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OUT OF MIND » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » The Emerging Unstoppable Liberation of Humanity

The Emerging Unstoppable Liberation of Humanity

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The Emerging Unstoppable Liberation of Humanity

Posted by admin on December 30, 2012 i

HJ: What else can I say? Zen Gardner hits the
nail squarely on the head with this timely manifesto. In a recent
article I was reading, someone referred to 2013 as ‘Year 1′. This is a
perfect summation of the energies that are currently emerging that hold
untold potential for humanity at this time. We face an unprecedented
moment of opportunity and potential for rapid growth, depending on how
we approach these new energies. We are at the beginning of a new age —
the Age of Aquarius — and the potential for us to recreate our world to
better match the higher consciousness developing at this time exists in
droves, however, it is up to us how quickly we move forward in
manifesting our new reality. Like no other time in history, we are
being offered incredible higher dimensional support to move forward and
grow into our true creator selves. All one need do is simply ask the
universe for support and do all within their power to step into their
role as the powerful beings that they are.

The energies of 2013 have begun to fill in and they are truly
incredible in their raw potential. As has been stated by many, the
Ascension energies will continue to unfold into September of 2013. We
are currently in the midst of an accelerated time for collective growth
and expansion. In our own unique way, we all contribute to the
unfolding of this great plan. Although many may still be asleep, it is
up to us awakened ones to hold the space and lead through example for
those who are not yet ready to do so. Those who are aware of and are
actively participating in the unfolding shift of humanity are here at
this time in roles of leadership. You will be supported as you step
into your power and the planet greatly needs you at this time.

The time for disappointment and disillusionment is over. The
time to beging creating the reality we have always dreamed of is here.
It is going to take quite a collective effort and we need all the help
we can get. The task at hand is monumental to say the least, but the
rewards for doing so are immeasurable and will plant the seeds for
future generations of humanity to rise to even greater heights than we
ourselves are currently able to.

- Truth

By Zen Gardner | Zen Gardner

We’re undergoing an amazing transformation. Absolutely diametrically
opposed to the constant, gradual attempt by elitists to shut down
humanity via eons of engineered subjugation, we’re being consciously and
vibrationally liberated by the very nature of the Universe in spite of
all their efforts.
It’s not readily apparent to most, but it’s very clearly there.

It’s subtle and yet obvious at the same time. Knowledge of this
change or shift in consciousness is experiential. It appears in the
form of social trends and changes, but once someone crosses that
threshold of awakening they’re already living in that new reality. To
what degree it affects their lifestyle will of course vary from person
to person, but change they will. As will the lives they in turn affect.

And so it unfolds.

It’s Beyond Explanation

First of all, the natural mind, earthbound logic and reasoning, will
not explain the important things in life. Explain love for example.
Thankfully it’s wonderfully beyond words, as is all the important stuff.
Really, words hardly suffice for real communication but are rather a
limited means of information transfer. It’s only in our lower level
density words take on such importance. And it’s there they’re more a
limiting and confining aspect of the matrix than a help.

The Emerging Unstoppable Liberation of Humanity SMBH-468x60-v1

They certainly never quite cut the mustard when it comes to conveying
Truth or true conscious awareness. In the words of Lao Tzu:

“Existence is beyond the power of words
To define:
Terms may be used
But are none of them absolute.
In the beginning of heaven and earth there were no words,
Words came out of the womb of matter;
And whether a man dispassionately
Sees to the core of life
Or passionately

Sees the surface,
The core and the surface
Are essentially the same,
Words making them seem different
Only to express appearance.
If name be needed, wonder names them both:
From wonder into wonder
Existence opens.”
- Lao Tzu

Symptoms of the Shift

The point above being we’ll be witnessing physical changes as this
shift takes place, but the true esoteric nature of the important inner
change in humanity is hard to quantify. However, it’s not impossible
amongst those who are experiencing this changeover. There’s a lot of
chatter about this as some say we’re moving into a new dimension and
others think it’s a move to another timeline.

I don’t know what it is. But I’m experiencing this vibrational
change as well, most profoundly in an intuitive sense. I just know it
because it’s happening to me, and then I read about and see it in
others, as is the case of so many in the awakened community. While this
is by no means complete, here are a few symptoms various people are
experiencing to varying degrees, myself included.

–A different sense of time. In most cases people are noticing time
seems to be compressing, with the feeling that it’s moving quicker and
quicker. There seems to be less time in a day, a week, a month and
before you know it another year just flew by. This has been proven to be
true in a physical sense, but not nearly as profound as this fleeting
experience so many are experiencing.

–Sensory changes. Some are experiencing heightened senses of smell and hearing, or fleeting shifts in what they’re looking at.

–Paranormal experiences. Many are seeing shadow figures or fleeting
ephemeral movements, often out of the corner of the eye. Some are
seeing morphing entities they’ve never seen before, and several have
reported having a sense of transparency come over them personally.

–Strange sleep cycles and increased dream activity. This has been
huge for me and I know many others. Every night there’s a new “movie”
playing or several short ones. Some of the dreams don’t even feel like
dreams, but just stepping into a another parallel world.

–Relationship changes. Many things that have been suppressed seem
to be coming to the surface for many. This is a good thing, although it
can be disruptive while the information gets processed and
reconciliation is reached.

–A sense of letting go. The past and previous attachments seem to
be falling away. And oh so naturally. It’s like letting go of a robe you
were wearing and just leaving it behind as you walk towards to this
gorgeous landscape, much like the picture at the top of moving into a
wonderful, natural world.

–Increased openness to change and new truths. While this is a
fundamental element to waking up, this aspect I find is stepping up big
time. There’s a wonderful bleed-over effect as I see it, where various
information fields are merging. Maybe it’s just increased tolerance of
differing takes from lightworkers to social activists, but the meld is
on and it’s a beautiful thing.

–Moving away from dwelling on the dark side. While it’s important
to expose the tricks and lies of these feudal would-be overlords, the
trend is moving towards emphasizing encouragement and positive
solutions. Nothing wrong with a good rant at the right time or
particularly perceptive exposes and take downs, but it’s becoming
increasingly important to dwell on the bright side and work to
strengthen this new awareness with positive, affirming words and
actions. And it’s happening naturally, which to me is again this
vibrational change we’re all experiencing working through each of us to
manifest this evolving change in humanity.

Anyway, those are just a few aspects and if you’d like to add your
experiences and observations below it would be fun to chat about.

But it’s real. And fantastic!
Don’t Be Too Surprised…

…When strange things happen to you. They will. Learn to roll with
it. Personally, I think the power of expectancy is huge. It has pulling
power. When you’re aware of and even look around for these
manifestations, whether a kind of voice in your mind’s ear, a strong
intuitive pull, a fleeting glimpse of something, or another amazing
synchronicity, it’s a blast! But for some it goes way past that. But we
all have that potential.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. And it’s way more than just
the power of intention, which is cool enough in itself. Universe is just
waiting to be manifest through each of us more and more and
continually. No angst there, just amazing potential waiting to be
discovered by anyone and everyone.
And don’t be surprised if your life gets “disrupted”. This isn’t
all puppies and flowers. This changeover comes with some expense.

Some are getting hit with health challenges they’ve never had, or
work or money issues, or as I mentioned about relationship issues. Some
are very anxious and nervous suddenly and need to learn to get a sounder
grip on their spirituality. That or detach from crap in their lives
that Universe is trying shake them free of. There are lots of things
going on.

The Matrix is Crumbling

This ugly matrix that we’ve been shoe horned into is a very
complex, controlling nasty thing. And it can’t hold up by the very
manufactured nature of it. It’s not real, it’s created, by ugly forces
to harness and abuse others for its own satisfaction. No way it can last
in the face of an inherently loving and natural creative Universe.

Much like earth. As hard as they try to control it for their own devices, Gaia will win out in the long run.

This is the reason they’re working feverishly to clamp down on
humanity. And it always backfires. Little do they know they’re
accelerating their own downfall and humanity’s awakening. The more
freedoms they take away the more wake up to what they had and want back.
More than that, the more step back and ask how things got this way and
how far back does this go.

That, my friends, is the recipe for awakening. You got questions? Universe has answers!
Yugas, Yogis and Cycles of Awakening

Did you know Buddha, Lao Tzu, Mahavira, Zoroaster and Heracletus were
all contemporaries? That was the wake up of their day! Between 500 and
600 BC their awakening hit and like the 100th monkey it was spontaneous
in different parts of the world! Siddhartha Gautama who become the
Buddha was teaching in India the same time Mahavira was expounding
Jainism, both radical departures from the spiritual teachings of their
day, both teaching about transcendence to an all connected oneness, with
Jainism emphasizing non-violence and respect for all living things.

Around the same time the teachings of Lao Tzu summarized in the
amazing Tao Te Ching were changing the direction and consciousness of
China and eventually the entire world. Meanwhile over in Persia there
was Zoroaster teaching a new spirituality, while in Greece the
pre-Socratic philosophers Heraclitus and Parmenodes and others were
having an awakening of their own, espousing very esoteric teachings on
the timeless and constantly changing nature of the Universe.
These later morphed into the more heady Socratic discourses and
philosophies, pulling further and further away from the transcendental
dimension and inter-connectivity and oneness of the Universe espoused by
the pre-Socratic teachers.

Pythagoras also lived in this time, believed to have had many
mystical and alchemical insights and teachings that have been passed
down through the mystery schools.

These were all within 100 years of each other, overlapping lifetimes,
several apparently teaching simultaneously. Again, these “coincidental”
awakenings prove the wave idea, where waves of vibrational change are
somehow amplified by both Universe and the receptivity of those who

And these waves of awakening have corresponding planetary and
galactic alignments. There are teachings from many cultures regarding
these planetary and stellar based timelines divided into epochs, yugas
or cycles of some sort. In each scenario we see the waxing and waning of
season-like cycles, some even within others.

Clearly the momentous galactic alignment and shift out of the Piscean
age we’re experiencing is both symbolic and largely causal of our
awakening and changeover into a new, golden era, the one foretold by
many a seer. After all, it’s a cycle.

Or should I say a spiral? Hmm.

The Emerging Unstoppable Liberation of Humanity Soul-Defragmentation-4th-Design

Perfectly Put

I’ll end this with some quintessential David Icke, where he’s speaking about this wonderful shift we’re undergoing.

This awakening is for everyone! So pass it on!

Thank you, David. Your years of loving work have changed the world!
Much love, Zen


Thanks to: http://www.thehealersjournal.com


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