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Gold Standard to Return Worldwide January 1st, 2013

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Posted on December 24, 2012 by Light Worker 29501

by Carol A. Parker
in Finance (submitted 2012-10-14)
On January 1, 2013, the world will go back to a gold standard. This
isn’t uncertainty. Banks in major economies across the world have
actually currently adopted the rules. In anticipation, central banks
have actually been getting gold in big volumes. Turkey added 3.9 million
ounces in the last year. Mexico has bought 3.2 million ounces. Russia’s
reserves stand at 29.2 million ounces – the highest in 20 years. As
they prepare for gold to become currency as soon as again, the cost of
the yellow metal will certainly continue to go up. Experts are
forecasting gold to rise to between $ 10,000 and $ 14,000 per ounce.
Make sure you’re prepared for the biggest economic change – and profit
windfall – of your life.

A quiet conspiracy should make gold a new currency on January 1st
2013. Central banks and governments are getting gold by the measurement
bunch. If you hold any dollars, right here’s exactly what you need to do
now to prepare – and make a 670 % windfall as gold soars to historical

4 times a year, a secret cabal of powerful well-dressed men quietly
streams into a small metro on the border of Switzerland and Germany.
Carrying over night bags and attaches, they discreetly check in at a
round high-security tower in this sleepy European city. They’re the
world’s only elite ring of monetary rule-makers who come from spots as
disparate as Tokyo, London, and Washington, D.C., for the irregular
meeting of the most special, secretive, and effective supranational club

This secret syndicate seldom pops upon the “grid” – when every years
or so. Yet their sole purpose is to coordinate and, if feasible, control
all financial tasks in the industrialized globe by producing financial
rules and regulations that quietly change our monetary landscape.

So secretive and eerie, the names of its members are not published
anywhere. However you could wager the USA has a representative
designated by the Fed. So does China, England, and additional prominent
countries. This effective group has actually long been considered the
most charming and exclusive money clubs worldwide, according to Time
Magazine. The Economist calls them “the club of bank supervisors.”
However the New York Instances said it best when it designated them as
“the secretive panel that sets up global banking criteria.” Now they
have actually fulfilled and hatched out a brand-new set of economic
rules. One brand-new rule, in specific, will set off the most profound
modification to your finances in 42 years.

So historic, this brand-new economic guideline demands gold be brought back into our economic system as cash.

A gigantic, inescapable gold-buying operation is already under method
as central banks and governments prepare for this secret return to the
gold standard. Because even though this is the most substantial updates
for banks – and gold costs – in over 40 years, just the most connected
insiders are positioning themselves for the remarkable modifications
that are coming.

I solidly believe this is the greatest story of my career. It’s also
the very best possibility you will previously have to strike it rich.
This isn’t guesswork. The new “gold standard” guideline is in place.
Gold prices are currently moving greater. Gold will easily soar beyond $
2,000, also $ 3,000 an ounce… and it has the possible to hand you a
simple 670 % revenue on a golden platter.
And all of this is because of this secret cabal’s machinations that will
set off a series of occasions starting January 1, 2013. And most
notably, exactly how it will increase your net worth over the next 12
months. No one else will tell you about this lucrative opportunity, and
there’s absolutely nothing anybody can do to stop the imminent six-fold
gold revenues you’re about to see by early next year.

In short, everybody knows gold is a safe investment – however few
Americans understand it will come to be even safer and more essential
than paper currency in the next 3 months. It’s Representative: Gold is
Money! While this secret gold standard story is hardly making
information, it stands to be the most considerable and lucrative gold
story in our lifetime. John Butler, Managing Director at Deutsche Bank
in London, agrees: “In what might be the most underreported financial
tale of the year… should be a crucial step in the re-monetization of
gold and this should be strongly supportive of the gold cost. Stay

Thing is, few Americans even realize there’s this powerful key club
that quietly cooks up monetary guidelines, like the one that brings gold
back in our money system. But on June 18, the Federal Reserve (and the
Workplace of the Comptroller of the Currency) through its website
already released firm warnings to all banks to execute the new rules
that make gold a legal currency.
This powerful banking cartel is merely known in deep financial circles
as the “Basel Committee on Banking,” due to the fact that their
closed-door conferences are held not in Washington, or London, or
Beijing, or some prominent city. However in Basel, a little peaceful
city in Switzerland near the German border. As the highest authority in
business banking supervision, it’s the task force’s part to determine
capital demands and financial requirements with a set of guidelines
stuck to by all banks on the world. Yet, through their peaceful
presence, this business banking cabal has just provided 3 sets of
banking guidelines that become the “banking mantra.”

It’s the 3rd and most recent set of guidelines that puts gold back in
our cash system. And according to reporters, this historic ruling will
certainly work January 1, 2013 – practically three months from now.

Gold: The Last Possession Standing! Bottom line: Government bonds and
mortgage-backed safeties – the darlings for the last 40 years of
financial safety – are toxic! And it’s all due to the fact that bonds
are tied to fiat currency and “bad personal debt.” Just consider this:
The value of German bonds, considered as a shelter from Europe’s debt
storm throughout the last 2 years, has begun to tank, according to the
New York Times. “It’s difficult to see why a banker would want to tie up
cash in sovereign bonds,” includes Phillip L. Swagel at the University
of Maryland’s School of Public Policy.

To fix this issue, the high-level Basel business banking cartel
covertly fulfilled just recently and issued a 3rd and new set of rules
that historically brings gold back in our money system as the new
backdrop of banking protection. Gold should effortlessly double in value
since of this brand-new rule. How High Will Silver Go? Learn More
>> Silver Prices

In the next 3 months, things should change entirely and gold will
certainly be re-rated a First-Class Possession, thanks to the influence
and economic power of this banking mafia ring. For the very first time,
banks will be allowed to hold bullion in their vaults and price it among
their First-Class Assets. In other words, gold should be simply as
great as money.
Banks are already preparing for the complete implementation of gold’s
dominance as the brand-new excellent protection for business banking,
information firms gently reported. This suggests from now on, PHYSICAL
gold should carry its full weight alongside cash in the worldwide
financial system. It will certainly be considered “cash” in essentially
the very same way as cash or government bonds, or also better.

And according to the Federal Reserve, all U.S. banks should adhere to this new business-banking rule.

It’s very simple to see that gold will get a whole lot more
important. You see, under the new guidelines, a bank’s First-Class Asset
have to rise from 4 % to 6 % of its total possessions, which means
banks should have to replace a big piece of their existing paper
currency with gold. This move will certainly push gold costs even higher
and produce staggering profits for early capitalists. LOOKING FOR GOLD

About the Author
The author is a professional researcher and writer with over 50 years
experience in the financial industry, technology, jewelry, and precious


Thanks to: http://lightworker29501.com


Herb Lady

Herb Lady
Thanks Purpleskyz!

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The only thing that Gold (and other precious metals) is going to do, is back currency.

Inflation is being removed. In this last century all money has been fiat money, backed only by thin air. It's now going to be backed by value for value.

No one is going to be richer than anyone else.

The Divine plan is that ALL will be prosperous and have total abundance. No more upper, middle or especially - lower classes.


I hope that happens, I really do- Thankyou, GoldPeg9- I hope you and your family had a very nice Christmas!! Stay safe, and please come back more often- We miss your input!! :flappysm: 🏠 :nativity: :merrychristmas

Herb Lady

Herb Lady
Merry Christmas GoldPeg!

:tree of smiles

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:  https://onlynaturesmagic.com/

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