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Manifesting and the Mystic Morphic Field

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1Manifesting and the Mystic Morphic Field Empty Manifesting and the Mystic Morphic Field Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:53 pm


Manifesting and the Mystic Morphic Field


Sunday, December 23rd, 2012. Filed under: Activism Consciousness Esoterica Spirituality The Awakening

Manifesting and the Mystic Morphic Field Intention

by Zen Gardner

There was an interesting article recently about researchers who found
within the computer informational field what appears to be proof of foreknowledge of 9/11.
The huge spike in chatter regarding the events immediately prior to the
strikes is completely anomalous. In other words, it goes on to say, for
it to be just a coincidence is next to impossible.

No big surprise. But what about this informational field?

They call this computer information world a type of “morphic field”
or “information field” and it seems to be a virtual manifestation of the
global mind. Not all of it of course, but the informational global
mind, which at this point in history is a massive amount of generated
information that’s accelerating by the hour.

Research in this field is also being investigated by other
visionaries. By tracing trends in language using webbots that crawl the
internet reading data with assigned values to various words, they’ve
been able to often predict not only major events, trends and changes,
but the specific nature and sometimes locations of future phenomena.

It’s not an exact science by any means, but this whole field starts
to show the power of the literal electromagnetic informational mind as
evidence of or a reflection of human consciousness, and we should pay
close attention.

Manifesting and the Mystic Morphic Field Internet_graphic-1

Language as a Manifestation of Consciousness

Language shared is clearly consciousness at work. This is our current
fundamental method of communication. Perhaps general telepathy is on
the horizon, but for now words backed by intention and no doubt other
influences is how we understand communication.

Whichever, it only stands to reason that the greater the body of
consciousness manifested, the greater the effect on the present, and
hence the future.

In the words of Roger Nelson, founder of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) from his book Quantum Mind p. 57;;

My own ‘model’ is that consciousness or mind is the
source or seat of a non-local, active information field (this is not a
standard, well defined physical construct). Such fields interact,
usually with random phase relationship and no detectable product. When
some or many consciousness (information) fields are driven in common, or
for whatever reason become coherent and resonant, they interact in
phase, and create a new, highly structured information field… that
becomes the source of the effects we measure. Source
Pretty profound. When the accumulated consciousness fields are driven
in common or show coherency or resonance, they create a new information

Sound interactive? That’s the whole point…we need to get busy manifesting Truth and Love within this field.

Manifesting and the Mystic Morphic Field Cyberspace_big%281%29

Morphic Resonance and Quantum Physics

Taking this field changing empowerment even further, morphic field
theory is the “discovery” (coming into consciousness) that there’s a
dynamic at work akin to the concept of non-separability and total
connectivity that quantum physics has discovered. Reminiscent of Plato’s
Theory of Forms, these interactive force fields give form to not just
plants, animals, crystals, planets and the like, but to behavioral and
social patterns. This is similar to the evolving informational field
concept described above but even more profound. It is much like Carl
Jung’s collective unconscious understanding, but even broader while on a
somewhat more so-called “scientific” footing.

It essentially is touching on the effect of Universal Consciousness
coming into our experiential realm and our interaction with it. But
again, morphic field study is the attempt to pursue this intuitive
knowledge scientifically, so called, in a quantifiable way.

All part of the continued awakening of mankind, despite the
manipulations, masking and withholding of knowledge by the controllers.
Now you can see why so much is hidden from us – it’s fuel for our flux

No worries, we’ll get our own.

The “Hypothesis” of Morphic Fields

All self-organizing systems are wholes made up of parts,
which are themselves wholes at a lower level, such as atoms in molecules
and molecules in crystals. The same is true of organelles in cells,
cells in tissues, tissues in organs, organs in organisms, organisms in
social groups. At each level, the morphic field gives each whole its
characteristic properties and interconnects and coordinates the
constituent parts.

The fields responsible for the development and maintenance of bodily
form in plants and animals are called morphogenetic fields. In animals,
the organization of behavior and mental activity depends on behavioral
and mental fields. The organization of societies and cultures depends on
social and cultural fields. All these kinds of organizing fields are
morphic fields.

Morphic fields are located within and around the systems they
organize. Like quantum fields, they work probabilistically. They
restrict, or impose order upon, the inherent indeterminism of the
systems under their influence. Thus, for example, a protein field
organizes the way in which the chain of amino acids (the “primary
structure” determined by the genes) coils and folds up to give the
characteristic three-dimensional form of the protein, “choosing” from
among many possible structures, all equally possible from an energetic
point of view. Social fields coordinate the behavior of individuals
within social groups, for example, the behavior of fish in schools or
birds in flocks.
Pretty amazing..

The most controversial feature of this hypothesis is that
the structure of morphic fields depends on what has happened before.
They contain a kind of memory. Through repetition, the patterns they
organize become increasingly probable, increasingly habitual. The force
that these fields exert is the force of habit.

Whatever the explanation of its origin, once a new morphic field – a
new pattern of organization – has come into being, its field becomes
stronger through repetition. The same pattern becomes more likely to
happen again. The more often patterns are repeated, the more probable
they become. The fields contain a kind of cumulative memory and become
increasingly habitual. Fields evolve in time and form the basis of
habits. From this point of view, nature is essentially habitual. Even
the so-called laws of nature may be more like habits. Source
Manifesting and the Mystic Morphic Field Awakeningposter%281%29

This Is How The Lying Matrix Thrives

Social engineers for eons have known this underlying dynamic in their
own terms. The latest rash of modern psychopathic societal designers
identified these causal and potentially liberating or captivating trends
at whatever level of understanding, and set in place educational and
society-modifying mechanisms to keep humanity from spontaneous,
self-supporting growth centuries ago.

Left to our own we would naturally be drawing from consciousness new
and beneficial “memes” or morphic fields to develop and help humanity,
and not extinguish and control it like our current overlords of

In other words: we’ve been sterilized, castrated, knee-capped,
lobotomized and asphyxiated from the Truth and Knowledge of who we truly
are and our incredible power to manifest and shape a loving, conscious
world around us.

As long as we let them fill the airwaves, ground waves and mind waves
with their limiting, manipulative, oppressive and distracting
propaganda and electromagnetic crap and don’t activate vibrational Truth
to reverse the trend, society is literally being pushed off the map of
true human awareness into the maw of a mental and social meat grinder.

Manifesting and the Mystic Morphic Field The-fountain-movie%282%29

It’s Up to Us

It’s entirely up to each of us what we do with this amazing energetic
system. We can harm or we can heal. We can go along with the status quo
or we change it. It will simply reflect whatever is put into it in its
own fascinating way, and is doing its job at all times whether we
acknowledge it or not.

And it’s there for conscious use if you choose. We’re eternal
consciousness connected to everything, yet we’re free agents to choose
good and Truth and Love, or darkness, evil and hate.

The beauty of this knowledge is the realization that every letter you
write, every item you blog, every word you speak, every thought you
think, every prayer or intention you utter, every loving or non-loving
deed, every decision to do the right thing or not…EVERYTHING….is forming
the world in which we live..societal, informational and the underlying
morphic world which we all share.

Every time someone watches mindless TV, gets spellbound by things
like Hollywood or war programming, or entertains the Matrix meme in any
way, they are supporting and perpetrating the death-dealing, humanity
perverting lie. Period.

While on the contrary…

Manifesting and the Mystic Morphic Field Internet2%281%29

The Internet Highway of Information and Transformation

…Every time you blog with good and helpful information, forward an
inspiring or Truth-revealing article, post an idea or heart-warming
picture or uplifting message, encourage a fellow activist in their
efforts, do a kind or loving deed or reach out and shake someone
up…EVERY TIME…you are changing the morphic field…for the better! All
while subtracting from a negative imprint by everyone involved.

Which will it be?

Will we contribute to the wake up, or be part of the problem? It’s a
continual choice. There’s no standing still. Either way we all affect

It’s that simple. That serious. That real. And that liberating!

Put Your Shoulder to the Shift

Hopefully this awareness of how pervasive the dynamics of intention,
attraction, information, communication and consciousness are will spur
you on. It has me. I’ve known this dynamic was at work but to see it in
this light was empowering.

And participating and really making a difference that matters
couldn’t be any easier than it is today. You can do gobs of damage to
the oppressors’ constructs and help establish the righteous rule of
Truth, Love and Consciousness by just putting it out there. Manifest it
in the morphic field any and every way you can and it goes to work
immediately and affects everything!

Even according to nerdy quantum physics, intelligent life on this
planet now knows everything you do affects everywhere in mind-blowing,
non-linear or spatially limited ways. We are all interconnected with
everything! What more empowering information could there be?

As we change these informational morphic fields we’ll also
immediately set a better precedent for future change as these fields
replicate themselves in whatever state they’re in. This is why we have
to keep the fields morphing towards more and more Truth and a loving
reality continually. And as we resonate together with the Truth Vibes
being amplified around us, anything false will crack and crumble into

Now you see why they try to keep us drugged, distracted and asleep? It’s time to take spaceship earth back.

Take action, in word, deed and spirit. Be a resonant voice however
you can. Just do it, and if you’re already doing it, turn it up! It’s
working even if you can’t see the full extent of it yet. And as you do
you’ll get such a rush of confirmation and satisfaction you’ll do even
more, as well as get others on board!

Power to the people? It’s been there all along!

But you gotta throw the switch.

Love always, Zen






It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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