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Watch the Water – Full Movie

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Watch the Water – Full Movie OwsiOutA4G

Watch the Water – Full Movie

Last December, Dr Bryan Ardis received a text message from an emergency room physician friend of his that sent him down an unexpected and bizarre rabbit hole that may explain the adverse events from the vaxxines that we’ve been reporting.
The text read: “Hey Dr Ardis…If you got bit by a rattlesnake, would you go to a hospital and get anti-venom?”
Bryan had no idea what this meant and he immediately set about researching snake anti-venom. He discovered that most are either monoclonal- or polyclonal antibody treatments – just like the monoclonal antibodies that the CDC just removed as a COVID treatment, in favor of remdesevir, which is almost guaranteed to kill you but which is now nonetheless the ONLY government-approved treatment for infants and children with COVID in the US.

He says, “I realized, all of a sudden monoclonal antibodies ARE anti-venom. The Federal Government doesn’t want us using anti-venom. Why are they fighting anti-venom and why are we finding anti-venom works against COVID? Is it not a virus? Is it a venom? This is what I want to know: Is COVID a venom and is this why they don’t want you using monoclonal antibodies?”
Bryan checked the publications saying that the original source of COVID-19 was either from bats, snakes or pangolins and he noticed that every time anyone mentioned snakes, the factcheckers would descend upon them and spin them towards the bats.
“There’s no fact-checking about bats. They keep letting you look at bats,” he says. This, despite the fact that Chinese experts were saying that it could not have been bats, because these bats hibernate and COVID broke out in the middle of winter.

Plus, when they studied the antibodies of those who were sick in Wuhan, they found that the genetic sequences were not like bats, they were most similar to two snakes; proteins from the Chinese krait and the king cobra.
Bryan continues, “Then I find, in April of 2020 that there’s a study in France where they’re finding that the receptors in the brain called nicotinic acetyl choline esterase receptors, that these are actually bound most tightly to snake venom of krait and cobra..and that the spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 is most identical to Chinese krait and cobra venom.
“Then, I find out that there’s an actual doctor who works at the University of Pittsburgh in May of 2020, works in a computational lab doing genetic sequencing and he’s been researching for 5 months, sequencing spike proteins, trying to solve the mystery of SARS-CoV-2 victims and he says he’s got a big press release to announce all of their findings and Bing Liu is his name.”

Next thing you know, the young Dr Bing Liu was dead in a lurid murder-suicide.
“And that’s when I freaked out,” Bryan says. “When I say to you that they have lied about everything in relationship to COVID, they’ve eve lied about the viral part of COVID.”
Bryan cites a massive study published in January 2020 gene-mapping all of the proteins and peptides in king cobra venom, which isolated 19 venoms and peptides that specifically target organs in the body.
He says, “I am convinced that COVID-19 is not a respiratory virus of any kind. It is actually venom poisoning and they’re using, I believe, synthesized peptides and proteins from venoms of snakes and they’re administering them and targeting them to certain people.
“The amazing thing about these 19 toxins found in cobra venom, they’re specifically sequenced to target specific organs, like the pancreas in a diabetic, like the heart in a heart disease patient, like the liver in a hepatitis patient.
“This is the most original of all bioweapons, ever. Snake venom…When I say this is the most evil thing I have ever encountered in my entire life, could you ever have imagined that the one greatest symbol of evil in all of Christendom…the Serpent.
“Can you think of anything more evil than envenomating the entire world with snake venom and the injecting snake venom into your veins and then using mRNA technology that they’ve been isolating from snake venom for years, that they know are unusually stable – more stable than any other mRNA they’ve isolated from other natural organisms for decades.
“In 2015, they took mRNA that they isolated from cobra venom and krait venom and they actually wrapped the mRNA in nanoparticle hydrogel…and they made it even more stable. Then, they add what’s called dynabeads to those nanoparticle hydrogels, surrounding the mRNA of snake venom and it made it even more stable and made it last longer, made it easier to get inside of your cells. You know what dynabeads are? Magnetic metal nanoparticles.”
A 2016 episode of The Blacklist even featured extensive predictive programing of these details. Bryan says that when he saw that episode, he knew he was right and that he was supposed to see that, “Because it was confirmation to me that other people knew this was planned all along – which we’ve known this is a plan – the FBI figures out that it’s actually peptides found in krait venom that poisoned Reddington…
“I believe this was the plan all along. They’re using mRNA – I believe mRNA extracted from king cobra venom. The king cobra and I think they want to get that venom inside of you and make you a hybrid of Satan, no longer belonging just to God or a creation of God’s.”
Bryan turns to Stew Peters and says, “When I say that the mRNA inside of the Pfizer and Moderna shots is derived from snake venom, it just sounds crazy, right? But I want you to read…from July 6th last year, 2021, the cofounder of Moderna, read the title, show it to the camera:
‘Moderna co-founder using mRNA technology to treat venomous snake bites.’ Stew says.
There are and endless number of clues that support Bryan’s suspicions. As Canadian Dr Hoffe noted, people who’d been vaccinated had elevated D-dimer levels but before the advent of COVID, elevated D-dimer numbers were commonly indicative of snake venom poisoning.
Bryan says, “The kidney failure caused by remdesevir is the number one organ targeted of king cobra venom. It’s the number one!”
He says there isn’t one symptom or adverse reaction from the COVID vaxxines that cannot be correlated back to snake venom from cobras, kraits and other poisonous snakes.


Thanks to: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net


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