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Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide… plus MORE

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Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide…

Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide… plus MORE Water-not-about-copy

Meanwhile, just say NO Jab and BUILD YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!
It appears Dr. Ardis has made the rounds to almost every possible podcast now and he has back tracked about his water idea and now he is trying to save his hypothesis. I am just giving the low down from some of the views. Personally, I rule nothing out, but my gut feeling on this entire story the way it was presented, was “No. Not in our water supply.”
Whereas the serpent of old exists and is at war against God’s people and all humanity, that is a different story. Here are a few people now speaking out who have a background in these things. I do not have any credentials for this…only my built in radar, which I rely on always. So… the jury is still out on where this ends up, but I believe it will be no where near the water, nor in a fortune cookie. I don’t see us being a bunch of hybrid snake people from the water, however, they have experimented with eugenics and who knows what they have created mixing snake DNA with Humans….but that is a different story.

So, Dr. Jane Ruby is trying to make sense of the story, and probably fix it for it did a bit of side crashing when Stew gave it the lift off.
Below Steel Truth …well, you watch and see.

Where he made some big mistakes was when he said things as though they were facts, using some of the same fake news reports as though they were his science. Remember 5-G was rolled out in all the European Countries that experienced the hard all of a sudden out of no where COVID attacks, including the Princess Cruise Ships. At the same time it was rolled out by Huawei, and their power sources were in Wuhan.
5-G needs oxygen to work, and it zaps it from the air and even from the life sources around it. It is known that 5-G takes the oxygen out of the body and causes respiratory and a host of issues all that have been shown in COVID cases. Our bodies are electric and magnetic and we are all compromised by these frequencies. 5-G was and still is a military weapon. 5G Is Coming, And With It Potentially Calamitous Health Risks (prepforthat.com)
Potential Health Risks:
• Different Cancers
• Reproductive Problems; Infertility
• Suppressed Immune System Function
• Neurological Problems
• Headaches/Migraines
• Effects on Eyes, Heart, Lungs, Head – Essentially your entire body is affected
• Single & Double DNA Strand Breaks
• Oxidative Damage
• Stress of Proteins
• Disruption to Brain for Glucose Metabolism
• Reduces Melatonin in the Brain
• Brain Barrier Permeability (Could result in brain bleeds; Stroke)
• Cell Metabolism Disruption
In my opinion, by chasing after snakes, we lose focus on the real cause of the initial outbreak. The jabs are toxic and we have seen the evidence of graphene to deliver mRNA into the cells and cause protein spikes. [url=https://abclonal.com/recombinant-protein-antigen/?msclkid=67192661d48017c6e41644393e5d667a&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Recombinant Protein - North]Recombinant Protein Antigen – ABclonal[/url] However, the snakes to be concerned with are the ones in the secret societies, and Nicolaitan’s/Jesuits/Nazi’s who practice ancient rituals and desire to achieve their global RESET. These snakes are real and they are in everything. They are many of them among us all, dressed in patriotic sheep clothes acting like they are on the side of good.
Remember, we have also seen that Quercetin, Zinc, Vit C and D work as an affective treatment. [url=https://covid19.onedaymd.com/2021/09/the-importance-of-quercetin-and-zinc.html#:~:text=1 Increase hospital discharge frequency 2 Decrease the,never admitted to the ICU 5 Decrease mortality]Zinc and Quercetin: Importance During Pandemic (onedaymd.com)[/url]
Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide… plus MORE 137699-dr-bryan-ardis-releases-huge-allegations-the-covid-19-virus-vaccines-and-some-treatments-are-all-derived-from-snake-venom
Dr. Bryan Ardis has been making waves this week with allegations that the covid-19 virus, covid “vaccines” and at least one covid treatment all originated from snake venom molecules (the King Cobra, to be specific). Read Miami Standard: Dr. Bryan Ardis releases huge allegations: The covid-19 virus, vaccines and some treatments are all derived from SNAKE VENOM – Miami Standard



Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide… plus MORE Image-75
Here is what “Leaky Vax”, who has been reporting on the virus and vaccines throughout the plandemic on Telegram had to say:
Channel dedicated to leaky vaccines, viral evolution, and virus news. Contact: LeakyVax@protonmail.com
“Watch the Water” — Is COVID/Remdesivir/Spike Protein/COVID Vaccine actually Snake Venom?
In the following posts I will explain why Dr. Bryan Ardis D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) is factually wrong, how he shows characteristics of schizophrenic thinking, and why I think schizophrenic content such as this repeatedly disrupts dissident circles.
Firstly, Ardis repeatedly calls this snake venom a bioweapon, when what he describes fits the definition of a chemical weapon much more closely. The point of a bioweapon is that one only has to hit a target population once and the weapon’s property of contagion creates the exponential damage potential. What he claims is snake venom poisoning in the water supply would be closer to a chemical weapon, as snake venom doesn’t replicate and spread between hosts, and the damage potential is linear with the amount of substance (and the amount of substance that would be needed to be produced to poison a water supply, let alone the water supplies of the world, at a harmful dilution would be unfeasibly enormous and would also be easy to test for). This alone communicates a degree of delusional ignorance and detachment from reality that should call into question everything said after this.
Secondly, research into Remdesivir against COVID has shown it to be ineffective and in some contexts harmful, but it is a regulated chemical manufactured in many different places across the world, it is not, as Ardis claims, relabelled snake venom used to kill healthy people. This is ridiculous on its face, and he acknowledges that, and argues that because it is outlandish it is true, because other outlandish things have turned out to be true – a paranoid fallacy.
Finally, he mentions similarities between the spike protein sequence and peptides found in snake venom, and mentions enzymes similar to snake venom (sPLA2-IIA), this enzyme is found elevated in patients with severe COVID, and this he says is evidence of snake venom poisoning. Secretory phospholipase A2 group IIA (sPLA2-IIA), is produced endogenously in humans in response to many traumas, he is either ignorant of this having merely made a fallacious loose association, or intentionally omits this information.
The argumentation doesn’t really use any evidence, it uses misinterpretations and overcategorizations of phenomena, loose associations between unrelated information, and jumps to conclusions using paranoid fallacies (eg. “X was fact checked therefor X is true.”), this quintessentially schizophrenic reasoning is costumed in technical jargon that obviously goes over the host’s head.
Overall I think this is an embarrassing distraction that undermines and contaminates the good work of many other dissenting voices in the space, and Ardis’s attempts to leverage his story by the repeated name dropping of prominent medical doctors speaking out against what has happened during the pandemic does nothing other than discredit them by proxy. He is not “just asking questions” he has not “been sent by God”, he is spreading fragile and delusional lies that do real harm to the people that believe them and everyone fighting against what has been done to us.

LeakyVax, [4/14/2022 4:22 PM]
“Watch the Water” — Is COVID/Remdesivir/Spike Protein/COVID Vaccine actually Snake Venom? (Continued Part 1)
As for narrative presentation, I could not think of a more quintessentially schizophrenic story than:
“People are trying to kill me because I have been sent on a mission by God via a message presented to me through a fortune cookie calling me to spread the truth that an unseen monolithic and pure evil authority is putting reptile essence in the water supply to poison me and the world.”
In addition, he exhibits almost every single common delusion and disordered thinking pattern associated with schizophrenia:
Delusions of Significance
Occurs multiple times, most notably when Ardis claims the name of a COVID researcher that was shot appeared in a fortune cookie, and that this was a message from God that he needed to expose the truth about snake venom.
Delusions of Persecution
As well as being poisoned being a common delusion in this category, Ardis claims that because of what he knows he is on a Big Pharma hit list (if anything they’d be thanking him for the wide spread and success of his lies)
Delusions of World Catastrophe
“The water supply of the world has been poisoned with serpent venom and everyone has been injected with serpent mRNA as part of a satanic ritual to defile God’s creation and kill everyone.” Although we are living through a world historic event and people are being pressured to get vaccinated with novel unsafe vaccines, this is simply delusional.
Overinclusive Thinking
(Conceptual Loosening, Overcategorization, Loose Associations)
Ardis repeatedly overcategorizes during the video, claiming that similarities in the sequence of the spike protein to peptides in snake venom mean the spike protein is snake venom, and that Remdesivir is a crystalline white substance and so is synthesized snake venom (many organic compounds are white crystalline substances), therefor Remdesivir is snake venom.
Jumping to Conclusions
Occurs repeatedly throughout the movie, and when asked a clarifying question, talks about something tangentially related and trails off into evoking God and talking about other doctors that have inspired his journey.
“The results showed that schizophrenics show … a greater degree of conceptual loosening and a tendency towards overcategorization. The most striking abnormality emerged during observation of the actual sorting strategy itself. Schizophrenics tackled the task in a way which suggests that they lack the ability to form a Gestalt of the task.”
—The Nature of Overinclusive Thinking in Schizophrenia | Psychopathology (1987)
Gestalt (noun):
Something that is made of many parts and yet is somehow more than or different from the combination of its parts.
Meaning, as Ardis demonstrates throughout the movie and in the follow up interview when questioned, that schizophrenics often have difficulty forming a cohesive and coherent big picture of situation.
Finally, our shared history with snakes which predated on hominids and primates means that threat detection pattern recognition of snakes and serpent-like figures is deeply embedded in our psychology. This is likely why there is a cross-cultural presence of serpents, reptiles, worms etc. as malevolent figures in mythology.
Paranoia is fear and anxiety that spills over into irrationality, a hypersensitivity to detecting threats, and one of the threats that has made the largest impact on our psychology is snakes as our predators, which is likely why extreme schizophrenic delusions often involve lizard people or people that take a reptilian form, and a fairly common in schizophrenics is the development of a fixation on the irrational belief that they’re infected with undetected parasites, known as delusions of Parasitosis.
Ardis repeatedly invokes the biblical connotation of snakes and serpents during the movie and I believe this to be at least partly related to the kind of extreme paranoid and disordered thinking that many schizophrenic delusions seem to devolve into.


LeakyVax, [4/14/2022 4:22 PM]
“Watch the Water” — Is COVID/Remdesivir/Spike Protein/COVID Vaccine actually Snake Venom? (Continued Part 2)
Dissidents and schizophrenics have some overlapping beliefs and share a perception, real or delusional, of being gaslit by a malevolent force. This gives certain misinformation very potent propagating potential if it hits the right notes.
The deceitful and corrupt actions of institutions in the West warrant a degree of paranoia toward them, and many people are persecuted socially and via these institutions for making truthful statements. If you cannot trust institutional authorities, and you do not have the specific technical knowledge to verify yourself, how do you attempt to differentiate between someone that is being persecuted wrongfully for speaking the truth, and someone who has delusions of persecutions and delusional beliefs? It is a crisis.
Person A believes Thing A.
Person B believes Thing A and Thing B.
Thing A and Thing B are labelled as false or as conspiracy theories.
Thing A is a prescient truth.
Thing B is a delusional falsehood.
When Thing A is acknowledged as true Person A may think something like; “They said Thing A was a lie! They said I was crazy for believing Thing A! They said Thing A was a conspiracy theory!” and they would be right.
Person B may think similarly something like; “They said Thing A was a lie! They say Thing B is a lie, too! They said that I’m crazy for believing Thing A and Thing B! They said Thing A and Thing B are conspiracy theories!”
By hearing true information, due to fallacious and paranoid thinking as a result of mental illness and the trauma of being gaslighted by these institutions, Person B has reinforced a delusion in their own mind as true information.
Where the great confusion in the dissident discourse enters is that when Person B is corrected, or correctly labelled as delusional and paranoid, Person A may fall into the trap of identifying with Person B as they were both called paranoid conspiracy theorists, only Person A was labelled this wrongfully.
This side of the internet is a soup of Person As and Person Bs, and the fact the lay public doesn’t have the technical understanding to parse through much of what is going on with the biology of the situation makes things much more confusing. I have avoided even addressing things I think to be misinformation on our side of the argument because it seemed a futile waste of breath, but due to the magnitude of the popularity and the falsehoods of this Watch The Water movie I thought I should.
I expect many will appreciate someone articulating this, and that others will perceive this as an unjustified attack on Dr. Ardis which means that I have evil intentions and I’m in on the conspiracy too, this is known as self-sealing, a common property of delusional belief systems where any criticism or nonconforming truths are reflexively warped around and rationalized to justify the belief system. eg. “You are only attacking Dr. Ardis because he’s right and you’re a snake poison shill and you’re in on this evil plot.” — if you think this way I encourage you to unsubscribe.
So, the question is….does this long and lengthy analysis by LeakyVax mean Dr. Ardis touched a nerve…..or does it mean he is over the top with little facts? Tick tock….time will tell… remember to research all things for your self and do not be swayed by any one else’s ideas. Think, feel and choose…that is how to operate your own mind processes. Pray unceasing and let the Holy Spirit guide you in the way to go. Personally, at this point… LeakyVax and his illustrations of “Thing A and Thing B” made me question who HE IS????? What side is he on? He seems to believe in evolution and poo poo any association of thing A or thing B, and a possible “thing C” being connected to the Serpent of old? But, then again…I just may be suffering some schizophrenia from all the things I see and hear????? Smile.
Keep on Pressing Into The Kingdom of God…Press, press, press!

MORE HERE: https://diannemarshallreport.com/snake-venom-story-true-or-false-you-decide/
Thanks to: https://diannemarshallreport.com




VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)

Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide… plus MORE VenomTech-home-page-600-2

(Natural News) Astonishingly, it is rapidly becoming apparent in the aftermath of the Dr. Bryan Ardis revelations about snake venom origins for covid-19 that many people — even some in alt media — are completely unaware that snake venom is commonly used as the starting point for pharmaceutical research.
Earlier today, a UK company literally named “Venomtech” announced a massive venom peptide and venom fragment library to be used for drug discovery by pharmaceutical companies (as well as pesticide used for agricultural companies).
The news was widely covered in the biotech media, including at News-Medical.net, which published the announcement, “Venomtech announces new drug development collaboration with Charles River.”

From that announcement:
Venomtech is collaborating with Charles River Laboratories, International Inc. to help drug developers explore venom-derived compounds for a wide range of therapeutic targets. This newly formed collaboration will bring together Venomtech’s biology expertise and vast venom-derived peptide library, with Charles River’s drug development and screening knowhow, providing pharmaceutical manufacturers with a one-stop service to explore this unique natural resource.

Venomtech’s Targeted-Venom Discovery Array™ (T-VDA™) libraries provide researchers with a straightforward solution to rapidly screen thousands of individual venom fragments, with each array specifically designed to maximise hits for a specific target.
The announcement carries this statement from Venomtech CEO Paul Grant:
Venomtech has been at the forefront of venom research for drug discovery for more than a decade… we can now showcase our innovative technology, introducing the wider industry to the potential of venoms for the successful delivery of more leads, more quickly, for a broad range of [cellular] targets.
…we can now offer our clients access to bespoke venom libraries, potentially accelerating their [drug] discovery pipelines using this powerful natural resource.

Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide… plus MORE VenomTech-Logo-477

The Venomtech company is described as follows:
Venomtech is a global leader for venom research enterprises, based out of world-class laboratories at Discovery Park in Kent, UK.
…[we are] helping our customers worldwide make pioneering advances in drug discovery, crop protection, and cosmetics. We have the largest library of naturally sourced venom-derived compounds in the UK, from a growing collection of vertebrate and invertebrate species.
Note that Venomtech’s clients include pharmaceutical companies, pesticides companies and cosmetic product manufacturers. Venom-based molecules are widely used in drug research and other areas of biotech.

So to those in the corporate media — and even in alt media — who are expressing shock and dismay at Dr. Ardis claiming that snake venom is the most likely origin for research into SARS-CoV-2 gain-of-function enhancement or even covid vaccines, you are ignorant of the state of the art in biosciences.

So to those in the corporate media — and even in alt media — who are expressing shock and dismay at Dr. Ardis claiming that snake venom is the most likely origin for research into SARS-CoV-2 gain-of-function enhancement or even covid vaccines, you are ignorant of the state of the art in biosciences.
The use of snake venom in pharmaceuticals isn’t a “conspiracy theory.” It’s a common practice, representing what most bioscience experts would describe as the cutting edge of drug discovery.
For the record, by the way, we are not ascribing any nefarious accusations to the Venomtech company here. We mention them solely to prove to any skeptics that snake venom is, in fact, widely used as a resource for pharmaceutical development (and it has been for decades).
What Dr. Ardis has claimed is not science fiction. It is the state of bioscience in 2022.
Anyone dismissing the “snake venom” theory in relation to covid treatments or vaccines is flatly ignorant of the resources used in today’s drug discovery pipelines.

20,000 varieties of venom peptides

As VenomTech says on their own drug discovery page:
Our naturally derived peptide, protein, and small molecule compounds enable pioneering perspectives and solutions that have proven effective even on hard-to-hit targets where traditional approaches have previously failed. They affect a variety of molecular targets, such as ion channels, GPCRs and enzymes, with a high degree of selectivity and potency, reaping the benefits of millions of years of evolution rather than just over a hundred years of drug discovery.
Our customers have access to a library of 20,000 peptides, proteins, and small molecules derived from venoms – the largest library of naturally sourced compounds available in the UK – supplied as an innovative Targeted-Venom Discovery Array™ and custom arrays with a demonstrated track record of success for drug discovery applications.
We believe the Venomtech company very likely has a very bright future in its industry, by the way. “Biomimicry” means copying nature, and Big Pharma has a long history of pirating molecules from nature and turning them into multi billion-dollar profit centers. The best ideas come from nature, of course, even though the FDA and other health regulators claim natural molecules are useless and can’t be considered “medicine.” Yet Big Pharma gets most of its blockbuster drugs from natural molecules, such as lovostatin molecules found in red yeast rice (now turned into high profit statin drugs).
Never forget that the symbol for the World Health Organization is a snake and a staff that dominate the planet:

Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide… plus MORE WHO-snake-symbol

And the symbol of the American Medical Association (AMA) is a serpent encircling a staff, resembling a DNA strand while also representing the idea of the serpent’s venom:

Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide… plus MORE AMA-serpent-symbol

World Economic Forum brags about drugs made from venom, admits ability to synthesize venom particles using RNA technology

If you’re looking for even more proof that snake venom is used in drug development, take a look at this article from the World Economic Forum, published as part of the WEF’s Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils (2018):
Venomics – the scientific analysis of venom – offers some groundbreaking solutions to health problems from heart disease to diabetes, to managing chronic pain.
In fact, there are already six drugs approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States that are derived from venom.
But with 15% of the world’s animals producing venom of some kind, we have really only just begun to scratch the surface of their potential contribution to medicine.
Captopril is an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, a type of drug used to treat high blood pressure and improve survival and reduce the risk of heart failure after a heart attack. Its main compound is derived from a species of pit viper found in Brazil.
Prialt, derived from the venom of cone snails, is used by some of the estimated 22 million adults in the US who suffer from severe and chronic pain.
Byetta is part of a new wave of drugs designed to lower blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes. Its key ingredient, exendin-4, is found in the saliva of the Gila monster, a large lizard species native to the southwestern US and northwestern Mexico.

Synthesizing snake venom for mass production, using RNA technology

Also from that WEF article:
One reason for the growing interest in this field is that advances in DNA and RNA technology allow research to be carried out much faster.
For instance, traditionally, live venom would be extracted from the animal, then injected into an unsuspecting live rodent or fish to study its impact.
Nowadays, the DNA and RNA of the venom have already been identified, which allows researchers to synthesize its components and test out their theories.

Nanocarriers can stabilize snake venom peptides for delivery via water

In response to Dr. Ardis’ revelations about the possibility of snake venom peptide delivery via water systems, there has been almost derision from certain influencers who claim that snake venom wouldn’t be stable in municipal water systems. In effect, they are absurdly claiming that tap water is anti-venom.
If that were true, all snake bites could simply be treated by drinking tap water.
In truth, the National Library of Medicine has published a study that reveals the existence of “nanocarriers” which can stabilize snake venom peptides in order to achieve delivery via water systems.
Entitled, “Nanoparticles Functionalized with Venom-Derived Peptides and Toxins for Pharmaceutical Applications,” the study abstract explains the mechanism by which snake venom peptides are stabilized in water and other solutions: (emphasis added)
Venom-derived peptides display diverse biological and pharmacological activities, making them useful in drug discovery platforms and for a wide range of applications in medicine and pharmaceutical biotechnology. Due to their target specificities, venom peptides have the potential to be developed into biopharmaceuticals to treat various health conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and chronic pain. Despite the high potential for drug development, several limitations preclude the direct use of peptides as therapeutics and hamper the process of converting venom peptides into pharmaceuticals. These limitations include, for instance, chemical instability, poor oral absorption, short halflife, and off-target cytotoxicity. One strategy to overcome these disadvantages relies on the formulation of bioactive peptides with nanocarriers. A range of biocompatible materials are now available that can serve as nanocarriers and can improve the bioavailability of therapeutic and venom-derived peptides for clinical and diagnostic application. Examples of isolated venom peptides and crude animal venoms that have been encapsulated and formulated with different types of nanomaterials with promising results are increasingly reported.
Mic drop.
So for anyone who thinks that snake venom can’t be stabilized for delivery in water systems, they clearly don’t know the state of the science. Nanocarriers accomplish the task quite simply.

Once you become aware of Big Pharma’s technology, Dr. Ardis’ claims don’t seem outlandish at all

The bottom line in all this is rather clear: The only people lashing out against Dr. Ardis’ claims about snake venom in covid-19 vaccine formulations or snake venom peptide exposure through various environmental vectors (water, air, contact surfaces) are people who are uninformed about the widespread use of snake venom peptides in medical research and drug delivery systems.
The “shock” that many people experience when first hearing about snake venom used in drug development is an artifact of their lack of knowledge about modern medicine. The widespread use of venom from snakes, lizards, frogs, cone fish, stingrays and other creatures is well known in pharmaceutical research circles. It isn’t a “fringe” theory, nor a conspiracy theory.
It is a biological fact.

Millions of Americans swallow reptile venom every single day and call it “medicine”

Remember the WEF article linked above? It states, “Prialt, derived from the venom of cone snails, is used by some of the estimated 22 million adults in the US who suffer from severe and chronic pain.”
Millions more take Captopril, and there are several other venom-derived, FDA-approved drugs that are routinely prescribed by doctors.
The irrefutable fact is that millions of Americans swallow reptile venom every single day. They just call it “meds.”
The fact that most of them are completely ignorant of the origins of these substances doesn’t excuse those in the corporate media or indy media for also being ignorant. Those who are going to comment on Dr. Ardis and the snake venom theory should at least familiarize themselves with the state of the art in biosciences. If they fail to do that, they are just flinging nonsense much like Jen Psaki at the White House.
And haven’t we had enough of all the lies and ignorance in our world? Isn’t it time we listened to people whose words actually have a basis in fact rather than those who are pushing narratives to protect Big Pharma’s dishonest narratives?
Here are parts 1 and 2 of my recent interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis, followed by my Situation Update podcast which further analyzes what may be going on with snake venom and covid-19 (also now called “Covenom-19”):
Part 1:

MORE HERE: https://www.dcclothesline.com/2022/04/14/venomtech-company-announces-massive-library-of-snake-venom-peptides-for-pharmaceutical-development-nanocarriers-stabilize-snake-venom-in-water-pubmed/

Thanks to: https://www.dcclothesline.com




Scientist James Lyons-Weiler Weighs in on Snake Venom Theory

Posted on April 14, 2022

Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide… plus MORE Snake-venom-watch-the-water-feature-800x417

By  James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D.
Scientist James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D., said at least 10 people asked him about the snake venom proteins in relation to COVID-19. He proposed two possible explanations, one of which he favors over the other.
Dr. Meryl Nass said the snake venom stuff is “hooey.” My analysis says yes, let’s move on to more productive pathways.
I share two possible explanations for their presence in COVID-19 patients, one of which I favor over the other.
Snakes were first floated as a potential intermediate host organism by a very early speculative report covered by SciAm in Jan 2020 that found codon usage bias most similar to snakes of all things.
Codon usage bias is determined by the percentage of times specific codons (triplet nucleotides) are used to bring specific amino acids in place in protein sequences.
It’s suggestive, but very, very weak and has not been taken seriously by anyone as sufficient evidence indicating snakes were the intermediate hosts.
Reading the 2021 venom paper cited by Bryan Ardis, here is my breakdown:
In Italy, with 20 COVID-19 samples and 10 control (non-COVID-19 patients), 5 plasma samples from COVID-19 patients and 3 fecal samples had evidence of proteins of unknown origin detected using a protein assay that led to the finding of animal venom proteins in their blood or feces.
They sequenced the proteins and found multiple types of venoms, including snake venom proteins.
That’s it. It’s a small study.
Here’s one amino sequence from their study that seems to share similarities across many of the venom types from different animal species:
(Learn how to analyze DNA and RNA sequences this summer in our Bioinformatics class at IPAK-EDU taught by yours truly.)
This polypeptide has only a single match in all of the trees of life. It matches a toxin from Conus pulicarius. Here’s a photo:

Snake Venom Story, True or False? You Decide… plus MORE Conus_pulicarius

Image credit: Wikipedia
Conus pulicarius, a common name the flea-bitten cone, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Conidae, the cone snails and their allies. (Source: Wikipedia).
The distribution of this sea snail is: Central and Western Pacific; Polynesia (not Marquesas); Cocos (Keeling) Island, New Guinea and Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia).
So the study found venom proteins in patients in Italy from animals other than snakes, and those in snakes and the sequences of these venoms are all pretty similar to each other.
The match is 100% and extends over the full length of the sequence.
Pretty good match, I’d say.
But — that’s because it’s a match — to itself.
This protein does not match any SARS-CoV-2 proteins. Neither do any of the other venom proteins.
The study actually has no evidence and makes no claim of these polypeptides being encoded by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It only reports that the venom proteins were found in SARS-CoV-2 patients, but not controls.
Here’s a link to a news article about a study that says that metabolites in COVID-19 patients — products of the human body — can be toxic and can be like snake venom.
Here’s a link to the same story, but from a different source.
And, here’s a link to the study they reference on the human secretory phospholipase A2.
Does this mean the human body produces venom in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection?
There is no match between the human secretory phospholipase A2 protein.
Animal venoms as treatments for autoimmunity?
Now check this out, some studies are finding venoms, including snake venoms, can reset the CD4/CD8 imbalance seen in serious cases of COVID-19:
“Many toxins are multifunctional and have several biological targets which may have no relation with their toxic role. Some toxin-derived peptides are now being used to treat type 2 diabetes, hypertension, neuropathic pain, and other medical disorders.
“Some data confirm the effect of bee venom (BV) on preventing COVID-19 and improving it [1]. Some other data ignore the BV effect on preventing COVID-19 and hypothesize that less SARS-CoV-2 infection in beekeepers is due to their less exposure to other people [3].
“A low dose of botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) can reduce the symptoms of COVID-19, and so, it could be used in treatment lines [14]. It has demonstrated that the rate of DTP vaccination has an inverse correlation with COVID-19 prevalence [15].
“Cobrotoxin has an anti-inflammatory effect and also can restore the CD4/CD8 ratio and perform immunoprotective activity against SARS-CoV-2 [16]. Tetrodotoxin is an inhibitor of MPro of SARS-CoV-2 and so can affect the virus [17].”
Some relevant questions:
  1. Five control samples are too few. How many people w/out COVID-19 have the protein in their blood or feces?
  2. Were these patients treating themselves (or under the care of doctors) for COVID-19 (or another autoimmunity) with animal venoms?

We know that patients with severe COVID-19 most likely already had autoimmunity. It’s about 80% in severe COVID-19 with autoimmunity compared to about 8% in mild COVID-19. That’s a huge difference in the prevalence of autoimmunity associated with COVID-19 outcomes.
My favored hypothesis is that autoimmune patients in Italy using animal venoms to treat their autoimmunity — or to ward off COVID-19 — have confused the heck out of scientists who find those venoms or metabolites thereof in their feces and blood.
But it’s also possible that we produce proteins in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection that match venom in other species. Unlikely, but I can’t rule it out.
Via https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/scientist-james-lyons-weiler-on-snake-venom-theory/

Thanks to: https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com


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