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Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is

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1Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is Empty Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is Tue Jan 04, 2022 12:30 am



Super Toxic Batches and Excessive Variability Found in Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen Vaccines by Data Analysis of CDC VAERS | Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is
Posted on January 3, 2022 by Ramola D 
Report | Ramola D | January 3, 2022

Close analysis done by a UK doctoral student, Craig Paardekooper–and later confirmed and highlighted by a team of international scientists, researchers, data statisticians, Team Enigma–of the numbers of deaths and adverse effects from the COVID vaccines as recorded at the CDC VAERS database in conjunction with batch numbers associated with the reports has yielded stunning and massively revealing information about the variations in toxicity between the batches.
Major understanding about the lethality and toxicity of the gene-based vaccines–for which thousands of doctors and scientists are seeking an immediate halt, and which have now definitively and scientifically been proved to be causative of death, as also definitively and scientifically found to be loaded with toxic nanographene and other nanometallics and poisons–has emerged.
Statistical analysis of the data has also yielded an understanding of how these batches are being deployed, what is possibly being studied, and what the intention of the vaccines seems to be–which electron microscope/optical microscope/spectroscopy and patent/EUA application analysis as well as DARPA connections have previously pointed to.
One outstanding finding–of 1000% variation in toxicity between batches of the vaccines–points to inconsistency, a FDA GMP violation, and grounds for legal nullification of the EUAs granted by the FDA to the vaccine manufacturers, reports Team Enigma.

Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is Con-1
Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is Con-2

OVERVIEW: Vaccine Manufacturers Well Aware of High Toxicity of Specific Batches
Analyses in October, November, and December 2021 of this VAERS data to date have yielded the following:

  • 70-80% of the batches have been found to be harmless or relatively harmless–with one or two adverse reaction reports associated.

  • 1 in 200 or 0.5% of the batches have been found to be extremely toxic and lethal. Each of these batches produced a consistently high number–1000 to 5000 times the base rate of 1–of adverse reaction reports, hospitalizations, and deaths across every US state. “So there is a 1 in 200 chance when you take your vaccine that you get a toxic batch.” (That’s a 1 in 200 chance of death or disability.) VARIATION IN TOXICITY OF COVID VACCINE BATCHES/BITCHUTE/Craig Paardekooper

  • 1 in 20 (5%) of the batches accounted for 90% of the adverse reactions and deaths. This means 5% of the batches have caused nearly 100% of the harm from the vaccines recorded.

  • The extremely toxic batches could either have added toxic ingredients or a higher concentration of toxic ingredients–what Dr. Michael Yeadon a Pfizer scientist and whistleblower calls “drug substance”–which are proving fatal or seriously harmful to the human body. Which might suggest Pharma is assessing the LD50 or Lethal Dose–at cost to thousands losing their lives. (See the text below the Variation in Toxicity video.)

  • Across time, a pattern of high toxicity cutting back to moderate toxicity and rising again to higher toxicity seems to indicate Pharma has been assessing the maximum load of toxicity–via nanographene–the human body can take. DIFFERENT DOSAGES AT DIFFERENT TIMES/PDF/Craig Paardekooper

  • A system of batch numbering has been identified which includes a system of toxicity identification, in Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The latter employs letters of the alphabet and numbers for toxicity identification.

Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is Moderna-Vaccine-Batches-and-Toxicity-a-full-analysis.pdf-Adobe-Acrobat-Reader-DC-32-bit-2022-01-02-14.55.15

Image from Moderna Vaccine Batches and Toxicity–a full analysis.pdf/Craig Paardelooper

  • Rising letters of the alphabet indicate a higher level of toxicity. Some letters have similar levels of toxicity. Moderna Used the Alphabet to Label Different Toxicities of Vaccine/Bitchute/Craig Paardekooper

Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is Moderna-Vaccine-Batches-and-Toxicity-a-full-analysis.pdf-Adobe-Acrobat-Reader-DC-32-bit-2022-01-02-15.05.51

Image from Moderna Vaccine Batches and Toxicity–a full analysis.pdf/Craig Paardelooper

  • Certain batches have been identified with the most extreme levels of toxicity–highest numbers of deaths and severe adverse reactions.

  • The most extremely toxic batches have been deceptively split into subgroups or misspelled, seemingly to conceal the high toxicity associated with these batches, and also suggesting initial analyses of toxicity may be inadequate; further analysis is needed.

  • All this indicates Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen understood the toxicity levels in each batch and assigned different letters to different batches at varying toxicity levels. “Batches of different toxicities have been assigned to different letters of the alphabet, and toxicity decreases in steps as the alphabet ascends.”– Moderna Vaccine Batches and Toxicity–a full analysis.pdf/Craig Paardelooper

  • Temporal analysis of the data also suggests that Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) were acting in relay with each other, with highly-toxic batches being interspersed with harmless batches and Janssen opening the toxic unleashing (1-2000 adverse events) followed by Moderna randomly unleashing batches of similar toxicity and Pfizer taking over to systematically unleash ranges of highly toxic batches of varying toxicity (2-5000 severe adverse events) in step-down patterns which suggest lethality-experimentation. —Moderna and Pfizer working in Relay.pdf/Craig Paardekooper; Medical Experimentation on the American Public.pdf/Craig Paardekooper; Pfizer: Systematic Deployment in the USA.pdf/Craig Paardekooper

Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is Chart-1
Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is Chart-2

Images: Screenshots, PFIZER BATCH CODES AND TOXICITY LEVELS.PDF/Craig Paardekooper

  • Analysis of state death and adverse event data in VAERS in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska shows that highly toxic Moderna batches were deployed there, one batch used in these states even after being recalled in California post the deaths of hundreds of health care workers.

Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is Chart-3

Image: Screenshot, Florida-nebraska-texas-louisiana.xlsx/Craig Paardekooper

  • Death by stroke and brain blood clots can occur six months or later after the vaccine in the toxic-batch curve. See this video, on the lethality of the Pfizer batch EJ6796 which led to the deaths of Prof Sha Garner’s father and stepmother in Switzerland, 6 months after vaccine, where she shows the listings of toxic batches from VAERS, and discusses how this batch was distributed in local Swiss cantons:

Deadly Pfizer Swiss Vax Batch # “EJ6796″/Bitchute/Dec 12, 2021

Watch Here: https://everydayconcerned.net/2022/01/03/super-toxic-batches-and-excessive-variability-found-in-pfizer-moderna-and-janssen-vaccines-by-data-analysis-of-cdc-vaers-find-out-how-toxic-your-batch-is/

  • You can find out if yours is a highly toxic batch using an app now hosted at Daily Expose UK or checking the batch numbers in published spreadsheets at the website howbadismybatch.com.

Check out your batch code (lot number)

  • Moderna Batch Codes
  • Pfizer Batch Codes
  • Janssen Batch Codes
  • Moderna (outside of USA)
  • Pfizer (outside of USA)
  • Janssen (outside of USA)

Toxic Batches in MODERNA

Moderna has apparently deployed 12, 800 batches, Craig Paardekooper reports, according to VAERS.
“Moderna batches belong to two main groups – 20A or 21A – the 20A group is much more toxic. In fact all of the batches producing more than 1780 adverse reaction reports – all of those batches have batch codes ending in 20A.
Most of the batches producing fewer than 1780 ADRs end in 21A.
Within the 20A group there are 4 subgroups J, K, L, M
Within the 21A group there are 6 subgroups A, B, C, D, E, F
In both cases it is found that as the alphabet ascends, then the toxicity decreases in steps.
What this means is – the number of adverse reactions is not random or accidental. Rather it varies with the toxicity of the batch – and different toxic levels have been assigned to different letters of the alphabet
– J & K both very toxic
L more toxic than M
M more toxic than A
A more toxic than B
B more toxic than C
C more toxic than D
D, E, F all about the same toxicity”
Also see:

The J, K, L, M batches were found to be excessively toxic in Texas, showing 10 times the amount of death, disability, and adverse reactions than the D, E, F, H batches.

Find Out How Toxic Your Batch Is Texas

Image, Screenshot: Case Study, State of Texas.pdf/Craig Paardekooper
Craig Paardekooper – Death by Alphabet Final Update/Bitchute


Toxic Batches in PFIZER

Pfizer has deployed 9500 batches in the US. The toxic batches are in specific series in different lettered ranges, and their clear mathematical sequencing suggests this was done completely intentionally and consciously, with experimentation intent as indicated by the clear numbering and labeling, reports Craig Paardekooper.
The highly toxic batches have been found to be EN6, ER87, EL, EW, and at a slightly lower level of toxicity the F series. Detailed listings of toxic batches can be found here: PFIZER BATCH CODES AND TOXICITY LEVELS.PDF/Craig Paardekooper
“I downloaded the list of all Pfizer batch codes from the VAERS database, and counted their associated adverse reactions.
These batch codes were then ordered alpha-numerically – and this sequence formed the horizontal x-axis of the graph. The y-axis was the number of adverse reaction reports for each batch.
The graph showed that many batches cluster together alpha numerically – forming vertical columns of batches – because they share very similar batch codes.
The graph also showed that the batches also cluster together in terms of toxicity – forming distinct toxic ranges.
I decided to investigate a bit deeper. I obtained a list of every batch number for Pfizer found in VAERS, and ordered the batch sequence by number of adverse reactions. Amazingly, the most toxic Pfizer batches all possessed batch codes that formed a neat mathematical squence – ⁣ EN6198 EN6199 EN6200 EN6201 EN6202 EN6203 EN6204 EN6205 EN6206 EN6207 EN6208 EN5318.
I went on to identify several additional ranges of toxicity, each one identified by similar sequences of batch codes. This indicated that Pfizer had labelled vaccine that had similar toxic levels with batch codes belonging to a common sequence. They did this so they would know the dosages given to each subject, so they could monitor the effects of each dosage level.
So it appears that the adverse reactions, deaths and disabilities resulting from the vaccines for some people, are not random, but the result of variation in the toxicity of the vaccine batches.
And this variation is not an accident, but a carefully planned experiment – where each toxic level was clearly labelled.
Pfizer was experimenting upon the American people. Many were injured. Many were killed. They were measuring the efficacy and lethal limits of an experimental vaccine without disclosing the dangers to the American public – without any informed consent.
On a practical level, those intending to take any vaccine from Pfizer should endeavour to find out the batch code first. Some are extremely toxic – producing upto 5000 x the number of adverse reaction reports – compared to 70% of the batches that only produce a single adverse reaction report. “


MORE HERE: https://everydayconcerned.net/2022/01/03/super-toxic-batches-and-excessive-variability-found-in-pfizer-moderna-and-janssen-vaccines-by-data-analysis-of-cdc-vaers-find-out-how-toxic-your-batch-is/

Thanks to: https://everydayconcerned.net


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