen from them.

The Japanese looted the Chinese gold on a truly industrial scale, throughout the late 1920s and on into the 1930s -- in what came to be known as Operation "Golden Lily."

The original holders of the gold were told they could recover it after 60 years. In the meantime they were given Federal Reserve bonds as collateral. They were told these bonds were "as good as gold" and could be cashed.

They were also told that surrendering their gold to this secretive international banking system would create world peace and prosperity.


No Federal Reserve bonds I have ever seen or published, up until now, date later than Series 1934. This is misleading, as Series 1934 bonds continue to be printed and issued straight through to the present.

Deliberate mistakes were included in the bonds that the Asians did not recognize, due to English not being their first language. These mistakes were used to discredit the bonds as forgeries should anyone try to cash them.

An astonishing number of insider photographs of these bonds was revealed in my full book-length investigation, Financial Tyranny, in February 2012.

The Asians, realizing these bonds were worthless, have also been handed enormous quantities of currency -- from many different countries of origin.

We are literally talking entire pallets piled high with cash -- as you are about to see with your own eyes for the very first time.

However, this currency is also worthless.

The serial numbers on the bills are not part of the registered financial system.

Therefore, if you attempt to cash them, you will immediately be branded as a counterfeiter -- and arrested and imprisoned.


REN-TV first made direct contact with me as of December 4, 2012, through Benjamin Fulford. They had read Financial Tyranny -- and were highly impressed with it.

They sent me a list of eleven explosively detailed questions on December 5th -- including one key subject I'd never even researched before.

They clearly had not only studied Financial Tyranny... they also knew more about certain subjects than I did. Interesting.

By the time they came to get my interview footage, almost the entire documentary was edited together -- but they needed very specific on-camera information from me.

I wanted a week to prepare for the interview once they sent me the questions.

However, I then found out -- on Friday, December 7th -- that the air date was December 16, 2012. They needed me to be ready to shoot within less than 48 hours.

I rushed to get a haircut. I then published a very brief website update, with a teaser about this important shoot I needed to "clean up" a bit for -- going for a shorter look.

Then, on Sunday, December 9th, REN-TV's American correspondent visited our Divine Cosmos headquarters building -- and filmed me.


The local American correspondent who filmed and interviewed me did not have very much information about the program.

All he knew was that my total talk-time in the interview footage was supposed to be constrained to 4-6 minutes.

In order to go through 11 questions that quickly, I was forced to keep everything much shorter than I would naturally have preferred. Each question had to be answered in as few sentences as possible.

I also was repeatedly asked to speak more dramatically than I normally would -- for added intensity.

Between writing it, shortening it and adding intensity, each question required 2-3 takes before I got it right.

The correspondent was under the impression that the whole show might not be more than a 4-6 minute spot. However, this was not what the email sounded like.

He admitted to me that he really was not told anything about the show except the questions and how long I was supposed to take on each one.

Based on the emails I just showed you, there is a distinct possibility that it will be longer than he had assumed -- but until we see it, I cannot guarantee that it will be any longer than 4-6 minutes.

However, the content of their questions was so powerful that even at 4-6 minutes, this will be a massive game-changer -- the first-ever mainstream media video revealing of the truth to the mass public.


I do seem to remember hearing that this would air during primetime, between 7 and 8PM -- but I cannot find any documentation on this, so that also may be incorrect. It could be any time today. It may have already aired by now.

Either way, it should appear on their website, on the schedule, after it has aired. I do hope we can capture it and watch it on YouTube, and we are working on that.

If you have the means to find a REN-TV feed and capture this footage into a video, please do.

The production company has been scrambling to finish this by the 16th, and since I gave them the footage I've had only a few more emails' worth of brief contact with them.

They were particularly excited by one thing I said -- and asked me for more information and clarification, which I provided.

Due to the high security risks associated with this production, I did not want to publish this article until well into the day it was slated to air.

This was to minimize any possibility that the broadcast could be successfully disrupted.

Now we are close enough that I'm not worried about it anymore.


On December 13, 2012 -- just three days before the Russian documentary series airs on REN-TV -- an "official" independent video on the Keenan lawsuit, put together by Michael Henry Dunn, a former NBC producer, writer and actor, appeared on the Internet.

Michael appeared on the radar recently when he wrote a surprisingly good-quality "Disclosure speech" for President Obama on October 19, 2012.


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